ThermoPro has been in the business of digital thermometers since 2014. Before establishing our brand, ThermoPro management worked behind the scenes as a manufacturer. As times changed and our clients decide to outsource to cheaper alternatives, we decided to open lines directly to the retail market, providing consumers with top quality products at a very competitive price without sacrificing functionality or quality.

Our new customers ask us, how are your prices so competitive? The answer is simple. ThermoPro works closely with our manufacturing partners to negotiate the lowest possible prices for ThermoPro products then we distribute and support our own product line to maintain affordability for our customers. With this philosophy in mind, ThermoPro ensures you’re paying what you should be paying for a quality product.

Not only does this practice help make our prices competitive, but it also helps us maintain a better customer experience to always ensure a pleasant buying experience.

Our Team

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Mark F.
Director of Customer Service


Dillon B.
Account Manager

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Lorenzo P.
Customer Support - Fluent in French and Italian

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Julian S.
Customer Support

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Minka A.
Customer Support - Fluent in German and Spanish


Amy F.
Customer Support - Fluent in Spanish


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