To promote our core values, ThermoPro always looks for the brightest talent to represent our brand. That’s why we’re very proud to announce that our Brand Ambassador Lauren Lane has recently been featured on the Netflix cooking show, Easy-Bake Battle!

Lauren makes her appearance in the eighth episode of the newly released reality show. Hosted by Antoni Porowski of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame, Easy-Bake Battle is a cooking show that takes home cooks and puts their creativity to the test. 

Inspired by the childhood cooking toy mentioned in the title, contestants are challenged to find out-of-the-box solutions using their kitchen know-how and cooking hacks. On the episode Lauren was featured on, contestants are tasked with using luxurious ingredients to make an entree and a dessert. And, complicating things further, the finished dishes needed to fit in with the episode’s theme of New Year’s Eve. 

The competing home cooks were allowed to bring a limited assortment of tools to help them throughout the competition. To help ensure the success of her Lobster Risotto, Lauren enlisted the use of a tool that specifically caters to oven use: the ThermoPro TP20 500-ft Wireless Dual-Probed Meat Thermometer.

“As contestants, we were allowed to bring three must-have items from our own kitchen,” Lauren explained. “And for me, my ThermoPro thermometer was the no-brainer! It allowed me to focus on the competition while – rest assured – my dishes would be cooked [to] the PERFECT temperature.”

Lauren’s savviness with thermometers did not go unnoticed by the show’s host. Her strategy of using the TP20 to monitor oven temperatures was a decision that “Antoni loved!” 

Additionally, as part of her final adjudication, Lauren was told by the hosts that “Using a thermometer was very smart” and “You understand temperature very well”.

In the end, the results were clear. “Host Antoni Porowski and co-host Ilan Hall, a Top Chef winner, were impressed with my clever hacks, cooking knowledge, and approachable style,” said Lauren.

ThermoPro is proud to see one of our content creators get the recognition that she deserves! We’re sure we’ll be seeing more from this incredible talent. Great job, Lauren!

When not appearing on television, Lauren can be seen as a featured part of ThermoPro social media channels. On Instagram, she has debunked myths like bone-in steaks taste better and raw-cooked steaks contain blood while demonstrating the proper way to use a meat thermometer.

Are you interested in the TP20? Find out more details on our Amazon page!

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