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Top10 Candy Thermometers for Halloween

2018 Top 10 Halloween Candy Thermometers Reviews

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For a while now, Halloween and candy have been best of friends thanks to the trick-or-treat phenomenon. This October will be no different as people will be trooping to stores to buy billions of dollars in candy. Now, instead of buying candy, why not try making them this year?

Making candy at home has never been easier thanks to the affordable candy thermometers in the market today. They are recommended for both beginners and professionals alike. Using candy thermometers when making candy helps you get the required temperatures right. In this article, we review 10 Halloween Candy Thermometers by evaluating their functions, features, and benefits.

Candy Thermometer Reviews

NO. 1 TP-22 Digital Wireless Remote Meat BBQ Grill Cooking Thermometer

Among the best sales candy thermometers, this premium high-end candy thermometer comes in a dual probe design that allows multiple uses at the same time. This makes it very easy to monitor your meat, bread, candy, and even coffee from 300 feet away. It gives fast and accurate temperature readings with the LCD light turning on when your preset temperatures are reached.

ThermoPro TP-22 Candy Thermometer


  • Dual probe design
  • A range of 300 feet
  • Easy to set up and read


  • Expensive

NO. 2 CDN DTC450 Digital Pre-Programmed & Programmable Candy Thermometer

This digital thermometer has seven programmed temperature stages with each having a specific alert and automatic shut off. It gives more accurate readings than manual thermometers and the temperature range for it is between 40 and 450 degrees which can be preset. When the preset temperature is reached, it beeps loudly. It is made of steel and comes with a storage sheath made of ABS plastic.

CDN DTC450 Digital Pre Programmed Programmable Candy Thermometer


  • 7 programmed candy stages
  • Easy to read display
  • Handles very high temperatures


  • Very expensive
  • Requires batteries

NO. 3 Matfer Bourgeat 250331 Candy Thermometer

Regarded one of the premium candy thermometers in the market today, Matfer 250331 features a wide array of great features to help you make the perfect candy. The interior has red colored alcohol as opposed to mercury that gives accurate readings and is easy to read. The handle offers an excellent grip and protects from burns when dipped deep inside a pot. It comes with a polyamide case for storage that protects the top from breaking. Ideal for jams, chocolates, and jellies as well.

Matfer Bourgeat 250331 Candy Thermometer


  • Comes with a protective case
  • Easy to read red-colored alcohol


  • Measurements are in Celsius only
  • Very expensive

NO.4 Polder THM-515 Stainless Steel Candy Fry Thermometer

Constructed with steel, this thermometer comes with a steel handle and clip for easy attachment to your pot. It gives accurate easy to read readings with a temperature range of between 90 and 400 degrees. The THM-515 also has an insulated handle that does not get hot even in an oven.

Polder THM-515 Stainless Steel Candy/ Deep Fry Thermometer


  • Strong steel construction
  • Insulated handle
  • High temperatures


  • Temperatures cannot be preset

NO.5 Maverick CT-03 Candy Thermometer

Combining convenience, sophistication, and functionality, this pen-shaped thermometer comes with an LED display that is easy to read and spot-check the temperature of your liquefied ingredients. It has 14 programmed temperatures and switches off automatically when done. Heat resistance plastic covers the LED screen, and the 8-inch metal probe is held in place by a clip.

Maverick CT-03 Candy Thermometer


  • Automatic shut off system
  • LED screen display
  • Alerts you when a specific temperature is reached
  • 14 temperature settings


  • Very expensive

NO.6 Wilton Candy Thermometer

Featuring special markings for specific candy creations, this versatile thermometer comes in a simple design that is easy to read. The handle is made of plastic that is easy to fix and remove. A clip is attached to the back that attached to your pot to prevent it from touching the pot which may give wrong temperature readings.

Wilton Candy Thermometer


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Affordable
  • Easy to read red medium


  • Requires to be calibrated frequently

NO.7 Taylor Precision Products Classic Line Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer

Featuring an 8-inch long metal probe held by an adjustable clip, the readings on this thermometer range from 100 – 400 degrees. The medium is easy to read even when the glass is foggy from hot air. It comes with a plastic carrying case that has suggested temperatures for some foods and candy treats.

Taylor Precision Products Classic Line Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer


  • Usable in very high temperatures
  • Adjustable clip
  • Temperature settings are available on the carrying case
  • Very affordable


  • Must be dipped 1.5 inches in a liquid for precise readings

NO.8 Polder THM-511N Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer

This thermometer features a 7-inch metal probe for testing the temperature of candy, meat, and baked items. It has an analog display that shows temperatures clearly in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The thermometer is approved by the NSF, which certifies that the highest public health standards have been met when manufacturing this thermometer.

Polder THM-511N Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read
  • NSF approved


  • Does not have a clip to attach to a pot

NO.9 Winco Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer

Featuring a long handle with an adjustable clip, this thermometer gives precise readings and is easy to read. Its body is made of steel, which makes it ideal for use even in very harsh heat situations. It handles high temperatures of between 100 to 450 degrees for deep frying, meats, and candy treats.

Winco Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer


  • Can handle high temperatures
  • Easy to read
  • Affordable and durable


  • Require frequent recalibration
  • Should be cleaned with mild detergents as the numbers come off easily

NO.10 CDN IRXL400 ProAccurate Candy Thermometer

This manual candy thermometer features a 1.75-inch shatter-proof dial and a 7-inch metal probe that is held by a clip in place. Specific notations for specific temperatures including thread, caramelize, soft crack, and hard crack are on the thermometer to help you know when your liquid ingredients reach the required temperature.

CDN IRXL400 ProAccurate Candy Thermometer


  • Affordable
  • Can be used for diverse functions, i.e., deep frying, candy, meat, dough, and jelly
  • Can be used to reach specific temperatures


  • Requires frequent recalibration


Are you spicing up your Halloween with your candy treats? If you are, a simple innovative candy thermometer should be on your list! We have reviewed 10 Halloween Candy Thermometers 2018 and their pros and cons to help you choose the best based on your preference and cooking needs.

Undoubtedly, the TP-22 Digital Wireless thermometer takes the day as one of the best candy thermometers. This thermometer boasts of maximum temperatures of up to 572 degrees and a range of 300 feet. Although you might think this little gadget too costly, you can be sure that you will get value for your money from the premium features it offers.

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