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ThermoPro TP-11 Review from

ThermoPro Review Foodal

Hello Readers,

We are proud to be posting a great review from our friends at about our TP-11, one of our top of the line digital thermometers. Officially, we have been placed in the top 5 best beef thermometers ranked by, and we are pleased to be a part of this great community!

In this review, they used verified purchased customer comments on Amazon, who thinks that

Of the favorite features, the transmitter’s ultra-large LCD display gets lots of compliments; its illumination and large font makes it very easy to read, and the changing light display, along with the alarm, makes it very clear when cooking time is over.

Another highlight feature is the ability to manually set temperatures, as well as having the pre-determined meat settings. Setup is painless, and the included instruction manual is well written.

The wire and probe provide plenty of length to reach from the oven, BBQ or smoker to a nearby countertop.

And, though a small item, the included batteries are a nice touch as well.

And on the bottom of their review, they summary our product as

Overall, the ThermoPro delivers on its claims. User friendly, easy to set, well designed and well made, it’s one of the best in the wireless arena.

Check out this in-depth review of our awesome TP-11


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