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ThermoPro TP393

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Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer for Home, Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer Range to 260FT via Smart APP, Large Rechargeable Room Thermometer Humidity Meter Displays Clock with Day

  • 【260-Foot Remote Range】: Bluetooth thermometer hygrometer features advanced Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology that can transmit readings to the ThermoPro Sensor App from 260 feet away, allowing you to monitor temperature and humidity from any corner of the yard.
  • 【Digital Hygrometer with Clock and Day Display】: This multifunctional temperature humidity monitor not only displays the current temperature and humidity, but also the time and day of week; Temperature gauge also features multiple placement options that allow it to be put just about anywhere
  • 【High Accuracy and Fast Refresh】:  With built-in advanced Swiss Sensirion temperature humidity sensor, humidity gauge is highly accurate to ±0.5°F for temperature and ±3%RH for humidity; 10-second fast-refresh intervals provide real-time updates to the slightest change to your home
  • 【Large Touchable Backlit Display】: Room thermometer indoor has a 4.18-inch backlit LCD screen that displays clear digits, allowing you to check the readings from any angles and light conditions; Rechargeable greenhouse thermometer can hold a charge for several months, no more frequent battery replacements
  • 【Instant APP Alert and 1-Year Data Storage】:Wall thermometer indoor APP displays a clear data graph showing 24 hour/1 week/1 year data, helps you better undertand recently weather trends and also historical temperature and humidity; Instant alert from ThermoPro Sensor App informs you if readings exceed preset temperature and humidity levels
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High Accuracy & Fast Refresh

The indoor thermometer and humidity gauge with an advanced Swiss Sensirion sensor offers professional-level accuracy with readings that are within ±0.5°F and ±3% RH. The 10-second fast refresh rate provides constant updates for any change in temperature or humidity to your environment.

260-Ft Bluetooth Range

This thermometer and humidity gauge can be monitored from up to 260 feet away by using the ThermoPro Sensor App. Get temperature and humidity readings from anywhere inside your home!

Comfort Indicator

Garage thermometer displays a easy-to-check comfort indicator, helps you to check the comfort level of your home environment with just a quick glance and adjust the humidifier and dehumidifier in time.

Large 4.18” Backlit LCD Display

Room thermometer for home features a 4.18-inch large backlit LCD screen that clearly displays current temperature, humidity, time and day, easily read in any condition light.

Max/Min Records and Trend Arrows

Predict temperature and humidity changes by following the trend arrows on this room temperature thermometer. Max/Min records allow you to make accurate weather analyses.

Multiple Placement Options

This digital thermometer for home features multiple placement options: a durable table stand for flat surfaces, a hanging mount for walls, and two strong magnets for metallic surfaces, making this an ideal home temperature monitor.

10 reviews for ThermoPro TP393

  1. Tim L.

    This Hygrometer was a welcome change from the old basic model I’ve been using.When I checked the temperature against my Thermostat temp, it was dead on. …When the humidity was checked against my old hygrometer, it registered a bit lower on this. I feel that this one is correct though, as I’ve thought for some time the old one was reading humidity too high.The app on your iPhone or Android phone is neat too & simplicity itself. I just scanned the bar code on the included instructions & the app downloaded & installed nearly instantly. Now I see the readings remotely on my iPhone.This did take a little while (Like about 2 hours) to fully charge up from out of the box but I suspect the charge probably lasts many days, especially if you aren’t using the lighted mode too much.The lighted display is great, but you DO have to push a button for it to light up. However, the regular non lighted display is just VERY clear & bright compared to my old unit & still very easy to see & read.This also syncs up the time & date automatically with your phone when you install the app on your phone.You can wall mount this or it has a nice little fold out stand you can use to position it at different angles on your desk or table top etc.

  2. NicCanDance

    I ordered this unit to help track the stats indoors. My office is cold and damp, and now I have actual numbers to show the repair crew. Super easy to use.

  3. Banyon G.

    I was looking forward to replacing my other Hygrometer whose time & date is all out of whack and doesn’t appear fixable. However I am very disappointed that the time & date on the ThermoPro CANNOT be set manually – the only way to set them is by downloading the apps and connecting the device to your phone through Bluetooth. I naively assumed that I could just bypass the Bluetooth features and use this without it, but no. Very disappointing.On the plus side, the readings for the temperature and humidity do not rely on a Bluetooth connection and appear to be fairly accurate. I checked them against my other Hygrometer and they match within degrees / percentages of each other.Wish I had the option to just set the time and date manually though.

  4. Cesar Augustus

    The ThermoPro TP393 Indoor Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer is very accurate. The unit is solid, well made and the display is easy to read and has backlight. There are three different ways to install it: hang in the wall, attach to a metallic surface like a fridge or use the embedded bracket to put on a desk.I compared the TP393 thermometer and hydrometer measures with two other thermometers and the results were almost the same, proving that it is very accurate.The Bluetooth connection works very well even in a different floor from the device and the APP is very intuitive to use, but I did not find a way to export the data from APP to an csv file for example. I hope the manufacturer update their APP soon to make it possible.The advantages over the Govee H5075 is that the ThermoPro TP393 is rechargeable, has backlight and displays time/weekday, but it cost almost the double of the price. Going beyond, it costs almost the same as some entry level weather stations. I removed one star because, in my opinion, the value for the money is not very favorable.

  5. Ira

    Simple and easy to use. Associated app is uncomplicated. Handy for monitoring temperature history remotely. On this model the clock (time and day of week) synchronizes with phone clock via bluetooth.

  6. Mochaminx

    Easy to read in the dark. Bluetooth set up took about 20 seconds, although it will work without it. Use it to monitor the humidity in my home since we have quite a few plants, and, running the AC zaps the moisture out of the air. But also lets us know if it gets too humid so we can adjust and avoid mold and fungus,Has magnets on the back so you can either attach it to a metal surface, or use the stand to place on a table.

  7. David G. Miller

    Completely satisfied!

  8. Rob Lee

    I took this out of the box on Thursday and have been tracking data ever since. The ability to see all the temperature and humidity setting is amazing.This thermometer hydrometer can be switched to Fahrenheit or celsius depending on preference. The app is great and was super easy to install and connect via Bluetooth. The magnet connected to this is definitely neodymium and super strong.So the only flaw I would have to say is the price. There are other brands out the that do the same for much less. However, the quality on this is undeniable. It feels more sturdy and has a backlight and is rechargeable. The best aspect of this is the bluetooth range. Definitely much higher as I notice other brands requires you to pretty much be within 20 feet of the device whereas this one lets you be 3 floors away(havent tested any further but it probably could)

  9. Nitoly

    I got this for my outdoor greenhouse and it is a life changer!!! I no longer have to go out and guess the conditions! I cam check on my app from inside the house! Also I discovered the reason my plants weren’t growing was because the humidity outside is not high enough yet, so I was able to add a humidifier in the tent, but would not have known the problem if not for this!!Great size as well and works right out the box…time and date set themselves once connected to the app…that was very easy as well!!

  10. Tswift

    I was about to buy one of those cheaper ThermoPro thermometers that most people have for their crypto mining rooms but then I saw this one was available and appeared to be a new product release. I liked the idea of having the bluetooth support so I could monitor temps from my phone in a separate room in the house for my crypto mining room, so I bought it.It was already on straight out of the box and set-up was as simple as just plugging it in and setting it down. Scanned a QR code for the app and it basically automatically paired through the app itself. Temperature history graph in it is nice – you can even see how long it was running and what temps it had since it was manufactured basically. Display is clear and backlight is a nice touch. App can reach the unit through a few rooms in the house so the range seems pretty good even through walls.Overall, looks clean and works well and is worth the price point. I recommend it!

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Wireless Range: 260ft (80m)
Temperature Range: -22.0 to 140.0°F (-30.0 to 60.0°C)
Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5℉ (±0.3℃) from 32 to 140℉ (0 to 60℃) otherwise ±0.9℉ (±0.5℃)
Humidity Range: 10% ~ 99%
Humidity Tolerance: ±2% from 20% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Temperature Resolution: 0.1°C/0.1°F
Humidity Resolution: N/A
Response Time: 10 seconds
Wireless Technology: Bluetooth 5.0
Display Dimensions: LCD, 3 29/32″ L x 2 11/16″ W (99L x 68.5W mm)
Product Dimensions (inches): 4.84″ x 3.5″ x 1.22″ (123 x 89.5 x 31 mm)
Backlight: Yes
Battery Type: 3.7V (1 x 18650 Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery)
Water Resistance: Not Waterproof
Warranty: 3 years


Q: How do I change the date and time?
A: The date and time will automatically pair with your phone.

Q: Does this take batteries?
A: No, it uses a rechargeable lithium battery.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: We expect the battery to last 7-12 months depending on where the device is being setup.

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