Many people think they need to get the newest high-tech tool or app in order to increase productivity levels. And yet, there is often a much simpler solution that is also very affordable. For improved productivity, make sure your working environment is set at its optimal humidity.

Simply put, workers need to be comfortable to work at their best. 

To make your workspace as comfortable as it can be, it’s important to optimize the humidity of your environment. This is because humidity has a profound effect on living things. Even a small change in humidity can result in discomfort or inattention that can lead to major setbacks. 

Want to know more? Check out the following tips on how you can improve productivity in your home or office through proper humidity levels

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Effect of Humidity on Comfort & Health

When we think of a nice office, we’ll often think of it as having a sleek design and being equipped with suitable office furniture and equipment. But for better productivity, a professional workspace needs to prioritize its environment for humidity to get the best results.  The right humidity is fundamental to establishing a comfortable environment. When the humidity is excessive or lacking, it can affect people within its environment in a number of ways.
High Humidity (over 50%):
  • Makes workers clammy, drowsy, stuffy, and sluggish
  • Feels warm even if the temperature hasn’t risen
  • May cause increased perspiration, difficulty breathing, migraines, and more
Low Humidity (under 30%)
  • Causes itchy skin, rashes, dry skin, coughing, sore throat, stuffy nose, and more
By making workers as healthy as they can be, this will reduce the number of sick days taken by each worker, a move that leads to improved productivity. For the most comfortable environment with the most productive workers, the ideal humidity of your workspace should be between 30 and 50 percent. Promote healthy living by maintaining proper humidity levels!

Building an Ideal Environment for Your Home

A comfortable worker is a productive worker, but there’s more to the connection between humidity and productivity. That’s because this delicate balance provides benefits wherever it is established, including in your home. No matter where they are used, a person living in a humidity-optimized environment can enjoy these health benefits:  
  • Lowered stress
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced risk of infections like flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, and even COVID-19
 Proper humidity is important to have in the home. By establishing a comfortable environment, you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

More Ways to Bring Improved Productivity to Your Space

While optimizing your workspace or home for humidity, also consider these other important factors that contribute to comfort:
  • Temperature: Remember that some tasks are suited to specific temperatures
  • Sunlight: Too dark and gloomy? Consider brightening up your environment
  • Cleanliness: Sweeping the floors can help improve interior air quality 
  • Ventilation: Open a window or turn on the HVAC to circulate interior air

Hygrometers: The Affordable solution

For something that is such an important part of our interior environment, humidity is relatively easy to control. Not only is it quickly measurable, but comes as an affordable solution in the form of an indoor hygrometer.

Indoor hygrometers are devices that measure the humidity levels of an interior environment. By using a hygrometer, you can accurately detect problems even before they appear, saving you time and money. When used in conjunction with a thermostat, a hygrometer allows you to optimize the comfort of your living space with precision and ease.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to raise the comfort of your office and increase the productivity of your workers, consider getting an indoor hygrometer from ThermoPro today!

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