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Ultimate Guide for Cooking Meat at Room Temperature

Meat at Room Temperature

Meat at room temperature before cooking is a common method because it can make it easier to achieve the desired cooking temperature. The key is to know how long you can safely leave it at room temperature for using it. From here, you must have a way to accurately gauge the temperature, allowing you to […]

How to Clean and Care Infrared Thermometer Gun?

Thermometer Gun Clean and Care

How do you clean an infrared thermometer gun? General maintenance and cleaning can go a long way towards the longevity of your IR thermometer. However, improper cleaning techniques can damage the thermometer, even beyond repair, and utilizing the wrong utensils can have a similar effect. It is of the utmost importance to pay close attention […]

Ultimate Guide for Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Uses of ThermoPro TP30 Infrared Thermometer Gun

Using a non-contact thermometer is an effective and convenient way to read the external temperature of an object or person from a distance. These types of thermometers use infrared energy to detect thermal radiation coming from the surface of an object or person, making them non-invasive tools that are easy to use if you know […]

Common Misconceptions About Infrared Thermometer Gun

ThermoPro TP30 Thermometer Gun with Battery

Although infrared thermometer gun is widely used, there are several misconceptions about infrared thermometer guns that you should be aware of before using your own. Understanding this type of tool and the ways to use it properly will help you get the most out of it and ensures a more accurate temperature measurement. In this […]

Ultimate Guide of Using Infrared Thermometer Gun

Uses of ThermoPro TP30 Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared thermometer gun enables you to make timely measurements of temperatures of a target object without having to touch it, and even when it is in motion. They are not only fun to uses, but also helpful for short to medium distances. Learning how to use a temperature laser gun is a critical aspect in […]

Why ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun is the Best?

ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun

With so many different options currently available, it can be difficult to determine what the best infrared thermometer gun is. We are here to make that determination easier for you. Not only will we tell you the features to consider when choosing an infrared thermometer gun, but we will also tell you all about the […]

How to Choose a Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Wireless Bluetooth Food Thermometer

If you want to become a great barbecue, smoker or grill expert, I suggest that you don’t fall for the hype of “experts” who claim a natural gift for cooking meat. There’s nothing natural about judging food temperature; some cooks just use other methods of determining doneness. I can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to […]

How Temperature and Humidity Affects Whisky

Temperature and Hygrometer for Wisky Storage

‘Aging like fine whisky’ is an adage that has taken root, but cellar conditions for whisky humidity and the best temperature for ageing whisky ought to be properly enhanced for premium results. Crafting and maintaining just the ideal conditions for whisky, whether barreled or bottled, is an art in itself. Temperature and humidity are imperative […]

How Humidity Affects Meat Production

Humidity Affects Meat Production

For meats and other foods to remain safe for consumption during storage, the proper precautions need to be taken. Humidity in food processing is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to storing meat and keeping microorganisms from thriving in a meat processing environment. Below, we have discussed how humidity affects […]