ThermoPro Transmitter Charging Cable for TX4 and TX5

  • Charging Cable for TX4 and TX5
  • Lost your sensor? Purchase a extra remote sensor or replace your existing one! Includes batteries and a screwdriver to access the battery compartment!


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Availability: In stock


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Q: My new TP-65A charger doesn’t seem to be charging. I just unboxed it and was able to sync the outdoor sensor to the readout, but when it’s plugged in the charge light doesn’t go on. Currently, it’s flashing red once every 50 seconds. There’s no battery indication on the readout. Do you think it just came fully charged? Or is there an error? Thank you for your time!

A:Hi Alexis, We do charge our devices before they leave our manufacturing facility which is why the light might not be turning on. If you end up having issues later on, please contact us here:

Q:What is the diameter of the connector, please?

A:3 MM.

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ThermoPro Transmitter Charging Cable for TX4 and TX5

Availability: In stock

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