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When cooking different types of foods, it’s hard to make sure that they are all thoroughly cooked. Using color can be unreliable, while gauging doneness by texture can be misleading. To solve these problems, start using a thermocouple thermometer. By using this simple tool, you can avoid the guesswork of cooking and get perfect results every time.

Thermocouple thermometers provide a wide range of benefits that serve plenty of practical purposes in your kitchen. They are relatively affordable, and are widely available.

A good example of this type of thermometer is the ThermoPro TP18. This food-grade temperature reader has an accuracy of ±0.9°F, and provides results in 2-3 seconds. As an invaluable addition to your kitchen, this tool can measure internal food temperatures to determine their optimal level of doneness. It can test hard-to-cook foods like large chunks of meat, and stuffed foods like turkeys.

Chefs check internal temperatures to determine the doneness of food. In much the same way, home cooks can perform the same temperature to get similar results. For future reference, consult the USDA’s updated list of safe cooking temperatures.

The Thermocouple Thermometer: An Intro

What is a thermocouple?


A thermocouple is an electrical device that borrows its functionality from the Seebeck effect. This scientific principle describes a situation in which two conductors generate electricity when bearing different temperatures. The higher the temperature differential, the higher the voltage produced. 

By measuring the charge created by the Seeback effect, it is possible to test the temperature of an substance. Not only that, this process is very accurate. Thermocouples can detect small temperature variations between different alloys. The choice of alloy determines the temperature range that the devices can accurately detect. 

Some metal alloys can detect a temperature range of up to 3,000°C, making them appropriate for industrial applications.

What is a thermocouple generally used for?

Thermocouples have widespread uses throughout the modern world. The most common use is that of a circuit breaker. A typical HVAC uses these devices to control fuel use in a furnace or boiler.

HVAC thermocouple

These devices also used to measure temperatures. Thermocouple thermometers focus on sensitivity and accuracy; they are equipped with sensitive probes that have a reduced covering for better results. They are used to take the temperature of meat or other foods show their level of doneness.

As a super sensitive meat thermometer, the TP18 is an outstanding product that is at the top of its class.

What type of thermocouple thermometer is the TP18?

What are the benefits to its thermocouple design?

1. It can measure a wide range of temperatures.

The TP18 has the great benefit of being able to measure temperatures up to 575°F. While most foods are cooked at 160-170°F, the ThermoPro TP18 can test a much higher range of temperatures. With this outstanding ability, this thermometer is able to accommodate just about any kind of task in your kitchen.

Whatever you cook, it needs to reach its optimal temperature. Using the TP18, you can always be sure that you’re cooking at the right temperature.

2. It is super sensitive.

Even when measuring a narrow temperature range, the TP18 never disappoints. Super sensitivity is important for cooking meat; this type of food needs to be removed from heat upon reaching a certain temperature. Therefore, you need a sensitive thermometer like the TP18 that can detect slight changes with a high degree of accuracy.

3. It is super fast.

With the TP18, you can get an accurate reading within seconds. Speed is vitally important when making food. For example, people in the food industry need to use a fast-reading thermometer. Professional chefs cannot afford any delays, and depend on quick, reliable readings. With only a few seconds to decide the level of doneness, a chef may overcook their food if they don’t act quickly. In this way, the TP18 fulfills an important role for the restaurant industry. 

TP18 Thermocouple Thermometer Customer Reviews

thermopro tp-18

Review #1

According to Amazon user Fred E. Callison, the ThermoPro TP18 is an “Excellent Thermometer.” He rated the product a perfect five stars and said:

Just received this thermometer which I purchased as a gift. I purchased a thermometer from the same manufacturer a couple of years ago that I really like. It provides extremely quick temperatures and is great for the barbequing I do. It costs over $100 and I am completely happy with the cost considering how much it helps with cooking things perfectly. I agree that cooking without a great thermometer is like driving without a speedometer. You know you are moving and have an idea of how fast you are going but you aren’t really sure.

I was shocked to see that this $20 thermometer is just as good as the $100 thermometer I bought a while ago except the device itself is superior in construction. It has magnets so it holds to metal. It is smaller and feels better in the hand. Even with its small form, it has a large enough display that is readable for me without reading glasses (I’m in my 60’s so almost everything needs reading glasses these days). It is built very well and works great. I was quite surprised at the quality given the low cost.

Review #2

Another user, Yuriko Ishii, was equally generous with her praise. In addition to providing a five-star rating, she identified the following advantages.

This is a nifty little cooking penetrative meat thermometer with a pop out prong making it very easy to store in the drawer or in your pocket while cooking outdoors.

All the basic functionality that you would expect from such a product is here including a F/C toggle, auto shutoff and easy to read LCD display. This product also has the unique Fast Calc feature which is basically an algorithmic method to determine the probable final heat reading before the thermometer actually measures it.

Fear not though, this feature can be toggled to a normal read but in most cases I found the Fast Calc reading to be fairly on the nose from the actual.

Good simple, easy to use functions and attractive, compact design makes this a great accessory for my home cooking needs.

Tips for Using the ThermoPro TP18

use thermopro tp-18 to temp meat

How to use it

  1. Insert batteries before turning it on for the first time.
  2. Turn on the ThermoPro TP18 on by pressing the power button.
  3. Ensure it is properly working, and is reading the ambient air temperature.
  4. Insert the probe inside the food to be tested.
  5. Read the internal temperature of the food.
  6. If the correct temperature is reached, remove the food from the source of heat. If not, continue to cook the food, and repeat the test again later.
  7. For cooked meats and certain dishes, allow the food to rest before serving.
  8. Clean the thermometer after use.

The Do’s:

  • Clean the thermometer with a wet cloth/sponge/towel after every use.
  • Dry after getting wet.
  • Hold in hand when using.
  • For best results, wipe between uses.
  • Ensure the probe reaches the central part of the meat.

The Don’ts

  • Do not immerse in a liquid.
  • Not dishwasher safe — immersing it in water will short-circuit internal components.
  • Never place inside an oven or other cooking area.
  • Do not touch the probe after removing from hot foods — you might get burnt!
  • Keep the thermometer casing from overheating — the plastic cover will melt.
  • Prevent your children from using this device.


If you want to cook great meals like the pro’s, you need the same tools they use to do their jobs well. A food-grade thermometer can improve your cooking, and ensure your food attain the proper levels of doneness.

A thermocouple thermometer such as the ThermoPro TP18 can perform household tasks such as:

  • Grilling
  • Cooking
  • Baking
  • Candy making

With the help of the TP18, you can have the confidence knowing that your food is cooked properly, and that your diners can enjoy a quality meal. What’s more, ThermoPro gives you an instant-read advantage with its products. Customers only need to wait for 4 seconds to receive a reliable reading. No matter how many times you measure food temperatures, you will get accurate results every time.

Using its wide temperature range, the TP18 allows you to take the temperature of virtually anything in the kitchen. Just remember to use the device as instructed. By caring for this high-value product, the TP18 will serve you for a long time to come.    

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