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Best Meat Thermometers to Buy on Black Friday

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Black Friday shopping can spur the quest for the perfect Christmas items. So you might want to find the best meat thermometers for the barbequing enthusiasts in your life. Or you might be looking for an upgrade of your current meat thermometer. When looking at top meat thermometers that are on the market, there are various brands that will surely pop up in your search.

Meat thermometers are constructed differently, have different sized probes, have various features, and will attract different buyers. Black Friday offers deals for many different brands and can supply the consumer with a vast array of choices. One thing all meat thermometers have in common is that their main function is to make sure the meat is safe to eat.

If you are a novice chef, you might find it difficult to tell the temperature of the meat by touching it (as professional chefs can do). Therefore, the inclusion of a proper meat thermometer should be a staple of every cook’s culinary arsenal. This will allow you to confidently cook for your family and friends and not serve overcooked or undercooked meats. The last thing someone wants to do is make someone sick or serve them uneatable meats.

Kinds of thermometers

• Under $10

1. ThermoPro TP-01A Digital Instant-Read Meat Cooking Thermometer – $8.99
This is a basic, straight-forward thermometer that can measure temperatures very quickly. It allows users to cook their meat to the perfection they want.

check temperature with ThermoPro

• Between $10 and $20

1. EatSmart Precision Elite meat thermometer – $19.95

Meat thermometers can vary in many ways. This thermometer is larger than some of the other models but provides a nice display screen. It has a folding probe, so you can protect it from damage. It is a very accurate thermometer and quickly read the temperature of the meat.

2. Taylor Pro 9842 – $11.69

This device is a basic model, without all the bells and whistles of some other models. It does, however, work well and boost accuracy. However, it takes a little longer to register the meat temperature. Furthermore, it is easy to uses and turns itself off when there is no change in temperature for more than 10 minutes.

• Between $20 and $40

1. CDN ProAccurate DTQ450X – $25.99
If you need a fast, waterproof meat thermometer, the CDN ProAccurate can deliver. It has a nice sized probe and measures meat temperature within seconds. The device has a useful temperature chart on the back of the device and has a big display which makes it easy to read.

2. Lavatools Javelin PT12 – $24.99
For a small meat thermometer, this unit is very accurate and convenient. You can stick it in your pocket or on your refrigerator. Because of its small size, it may be better to use on a barbeque instead of in the oven.

• Over $40

1. ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Meat Thermometer with Dual Probe – $59.99

Monitoring the oven temperature can sometimes be as important as measuring the temperature of the meat. This thermometer lets you do both. It comes with two probes. This means you can either put both probes into different parts of the meat or you can put one in the meat and another clipped to the oven shelf. This device also sends the information back to a remote unit. So, you can carry the receiver with you and monitor the temperature. It also lets you program temperature and set timers for a length of time or temperature of the meat. It is very versatile.

ThermoPro TP20 Wireless Remote Digital Food Meat Thermometer

2. Thermapen Mk4 – $99
If you want an incredibly fast reading, this thermometer will not disappoint. It takes a few seconds to get a reading with world-class accuracy. It is intuitive and can be read from any angle. This thermometer boasts a collapsible probe that will turn off when closed or goes to sleep when it is set down.

How and Where to Find the Best Meat Thermometer

There are various ways to research different meat thermometers. The most popular way is to use the Internet. You can go to the websites of various brands or you can use shopping sites, like Both resources will provide pricing and description of a plethora of thermometers. In addition to researching online, you can go to brick and mortar stores and check out what they have. There are small, independent stores to shop in, but there are the large home improvement stores that also carry these kinds of devices. Another source of suggestions is to ask friends and family what type of meat thermometers they might use and what they think about them. Those are probably the best resources because you will be asking people who have real-time experience using the device. They will be able to tell you what they like, do not like, and what they really would have wanted the thermometer to have.

Black Friday presents quite a variety of discounted prices on many items. Some of these items will be meat thermometers. This is because shoppers may be looking for Christmas presents, or they might do grilling in the Fall and Winter months. Before going to online shops or offline shops, you may want to do a research about what you want a meat thermometer to have based on your personal situation. After doing research, it is possible to narrow the field of meat thermometers and choose the one that is best for your needs. Whether you are a backyard barbequing enthusiast or a budding indoor chef, a meat thermometer can become a vital part of the cooking process.

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