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ThermoPro TP358W

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Bluetooth Thermometer/Hygrometer with Built-in Clock, Premium Sensirion Temperature Sensor and Humidity Meter, 260-Ft App-Controlled Backlit Indoor Room Thermometer for Home Greenhouse

  • 【First-Rate Accuracy】: This digital thermometer hygrometer uses the latest Swiss-made Sensirion sensor technology to provide an accuracy of up to ±0.5°F and ±2% RH. This temperature thermometer’s 10-second refresh will constantly keep you informed of any change to your environment.
  • 【Extended 260-Ft Coverage】This 5.0 SIG-certified Bluetooth hygrometer digital is guaranteed to have the highest reliability. Use your phone to check your home’s temperature and humidity at any time.
  • 【Smart App Notifications】: Receive alerts for when you exceed the maximum or minimum temperature or humidity presets, and save yourself the hassle of re-checking your wall thermometer indoor. All data is now at your fingertips!
  • 【Heat Index & Year-Long Dynamic Graphs】: App contains informative Heat Index metric so you know what the temperature truly feels like. ThermoPro Bluetooth Temperature Sensor App lets you analyze temperature and humidity trends over a day, week or year, making it perfect for recognizing patterns in your environment.
  • 【Clock and Air Comfort Level】:This indoor thermometer displays the time and day, dry/comfortable/wet levels, and trends all on a 3-inch backlit LCD screen, making this home temperature monitor the solution that does it all.
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Outstanding Accuracy, 10-Second Refresh

High-end Sensirion temperature and humidity sensor provide an accuracy of up to ±0.5°F and ±2% RH. And with a refresh rate of 10 seconds, this room temperature thermometer provides real-time data that allows you to stay on top of environmental changes.

Bluetooth-Enabled Indoor Temperature Gauge

With Bluetooth 5.0 technology, this room thermometer indoor can be easily connected to your phone. Use the app to remotely check data over a 260-ft range. Save time by receiving updates on your phone, and never have to walk to your thermometer again!

Air Comfort Indicator with Heat Index

Both the hygrometer digital and the App features an Air Comfort Indicator (Dry/Comfortable/Wet) to inform you of the comfort level of your home. What’s more, the Thermopro App includes a Heat Index which tells you what the temperature truly feels like.

Easy-to-Use Multifunctional App

Upon exceeding your preset maximum or minimum for humidity or temperature, an alarm will be sent to your phone via the ThermoPro Sensor App. This smart thermometer can pair with the App and support up to 10 additional Bluetooth temperature sensors, and is suitable for use with both iOS and Android devices.

Easy-to-Read Backlight

This home and house thermometer is equipped with a backlight button that easily activates its backlit screen and large bold digits to allow you to read this humidity gauge in low light or the dark, and is viewable from over a couple of feet away. The backlight will automatically turn off after 10 seconds.

Multiple Placement Options

Put this digital hygrometer indoor thermometer anywhere with its viable options for standing or hanging, or hang this magnetic thermometer on a metallic surface. Put this indoor temperature and humidity monitor in wine cellars, businesses, infant rooms, or anywhere you wish.

24 reviews for ThermoPro TP358W

  1. william

    does its job with INTEGRITY

  2. Lynn

    I got this thermometer so I can track the temperature in my bedroom. Unfortunately, my bedroom doesn’t get great circulation so it always seems to get less AC than the rest of the house in the summer, and less heat than the rest of the house in the winter. It has been nice to be able to see exactly what temp I am working with as I try to come up with fixes for this.I also like being able to track the humidity levels. I usually run a humidifier in my bedroom during the winter so this will help me know when I need to turn it on.It’s easy to set up. You download an app for your phone and it connects to bluetooth. I like this as a feature because I can check the temp in my bedroom from anywhere, so I know if I need to turn up the air before bed.

  3. Margaret Little

    Nothing I don’t like, it’s very accurate and I love the app for a quick check!

  4. avgvstvs

    I had to pick up one of these as I had an older device that just sits and reported current conditions–no history no nothing. I have an office area in the desert and I try to practice good acoustic guitar management and do my best to keep the storage area between 30-50% humidity. I wanted something that would track more history as I’m interested in actually seeing how things change over time.Already, (we’re not quite past 12hrs) I’m getting useful data: I can see when the home AC kicks on as there’s always a humidity dip when it cycles. (screenshot attached.)That leads me to the next tidbit: Setting this thing up is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. After turning on the unit and installing the app–the app picked up the sensor *immediately* and after one tap I was collecting data.I’m using the factory batteries right now, and plan on updating the review once I get data on its battery consumption. My main hope is that it lasts at least 3 months, but bluetooth can be power hungry, so we’ll watch this. I have a rechargeable battery system so as long as I’m not swapping batteries out every couple of weeks, this should be satisfactory.I will test accuracy over the next week by placing the unit outside and comparing against local meteorology reports. So far it’s within 1pt on humidity of my old sensor and about 4F warmer. I would trust this over the other reading just by room feel. (Thermostat just kicked in, set to 74, reads 74.5)Good job for exceeding initial expectations ThermoPro!

  5. Amazon Customer

    Bought two of these to keep an eye on temps and humidity around the house. Very simple to operate and it comes with the needed 2 alkaline AAA batteries. Bluetooth connectivity very quick via its app. Nice to be able to review data without having to go to each location physically; you can also rename each sensor in the app to whatever you want so you can easily identify the room. I put the two sensors side by side and, as you can see from the picture, the readings are basically identical. Will buy more in time so each room has its own sensor.

  6. MacMike

    I am happy with the performance of this thermometer/hygrometer device (which ThermPro refers to as the “sensor”). The temperature accuracy seems pretty good to me. I don’t have a super accurate thermometer to compare it with, but I do have two other units similar to this one and it correlates well with them. The hygrometer accuracy seems fine as well.The build quality of the sensor is very good. It has a nice solid feel to it, and the display is very easy to read. The brightness of the backlight is completely adequate, and its amber color is easy on the eyes. The magnet on the back is plenty strong enough to hold it securely to a metal surface, and there is a provision for hanging the sensor on wall with a screw or nail.After installing the ThermPro app on my phone, connecting to the sensor via bluetooth was quick and easy. After it was connected, the app automatically set the date and time on the sensor. I didn’t have to do anything.The app is well designed and it’s fairly easy to figure out how to use it. The data graph can be expanded horizontally to zoom in on a section of the graph by reverse-pinching the screen. (This action only works for 24 Hrs graph, not the 1 Week or 1 Year graphs.)You don’t have to worry about missing data if your phone is not near the sensor all the time. The sensor collects temperature and humidity data continuously and stores it until the phone app downloads and displays it on the graphs. The app does not seen ti automatically download data updates, even if the app is running. You can initiate an update by swiping down on the screen that displays the graphs, or by backing out to the “My Sensor(s)” screen and tapping the sensor name. The app pulls data from the sensor in 10-minute chunks, so if it is currently 8:55 and you do an update, the most recent data on the graph will be at 8:50. The data at the top of the display screen appears to automatically update every several seconds if within Bluetooth range.The app also allows you to configure notifications when the temperature or humidity exceed upper or lower limits that you set, but you will need to change your phone’s settings to allow the app to run in the background, which shortens battery life. I tried it out to verify that it worked, but since I didn’t need this capability I turned it off to preserve the battery.The app also allows you to connect several of these sensors so you can monitor conditions at multiple locations with one app.The BlueTooth range seems fine, but not really out of the ordinary. The spec says it the sensor has a 260 foot range, but that is assumed to be under very ideal conditions. Your mileage will vary depending on many factors including how many walls or obstructions are between your phone and the sensor. I was able to get updates when the sensor was inside my refrigerator, which was a relief because that is the primary application I had in mind for the product.One thing that was unexpected about this product is the time it takes the sensor to react to rapid temperature changes. In my observations, it takes anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes per degree of change. So, if there is a fast 10-degree temperature change, it could potentially take 80+ minutes for the unit to display and record the correct temperature. (Changes in humidity seem to be sensed almost immediately.) However, with this being an indoor sensor, you will not likely encounter a temperature change that is so rapid that the sensor could not keep up with it.Overall I am very pleased and impressed with the performance of this product, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone needing its capabilities.

  7. Ella Lee

    I already had another version of the ThermoPro, but wanted one that I am able to keep track of the data on daily, weekly & yearly basis. The app is very easy to download and to set up. If you want the time to be set correctly on the ThermoPro, you do have to connect it via BLUETOOTH with app, and then it will automatically set itself. To adjust between Celsius and Fahrenheit that has a button on the back where you can choose between the two. Don鈥檛 expect the humidity to be accurate for at least the first 24 hours after setting it up.Be careful where you place it Hygrometer. Do NOT place it near a doorway or a window. Make sure there is no direct sunlight that during any part of the day could reflect on where it is. Be careful placing it around a light fixture that has a lightbulb that puts off heat. If possible place it on the shelf that is not in a high traffic area. Being aware of where you place it is important if you want accuracy for the temperature & humidity in the room. For example, I use a dehumidifier during the summer and a humidifier during the winter. I definitely do not place it near those devices because I do not want them to influence the readings. So I have placed it opposite of those devices in the room or basically across the room from them.Again, it will take between 24 and 48 hours to start receiving an accurate reading. Be careful where you place the device so that you can receive an accurate reading.

  8. Cupcake

    ThermoPro TP358 Bluetooth Thermometer Hygrometer with Built-in Clock, Premium Sensirion Temperature Sensor and Humidity Meter, 260-Ft App-Controlled Backlit Indoor Room Thermometer for Home GreenhouseI’m pleased with this thermometer. I’m using it in my chicken coop to monitor the summer heat. I had a thermometer before, but the challenge was checking out it without disturbing the birds, not to mention dragging my carcass out to the coop in the heat or the rain (it’s 155 feet away, far enough to be a drag if I’m not dressed appropriately). It uses bluetooth, and the range is good enough that I can reach it from my back door, though it doens’t connect as well from inside (our building is reinforced concrete and my iphone is a 7, so I’m pretty happy with 155 feet and standing outside). Wi-fi doesn’t predictably reach the coop, so bluetooth is a good option, and more reliable for my situation. On the downside, it’s not helpful if I’m away from home (but I knew it was bluetooth, so I’m not complaining about that–just something to consider about your own situation if you’re deciding which to buy).聽It’s small but has a very easy-to-read large display, and a magnet on back, so聽 I just stick it to the steel nest boxes. I don’t have to worry about it falling down and ending up under the chicken litter. The display shows the temperature and relative humidity and also where that fits in the comfort range. The app keeps a history and shows the heat index.聽It will be even more handy in winter–I’ll be able to keep my eye on the temperature without letting all the cold in, but I’ll also be able to make sure it’s not too humid, since it’s the humidity rather than the temperature that leads to frostbitten combs and wattles.聽For non chicken-keepers, it would be handy for basement, crawlspace, garage, sheds and outbuildings–anywhere you need to pay attention to the temperature and humidity, but don’t frequent in unpleasant weather.

  9. Mark of Excellence

    It has very nice large, easy to read screen in a compact size that’s easy to place anywhere you need it. The Bluetooth was easy to connect after downloading the app, and is nice if you need it, although the range is limited as it is with all Bluetooth devices. The screen is very easy to read with the humidity, temperature, and time of day. It has a nice backlight button that you just gently touch, as opposed to actually having to push a button. I definitely recommend it.

  10. Cat Martin

    I liked that this could give a readout on the app – that’s a really nice feature, but the alerts/notifications – that really doesn’t work unless you have the app open or at least I have not been able to see any notifications and I deliberately set the temp in the house low so it would be outside the range I set. Didn’t go off. What I do like is the historic ranges shown – it’s helpful to know as a precursor to the next year and getting an idea of electricity/gas costs to heat/cool your home. Also, I have both an air purifier and a humidifier and this helps me with the times I need to turn either the air purifier and/or humidifier off. Especially for me, I have to have a humidifier in the house as I have extreme dry eye syndrome. I no longer produce that oil film on my eyes that keeps tears from evaporating away too quickly. So my eyes are almost always really, really dry – so dry that my eyelids can get stuck to my eyes! So I need a higher humidity level than most folks in my house and I can see where it is on this thermometer/hygrometer’s app. Just wish the notification worked as it really would help me out, but for the price, I am happy with it.

  11. Ty Seale

    The Bluetooth app works great and allows you to look at temperature and humidity data trends.Appears to be very accurate. Good design and well constructed.The app even shows you the battery status of the clock.

  12. MikeManassas

    Last year I replaced the passive hygrometers / thermoneters in my grow tent with ThermPro Bluetooth temperature and humidity monitors. These work with the ThermPro Sensor app on my iPhone. This lets me check the temperature and humidity without opening the tent.Recently I realized that if I placed hygrometers at different heights and locations in the grow tent I would be able to tell if the blowers and oscillating fans were reaching all parts of the tent. The goal is for all parts of the tent to have as close to the same temperature and humidity as possible.It is easy to add new hygrometers to the app. Just start the app and press the + sign to add your new device. I gave all of my devices a descripive name taht identifies where they are in the grow tent – High Left, Middle Left, Low Left, etc. I only use ThermPro hygrometers so they are all compatible with the app.

  13. R. Precourt

    Got this to so I could remotely monitor the temp and humidity in our garage. Temp readings seem very accurate, but humidity does not; it seems to run 5-10% lower than all other devices I have. It’s sometimes hard to know which one(s) are right and which are not, but I can say that both the dehumidifier that’s operating in that space and another temp/hygrometer I have agree in their readings, while this one does not.The above said, the display is easy to read and has a backlight, which is nice. The app was easy to set up and Bluetooth function does work but nowhere close to the stated range, especially with any walls or floors between the phone and the device. I am maybe 15-20 feet away from it right now, with two walls in between and connection fails. Basically, it seems to have about the same range as a typical Bluetooth headset.It can be attached to metal surfaces, placed on a flat surface, or hung on a nail.It uses two AAA batteries, which were included. Not sure what the battery life is at this point, but it looks like the app does report battery level, which is nice.

  14. Dan

    I’ve got this in my attic to track how hot it’s getting during another brutal Texas summer.Thoughts:- It was simple to connect to the Thermopro app you’re required to download.- It was simple to set up notifications using temperature thresholds in the app.- Disappointingly, the notifications aren’t generated until I open the app and it synchs. To me, the point of these notifications is that they, well, NOTIFY me when a threshold I’ve set is reached. These are not PUSHED to you, rendering them useless, since you have to be in the app anyway to generate them. Big, big disappointment. I called Thermopro to see if my expectations were out of line or if I’m not doing something right. At 9:32 a.m on a Friday: “We are closed. Please call us during our regular business hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.” Well…okay. Guess I’ll try again. I’ll update if I get through.

  15. Steve and Amy

    Keeping an eye on the temperature inside our van is critical year round. In the winter I need to know if I should run the heater, in the summer whether or not the fan needs to come on. WIth food, water, equipment, etc things could go wrong. For the most part this works great. i can check the temperature from inside our house with the app on my iPhone. No login or private information required! I say for the most part as the range is definitely affected by walls. WIth an advertised range of 260ft I was hoping for a little better connection. But all I need to do is walk to the window and it works great from inside my house at 50 ft or more. Beats having to run out and check it. Just what I needed!

  16. Stephan Favilla

    I’ve been looking for something to keep track of humidity and temperature in my separate workshop, without babysitting it daily. This meter has worked beautifully to track both, and I can download the data to my phone on my own time. We have relatively high humidity in late summer, and deciding when I need to vent the shop, or when I should hold off on finishing a project is tough with only a single data point per day, as I did before.Accuracy is great, it is spot on with my Acu-rite, which I have been using, since it was the most consistent I’ve measured. The humidity reacts within minutes, the temperature of the whole unit needs to acclimate to the surroundings, which is probably 5-10 maximum degrees of change per hour before it begins to lag behind.Range is awesome, my shop is 120 feet away from the house, and this updates with 2-3, standard 2×6 exterior walls in between. I found the range to be similar to WiFi, which is excellent for bluetooth. If I have wifi, I can place the meter, and get it to update inside the house.It takes a bit longer to update when at that distance, compared to near the unit (10 seconds for a full day of data).The backlight works well, and the screen visibility is good, which large clear numbers. My area is always well lit, though.I found that the wood releases moisture as the temperature rises, and my peak temp happens almost an hour after sunset on sunny days. It was neat to watch the effect of a cloudy day or a warmer night on the shop temperature and humidity (shop is r23 insulated, well sealed, with a vapor barrier). Leaving the door open for a couple hours is enough to drop the humidity 5 percent, and get another week of drying.

  17. rkruz

    I got this to monitor humidity in a warehouse where I need to control the humidity so that it doesn’t get too low. It has Min/Max settings to alert you if something goes wrong and a decent range but only over Bluetooth.Pros -BacklightAccurate compared to other thermometers/humidity sensorsSimple to mount to a wallDecent application from ThermoproHigh/Low warnings for temp/humidityCons -None.

  18. Andrei

    This is the first time I’ve purchased something like this. I’m using it to monitor the humidity in my filament box for my 3D printer. Filament needs to be as dry as possible in order to print well, and having something to quickly look at is great because I need to know if it is dry enough to print with.When you first take it out of the box, you need to insert the AAA batteries that are included, and it turns on automatically. The time and date will be wrong and there’s no way I see of changing it without using the app. There’s one button at the bottom to turn the orange backlight on. Once you download the app, the time and date will sync, and you’ll be able to view the temp/humidity currently, as well as a graph of previous measurements so you’ll know the conditions at all times. It’s Bluetooth only, so you have to be somewhat near it to connect, no wifi here but it’s something a more expensive model can include in the future.The app works well, it’s a small download size, and requires no permissions other than turning on Bluetooth, and location (not sure why it needs this, I denied this permission and the app still works).One improvement could be the display itself. It’s really only clearly visible head on. and starts to fade at an angle. The LCD in here is similar to a digital watch, which from my experience are much more visible than this display. Could be improved. Lastly, the accuracy seems to be ok, the temp I compared to my thermostat, and another thermometer I had laying around and it was spot on, and for humidity I borrowed a friends hydrometer and it read the same.If you are looking for a cheap hydrometer/thermometer look no further than this. Works well, easy to use and accurate.

  19. J-Zilla

    I almost learned the hard way how important a hygrometer is in a home. For about a year I was having mold issues In my home with no clue why. One day I got a device that came with a free cheap hygrometer/clock and out of curiosity I looked up what my home鈥檚 levels should be at, the average should be around 50 but my home was always at about 90. I did some troubleshooting and found it was a simple AC setting that was causing the high numbers, adjusted the setting and the numbers normalized and the mold was gone.This hygrometer also reads the temperature which correlates with humidity, knowing both is a very useful thing to detect problems. The accuracy of both readings looks accurate based on other devices I have in my home, I have a weather station from tempro which I think is owned by this company and the readings are pretty much identical. The benefit to this device is obviously the Bluetooth function. The companion app basically saves detailed readings from the device.The device is pretty small but has an easy to read screen, it also has a back kit button to see at night. It also has a prop to display it but also has a strong magnet on the back, I stuck it to my metal front door. Overall the device has been working great so far, the app is a bit simple but it hasn鈥檛 given me any issues yet. A hygrometer is a very useful tool in a home, the readings can let you know if there are problems involving water including hidden pipe leaks inside a wall. High humidity can also damage electronics and the most important problem is mold growth.

  20. EEMonty

    Right off the bat, I would say that this is a nice temp gauge that allows you to track the temp and humidity in a room. It has a good size display and has a backlight if the light is dim.It appears to be very accurate and responsive. However, you do need the app running to set the time. The app took some effort to get it to sync. Set it to high or absolute accuracy in order to get it to sync. We tried two Samsung phones and until we allowed high accuracy location, we could not get the app to sync. The app has some nice features and can show you history in bar graph form. It shows the general direction of the temperature and humidly as in going up or going down.This gauge does use Bluetooth to sync and you cannot turn it off. Not sure what that will do to battery life, but no issues so far.In general, this unit works and has a nice big display. If you want to log the temp in a room using your phone, I would recommend this. On the back are a stand and a magnet to attach it to a rack or fridge.

  21. Hank Nguyen

    Working as expecting.

  22. F. Todd

    Works well. On par with my other hygrometers. Clear and readable day or night. Bluetooth isn’t as great as I hoped or advertised but works.

  23. The Stig

    I keep a hygrometer in my guitar room to make sure the humidity is between 45-55% at all times. The one I have already gives the same basic info as this one, but it is not bluetooth enabled. The new one looks sleeker and links to my phone so when I’m home it will notify me if the humidity goes above or below my designated threshold. Very cool. It also lights up so you can just touch the light button at the bottom at night and see what its at. The only con is its harder to read from a distance than my old one. In the pics I posted you can’t really tell, but from 10 feet away I can see the old one clearly in a dim room but the new one is basically invisible. I think this is ok because I don’t look at this every 10 minutes, its something I check once a day, and with bluetooth I can kind of forget about it.After having both of these next to each other for a day, the temps are very very close so I feel they are both pretty accurate in that regard, however, the humidity readout is 4-5% lower on the new one. Honestly I don’t know which one is accurate. At the end of the day a 5% difference +/- isn’t going to hurt anything anyway but I am curious as to which one is accurate. I think you can manually adjust both of these if you have a proper humidity reading but I don’t know how to get a 100% accurate reading. I won’t worry about it for now. I can say as the humidity has fluctuated slightly throughout the day and as we open/close the front door these go up and down in readings in sync so they are both reading properly.Overall I really like this hygrometer, I’m going to leave the old one set up next to it for a week and continue to compare them but ultimately I’m confident the new one is going to replace it. Great product.Oh yea one last thing, the app is pretty quick to connect and the interface is quick. No lag, and it looks pretty nice.

  24. Percolato

    I need to monitor temps in my garage, and this works really well for that. Range is fine for my small house–it loads data quickly, through multiple interior walls, at a distance of about 40′. I can view temp and humidity charts for 24 hours, 1 week, or 1 year. One minor quibble is that you cannot scroll the charts; they’re fixed. So (for example) if you want to see the more detailed, 24-hour view you can only do that for the previous 24 hours. Similarly, the 7-day view covers the previous 7 days only.

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Brand Name ThermoPro
Ean 4897099882411
Model Number TP358
Part Number TP358
Resolution 0.5 degrees fahrenheit
UNSPSC Code 41112200
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