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ThermoPro TM01W Digital Timer with Countdown Touchable Backlit

(77 customer reviews)

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  • Count-up/count-down timer】Program your timer up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, using the digital timer count-up or count-down function to monitor different timing events such as cooking, exercise, control video game time, kids’ activities and meetings. 
  • Touch sensitive backlight】Our kitchen timer features a touch backlight button located on the top of the timer, making it easier to adjust settings with the conveniently placed buttons or check the time in dim light conditions; Backlight stays active for 10 seconds unless there’s further operation, ideal for conversing battery power. 
  • Super loud alarm & Silent mode】Loud ring kitchen timer ensures nothing will be forgotten! 4 volume levels for you to choose from to meet your specific needs such as watching TV while waiting for count-down; Enable the silent mode to avoid disturbing others.
  • Multiple placement options & Portability】Place your cooking timer in the position which best suits your needs either with Tabletop Stand or Magnetic Back, allowing for the most convenient placement in your home; Small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Mini clock】 With a tabletop stand and magnetic back, you can monitor the time anywhere in clock mode, even while a timer is simultaneously running.
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77 reviews for ThermoPro TM01W Digital Timer with Countdown Touchable Backlit

  1. Bill Wuestenhoefer

    This a very nice addition to any kitchen. I bought a second one so we can do multiple cooking tasks.

  2. Sarah

    Other reviews were not joking when they said this thing is loud! Holy smokes! So loud I keep thinking my fire alarm is going off but it’s the timer. I stuffed some cotton from a cotton ball around and over the speaker part. It helped some but it’s still too loud. Without the cotton it literally hurts my ears. Only reason I’m leaving 3 stars.Probably great for elderly and hearing impaired people!

  3. Tin

    I recommend this item to anyone that needs to keep track of time. Especially, tattoo artist.

  4. Scott Parmer

    Clear display and pretty easy to use. I like the magnet on the back of the timer so I can keep it located on the refrigerator. Only issue, audio signal too loud. Either you have to mute the sound or listen to the extremely loud signal. There are three levels of sound in addition to mute, but even the lowest signal is very loud.

  5. Janis C.

    Everything was good except the alarm could not be turned down enough. Even on the lowest setting it was way too loud.JC

  6. Amazon Customer

    These timers are great but SO LOUD!

  7. Z-Man

    Seems to keep good time, timer works well. There are four timer “beep” settings… mute, low, medium and high. Low is damned loud, wish the lowest setting was a bit more muted. If it’s on the table where one is sitting, even the lowest beep volume will jolt the unprepared upright in a heartbeat. Can’t imagine what the louder settings are for, unless you’re outside and want to hear it from afar.

  8. David Van Cao

    I like this kitchen timer. It has 3 levels of sound: low/mid/high. It helps to wake me up on time while I am sleeping in my car for break time for the return to work at my company.

  9. Yvonne Pendergrass

    This is an excellent timer. I especially like that it counts up after the alarm go off so you know how much time has elapsed if you weren’t able to turn it off immediately. The one draw back is that the alarm, even in the quietest setting, is extremely loud.

  10. John C.

    I got tired of dealing with other cheap timers that weren’t very durable, and would turn off by themselves if you just tapped them. Until I found this one, this is the best overall kitchen timer I have dealt with so far. However in my opinion it has one very big flaw that the other timers didn’t have, and the other reviewers have stated. It was designed way too loud especially on the lowest volume setting. Despite what I hoped, it quite literally is a fire alarm. So seeing how I wasn’t going to have my cake and eat it too, I decided to sound dampen it while on the lowest volume setting with 4 small cotton balls. I sandwiched them in between the flip open stand and the timer including over the beeper area. I then taped over it all on the bottom part of the timer, keeping the cotton balls compressed and stand tight on them with some strong clear tape. It stays magnetized just enough to stay on the fridge, but the sound is now doable. Weird fix, but it was easy and it worked. If your willing to sound dampen it, I would recommend it, otherwise you will have to keep looking for a good timer.

  11. T. Beard

    This is the perfect timer to use as a Travel Clock and Alarm. The alarm is very loud when adjusted to the highest volume. The clock function and lighted dial to see the time is perfect for the hotel room …. when you do not want to figure out how to set the clock in the hotel (which is often incorrect). For a kitchen timer, it would be very handy but I use it as a travel clock and alarm so I can turn my phone off and not be disturbed while sleeping. Just know that the magnets will hold the timer to any sure surface such as a microwave but would not be good for a refrigerator door since the timer is quite heavy for its size.

  12. William I. Dube

    PROS: I actually bought this alarm to use as an alarm clock. Okay so I can’t set the exact time, but I can set the exact sleep or work time before this alarm goes off up to up to 1 second shy of 100 hours in the future and that is a lot of time. I like that the light goes on easily with a touch sensor. It is a little confusing why a touch sensor was used for the light, but who cares it works. Light goes on when you push a button or touch anywhere near the light bulb image at the top of this alarm. I have bad tinnitus first from the NAVY, then cancer, and yes I’m getting up in the years too so it is much louder than it used to be. When I was younger I could get up to the drop of a pin. Now it takes more than my old Seiko alarm clock can produce sound wise to get me up. THIS ALARM WILL FIT THE BILL. I’m confident it will get me up in the morning even set to its lowest level as that is close to as loud as my smoke alarm. Okay here is a tip. If you don’t like the noise just use the button in the back to turn off the noise there is a silence feature, but you will have to turn it back on after you set the alarm or when the alarm goes off there will be no sound just a switch to the count up timer after the alarm runs out. I’m very excited about finding a quality made product that will do exactly what I want and get me out of bed that said, if you are one of these snooze types you only have one minute of alarm then silence so GET OUT OF BED if you are using it like an alarm clock like I will. Two AAA batteries are all that you need to have this little beast wake you out of a sound sleep, or get you to go to the kitchen before you cake burns. Because of the construction I would expect this alarm to be able to take some heat. I like that this has a clock feature, but the clock makes me want to have more. (maybe a real alarm that you could set, but count down timer will be fine for me) Lastly in the PROS and don’t be surprised, but this alarm lets you know it is ready right from putting in the batteries as you will get a beep on that last battery in.CONS: Clock function and Count down timer only function. Yes this alarm will count up but you can not set a time that it will count up to like some alarms. Very small point. Also since there is a backlight I think there should be maybe a flashing backlight feature while the alarm is going off as there is none. The numbers blink, but the light is only because you have touched the timer/clock.Okay I’ve run this through it’s paces you have the pros and cons from a user perspective.I just wish it didn’t take me so long to find this great countdown timer.Yes I’d buy this again and recommend to friends.

  13. Diane Reuter

    I would have given this 5 stars if there was a way to turn the power off in order to store the timer.

  14. brian morton

    Wish I did not have to turn alarm off just to set the time.

  15. Celeste Woolsey

    This timer is one that I can see clearly. And unless I can only find the old ones. I would give this one a big thumbs up!!!!!!!!

  16. carolyn

    I use it to time how long it takes me to do a puzzle

  17. Kindle Customer

    I LOVE this timer! It’s exactly what I need! Being heard of hearing, the volume is awesome! At first it scared me. I thought it was the fire alarm! 🙂 Easy to read from a distance! I can read it from my computer. I have it mounted on my refrigerator. Easy to use! Just 2 taps to get it to what I want it to do! Love it! Thanks!!

  18. jim v

    Everything works as it should. The only complaint is the volume control for the alarm doesn’t do anything. Every setting is way too loud. Otherwise it’s a very good timer/clock

  19. Amazon Customer

    Inexpensive, flexible and well priced. Just wish the instructions were clearer

  20. Shae

    Everything about this timer is great. I spent quite a bit more for a Kitchen Aid timer that was pretty, but lacked features. This timer, by contrast, has hour/min/sec selections, can stand up, has non-skid pads and is magnetic so lots of ways to place this where you need it. Also, it is amber backlit; all you have to do is tap it. Its great. The only downsides are the thing is insanely loud and unpleasant when it goes off. Even at the lowest setting it sounds rather like the volume of a smoke alarm going off. Another feature I would like are 5 and ten minute warning noises before the main one goes off; however I do realize that isn’t necessarily a common feature in these timers so I’m not counting that against this timer in my review. If you want a timer you cannot ignore because it is insanely loud, this is a great pick. I, however, feel like the neighbors down the street will know when my chicken is ready to be pulled from the oven. Therefore, I will be continuing my search for the best timer for me.

  21. stfor

    I’m glad I got the two pack. The first one I tried worked for about two hours and the display went haywire, flashing and only displaying parts of the numbers. Any button I pressed set off the beeping. So I tried the second one and so far after two days it seems to work alright. Time will tell.

  22. AmazonRainforests MakeClouds

    Purchased 2 of these but at different times. The first one is 5 stars, awesome. Havent figured out all of the features or hows but its great already. The second one is 2 stars, unpleasant. The thing is this seems like a settings difference and different people would probably invert the ratings. So the difference between the two I ordered is that the first one I can leave its volume set to max (click round button on back multiple times and leave it) but when there is no key beep to speak of (or fairly quiet one) so when setting the alarm you do not go deaf (or alternativley if you are hard of hearing you dont hear a beep every time you press a key). With the second one if I leave the volume set to max then each key press generates a beep at FULL Volume which is deafening when you have to press 10’s of keys to get to your desired ring time. This is very very anoying but if i was hearing impaired I might like it. So the complaint i have is that the key beep volume should be settable (which it very well might be but i havent read up on it yet). I am really hoping its a setting that I havent learned yet instead of a firmware change. It kind of acts like the newer one has a much smaller load resistance for keys. This may or may not be a thing but its what it remind me of. I am still hoping that it is a setting that I will find if I read the directions or press enough buttons to find. Its a good timer but it really depends on your use case and your needs.

  23. Katheryn M.

    These are great timers; easy to read, well built, and big buttons. But they have one flaw that renders them practically unusable: They are HIDEOUSLY LOUD! I don’t mean slightly, inconveniently loud. I mean make your eardrums bleed, wake the dead, hear them in the next county loud! And though that sounds like a good attribute, it’s so annoying I tossed them in the junk drawer and refuse to use them. Even on the lowest volume setting and with duct tape covering the beeper, they are still too loud to use. I guess if you want to use them in a plane to remind you when to switch fuel tanks, that would probably be a good application. But around the home, unless you’re stone deaf, you may want to look for something else!

  24. James Gossage

    Timer is magnetic allow on to stick it on the stove or refrigerator, not lost in a drawer. Large enough for an older person to read the time and easy to use

  25. Mrsmers

    Great little timer. Magnet back let’s you hang it on the frig. Time’s up alert is loud. I use it outside when grilling and inside when multiple things are cooking.

  26. SpeedingCheetah

    This thing is LOOOUD!Smoke detector level loud.Even on the lowest volume setting, and a piece of Gorllia tape over the speaker on the back, its is LOUD and piercing.I wanted a timer that i can hear in my back rooms since the new microwave and oven that was installed in my apartment unit (cheap Fridgedair) is useless for that function. As, they just have a quite beep 2x and thats it. My old appliances from 1999 had a loud timer that did not stop until u shut it off.I had bought a nice looking round, twist dial timer here on Amazon, but it was no louder than a wristwatch alarm or cheap battery alarm clock.This timer works well and is loud, too loud, but it work for my needs.I just wish it has a “sleep” or “eco” mode that shut off the LCD after a while when not in use, to save battery power.UPDATE: After only a few days of use, there are now “ghosting” of some of the inactive number bars in the LCD. They disappear if I remove the batteries, but are present when the unit has power.They still fully turn on when they need to, but it is disappointing. Hopefully it won’t get worse. I already threw out the box.

  27. M. A. Coyle

    This timer is very easy to use, larger buttons, hour, minute, and second, as well as a mode function. This timer does not turn off–it displays a clock when not set up for timing. It has a volume setting, which is good because it is loud. The lowest level is off. One thing I love about it is that once you hit OOOO, it starts counting up. SO, if you are doing something that needs a set amount of time, you know how much time has elapsed.

  28. craftman

    This timer looks okay and works well. It is very very loud even on the softest setting. It does have a silent setting but that’s sort of useless in the kitchen. Very loud drive my wife crazy

  29. S. Rousey

    This time is easy to use, has an hour button and is loud. The kick stand and magnet are great to put it right in front of me or out of the way. I love the light up feature. It lighs up when you pick it up. It is easy to read and easy to set. I would recommend this timer.

  30. R. Forester

    I use this timer frequently and is going strong after several months so I do recommend it. Yes, it is loud (!) but as I use it to time watering and other chores I need to be able to hear it from a fair distance and the lowest setting allows me to hear it anywhere in the house. Hopefully they will fix the loudness range in the future allowing a softer tone for close range. The flaw I wanted to mention is that while it does store the last countdown time in memory, which works if your countdown completed. BUT, you can’t interrupt the countdown and restart the countdown time without clearing and resetting. Most timers hold the memory with a cancel/restart function.

  31. Soloviajero

    The timer is well-built, and in most respects well-designed, but in one respect, I hate it. It’s excessively, uncomfortably loud. Other reviewers have commented on this. The timer has adjustable loudness, Off-Low-Medium-Loud, so you’d think this would solve the problem, but it doesn’t, as even the Low setting is uncomfortably loud. The high setting is ear-splitting if you’re close to it. A kitchen timer shouldn’t be as loud as a smoke alarm, which is what this timer sounds like. It’s a jarring, alarming sound, not a nice or friendly sound that you’d want around your kitchen.The sound occurs every time you press one of the buttons, so you have to listen to it 10 times if you’re setting 10 minutes. You can hold a time button down to rapidly increase numbers, but the speed is way too fast, and if you overshoot your number, you need to press two buttons to Clear it and start over again. To turn the button sounds off, you have to turn off the alarm sound entirely, and you have to go through listening to all the sound levels (including the ear-splitting one) to turn the alarm sound back on again.The timer is beautifully built with a marvelous display, but the sound characteristics are a deal breaker. Another reviewer suggested muffeling the sound with a couple layers of tape over the alarm speaker, but a purchaser shouldn’t have to do that. In spite of how well built the timer is, I’m unhappy with the purchase. The design needs to be modified to provide a lower Low sound, and add a way to permanently turn off the entry button sounds.

  32. AJD

    Stop messing around with those off brand, CR2032 battery powered timers and get this. Push buttons that work and will last. Adjustable volume. Backlight. A brand that lasts.

  33. Craig V

    Works well and is easy to use. The contrast with the orange background is much easier to read that the dual unit with a blue background. Wish the volume control was on the front panel, not the back.

  34. mike

    I like the size of the numbers it’s easy to read. The timer goes up and counts down. The alarm can be adjusted and is really loud I keep mine on silent. The only thing i dont like is it doesn’t turn off. But it’s not a big deal because it has a clock feature which is nice

  35. Patricia H

    I can’t hear the microwave or oven timer from other parts of the house so I wanted something I could take with me to my office. This fits the bill. The alarm is actually loud enough that I could probably hear it if i left it in the kitchen:)Time is easy to read and moderately easy to set but I need to find a safe place for the directions because it isn’t obvious. The problem is that buttons are “over loaded” and so you have to press two buttons at one time or hold one button for an extended time, etc. This is common with small devices because they just don’t have the room to have separate buttons for everything so it is no worse than other devices.The magnets on the back are great because I can just stick it on the fridge. And it has a stand to prop it up when I’m using it.The only thing I don’t like is that there is no actual off button so the battery is always on powering the screen even when the device is not in use.

  36. J

    Glad I purchased this model.The people complaining about it’s too loud must, have a different versionthan I do, or don’t know how to turn it to the lowest setting. Or the manufacturer has corrected a flaw in it.Mine has a soft beeep, moderately LOUD, then SMOKE DETECTOR/CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM, LOUD!! The highest is indeed insanely loud.It is piercing, and hurts the ears. But you have the other options, including silent.Press and hold to set the timer quickly, then tap to dial in the final number.Simple.The timer is good. I have no complaints.It goes off when the time is up. It doesn’t ‘warn’ you by beeping before then.That was a deal breaker on other models.I do wish the Display would flash the light on silent. But I did buy a good timer.I purchased it to alert me, when it’s time to get out of the shower.To be heard, I put it on the medium setting. For working chess puzzles,I put it on the lowest level and it’s soft enough to not be annoying.I’m almost tempted to buy another in case something happens to this one.I am completely content with my purchase of this Timer/Clock.

  37. Jimmy Bliss

    The end-of-time alarm is sooooo loud that I am concerned that my neighbors are goin to call the fire department. Seriously!

  38. SherryLee

    These timers are great in terms of their size, easy to use, easy to read BUT the volume control doesn’t work on either of them. The volume is set at LOUD and I can’t turn it down. The first time I used one I had the timer next to me and when it went off I almost jumped out of my skin. Now I leave the timer in another room which works just great although it would have been nice to have the low volume so I could have it next to me to keep track of the time left on it. The other thing that would have been nice is to have a 5 or 10 minute warning beep.

  39. Amazon Customer

    It works as expected. Needed the second timer and trust ThermoPro. But MAN, this thing could wake the dead! Even on the so-called low setting. I’ve turned off the sound, which isn’t ideal but I cannot abide the unnecessary decibels.

  40. MIKE L.

    All controls and functions are excellent EXCEPT the audible alarm settings are much too loud and annoying and almost painful, similar to a smoke alarm activation. This feature needs to be toned way down below existing levels. Using timer in silent mode is not very helpful as user is not notified when set time has elapsed . The timer has to be constantly monitored in this mode.

  41. Robert B Mitchell

    I use this at night and the light is easy to use and the numbers easy to read.

  42. Amazon Customer

    Good timer. Removing 1 star because of the unusable very loud Alarm that can’t be lowered down enough.

  43. Tom

    Great timer, loud enough to wake the dead. Also works as a clock.

  44. T. Scott

    I bought this to time freezing of large clear whiskey balls that need a 30-hour freeze for optimal clarity. I like that it returns to the 30-hour setting every time. I also like that it is magnetic and attaches to the front of the freezer door.

  45. Francis Phelan

    The alarm in too piercing. I which there was a quieter alarm setting. It goes off with any change. My wile will not lt me use it.

  46. Alex500

    I use the timer to track my intermittent fasting hours. It can count down or count up up to 99 hours. It met all my needs and a great motivator to stay the course and fast. I no longer having guess when I started my fast. I love this timer.

  47. Teresa Feuling

    Very easy to read

  48. Gene P. Louie

    My wife and I purchased +20 various timers in the past 25 years. She used them for timing special ed reading and math tests. I needed them for UVB treatments for my psoriasis of the palm and feet, cooking, reminders, and alarm. The models varied from the expensive WESTBEND ($30+) to Chinese-made no names ($5). The best was the former – the old models in the 1980s. However, current changes and cheap components rendered it a poor buy..The Therm Pro is the successor to the king. At the moment, it is the best. Here are the “good” and “bad.”..ADVANTAGES.1. PRICE: $11 is cheap..2. FEATURES: The window is huge. So, the LED numbers are readable and clear. Operating the unit is not as intuitive as the WESTBEND. After consulting with the user manual, it is not a problem. There is a backlight; volume control has four loudness settings; four tiny rubber pads in the back prevent slippage; and the power source employs cheap AAA batteries. The alarm is loud, enough to hear through doors, flooring, and 50′ away..3. WARRANTY: One year is standard. However, the warranty is extended to three years after website registration..4. 10% DISCOUNT CERTIFICATE: This is for a future purchase…DISADVANTAGES.1. Two small magnets are not strong enough to hold the timer on the refrigerator door..2. Instead of a hard plastic body, use hard rubber. This will guard against accidental drops and make the device water resistant.

  49. marty

    This timer is built great and has everything i would want in a kitchen timer. Unfortunately I had to return it because the volume is absurdly loud. I mean literally on the lowest setting it is painful to the ears. It sound like a fire alarm on steroids, and that is on low.Functionality wise it is a great timer, but if you have sensitive hearing, or just regular hearing and hate extreme ear piercing beeps, i would definitely look elsewhere for a timer.

  50. Escola

    Yes, it’s loud! Thanks be to God! My husband and I are hearing impaired and this is one we both can hear. If you have friends or family who are hearing impaired please let them know of this timer.

  51. G. Martin

    I had read the reviews and folks said this was a loud timer. They are right. I have it on low, and my dog thinks it is the smoke alarm. Very simple to use and the backlight is nice.

  52. Thomas S.

    worth the price easy to use.

  53. Pat Davis

    At 73, my brain doesn’t always work the way I want I want it to and I can’t figure out how to use things. This timer is easy for even me to use and I no longer burn food I’m preparing.

  54. YooperNick

    This looks like it will do the job but I would have liked it better if a couple things were different. 1: The magnets are barely ok. I would have been a lot happier if they were about twice as strong. 2: A simple button to shut off and reset alarm to 0:00:00 would have been great. You need to press the Start/Stop to start or stop timer but then you have to press and hold down 2 other buttons to reset back to zero. I also would have liked to have seen a version of this without the clock. I have a ton of clocks around the house, no need for another. This feature just uses up the 2 AAA batteries faster because either the timer or clock is always on. I’d like no clock and the timer would turn off until you press a button to activate it, then the batteries would last longer. Regardless, it’s still does what the seller says and nothings perfect!

  55. DOC L.

    The timer arrived in excellent condition. I didn’t realize when I purchased it that it was a single timer but that’s not a problem. It worked great, has a loud enough sound, which can be lowered. It’s up on the side of our Refrigerator, via the magnets on its’ back right now and my wife will definitely use it, because it is simple to use, eady to read, etc.!!

  56. Miss R

    This one was a gift to a relative and plan to get one more for another relative. It’s that good. I also use the countdown timer for exercises. I don’t get why someone would complain about it being too loud (which it is and why I bought this second one and will a third one), there is a volume control on the back. You can shut it off or turn the volume down. It also has magnets on the back besides a built in stand.

  57. Robert N

    All good except for the PIERCING alarm, even on the lowest volume setting. I can’t find a way to muffle it–yet. Still trying. Why do so many of our devices these days have to be so strident?

  58. Dr. Karl H. Heller

    This little gadget is amazing for its compact size, clever construction and features. We use it in our kitchen every day and must describe its performance as “excellent.”

  59. Maria

    Yeah, they are louder than others I’ve had but they work great, easy to read, does everything I want in a timer and I’ve found that when in a different room the timer is much easier to hear than others. It is not too loud at that point but just right. Even in the same room, I don’t find it too loud just louder than most. I’m glad I got them and would definitely order again,

  60. Amazon Customer

    Works great!!!!!!

  61. Dan Walls

    Great timer- counts up and down. My only complaint is it is too loud. I tried putting duct tape over the speaker part and still too loud. However it really is a good product other than the volume of the ringer.

  62. Thomas Schmidt

    Directions are pathetic. Overall, timer is perfect size and fits all our needs for a timer.

  63. P. Long

    This is an outstanding timer. Large well designed display. Uses regular batteries. Plus, this thing is loud! No missing the alarm on this one. The case is sturdy and puts up with a lot. Recommend.

  64. Thomas Baker

    It meets all mt wifes needs and that makes her happy which makes me happy Thank you

  65. LarryL

    Really loud alarm (a good thing). Can hear it from anywhere in the house

  66. David macdougall

    Liked everything

  67. Josh and Holly

    You know when things are so incredibly ridiculous they sometimes go right past a problem and get funny? The volume on this alarm is like that. It’s very, very loud.It’s so loud I think the most common item that should be listed to buy with this alarm should be gorilla glue.In all seriousness, I used gorilla glue to seal the speaker area and now it is usable. If you are not willing to do this, the device really is too loud. A little glue though, which gets covered by a back flap, and things are just fine.Otherwise this alarm is great. Easy to read and easy to use.

  68. J Kit

    WHEN YOU INSERT THE BATTERIES, WEAR EARPLUGS.IT WILL BEEP ON THE LOUDEST SETTING WHEN THE BATTERIES CONNECT AND IT POWERS ON. IMMEDIATELY ADJUST THE VOLUME BEFORE REMOVING THE EARPLUGS.Let me just say that I am an industrial electrician and noise doesn’t usually bother me, but this stunned me. I have never had a noise pierce my ears like this, so please please please take caution. It could actually hurt you, because I had it about a foot from my body and it felt like a mini flash bang to my head.Great timer, but my rating is lower due to this horrible issue. I’m suprised they haven’t been contacted by a legal team yet, tbh.

  69. KoRn Fan

    This is a great timer! I have been using it everyday for a few weeks now and it is very easy to read. I love the light and the quality is very good!

  70. Leslie Hubbard

    Good timers, but the clock function doesn’t work on either one. Not a deal breaker for me as I’m only interested in the timer function. Count up/down works as advertised. Adjustable volume is a plus depending upon the background noise at the time of use. I would definitely buy this product again.

  71. MR

    Very long battery life. Easy to use. Works very well.

  72. JD Smith

    Easy to use,

  73. Colibri

    Useful for cooking and keeping time for one task. The two magnets in the back are strong. Didn’t think I would use the clock and counting up functions, but I do now. Like that it has the seconds. The alarm is LOUD, so I followed a previous reviewer’s tip and put tape over the speaker holes.

  74. shadowcjb

    Love this timer. I am an old guy and this is perfect. Large numbers, good feel in that it will not fall from your hands and the best feature is that as soon as you touch it the backlight comes on. Another great feature is the ability to adjust the volume of the beep. They are also magnetized so the can stay on the fridge. Highly recommend

  75. Dai

    Nice timer. Adjustable beeper level from soft to loud. It can be heard! Easy to read in low light levels and the back illumination can be activated at any time. Timer repeat function is particularly nice when baking cookies. Easy to reset too! Magnets hold well to my refrigerator and doesn’t slip.

  76. william J Orlowski

    I liked the large digital numbers which were easy to see. The timer is also able to used in count down and count up mode….also useful. The only negative I see in this product is the alarm feature is simply to loud , even in the lowest alarm sound setting, other than completely quiet mode, which I find useless.

  77. Paul Crocker

    The beep however could wake the dead. Its extremely loud. Too loud even on low!

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