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Do you love spending time crafting delicious meals? Do you love finding new kitchen gadgets to help you make that perfect meal? There are so many kitchen utensils that are often looked by many, but can make your job in the kitchen much easier. A food thermometer, trusty spatula, grill mat, tongs, and so many other kitchen gadgets can make your life in the kitchen much easier and more enjoyable. Have you ever found a recipe and started making it only to realize that you don’t have the right tools for the job? Or, maybe, it has taken you twice as long to complete a recipe as it should have because you struggled through one of the steps without the right tool for the job. It can be frustrating when you don’t have the right tools to complete a recipe, especially if you don’t realize what you’re missing until you’re already knee-deep into creating the dish. In the sections below, we’ll let you know about ten must-have kitchen utensils. These tools are always featured in stores or cooking shows, but when you purchase them, you’ll find that the way you cook is transformed.


If you don’t want your food to come out undercooked or overcooked, then a meat thermometer should be on the top your you list to purchase. Without a good meat thermometer, you a really playing a guessing game about whether your food is cooked and safe to eat. Many cuts of meat are also really easy to overcook if you let them cook even a few minutes too long. A food thermometer can help prevent this from happening. food thermometer recommendation ThermoPro has a huge selection of thermometers to meet all your cooking and grilling needs. They offer both digital and instant-read thermometers. You can choose a thermometer with or without a probe, depending on your preference. ThermoPro’s thermometers are high-quality and will give you accurate readings.


No kitchen is complete without a good spatula. In fact, you should have more than one! You’ll need some smaller ones in the kitchen for flipping pancakes and some larger ones for flipping burgers on the grill. Look for spatulas that are comfortable to hold and feel good in your hand. You’ll be grabbing your spatula frequently, so you want it to be comfortable to hold.

Grill Mat

If you love grilling, then a mat for the grill is a must have item for you! You can lay a mat right on the grill and place the items you are grilling directly on the mat. The ThermoPro Grill Mat is an excellent option to consider when you are looking for a new grill tool. It is reversible and reusable; you can get over 1,000 uses from each side. The ThermoPro mat is also heat-resistant from -320 degrees to 500 degrees. It is non-stick and dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a breeze. You can use the ThermoPro mat with any grill type. ThermoPro Grill Mat When you use a mat on your grill, it will prevent your food from sticking to the grill. Using a mat is also a good idea if you are grill smaller foods or foods that may break apart when they are cook; the mat will stop small pieces of the food from falling into the grill. Pus, when you use a mat, your clean up time is cut in half since you don’t have to scrape off stuck-on food from the grill.

Oven/Grill Mitts

A thick pair of oven or grill mitts is another item you want to make sure you have in your kitchen. We have all tried to take something out of the oven or off of the grill without proper protection, and we all know how painful it can be if you get burned. ThermoPro TP-100 Oven Gloves A thick pair of mitts will protect your hands when you are taking items off of the grill or out of the oven. When you are selecting a new pair of oven mitts, be sure to look for ones that are sufficiently thick enough to offer enough protection. But you still want to make sure that they are flexible enough that your hands will be able to easily grasp the sides of dishes in the oven. If you can, try to find mitts that are longer as well so that the sides of your arms are protected too.

Large Cutting Board

A large cutting board is a tool that will get used a lot in the kitchen. Whether you are prepping some meats for the grill or slicing a nice and juicy watermelon for a summer picnic, a cutting board will come in handy. You can look for cutting boards that have an extra rim around the sides; these are great for catching juices from meats or fruits so that you don’t end up with a huge mess on your counter or table.


Tongs are another item that you’ll likely want to have more than one of. A sturdy pair of grill tongs are great for flipping and turning things on the grill. In the kitchen, a few pairs of tongs can definitely come in handy as well. You’ll find yourself reaching for the tongs when you are cooking scallops on the stove, need to pull a piece of meat out of a pot, or when you are serving a salad.

Basting Brush

A BBQ basting brush can come in handy for marinating meats on the grill. Basting while you are cooking can help your foods to turn out juicer and more delicious. You may want to look for a smaller basting brush for the kitchen as well. This brush can be used to brush melted butter on foods or spread sauce on meats before placing them in the oven.

Burger Press

If you love eating burgers, but making them isn’t your favorite thing to do, consider buying a burger press. A burger press can help make your burgers more even and flat, making it easier to cook them. A burger press can also help make sure that your burgers are the perfect size to fit on your buns.

Grill Stone

Did you know that there are some stones that you can use to cook with directly on your grill? They can help you make delicious meals. Some stones are even large enough that you can grill a pizza! Imagine all the delicious things you could cook with a grill stone.

Grill Basket

With a grill basket, you’ll be able to easily cook fresh vegetables on the grill. A grill basket is also good for cooking smaller foods, like shrimp. The basket prevents these smaller foods from dropping down into the grill, but still allows you to get that delicious grill-flavor infused into your favorite foods. There are so many great tools that aren’t always featured. While these tools and utensils might not be the most popular, you’ll love using them to create masterpieces in the kitchen or on the grill. Many of these tools will help save you some hassles and headaches that you may otherwise experience while try to cook or grill.

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