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ThermoPro TP01HW Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Backlit

(66 customer reviews)

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  • Extra long probe】Grill thermometer has super long 5.3″ food grade, stainless steel probe to let you avoid the heat and not get too close to uncomfortable hot food or hot surfaces;
  • Lock function】Kitchen meat thermometer can lock the current temperature when the probe is removed from food and keep the temp displayed, no more dangerously peering into the oven or grill;
  • Accurate readout】 Instant read turkey thermometer with a step-down design can be accurate to ±0.9°F(±0.5°C), wide temperature range of -58°F ~ 572°F (-50°C ~ 300°C); Making this instant read thermometer the perfect choice for cooking, grilling, BBQ and any type of meat
  • Intelligent design】Sleek digital food thermometer features magnetic back and hook to allow for convenient storage; Cooking thermometer with backlit display ensures readability in dim light conditions; °C/°F switchable; Battery included;
  • 3 Years warranty】Thermopro US based customer service (phone & email) 5 days a week, reach us at 1877-515-7797 or;
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66 reviews for ThermoPro TP01HW Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer with Backlit

  1. Trevor

    Works as advertised. Magnet on back is a great little feature. I use it to double check meat temps for the pickier eaters in the family that like their food more “burnt”.

  2. Rick F

    This unit is very basic temp measurement. It is very easy to use and yes. It is truly instant-reading, taking just a few seconds to return an accurate temperature measurement. Another ThermoPro product I really like. Good customer service also. They stand behind their products.

  3. DayHay

    Easy to use meat thermometer, as good if not better than other more expensive tools.

  4. dwenke

    This thermometer is compact and very accurate!

  5. Andrea Lanser

    I wanted a longer probe style so as to not get to close to the fire with your arm. A little longer would be nice, but otherwise fine.

  6. Always learning

    I tested with ice water and boiling water both tests showed it accurate. I’ve used quite a bit but not had for a very long time yet. It is fairly quick at getting up to temp. It is easy to read.

  7. Michael D

    Bought this to replace one that I lost, different brand. This is a great little thermometer, easy to read, lighted display is a nice feature. This is also magnetic, which will help not to get lost.

  8. Yanis Romeo

    Does exactly what it says, but on the picture it looks longer. It’s not water resistant, but careful wiping is enough.

  9. Kindle Customer

    Magnet on back lets me keep it close for cooking.

  10. Melaney

    Works perfectly. Just was a little disappointed that it had that dreded coin battery. All the other Thermopros I have gotten take the AAA battery.

  11. Wilbert Jones

    Afterward purchasing ThermoPro digital instant meat thermometer, I tossed my old mercury thermometers. ThermoPro is fantastic!

  12. Brian Hatfield

    I liked that it is slim and has the magnet on the back. Very convenient.

  13. Dan Rose

    Easy to use but broke in 3 months after only a handful of uses. Must have been a short because after replacing the battery it worked again for a week, after which the fresh battery was dead again.Customer support was fast and replaced the unit with little hassle.

  14. serina akimseu

    So easy to check on the temperature of my food while its cooking. Takes the guessing game out of cooking.

  15. H-Bar

    This thermometer is easy to use and accurate, but you have to leave it in the meat for quite a few seconds to get an accurate reading. Not Instant Read like some other more expensive alternatives.

  16. CBC in Austin

    For $9 and change I don’t know what more one could ask of this simple and easy to use cooking thermometer. Accuracy seems good and response is fast. Probe is long enough to avoid getting burned and the readability is great – even has back lighting if needed. Auto shut off and the batteries have served me well several times/week for a year & a half and counting.Next one will be a ThermoPro and will include remote from the oven readings but I don’t expect miracles for only about $10. Meanwhile this TP01H serves my needs outside of the oven / BBQ . My ThermoPro timer has been excellent, too. Recommended!

  17. Candy Cag

    Works great ! Had one previously but lost in our latest moveFast delivery as always thank you

  18. Pete P

    I received this package ahead of schedule. First impression is it doesn’t seem very robust and sort of cheap materials. I tested it in boiling water and used another thermometer to verify its accuracy. Only thing I was taken back by was a sticker that had “QC 2004” on it. Is this thing really 16 years old?

  19. JAH

    Got here quick. Just what I wanted. Good quality. Good price point. Very pleased and would recommend to friends. Thinking about getting couple more to give as Christmas gifts to neighbors.

  20. Amazon Customer

    how light weight and easy to read and clean

  21. timothy cotrone

    This product is finding more and more uses in our kitchen. Portable, accurate, great range of temp. If I had to complain about anything it would be that it is still kind of small. Sometimes this is good (small hole when checking internal temp of sausage) but would be nice to get a little further away from item your checking(Hot BBQ grill, open oven etc.) Overall very happy with purchase and would recommend for all kitchens.

  22. Amazon Customer

    I love this thermometer. So much more convenient and precise than old non digital ones. It’s so easy and fast too.

  23. Corvetter

    I enjoy the use of this for grilling and homebrewing! keep up the good work

  24. Gordon Alvin Coyier

    Switched to these for my kitchen needs. Have bought 3 and all have stood the test of daily use and abuse. Great product.

  25. Kandy

    Love it. A must have for everyone. This one does the job. The magnet really helps with knowing exactly were it is at all times because i use it a few times a week.

  26. John mead

    I use it to check food and cook tea. My other flip style reader broke after a year, the faulty part was the hinge or on and off switch part. This doesn’t have a hinge so hopefully it lasts longer.

  27. Sarah J.

    Only used it one time but it works well. Hopefully it will last for a long time.Box was a little dented when it arrived but that’s an issue with UPS not amazon.

  28. Mark McCormick

    I say WOW due to I fried some chicken in olive oil and never have before I just looked online and seen chicken needs to be @ least 165 F….. this little gadget made me cook instead of wifey for a week lol that’s pretty good. Thanks.

  29. David S. Severance

    Very pleased with this thermometer!

  30. Rb7500

    I like the size and how easy it is to use.

  31. Knick Kname

    The thermometer displays the actual temperature within 2-3 seconds and that’s important. I had purchased and discarded a slightly cheaper thermometer on Amazon that takes 30-45 seconds. That’s not acceptable under any circumstances, certainly not when you’re cooking a dozen pieces of chicken on a barbeque. As you can see in the picture, I compared the reading to a very accurate commercial thermocouple & meter. This meat thermometer was off by only 2 Degrees F (or 1%) which is quite good for an inexpensive device. And when you’re checking to see when meat is cooked, it’s safer to read low by 1% than high.

  32. Caroline

    The thermometer was easy to use and read, and seemed pretty accurate. We used it to take temps of meat on the grill so the length was particularly helpful. However, be careful with it around water. When I was cleaning it by hand some water splashed the handle. I did not submerge it at any point (as I know the thermometer does not claim to be waterproof) but water still got into the digital read part and it stopped working.

  33. Faith & Isaac

    Very easy to use. Most thermometers I have bought have been off by as many as 17 degrees, with that being said this one is very accurate and reads internal temp within 4 seconds

  34. Sam

    Works great and is easy to read. The only downside is it takes forever to get to temp because it starts at 90 something and slowly counts up by .2 so the food almost cools down by the time it gets to the right temps for meat. It shouldn鈥檛 need to count up on the display for 5 mins to tell me the temp is 165 for chicken for example.

  35. K. Decker

    Funny story here. My brother-in-law ordered this for himself and did not check the address where the item was being shipped. It arrived on my mother’s doorstep instead, right before Mother’s Day. She assumed that it was a gift for her of course! So my husband and I come over to BBQ for mom for Mother’s Day and she shows him her new thermometer which he uses that evening. He likes it so much that he orders one for himself and I tell my sister how much we and mom like “mom’s” new meat thermometer and that it worked great for her Mom’s dinner. My sister had to laugh and tell us that it really wasn’t really for mom, but she is glad that Mom liked it! My sister ordered yet another one for their family and double-checked that it was being sent to the correct address. Now everyone in the family has this thermometer!

  36. Samtacki

    Restaurant cooked steaks since using this thermometer…..perfect! Love the magnet on the back or the option to place on a hook! Great addition to my kitchen arsenal of tools.

  37. Lester Anderson

    This instant read thermometer is great. It is easy to use (and makes cooking easier–you can tell when the meat is done but not overdone and dry). It has a great feature, a small magnet, so you can mount it on the side of the refrigerator for easy access and not have to go into a drawer to find it.

  38. PG

    Accurate. Easy to use.

  39. dotjt1

    Used on a flank steak that I was Air frying and it worked perfectly. Love it sticks right to refrig and no worries getting lost in drawer.

  40. Brian McLaughlin

    You can’t ask for much more. I replaced an old thermometer that was giving me inconsistent readings with this one and not only is it more consistent, it seems more accurate when I’m pulling the steaks/chops as well. You have both Fahrenheit and Celsius available, and the backlight is a nice feature to have if you’re in a darker stove or grill.

  41. TriedandTrue

    Easy to use with a small end probe that easily goes into the meat, my seeing others where the probe is almost too big. If only has three buttons, On / F or C. hold reading and back light.

  42. CorganMFA

    Umm first of all this thermometer is freaking scary accurate. Holds up well to the abuse I’ve put it through. I use it 4-5 times a week on the grill and my GF uses it infinitely more than that. The orange backlight and black numbers is easy to read. It gets the temp registered quickly. Its just amazing. Great quality. Easy to clean. Rubber tip is good so you don’t impale yourself with it while showing it off drunk to your buddies. Very sturdy and well built. The ergonomics and rubbery lining ensures for a good grip or placement everytime.I mean just look how great thise mother frigging porkchops look. Those two birds, heavenly. And i don’t even need to mention that steak. Perfect meat everytime, all the time.

  43. Public Name-is PRIVATE

    Perfect. No issues. I especially like that it has magnet to keep out and close by

  44. dody

    It is too long in my opinion.

  45. Linda H.


  46. Avid Shopper

    First off the accuracy of this device is exceptional: within 0.2 deg F of standardized mercury thermometer. Second, easy to read and simple operations. Nice long probe to keep your hand away from hot food and cooking surfaces. Magnet is great to keep it handy in kitchen (on the fridge) or on cool surfaces of BBQ (if you have them but most are plastic).Have tried several other brands in past few years (mostly cheaper) and found them to be inaccurate and awkward to use (e.g., short probes).An earlier model of this device failed after moderate use for 6 months but this current model has been used for 6-8 meals per week (July-Nov 2020) and 3-4 meals per week (Dec 2020) without a problem. I maintained its accuracy throughout the past six months.

  47. Albert Arpan jr

    Works ok but I get different readings from my meat probes in the smoker.also not fast enough to read temperature some what slow

  48. D. Peterson

    Mainly use it around my BBQ, so the long probe comes in handy. Not quite instant but it is fast,

  49. dncr1rb

    Very good product especially considering price. As advertised. Fine tip easily inserts and measures temps in all portion sizes. Easy to use. Love tacking this high on my fridge while cooking (by magnets on back) for ease of access/keeping track of where I put it. Good for keeping tool out of kids’ reach, as well. When using, just remember to check if device is set on Fahrenheit or Celsius before measuring food temps, LOL. Definitely recommend this product for ordinary folk. More accomplished home chefs should appreciate it, too.

  50. MARYR

    One of my favorite items in the kitchen. Don’t have to wait around for results.

  51. Who me?

    It is well built. Reads temps fast….and works as it should. Need one? Buy it.

  52. Jimi

    Works great, fairly accurate and comes at a fair price. Easy to read handle and works as advertised. Recommend!

  53. John P. Killinger

    Works perfect every time.

  54. Wandering boy

    Item arrived and the cover that holds the battery in was broken. Am returning it for a replacement. I only give it one star, because it was broken. I have other ThermoPro items and they are great. I assume, once I receive the replacement, this will work fine as well. Just so happened this one was broken.From my previous review, which I rated it a 1 star because it arrived broken, I am not upgrading to a 5 star. Works perfectly and the replacement arrived literally in two days. Works great and I highly recommend it.

  55. Fred Fandango

    I purchased the KTKUDY Large LCD Meat Thermometer at the same time so that I could compare. I like the KTKUDY better. The numbers on the ThermoPro are too small to read without glasses whereas I have no trouble reading those on the KTKUDY. The buttons on the ThermoPro are not intuitive and the labels are tiny. This is not a complicated device, people. You should be able to turn it ON by feel, stick it in the food and read the temperature with grabbing your glasses. This thing has 3 buttons! They are in a confusing order and they are all identical in size. Who can remember which one turns it on and which one will do something to mess up your reading? In sum, this thermometer is overly complex, hard to use and hard to read. I get the feeling the designer hadn’t spent even 15 minutes thinking about usability. Not recommended. By the way, the tip on the ThermoPro is too long and sharp. I worry it will break and that it has too small a surface area to accurately measure the temperature. The dimensions of the tip on the KTKUDY are just about perfect — sufficiently sharp but large enough to get a good temperature reading. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t add that the KTKUDY looks like a cheap consumer product; the ThermoPro has a better build quality and looks more sturdy and professional. It has a powerful magnet on the back (which is useless as all the metal surfaces in my kitchen are stainless.) You can decide which you value more: usability or build quality.

  56. Owens

    Excellent digital thermometer! Accurate reading, easy to read display.

  57. dougriver

    Unlike some other kitchen thermometers that I’ve bought, there was not attempt to make this even a little water resistant, so you have to be careful washing it. It has a magnet which is really nice for keeping it easily accessable.

  58. Mitchell Hardsaw

    Reads the temp within a second or two, can easily test multiple spots of meat to make sure even temp. Will give you a reading almost instantly. I have tired a few different cheaper grill thermometers and this is the best one yet and a very solid build quality.

  59. IAGal

    I have been through 2 thermometers over the past year and I decided to try a different style and so far I love this one! It’s easy to read and gives an accurate temp.

  60. TJay

    I find the display easy to read and the device easy to use. I haven’t checked it against other digital thermometers for accuracy. I can’t rate it on “warmth” because I don’t know what that means when applied to this device. I keep it on my refrigerator and grab it whenever I’ve got to measure the temperature of something. The long probe is great — not just for grilling.

  61. Kelley

    Came with dead battery.

  62. Michael P

    Perfect for the griller

  63. Cody Randle

    Probe works great, can’t beat it for the price. The only thing I would like to see changed about it is for the backlight to stay on a little longer when you turn it on.

  64. RM

    This is the second one i purchased. It is lightweight, accurate, and very handy as it has a magnet on it. I keep it on the side of my fridge which is right near my stove. Just dab a drop of dishwashing detergent on the metal spike and wipe it clean and rinse. This might not be the best thing for heavy duty meat cuts/ cooking but for the price and convenience for a family… 5 stars. Love knowing the chicken and pork and beef are cooked to temp.

  65. JeffNW

    Inexpensive yet accurate – better than having to cut into meat to test doneness. Responds quickly when you stick it in a piece of meat, which is nice over a hot grill. Handy magnet attached so that I can stick it on the grill without putting the probe on a dirty surface. Temperature resets to ambient quickly to allow testing multiple pieces of meat.

  66. DJolene

    I purchased this thermometer due to the good reviews. I found it to be terribly inaccurate. I used it for candy, meat loaf and prime rib. My meatloaf was super overcooked. Visibly dry and well well done, the thermometer led me to believe it needed more time still. Almost ruined a $140 prime rib too, I would say it’s about degrees off, which is huge when dealing with meat.

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TP-01H Specification

Temperature Range -58.0 to 572°F(-50.0to 300.0°C)
Tolerance ±1.8℉(±1.0℃)from 32 to 212℉(0 to 100℃) ,

otherwise ±1.5%

Response Time * 2-3 seconds
Sensor Type NTC
Probe 304 Stainless Steel, 5 3⁄8 inches (136mm)
Display LCD, 7⁄8 Length x 7⁄16 Width inches (22.0L x 11.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 8 7⁄8 Length x 15⁄16 Width x 5⁄8 Height inches

(225.0L x 23.5W x 15.5H mm)

Power 1.5V (1 xCR2032 battery)
*Response Time defined as the time it takes for Thermopro thermometers to read from ambient temperature (77°F or 25°C ) to within 1.8°F (1°C ) of final temperature of an object (150°F or 65°C). 150°F (65°C) is the recommended minimum temperature for many types of meat.


Q: what’s the difference between this one and ThermoPro TP-03 Digital Instant-Read Thermometer? thank you

A: The TP01H has a newer more durable design and is waterproof.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP01H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP01H

ThermoPro TP02S

ThermoPro TP19H Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Waterproof

ThermoPro TP19H

ThermoPro TP19X Instant Read Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP620

Price $11.99 $11.99 $10.99 $10.99 $18.99 $18.99 $49.99 $49.99
Availability In stock In stock Out of stock In stock
Auto rotating display No No Yes Yes
Backlight display Yes No Yes Yes
Calibration feature No No Yes Yes
Lock function Yes No Yes Yes
Probe length 5.3″ 5.3″ 4.3″ 4.25″
Response time 4-6 seconds 4-7 seconds 3-4 seconds 2-3 seconds
Smart on off No No Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof IP65 IP65
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