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Customer Testimonials

Here is some of our much appreciated feedback from our highly valued customers. If you are looking for customer product reviews, we have customer product reviews on every product page.


Great value product!
I've been using this for a while now, and it's been a great addition to my charcoal BBQ/smoking kit. I can set up alarms on the meat and BBQ air temp probes, relax in my hammock with a beer, and not worry about things getting off-temp or overcooked. It's pretty easy to use and has been durable so far. Note: I bought the 4-channel version for the extra probes it comes with (I usually only use 1 or 2 channels at a time).

– TheDude

Excellent meat thermometer! Have had several thermometers in the past which often read slowly, gave poor temperature readings, and stopped working quickly. This thermometer had the included batteries and started working right off the bat. Used it for a first attempt at steak and it turned out great! After the initial sear the temperature read as 100F, which a quick check to the temperature guide on the thermometer showed was too low. After a couple minutes another check with the fast read caught it at 145F which was perfect! The quick read made it easy to get the meat off without having it get overcooked and makes it easy to use in any situation!

– K.H.

I bought this as a replacement for a more complex thermometer that broke. I love the magnet on it and I keep it on my fridge for easy access. It has a wider range of temperatures it detects than my last one so I only need on thermometer for both meat and candy making, my old one would only do meat. The only feature I miss from my old one is that it had settings of different types of meat that told you what the internal temperature should be. For this one I have to look it up but its no big deal since I just ask Alexa!

– Jill

How did I live without this?
How did I not have a meat thermometer until I turned 49? I always overcook chicken. FINALLY I can relax knowing the temp is correct. Love this, and it works well. Until I lost it. I think my kids lost it. So I bought it again.


I like the magnetic bit. It's gets to a temp much more quickly than my old one.

– Chris Smith

Fantastic product and excellent price

– Kenneth G.

It's great!
I waited about a year to review this to make sure it had some longevity. It's still working as well as when new and I have fun using it for all manner of temperature checking because it only takes a second to determine the temp. It's easy to check air temp in different rooms of the house, soil temp for planting, water temp, and it is sensitive enough to measure the temp of pans on the burners.
Most important though, for culinary purposes it also works great. Beyond the obvious use of checking meat temp, I check the temp of baked bread, simmering temp of stocks, and whatever else I've forgotten to mention. I should buy another while they are still available.


A really well-designed thermometer.
Due to esophageal problems, I've been told not to ingest anything hotter than 140 degrees, so I bought this to test all the hot stuff I consume: teas, coffee, soup, oatmeal. I'm glad I decided to spend a few extra dollars and buy the ThermoPro TP15; it's perfect. Quick. Accurate (I tested it with ice water and boiling water). Back-lit, so it's easy to read. With a magnet, so it hangs on the side of the refrigerator out of the way but within easy reach. And, when we finally used it for what it was made for - testing the internal temperature of a roast - it was long enough to reach all the way into the oven and the "temperature hold" button worked just as it should: allowing us to pull the thermometer out of the oven to read the temperature. This is just a perfectly-designed product.

– kookie

Feels Well Made & Works
This is a very nice probe. It feels sturdy and is easy to use even without using the instructions. I was able to go between Fahrenheit and Celsius easily with the touch of a single button that is labeled clearly. I did use the instructions for the in oven probe that is so useful for roasting meats. I love not needing to open the oven to check the temps. The light is useful at the grill in the evenings. I have broken several cheap folding thermometers that look similar to this because the probe locks open and when I quickly went to close them (without pushing the button) I just snapped the probes off. This probe does not lock open. I am able to just fold the probe closed without pushing a button. Auto shut off when closed. For the price this is a very nice probe.

– My Old KY Home

Very helpful and simple to use
I just started trying to cook and this has been so SO very helpful. It came packaged nice and neat with an instructions booklet with a diagram of what each button was called and it’s function.

It has rubber type of flap that protects the plug in where one plugs in the probe, to help protect it from liquids and such. It has a backlight so it’s extremely easy to see/“read” and one can set the temperature to be measured for. When it reaches that temperature it will beep and show the temperature. I tested it first by placing the tip in ice water. It read 33 degrees (for me I have it set to Fahrenheit, but there is also the option for Celsius of course ) .

The instructions also include helpful tidbits about how to properly care for the probe, and I wasn’t aware of some of the things that can cause the probe to stop functioning properly. So I feel like this is 5 stars and I can recommend it, considering : packaging /presentation, accurate functionality , ease of use, and fair price point.

*Omg I had to come back and add : I just recently realized it has a magnet to it so you can store it in the refrigerator if you so choose. I store the probe in a kitchen drawer and have the unit on my refrigerator.

–Chelsea Niteshades

First off instant read thermometers are a must have if you grill or BBQ their convenience isn't underrated. This review will compare this ThermoPro to an older ThermoWorks Thermapen One.

IMO the standout features of the ThermoPro are:

1- optional backlite display
2- optional wired probe w/alarm
3- temperature lock feature
4- auto rotate display
5- rechargeable battery {USB} vs standard round/watch type batteries
6- magnetic back
7- lg 1/2" diameter hang hole
8- more affordable [$$ vs $$$$]
9- locking probe closure
10- tested with accuracy of ±0.9F
11- waterproof
12- clear instruction booklet with customer support

The probe itself feels very sturdy [heavy compared to similar designed plastic ones]. One of the features that is especially helpful is the probe's locking feature. When closed my Thermapen's probe rests in a slot and after years of use it now takes a rubber band to keep it closed [see images]. Cheap probes [ie less than $100] are notoriously inaccurate, not this one it past an accuracy test with flying colors. As for the instant read feature, it does take 3-4 seconds for the reading to stop fluctuating but that's also now true of my older Thermapen, which was 4x more expensive than the Thermopro.

I honestly didn't expect this IR thermometer to be this nice since it falls in line with numerous similarly designed and priced IR thermometers being offered. As I mentioned above my Thermapen One is several years old and the new version has similar features that the ThermoPro has but for $$$$. So IMO, if you don't want or need a competition/professional IR probe this is the best alternative I've seen for under $50

– DonnaM

This little thermometer is a must for a smoker or oven where you have heat differentials throughout the cook chamber and are regularly cooking several things at once. I use a Thermopro TP20 dual probe remote with my offset smoker, and it is a great little tool, but mine, like most of these smokers, cooks faster at one end than the other, so I usually use one of the probes at one end and the other at the opposite end. Of course, when you think your cooking is done, you only have samples of the internal temperature of two of the items, and there are many variables that could cause one or more of the unsampled items to be undercooked. That's where the TP03A comes in. You just stab each of the remaining items with it, and within a couple of seconds the temperature reading stabilises, and then you know if any of them need a little more time. Pros: - It reacts really fast, so you can sample a big smoker full of entrees quickly without letting the heat escape. - It is inexpensive - honestly there is no excuse not to have this tool for the price. - It can read in metric and imperial. - Auto off saves batteries - Magnets on the back allow you to stick to the fridge, so you are never scrambling to find it. - Switchblade styling allows you to check meat on a right angle, which is more comfortable. Cons: - Seriously, there is nothing I don't like about it. Some might criticise the lack of a backlight. If you want one, try discount code S62LROO6. iTronics gave me this code to share for their products, and it always seems to work.

– Matthew Puzey

Like the rechargeable feature with USB-C, accurate readings and easy to use

This ThermPro thermometer is a really nice value for the price. I like that it's rechargeable (I've thrown a couple thermometers out before that had wonky battery sizes where the replacement batteries were almost as much as the thermometer) and that the charger is a standard USB-C port so you don't have to keep track of a thermometer-specific charger. A battery display pops up when you plug it in so it's easy to see if you're low on battery. The probes are simple to use and the temperature readings have been accurate compared to our other thermometers. This is now our go-to thermometer in the kitchen and for the grill!


Excellent thermometer probe!
I have a different ThermoPro thermometer that just has the probes but this is more handy as it has a probe for quick temps, but also has a probe for things you may have in the oven, or a steak on a grill. It turns on automatically when you pull the probe out of its stowed position. Setting a set temp for the remote probe is very easy and pretty self explanatory. It's rechargeable. It has a backlight but it's not always on to save battery. It's magnetic so you can store it on a fridge or side of your grill, etc. It's waterproof for easy clean up. Very cool. Highly recommend.

– Casey

Great quality
I've used a few digital meat thermometers before, but this is the first one that feels like an actual quality product. I haven't used it much yet but I'm very happy with it so far. It takes readings quickly and I especially like that it's rechargeable so I don't have to fool around with a handful of button batteries.

– Evan

It takes the worry out of the smoking process.
I found this highly recommended Meat Thermometer to be easy to use and very customizable. It came with everything I needed and the 4 probes gave me so much flexibility. The alarms were loud enough for me to hear inside through glass windows. It's very durable and washable. You won't be disappointed.

–Jason D

I know it sounds daft but the magnetic base is so useful. Stick it on the side of the microwave and you won't have to dig around in the "drawer of everything" in your kitchen (go on, you know you have one). These things give so much peace of mind, knowing for sure your meat is cooked. Also for seeing how well done steaks etc. are. I did try it in boiling water to see how accurate it is and it was pretty close to 100 deg C

– cbrpin

Easy to use and accurate for outdoor grilling
This is my second ThermoPro. First is still working perfectly, but I gave it to kids. This one has a much more interesting display. Set up was a snap. Meat cooked on our grill and in our oven has come out right on the money. Great product for the $$ - would not bake, broil, or grill without it.

– Robert M

Perfect steaks
Thanks to these probes, I’m eating the best steaks I have ever cooked. Also, my wife only eats well-done and if you ever had to cook well done steaks you’d know how hard it is to cook. Most of the time it ends up being dry and burnt. With these probes we can now cook juicy and delicious well done steaks.


Be a BBQ pro with ThermoPro!
Great thermometer! Four probes allow you to monitor a steak(s), chicken and overall smoker/grill temp. with one device. Get accurate and safe meat temp's every time. My second ThermoPro. Both work as advertised!

– Veteran USMC

Great thermometer for pellet smoker and high heat.
I used this for a 12 hour smoke outdoors in the rain and it worked flawlessly. Easy to read from up to 7 ft away, Programming allows up to four probes. Cant wait to use it agsin and see what the durability is over a longer period of time.

– cpa
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