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ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

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  • Large Backlit LCD Screen】: Room thermometer features large numbers on a 3.5 inch backlit LCD screen to inform you of the real-time temperature and humidity at a glance. 
  • Instant APP Alerts】: When the temperature or humidity exceeds your preset limits, or you’ve gone out of range of the room thermometer, the APP will immediately push an alert to your smartphone to keep you on top of your environment, so you can adjust the thermostat or humidifier accordingly to regulate what matters most: greenhouse, hatching room, cellar, bed room, bathroom.
  • Highly Accurate】: The indoor thermometer humidity gauge has a built-in advanced Swiss-made sensor that provides an outstanding accuracy of ±0.5F and ±2%. 
  • Temperature and Humidity Chart】: Our easy to use APP contains a dynamic chart which with the pinch of your finger can zoom in and out to view the temperature and humidity at any hour within 24 hours. 
  • 260ft/80m Remote Bluetooth Range】: The TP59 smart temperature and humidity sensor features an advanced 5.0 Bluetooth chip to provide reliable signal strength and achieve a range of 260ft/80m, allowing you to obtain real-time temperature and humidity from the ThermoPro sensor APP anywhere in your home.
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ThermoPro TP-59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer 

With Swiss-made high-precision sensors, the ThermoPro TP59 will read and record the slightest changes in temperature and humidity. With the arrow trend indicators, you will be able to react ahead of time such as adjusting your thermomstat or humidifier. TP59 is capable of a long 260ft Bluetooth range to send data directly to your phone. When the temperature and humidity goes out of your preset range, you will instantly receive a notification from the APP.


  1. Monitor via Bluetooth on Your Smartphone;
  2. Remote Range: 260ft/80m;
  3. Temperature Range: -4 °F ~ 140°F (-20 °C ~ 60 °C), with resolution of 0.1°C/°F;
  4. Humidity Range: 10% ~ 99%, with resolution of 1%;
  5. Temperature Tolerance: ±0.5°F (±0.3°C);
  6. Humidity Tolerance: ±2%;
  7. Temperature Display Unit: C°/F° selectable;
  8. LCD Display Size: 3.5 inch


Supports Multiple Sensors

The ThermoPro sensor APP supports the connection of up to 10 indoor thermometers to allow you to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity changes in your entire home and adjust your thermostat or humidifier to improve your quality of life.

Alert Function

Set preset temp and humidity ranges, the ThermoPro Sensor app will immediately notify you if your temp or humdity falls out of the set range. Perfect for having complete control over your room and being able to make immediate adjustments.

Swiss-Made, Highly Accurate Sensors

The built-in Swiss high-precision digital sensors will quickly and accurately record temperature and humidity changes and are accurate to within ±0.54°F / ±0.3°C, and humidity is ±2%RH.


Heat Index and Air Comfort Indicator

ThermoPro Sensor APP will display in real time, the Heat Index also known as Apparent Temperature to provide you and your family the most meticulous care. Air comfort indicator shows the comfort level of your home, based on current humidity level.

Touch Sensitive Buttons

The touch sensitive buttons are easy to use and only require a light touch, convinently switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds to enter pairing status. Press the Backlight button to illuminate the screen for easy reading. Press the clear button to Clear data of the past 24 hours with one quick press.

Multiple Placement Options

Place anywhere to fit your home’s needs due to its compact figure and multitude of placement options: tabletop stand, magnetic back to magnetize your fridge, or use the wall hook.

ThermoPro TP59 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Bluetooth Hygrometer;
  • 2 x AAA Battery;
  • 1 x User Manual

11 reviews for ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

  1. John Hogan

    We have a Lake Home and use this to Monitor our place in the Winter! Very good quality and we Enjoy it Tremendousl;y, Thanks!

  2. Travis pound

    Definitely will be buying another one for my daughters room in the near future! It works well for my needs!

  3. Rex Malson

    Very simple to use and great to see history.

  4. Kyliekay

    Love it nice

  5. Lori Kisner

    It works great.

  6. Geri

    Really like this thermometer. It helps us monitor how warm or cold a specific room is. It also helped us figure out that our thermostat was not reading temperature accurately. Highly recommend.

  7. Pete Seeds

    So far our family has been mainly concern About the humidity levels in her home. The concern was it was always too dry and we didn’t know what to do other than run water on the stove all the time. So while we waited for the humidifier to be repaired and your furnace this unit gave us the comfort of knowing what level to keep the humidity at

  8. Ashley

    I bought this for the humidity function to track humidity in my home. With recent record freezing temperatures I put it in my garage with my plants and I could track the temps with my phone. Very easy to move the unit and use my phone to see the temperature and humidity

  9. VGhosen

    We have a small greenhouse about 100 feet from our home so checking the temps by walking outside wasn’t practical. The Bluetooth on this model works great, even with obstructions and walls between our phones and the greenhouse. The app is simple and doesn’t require any personal info to pair the two. This was a big deal because why should we have to register an email to use some app (nice try China)? We also have the device paired with two different phones with no issues. We have alarms set so we get alerts if the temp drops too low or too high. We are very pleased and would absolutely purchase again.

  10. Susan M.

    The house I live in has two problems with humidity. In the summer the humidity inside the house can get up over 85% (there are unground springs right next to the house). In the winter the humidity inside the house can drop under 10%. So I’ve bought a lot of humidity sensors over the last 8 years, and put them in different rooms around the house. The shortcoming off all the sensors I have bought is that I have to walk around and look at each sensor to read it.

    So for me, sensors which will send the data to my cellphone is a najor improvement. My cellphone can store that data and show graphs of both temperature and humidity. You can pick from a graph for the last 24 hours, a graph for the last 7 days, or a graph for the past year. I have four different sensors, and all four show up in the app. And the sensors talk directly to your cellphone via bluetooth — there is no shipping the data off to some company’s web site and then needing to register with that web site.

    I expect this is ThermoPro’s first attempt at an app for a cellphone, and there are plenty of improvements that could be made to it. And right now it has a bug where *sometimes* the app will crash when you have the app download all the latest data from a sensor. It does download the data and save it correctly, and then maybe 30-40% of the time the app will crash. I have been sending debugging-info to the company, and they say they’re looking into the problem. But even after that irritating bug is fixed, I have other ideas for improvements the app.

    Initially I bought three of these and have been happy with them (except for the app crashing). It then occurred to me that this sensor could also be very useful for another problem at my house. My refrigerator will be working perfectly fine for 8-12 months, and then over the course of maybe two weeks the average temp will go from 40F to 60F, usually without me noticing it. The problem is just that it needs to be defrosted (even though you won’t see ice anywhere in it). I have put other sensors in the fridge so I can monitor the temperature, but of course I have to *open* the refrigerator to check those. I also have to remember to keep checking, and after six months of it working perfectly fine I’ll get pretty lax about checking. The sensor ends up buried behind food, etc. And before I know it, I’m drinking milk which is nearly room-temperature.

    So I put one of these sensors in the refrigerator, and I’m very happy to see that the bluetooth signal still makes it to my cellphone, without me needing to open the refrigerator. So I’ve bought another sensor to do full-time duty at monitoring the inside of the refrigerator. And I expect to buy a few more sensors in the next few months, for other full-time duties. I think the company says you can have up to 10 of them.

    As to the accuracy of these: As I said earlier I’ve been buying a variety of inexpensive sensors over the past 8 years. And to be quite honest, I don’t trust any of them to be 100% accurate when it comes to humidity. But I still own all those sensors, and these new ThermoPro TP59 Wireless sensors seem to be about as accurate as the other sensors I own from other companies. At least they have been so far. I still doubt they’re 100% accurate, but I’ll be happy enough as long as they’re consistent. By that I mean that if they say the humidity is 34%, then I want to be confident that the humidity is lower than at times when the sensors say the humidity is 40%. Maybe the humidity is really 30% instead of 34%, but at least I can depend that the humidity really is going lower if this sensor claims that it’s going lower. I have owned my sensors for just a few weeks now, so I can’t really say how reliable they will be over the full range of humidity that happens around my house!

  11. NC Dad 1

    I bought this device so I could monitor the temperature and humidity in my office which is in a separate building almost 100 feet from my home. I’m impressed that it works reliably from that distance.

    When I open the app on my phone, it is disconcerting that it shows the most recent reading for quite a while before it gets the new one so I sometimes misinterpret that as the current reading until it updates. Also, I’m not really confident that the humidity readings are accurate because I set my humidifier with built-in humidistat to 50% and I’ve never seen readings above 33% on the Therm Pro.

    As a product designer, I develop products similar to this and I impressed with all of the design and features, and particularly the backlight and touch sensitive buttons along the bottom. The whole user interface both on the device and on the phone are well designed and thought out. The LCD itself shows the current, maximum and minimum readings for both temperature and humidity at the same time which is a very helpful feature for my needs.

    Overall, I am impressed with this product and would buy another one if I needed it.

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