ThermoPro is all about providing the highest quality of customer care. So feel free to use this form to contact us in your native language. If contacting us about a product issue, please include the order number from whichever marketplace you ordered from in your message.

Looking for information outside of our customer service hours? Feel free to check out our self-help section which contains setup videos, troubleshooting and manuals. 

If wanting to become a dealer of ThermoPro products, please reach us via our ThermoPro Dealer Page.


Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm (EST).

Email us


    +1 877-515-7797

    +33 975129576

   +49 2115469003

   +39 05231715570

   +34 910601787

  +44 20 3769 1321

Our Customer Support Team

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Mark F.
Director of Customer Service

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Nzar S.
Customer Support

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Lorenzo P.
Customer Support - Fluent in French and Italian

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Julian S.
Customer Support

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Miria V.
Customer Support - Fluent in German and Spanish


Amy F.
Customer Support - Fluent in Spanish

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