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People online are reacting to the launch of the ThermoPro Lightning by hailing it as a success! From reviewers to influencers, the consensus is that the Lightning One-Second Instant-Read Meat Thermometer would make for a great addition to any kitchen

The new Lightning is designed with improved technology that allows users to measure temperature readings in just one second and with pinpoint accuracy. Featuring the fastest response time on the market, the Lightning makes for the ideal tool for grilling, deep frying, baking, barbecuing, and more.

Here’s a compilation of feedback that this innovative new kitchen tool has received: 

Food & Wine: “Takes the Guesswork Out of Cooking With Lightning Speed”

“The Thermopro Lightning Instant-Read Thermometer is the best thermometer I’ve used yet, even down to its packaging. But what really impressed me most is that it lives up to its name. It reads the temperature in less than a second — easily four times faster than my old thermometer.

“I cook and bake with confidence knowing that this ThermoPro instant read thermometer has my back, ensuring the temperature of everything I make is accurate and cooked perfectly. And, it does this swiftly, faster than I can blink. “—Sharon Lockley, Food & Wine silver award Silver Award for “Best Value”

“…well-constructed and has the usual feature set found in higher-end products… Most users will find this a nice addition to their kitchen arsenals.”—Bill McGrath,

Smoked BBQ Source: “Good value price for the features”

“The design of the Lightning is unquestionably sleek.”

“Anti-Slip Grip is one of the best I’ve used on an instant-read probe.”

“…the ThermoPro Lightning is one of the best instant-read options on the market, especially for the price.”—Breanna Stark, Smoked BBQ Source

Smoke Fire Grill: “(A) Lightning-Fast Contender”

“I was surprised how well the ThermoPro Lightning performed… Very impressive.”

“All in all, the ThermoPro Lightning is a well-made super-fast instant read digital thermometer that is worth considering for BBQ, grilling, oven or anywhere else you need a fast and reliable instant-read cooking thermometer.”—Smoke Fire Grill

Kitchn: “Hi-Tech Kitchen Thermometer Takes the Guesswork Out of Weeknight Meal Prep”

“The best thing about this, though, is that it really is fast. Gone are the days of holding your hand in a hot oven or over a steaming pan for a minute while the display loads — it really is instant!

“So, if you really want to elevate your home cooking and take the guesswork out of meal prep and weeknight dinners, invest in the ThermoPro Lightning.”—Ian Burke, Kitchn

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Isaiah’s Reviews

Isaiah’s Reviews provides nothing less than a glowing recommendation for the ThermoPro Lightning:

“This is, hands down, the best that I’ve ever had in my possession as far as an instant-read temperature probe thermometer.

“I didn’t really notice much that I could complain about. I think they’ve really engineered and designed this thing up and down… to be ergonomic, to work correctly, to be useful in all different angles, to be able to be washed off… I don’t know if there’s much more you can want out of something like this that you will use all the time. Trust me, you will always reach for this thing.”–Isaiah’s Reviews

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Man Cave Meals

John at Man Cave Meals heartily recommends the ThermoPro Lightning and enjoys using its easy-to-read display:

“So in terms of speed and accuracy, this ThermoPro Lightning is right up on par with most of the other thermometers in this market space. And, once again, I think the thing that I like most about this guy is this really bright and bold LED display. I really like that.”–John at Man Cave Meals

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Robert Veach

Robert Veach was so impressed with the Lightning that he gave it his highest rating:

“This is an amazing product. It works really well and doesn’t take up a lot of space. And it’ll stay on your fridge or anythinng metal. And very accurate, really nice quality.

“So you can’t go wrong with this product, it’s really top notch. I’m going to give it a full 5-star rating.”–Robert Veach

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Hip-IO Reviews

Hip-IO Reviews had some choice words to say about the Lightning:

“In conclusion, I think the ThermoPro Lightning is a fantastic tool for any kitchen. It’s easy to use, with a lightning-fast sample rate. And it’s easy to read, even in low light.”– Hip-IO Reviews

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Tom Horsman

Tom Horsman was very impressed with the many features of the Lightning:

“As an old man, I like that nice bright display. That is nice. And it does flip for you automatically. It does, as they say, have a sleep mode to it. So it shuts off automatically. And then, when you pick it up, it goes back on. And, it fits good in the hand.”–Tom Horsman

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Smoky Ribs BBQ

Smoky Ribs BBQ was immediately impressed with the Lightning’s look and features:

“I love that black look to it. It’s just a really good-looking thermometer, and the thing about it is super fast, I mean super fast. They named it right, and also it’s extremely accurate. This thermometer is accurate to within half a degree plus or minus.”–Smoky Ribs BBQ

How Low Can You Slow

Jared from @_howlowcanyouslow on Instagram can’t help but list the Lightning’s many features:

“The things about it that are really great is it’s got this really easy-to-read LCD screen. It allows you to lock in the temperatures once you press it in, which is really helpful. It’s super durable, super easy to use.”–Jared from @_howlowcanyouslow

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, the ThermoPro Lightning has made a resounding impact on everyone who has tried it. To experience these features for yourself, consider buying a ThermoPro Lightning today!

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