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ThermoPro TP200B

(171 customer reviews)

Indoor Outdoor Wireless Thermometer

  • 500 Feet Remote Range】: With up to 500 feet in wireless transmission distance (no obstructions), this outside thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature indoors and outdoors.
  • Supports to 3 Temperature Sensors】: Indoor thermometer for home supports up to 3 outdoor temperature sensors, freely monitor the temperature in different locations such as room, yard, cellar, greenhouse, garden, etc.
  • Rainproof Sensor】: Room thermometer indoor/outdoor thermometer wireless sensor features rainproof design, allows you to monitor outdoor temperature even in rainy days.
  • High Accurate Readings】: Temperature thermometer outdoor with compact LCD displays large digits of indoor-outdoor temperature, accuracy up to plus and minus 2 Fahrenheit; Fahrenheit & Celsius selectable.
  • Multiple Mounting Options】: Remote thermometer wireless features 3 mounting options to allow you place it anywhere: Durable stand for tabletop, strong magnet for metal surface, hanging hole for hook.
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ThermoPro TP200B Track Temperature for 4 places up to 500ft apart
ThermoPro TP200B Wireless Thermometer

ThermoPro TP200B Remote Temperature Monitor Weather Thermometer Indoor Outdoor

ThermoPro outdoor temperature thermometer is equipped with professional grade outdoor temperature sensor of high accuracy up to ±2℉. With 500FT remote range and rainproof design, you can place the wireless outdoor thermometer anywhere you want and monitor the temperature of your whole living environment even in rainy days. Easily place the digital outdoor thermometer in your living room, babyroom, kitchen, garden, greenhouse, cellar, garage and etc. with intuitive multiple mounting options.


  • Transmission range up to 500FT in open areas
  • Indoor temperature range: -4℉~158℉(-20°C~70°C)
  • Outdoor temperature range:-58℉~158℉(-50°C~70°C)
  • Temperature tolerance:+/-2℉(+/-1.1°C)
  • Refresh rate:50s
  • Low battery indication
ThermoPro Logo

ThermoPro thermometers & weather instruments are rigorously optimized to provide the most accurate results possible while still providing a simplified user experience.

Package Contents:

  • 1*Base Station Unit(Receiver)
  • 1*Remote Sensor(Transmitter)
  • 1* 4*AAA 1.5V Batteries
  • 1*User Manual
Rainproof Temperature Sensor

Rainproof Temperature Sensor

Inside outside wireless thermometer features a rainproof temperature sensor to allow you to monitor outdoor temperature even during rainy days.

High Accuracy and Fast Refresh

High Accuracy and Fast Refresh

Outdoor temperature gauge features high precision sensor with ±2℉/±1.1°C tolerance and fast refresh rate of 50 seconds, keep you awareness of your current environment changes.

Multiple Placement Options

Multiple Placement Options

Place the outdoor digital thermometer according to your needs, such as sticking to the refrigerator, hanging on the wall, or standing on a horizontal surface. Easily place the temperature gauge in your room, kitchen, garden, greenhouse, cellar, garage and etc.

Professionally monitor your entire environment by using multiple sensors!

Monitor entire environment with multiple sensors

171 reviews for ThermoPro TP200B

  1. Marty McCarthy

    The image of the receiver shown on Amazon is misleading as it is not nearly as big as depicted when shown next to the transponder unit. It’s actually SMALLER than the transponder unit. Also wouldn’t work with my 2 existing larger receivers, which are only a couple of years old. Very disappointing.

  2. Boyd

    Easy to install and reads correctly. Will buy another for motorhome .

  3. Jerry Z

    Display a little too small for these old eyes. Wish it were about twice the current size.

  4. Rich M.

    Easy setup. We use it to monitor walk in cooler temps. Works in metal cooler with no issues. Picking up a few more for other coolers.

  5. TXRedPatch

    Super easy to setup. Just unbox, add batteries and hang up the outdoor sensor.

  6. Shopaholic

    In South Carolina for indoor and outdoor temperature

  7. Butch Arizona

    This model does not record minimum or maximum temperatures, but works well and is fairly accurate.

  8. R Ottobre

    If you don’t need the accurate temp and just a guess then this is for you. If you want to know exactly the temp then it is not for you.

  9. Timetrekker

    Needs more backlighting. Very hard to read.

  10. Mr.1675

    Bought this to see how hot my attic was getting as well as my garage. Put the sensor up this morning and looked at the reading at 4:00 pm and it was 127.2 deg in attic and 95 deg in garage. I now have numbers to work with. A good buy for the price.

  11. Molly D

    This thermometer is smaller than I anticipated but that was my fault for not reading the description.

  12. Mike Taxman

    The unit was simple to set up and perfect for keeping track of the temperatures in my attic. I use fans to keep the air circulating in and out of soffit venting and this unit with multiple (up to 3) external zones is just what I needed. Well made.

  13. Ray

    perfect all around

  14. Joan

    I hung the receiver in the shade on the north side of a wall and it always reads way hotter than it is.

  15. Harvie L. Christian

    Worked great from Apr 2, 2022 to 16 Jul 2022. Batteries died. Put in one set of new batteries and still didn’t work. Put in another set and it worked as advertised.


    Not that accurate

  17. JohnV

    Thermometer works well, easily paired with the remote sensor, no complaints

  18. Amazon Customer

    Small, discreet receiver but large display. Happy with this purchase.

  19. Olga Diaz

    I like it very much, but I would like to have one bigger

  20. Tennmont

    For the dual indoor and outdoor temps, this one is a no brainer. Great product

  21. Bryan McDaniel

    The distance rating is false. I’ve tested with a tape and it’s about 1/2 of the claim..

  22. Steven R. Jones

    Operates as expected, but hard to see.

  23. william cotea

    The display is very small.

  24. D. R. Leino

    Print must be read from a couple feet away

  25. Virginia Falcon

    Perfect to help me see outside temp before snowplowing, leaf raking, etc. Easy setup, well packaged. Good instructions. Great price.

  26. ATown

    Was looking for an indoor/ outdoor thermometer for our RV and this works great. The indoor unit with temperature display has a magnet on the back to mount it on our kitchen range hood. The outside sensor is water resistant when mounted on a vertical surface which works fine as I have it mounted on the inside surface of an outdoor hatch cover and open the hatch cover when setting up camp.

  27. Mark S. Herrmann

    See title for comments

  28. Shaun Brown

    Exactly what I wanted – and it was so easy to set up. The added bonus surprise was the magnet so I could put it on my refrigerator. Very happy with the small size also.

  29. T. Carter Page

    Mounting seems a little flimsy for my RV, but we will see.

  30. ppb

    Will work eventualy, need to move some items in kitchen to open door completly, but I am pleased with item.

  31. John Boyle

    I wasn’t expecting this to be this small but it has a magnet on the back so we stuck it to the fridge.

  32. LaVonne

    Simple dual temperature display. Range is better than expected.

  33. Tracy W

    The accuracy is not exact but good enough for my use.

  34. Tom B

    I’ve tried others & this one the best of them all.

  35. Barry Lefkowitz

    Works well. Small display was just what I needed for my kitchen.

  36. LT

    i thought it was bigger

  37. R Jarrell


  38. Mark E.

    Very nice product. Install took only a few minutes. Seems to be very accurate

  39. Artoxx

    Tells me the temp both inside and outside. When modules are right next to each other both temps match.

  40. Cynthia Ahlborn

    Works great. Love it!!

  41. T. Gill

    Works very well. Also linked up with another I already had.

  42. Paul

    It very hard to find a mounting screw that is small enough to fit and long enough to bite into anything. I used a commercial double back tape to secure it along with a screw.

  43. Dennis Skaggs

    Check outdoor temps before heading out!

  44. Jay-P

    Love this got for my rv and works great

  45. DCatSea

    Easiest ever to install. Easy to read. Accurate.What else id there to say.

  46. Amazon Customer


  47. Rick Neslen

    Small easy to read

  48. kimk9885

    Pro-Good price, fast deliveryCon-The outside temp. does not register on the receiver. It has 3 channels and I tried them all. It records the inside temp. but not the outside temp. I brought in the house and set the sender and receiver side by side but it will not work.

  49. phylsyl

    I have bought a lot of Thermopro products, and they all work fine. I purchased 3 of these and the only problem with them is their battery usage. It seems like the displays go through a set of batteries about once a month. That is the reason for the 4 stars versus 5. Other than that I would recommend this product.

  50. S. M. Hauck

    It has a smaller screen with a VERY bold display

  51. Robert Dumon Photography

    The battery cover was extremely hard to get open and cheaply made. I replaced the batteries in this thing thinking that was the issue to get it to work, but it didn’t help. Since I could not get it to communicate between the two units, even with them inches apart, I returned it.

  52. Ace

    Very easy to set up, works as advertised, no problems at all!

  53. Happy Camper

    Just as advertised, works well.

  54. V Daniel Wheeler

    Co m es in handly

  55. Doug Palmer

    Meets expectations

  56. Mr. TW

    Great product and super Customer Service!

  57. Ernest Griffin


  58. Amazon Customer

    Very happy. Easy to read, but small enough to fit anywhere

  59. Mary Mounts

    The small size makes it easy to find a home and the large numbers make it easy to see!

  60. CB

    Easy set up. Put in batteries, wait a few seconds, and place sensor where you want.This device delivers just what is says it will, no fuss, no complications.I’m only using one sensor to tell me outside temps. I can place the indoor unit in many more places than the other brand I used before. If I find a do need a second sensor, I’ll buy one in a heartbeat.

  61. Skykels

    Wish the display was bigger…..

  62. shaz

    works great I love it

  63. Matt Coleman

    Simple, comparison of inside outside temp.

  64. joan m campbell

    It came I am using and I like.

  65. Karen Brux

    It is accurate

  66. excitableboy56

    My ancient outdoor wall thermometer needed replacement, and this little beauty has far exceeded my expectations. It is very easy to set up, and I put the receiver on the side of my fridge, first thing I look at before starting my morning ritual. A very satisfied customer!

  67. Robert Jochum

    too small to read,unless really close.

  68. Kindle Customer

    Great product easy to install Great price

  69. John Liebler

    It seems accurate enough but because of the way the remote unit is constructed, mounting it securely outside is nearly impossible.

  70. Michael V

    Failed after 5 months. Customer service reached out and quickly rectified the situation. Thank you

  71. Amazon Customer

    This takes the place of a Taylor indoor/outdoor that was too confusing to work for us! This does the trick!


    I ordered 2 of these complete units . One works good and the other doesn’t . I change out the batteries to new ones , reset , and followed the other tips provided , but the base unit would not stay connected to the remote unit . I am returning the faulty in exchange for another one .

  73. S.D.

    Wish I had purchased a larger size. It’s too small to see it from anywhere in the room. You have to be right next to it to read it.

  74. Bob Toman

    Great price, accurate, simple to use and install.

  75. Doug Smokey

    Wish I had read the reviews first!! The display is only about 2″x2″, From the pictures they show it looks to much larger than it is.Yes the numbers are large but I didn’t realize until I took it out of the box how small the display is. Heck the receiver is larger than the display.Unit works fine as why I Rated it the way I did.

  76. Joseph G. Horan

    liked everything

  77. kim

    It is not accurate inside.

  78. R.Liebscher

    Having the ability to show multiple temps from different locations is a plus… also the 500ft range is incredible!

  79. Carol

    Make sure it’s not in the sun…overall = works great!!


    Works great. Ordered another to use in a different area.

  81. Lb

    This as is all my Thermo pro thermometers are excellent

  82. Jim Gray

    Should have studied size a little better. Does the job.

  83. Howard Vincent

    This thermometer is exactly what I was looking for. The base station is small enough to hang on an interior door frame, set on a windowsill, or simply Stick it to the fridge. Perfect for me.

  84. bigdaddy

    It took several tries to get the units to sync up, but once I read through the instructions a second time it works great. If you decide to hang the outside remote unit you will need to find a very small nail or screw. It would be great if a small screw came with the unit as the hole in the unit is extremely small.

  85. JamieS.

    Nice size and easy to read. Seems to be very accurate.

  86. Bob Schick



    Not accurate. Should have a back- light.

  88. James E. Brauneis

    The product came quickly and was easy to put together. Very simple. But I didn’t get it for those reasons. Checking against a couple of thermometers, the inside temp was high, about 8 degrees, (a common complaint in these reviews) and the outside was just wrong. I got this for a project to convert my boat refrigerator into a refrigerator/freezer, and needed something to measure both compartments while I made adjustments. I was impressed that it could read the sensor in my home refrigerator while it was closed, but it didn’t adjust to the proper temperature for an hour. Even when I took it out, and pressed the transmit button, it just crawled up to a few degrees. It seemed to have lost it’s pairing. Takes too long to get a “real time” reading.

  89. tukatz

    Needed to monitor the temperature in a greenhouse about 300 ft away (within the listed usable range of 500 ft). Worked fairly accurately for 2 days, then it started losing the signal for a day or so…. then read it again. Finally the remote unit stopped working completely about 1 1/2 weeks after first setting it up. Not worth it.

  90. Amazon Customer

    Liked everything about product

  91. barneyb

    My 89 Jeep YJ doesn’t have an inside or outside thermometer, so thought I’d try this. I placed the indoor/display unit on the dash and pushed it back until the magnet could hold it in place. I glued a BIG magnet to the back of the outside sensor and found a place inside the front bumper that gets some air flow. It works fine there.

  92. nhsatomom

    I had the unit set up and functioning in under 2 minutes. It gives us an accurate temperature reading through an exterior wall about 30 feet from the base, and the display on the base is easy to see from many feet away. Great little thermometer!

  93. Lazarus

    It works but it is painfully slow adjusting to a new temperature. I’m waiting 10+ mins for it to adjust when the temperature changes. It seems accurate once it has adjusted, it matched what my weather app was saying it’s just slow.

  94. Titanium Man

    Check local temps

  95. Robert B.

    easy to read

  96. gt

    Easy to use and setup works great

  97. BJP

    It was a little difficult to open the battery cover on the sensor, but once that was accomplished, no problems.

  98. Amazon Customer

    Easy to set up and use!So far so good.

  99. Amazon Customer

    Backlight would be nice. Would be great if remote showed temperature.

  100. Amazon Customer

    Pleased so far with accuracy and readability

  101. renee vanderbilt

    Not as accurate as my 20 yr old radioshack indoor/outdoor thermometer. Also Be aware that there is no screw provided for the outdoor remote sensor which caused me to have to drive 10 miles each way to Home Depot. Purchased a #6 pack of screws but still had to slightly enlarge screw hole on sensor so screw head would fit.

  102. Jeffrey Adams

    I know what to expect before I head outside

  103. plr

    Low price but good quality product. Works well and easy to set up.

  104. Russ

    The headline says it all.

  105. Bill W.

    I would recommend this indoor outdoor thermometer to everyone

  106. GH

    Pleased with this purchase … it appears to be accurate enough for my needs. I like the small footprint it takes up on my desk as well.

  107. NBCTeacher

    The indoor reader is a bit smaller than what we had prior but it is still readable.

  108. Anna G

    I was able to pretty easily set up and pair this but the temperature was easily 10 degrees off. I tried resting it as well as leaving it sit in the area we were going to keep it overnight. Neither worked and in a 40 some degree garage, the outside display said it was 70 something degrees. I returned it and bought something else.

  109. John Brent

    Extra remote sensors are not available – UNLESS – you buy extra whole sets just to get the remote sensors

  110. Carol Todd

    If your unit quits after a few days, replace the “new” batteries that came with it with other NEW batteries – lesson learned!

  111. Dalton W. Deese

    Accurate, easy to install and read inside and outside temperatures at a glance!

  112. Michelle Ibbotson

    So convenient & easy to set up. Looks nice too.


    Works good and affordable but not 100% accurate

  114. S. Little

    So far, so good. First thing I did was test the accuracy of the base and the sensor. Sitting in the same room, inches apart, the sensor was reading 1 degree higher than the base. Thats perfectly fine with me. I have them set up about 20ft apart from each other now, with the sensor outside of course. They seem to be doing great. Will edit this review if anything changes.

  115. Michael Orsillo

    Affordable and accurate

  116. Charles tickle

    Working life

  117. Richardson

    Great price. I placed the outside remote next to the base unit for 24 hours and the remote unit was consistently 1 degree warmer. Close.Unit Size and display was smaller than expected.Appears to work great.

  118. Consumer

    Outdoor temperature is very accurate but the indoor temperature is a little higher than actual. With no back light, it can be a little difficult to read in daylight, not visible at all in the dark.

  119. Lawrence J. Thornton

    just hung it up workes sas advertized

  120. basquo

    We love this gauge have one for home and one for travel trailer. Some places we go no local weather this little gauge lets us know if we want to wait until it warms up.

  121. Cliff

    .. the display a bit smaller than portrayed – about 1″ high digits. Also, don’t expect the batteries to make the sale. I had one display unit go dim in about a week. Batteries were done.Accuracy is not bad, but don’t get deceived by thinking that measuring/displaying a tenth of a degree means it’s accurate. Read the specs.It also would be helpful if the buttons on the back of the units had labels that could easily be read. Use a permanent marker carefully to highlight the embossed labels. With everything white, they are tough to see.

  122. SnowSalmon


  123. Teresa A Pecora

    My husband ordered and was surprised to see how small thermomter was.

  124. Marion S. Selby

    i like the compact and easy to setup nature of this device. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly.I was sad that it wouldn’t transmit from my garden green house, but was prepared for that because a small outbuilding is in the way… the device description indicated that although it will read for 500 feet it may not work around impediments. This held true for me.So I just put it as a general outside temp reader, which is nice to have. The price was right for this nicety.

  125. Paulnan

    This thermometer works really well. The readout sticks to the refrigerator, so it is handy to check the outdoor temperature. The temperature sensor is 45 ft from the house and it has never lost a signal. It sits in the yard in a plant holder with the bottom part down. The openings must be kept unobstructed and not in water. Rain on top is ok. It set up easily. The only problem was inserting the batteries. I could not figure out how to open the back. I added a few pictures showing how to open the back, actually the bottom. We enjoy gardening, so it is good to know the high and low temps. Comparing it to a mercury thermometer it is very accurate.

  126. Tobi

    I really like this multi zone ThermoPro thermometer. It works really well in the couple different places that I tried throughout the house.I really like that I can add up to two more sensors and that the sensors are small and easy to place while also still using regular AAA batteries.I have placed remote sensor outside as well as in the attic and have had no problems receiving a signal. I haven’t been able to find additional sensors to buy yet but they are supposed to be in production now and should be available soon. They are the TX-2B model not the other ones that are currently available for the older model.Very happy with the set now and will be even happier when I can get the additional sensors.

  127. 馃寛 KT

    – Made in China- 2 AAA for the base, 2 for the outdoor sensor (came with)- The usual sensor-first then put batteries in baseSturdy enough build. Magnet is decently strong, it’s holding on a desk top metal pen holder.My only fuss is tiny – the temp numbers are plenty big, easy to see, but which one is in or out, the print is tiny and up in the corner, can’t see them at all just from 2′ away. I like to keep my little office here pretty cool so there’s often not much difference between the two. I’ll get used to it sooner or later, though, so no biggie.Still, that aside, it’s perfect and I like it 5 stars worth.Don’t forget to use the address – It’s an Amazon program where many everyday things you buy will generate a small donation from Amazon to the charity of your choice at no cost to you. Info here:

  128. Cavalier Spa

    I placed the outside part where it will not get direct sunlight,or be exposed to wind or rain.

  129. Dodie Greene


  130. Kate & Tom

    This is a good basic thermometer if you need to track four different locations around your house. I placed both the transmitter and receiver next to each after unpacking to let them acclimate to the room. You can see there’s about a delta of 0.9 degrees. The manual states there could be a +/- 2.0 difference, so well within tolerance. Overall, it’s been easy to use with no issues. My only minor complaint is the additional sensors, TX2B are not available for purchase yet. I still highly recommend this thermometer if don’t need a connected device.

  131. Randall Jedinak

    Outside temperature readings are only an approximation and may vary up to five degrees.

  132. Luke Greene

    Would nice if the sensor was waterproof

  133. Honest John H.

    I don’t know if I just got a lucky draw of a unit, but it has worked flawlessly and as expected. (I will post an update later if anything changes.) I was so glad that this one comes with the 4 batteries included, two for each piece of the unit. I put the 2 batteries in the indoor monitor (screen) unit and it showed the indoor temp immediately. I have corroborated it with several other indoor thermometers. and it is spot on accurate. It is a small monitor unit with a built-in magnet, only about 2 and 1/4 by 2 and 1/2 inch.For the outdoor sensor, you have to initially place it beside the indoor monitor, very close, for them to “sync up” and follow the instructions They did, and there is an indicator symbol for that. I have placed the outdoor sensor about 50 feet away in an unheated crawl space beneath the house inside a small access door on a dirt floor — protected from wind and direct sun — so that I can monitor the temp around the main water line coming in, during the winter at night. The sensor has broadcast flawlessly for over a week and seems to be very accurate as the overnight ambient temp changes outside.Though these units clearly have some weather resistance, personally I would never leave them fully exposed to rain and snow, even if I had to make some ad hoc thin plastic cover for them (so as not to be a heat sink itself, like metal, wood, or stone). I had initially placed the outdoor sensor underneath a wooden front porch, which also seemed to work fine. The one thing that worries me is the battery longevity in winter, since batteries at 32 F degrees lose HALF of their power (temporarily, until they warm up again). I will update this factor if needed. I have considered trying to heavily insulate that battery compartment and may do so later. So far, this is the best for this purpose that I have found or owned. Several of the more expensive clock models failed even to syn up to the outdoor monitor at all.

  134. LARRY

    All the other reviews that say that it isn’t accurate, maybe they got a bad one or it’s not synced right. Love it and not a bad price either.

  135. George

    It was smaller than I hoped but does the job. Readings are clear and bright. I wish the manufacturer provided a way to order just the receiver without the transmitter; for additional reading locations in the same house.

  136. VX

    The accuracy is off about 3-5 degrees. But it was the only one out of the other 3 I try that actually worked getting reception from my house to detached garage. And my garage is probably just 50ft away. The other brand I try advertise 200ft but kept getting cut off.

  137. Ali Julia

    This thermometer consists of two units, an indoor and an outdoor unit. Each one runs on two AAA batteries, and four batteries are included in the package. The stock picture shows that the outdoor unit is much smaller than the indoor unit, so I was surprised to see that the indoor unit is smaller than the outdoor unit. The indoor unit is 2.5″ long and 2.125″ wide. The outside unit is 3″ x 2.5″.The display on the inside unit is 1 3/8″ wide and 1 1/2″ tall. The display is uncluttered, and despite the small size, it is clear and easy to read. It shows the temperature and in tiny font the channel and “in/out” to indicate which temperature is shown.The outside unit is waterproofed and has no display, and just a small light occasionally blinks red.The inside unit can be hung on a nail, magnetically, or use a little built-in stand. The outside unit has two hanging options, an opening for a nail and a hole for a hang tag. I am using the magnet for the inside unit – it is good and strong.While you insert the batteries, you need to sync the indoor and outdoor units by selecting the channel on which they will communicate. The channel is controlled by the slide on the outdoor unit; on the indoor unit, it is set by a button (and the channel value is shown is on the front). The two units synch up approximately every 5 minutes, so don’t expect the temperature to change immediately as you place the outdoor unit outside.The temperature accuracy runs about 1 degree higher than my other thermometers, but consistently so.Ali Julia reviewReview of ThermoPro Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless TP200B

  138. Kindle Customer

    I was looking for a reasonably prices digital thermometer for in the lanai.This seems to do the job. I just wish it wa bigger to be seen from a few feet away.

  139. Lee R. Toman

    I have had this operational for over a week and all seems fine. Easy to set and get readings. I wish the display was larger but it is clear and bright.

  140. Luke S

    This indoor ThermoPro thermometer with an outdoor sensor is the second ThermoPro brand unit I’ve tried. I was pleased with the accuracy of their digital thermometer/hygrometer but wanted something to display outdoor temps wirelessly. This fits the bill perfectly and has a decent range of up to 500 feet as claimed. The outdoor sensor is located in our backyard at around 80 feet from the indoor display inside our kitchen.The inside display unit is a little smaller than my other Thermopro but the digits are still large and easy to read. The outside sensor is actually dimensionally bigger and takes two AAA batteries as does the indoor unit which are all included. To help get accurate readings, I attached it to an old bird house under a tree to protect it somewhat from direct sunlight and therefore giving elevated temperature readings. I initially tested the sensor and display next to each other and got different readings however, they began to equalize after several minutes had passed. The sensors do appear to take some time to start to produce accurate readings so when first setting up or changing batteries, count on inaccurate readings for at least the first 20mins. The outdoor sensor still reads between 0.5 – 1 degree off but is within the stated tolerance of the units. I did compare the readings to my other ThermoPro and they were within 0.5 degrees for the indoor temp.Overall, this accuracy is fine for most situations and for the current price of $17.99 it’s a good feature having the wireless remote sensor and the option of having up to 2 other sensors to work with the main display.

  141. Miz J

    I wanted a thermometer that I could use in my RV that would tell me the inside and outside temperature. There are plenty to choose from but I saw this one and liked it. It is pretty no frills but works. I put it in the refrigerator and in the living room. When I read the temp it was right on track. I compared it to other thermometers. I took an infrared reading in the refrigerator and read the temperature on a mechanical and digital thermometer. The reading on the surface gun is different because I had to door open for a few minutes. This thing is pretty accurate and travels a pretty good distance between the inside and outside units.

  142. Lynval Robbins

    So easy to install and accurate.

  143. sdj234

    It works like it should. Serves our purpose.

  144. Steven Decker Harrison

    Works well

  145. Franklin Metz III

    Indoor and outdoor temperatures.

  146. Mikhail Sheykhet

    First experience was disappointing.Quickly replaced item (thanks, Amazon!) works perfectly.

  147. timc

    If you’re looking to monitor this with rtl_433 — you won’t, as these are 915MHz devices. If the listings stated that I would have never purchased these.

  148. J. Kerr

    Easy to setup and works great for both indoor and outdoor temperature. Indoor thermometer has a magnet on the back making it easy to hang it on the frig. One tricky part is changing the batteries on the outdoor thermometer. It is actually opened by pulling up on the side that looks like a hinge, not the other straight-line side that looks like it should unclick and come up.

  149. Steve S.

    It’s Display is “Too Small,” and it isn’t Accurate for its Outdoors or Indoors Temperature, At All.

  150. Al A.

    as advertised

  151. Frank Edwards

    For me, I wish the screen was bigger, but if you want a small screen, this is great

  152. jc

    Set up for small green house and works fine

  153. Chris C

    I have a very old Weather Channel thermometer which consumes batteries quickly and is very difficult to read, even right in front of it. The old unit also required both devices to have the batteries removed when putting in new ones in order to communicate. The new unit is extremely easy to read, even from across the room. Better yet, if the batteries die in either unit, I only need to replace them and not pull the batteries from the other unit as well.

  154. Mike

    is there a way to calibrate the TP200? It is 5-8 degrees high on the external temperature. the internal is accurate.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this inquiry.

  155. Robert Hakes

    As I unpacked my purchase, I was surprised by its diminutive size, but this baby really packs a punch. Both transmitter and receiver are about 2″ x 2″ x 0.5″. The indoor and outdoor temps are always visible, and can be set to read in “C” or “F”. A red LED on the transmitter flashes periodically. I’m truly glad i made this purchase!

  156. Al

    Use good name brand batteries but the outdoor unit goes dead every few months. It did seem to be accurate Maybe if it was designed to use AA and not AAA it was last longer.

  157. Suzanne Cara more


  158. Dortie

    Smaller than anticipated. So harder for older persons to read.

  159. Mrs. J

    I like that this is small and will sit right in the kitchen window. Lets you know how to dress after coffee for the day. Works well.

  160. Trassoc

    Like the magnetic back feature

  161. Bob Packer

    Installed this yesterday with the remote sensor inside a wooden poultry egg incubator inside a wooden shed approximately 150 ft from the base station in the house. Set up was easy and unit is performing flawlessly. It is within .04 degrees F of the the 3 standalone thermometers I have inside the incubator. I am now trying to get at least one additional remote sensor for my chick brooder.

  162. Karen M. Lecates

    It works fine

  163. Patricia

    Gives you the temp inside & out! Easy to read!

  164. Diane Mensinger

    Works well!

  165. MP

    Which additional sensor model number do I need if I want another sensor to measure 500 feet away?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The TP200B uses the TX-2B sensors, which are currently unavailable.

      The TX-2B sensors should be available in the coming weeks.


    Overall so far works OK, the only issue I have is the outside thermometer mounting. They only give you 1 option a VERY small hole to fit the head of a screw which they don’t supply. Luckily I had a screw that fitted this. They should at the least supply a screw that fits.A plus is they supply batteries (NONAME) so I switched out to my Duracell’s.

  167. Tim Brain

    Just set this little pair up and I think the manufacturer may have got it right this time. Design on this new model has changed from 4 AAA batteries in the base unit/passive remote unit to now 2 batteries in each device. I expect this improves general accuracy & reliability greatly. The display unit is quite small (see image), but the important information of indoor/outdoor temp is uncluttered, sharp and completely readable. I have an industrial-grade mercury thermometer outside as a benchmark reference, and checking randomly now over several days, the ThermPro outdoor reading is matching it to +/- one degree. I like that the indoor display has low battery indicator for both devices so there never needs to be a question of when to change them out.

  168. AT

    The display is a little small, but okay.

  169. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

  170. vhames

    Nice thermometer and reads accurately. Wish it had a back light feature so it is easier to read in low light, but otherwise it does what it is designed to do.

  171. Dirk Higdon

    How do I order one?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      This will be available for purchase soon.

      Please check our website for more updates.

  172. Dirk Higdon

    I want to monitor the temp inside my pump house 400 feet away down a hill. will it work?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      For this type of setup, you simply would place your outdoor sensor in the area you would like to read the temperatures and humidity’s.

      Let it settle for approximately 3 hours and it will wirelessly transmit the data to your base unit, where you can view the information.

  173. L. Davis

    I was hoping I could access the minimum and maximum temperatures at any time but it appears you can only access these readings as they happen. Not what I was expecting. Otherwise, a good product.

  174. ceciled99

    This is just what I was looking for to replace the indoor/outdoor thermometer I have had for many years. Size is small but no problem to read

  175. Dennis

    Does what I need it to. Getting batteries in the monitor was a bit of a pain because of the stand.

  176. Virginia Marshall

    The outside temp keeps going away, what can I do

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this inquiry.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


Temperature Range  
Base Station -22.0 to 140.0℉ (-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Remote Sensor -40.0 to 158.0℉ (-40.0 to 70.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±0.9℉ (±0.5℃) from 32 to 140℉ (0 to 60℃) otherwise ±1.8℉ (±1℃)
Humidity Range  
Base Station 10% ~ 99%
Remote Sensor 10% ~ 99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2% from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Refresh rate  
Base station 50 seconds
  Remote sensor 50 seconds
Sensor Type NTC
Transmission Range* 500ft (150M)
Wireless Technology ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Display Base Station 1 7⁄16 LCD, 1 1⁄2 Length x  Width inches (36.5L x39.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size  
Base Station  2 1⁄16 Length x  2 5⁄8 Width x 13⁄16 Height inches (55.5L x 66.0W x 21.0H mm)
Remote Sensor 2 15⁄16 Length x  2 1⁄4 Width x 15⁄16 Height inches (74.0L x 63.5W x23.0H mm)
Base Station 3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)
Remote Sensor 3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment



Q: How long do the batteries last?
A: We expect them to last 7-12 months depending on where the devices are setup. 

Q: How do these hold up in the winter?
A: The remote sensor can withstand temperatures of -40 degrees F.

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