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ThermoPro TP450

(268 customer reviews)

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Dual Laser Temperature Gun for Cooking, Digital Infrared Thermometer for Pizza Oven Grill, Laser Thermometer Gun with Adjustable Emissivity Temp Gun -58℉to 1022℉(Not for Human)

  • 【Dual Laser】ThermoPro infared temp thermometer has dual laser pointers with a 0.5-second response time, making it better than a single laser since it’s faster to target and easier to scan surface temperatures for reliable results every time (Not for human)
  • 【Safer Distance & Better Accuracy】With the latest thermopile technology and a distance-to-spot ratio of 16:1, this ir thermometer gun allows you to read temps at longer, safer distance than ever before; Adjustable emissivity from 0.1 to 1.0 provides measurement accuracy across different surface types highly up to ±1.5%
  • 【MAX/MIN/AVG Display】By slightly pressing mode button, MAX/MIN/AVG temp result will be switched instantly on infrared thermometer cooking; Wide temp range of -58℉to 1022℉ enables infrared thermometer gun to measure various objects’ surface temp from above boiling point to below freezing point
  • 【Colorful Display with Large Digits】 Built in the latest LCD technology, this thermometer for cooking displays reading with large colorful digits on 1.58-inch ultra-clear BTN panel; Thermal gun with bright display remains fully legible even under dim conditions
  • 【Versatility】Use this temp gun thermometer to check the heat of your pizza oven or griddle, manage home HVAC operations, or auto repairs, perfect for home and industrial use; Automatically shuts off after 90 seconds; Powered by 2 AAA batteries.
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268 reviews for ThermoPro TP450

  1. PH-animal luver

    Easy to use and works great for much less pricey than other brands – a great tool to measure temperature of oil for deep fry or frying pay for searing etc.

  2. Mercedes

    Purchased for my husband and he really like it.

  3. BaileyB

    Got this to measure temps in my reptile tank and it was the cheapest one I could find. It works great, seems fairly sturdy and accurate, and doubles as a toy for my dog (she LOVES to chase the laser dot). I recommend this to everyone I know with reptiles if they don’t already have one.

  4. Gilbert Gilmore

    Thermometer Gun was purchased for wax temp in candles, works fine.

  5. Odelia M. Patterson

    My husband wanted this to use on his new Blackstone griddle. He uses it for checking the surface temperature before cooking. He said that it works well. He has not dropped it (yet), so the durability hasn’t been tested.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Works just as advertised.

  7. Janice Futak

    We bought this to verify the insulation effectiveness on our house. Worked well.

  8. TLS

    Does good job of taking temperature on my grill

  9. Craig J.

    ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun Non Contact Laser Temperature Gun is easy to use and fast. Just point and pull the trigger and get an instant temperature reading. I love it.

  10. Rudy Utulo

    Nice to know the supply air & return air temperatures

  11. Amazon Customer

    I bought this infrared thermometer gun to get heat readings of the ceiling, walls, and attic of my 100 year old house. As for accuracy, I compared it with a digital thermometer and it had same readings.Very easy to read and use. Great price!

  12. Tom in Oregon

    Kinda hesitant to buy because of the cheap price. Been using a Taylor 9306 for 20 years. The Taylor has more functions but it costs $80. Never did know how close to accurate the Taylor was. My main use is cooking. BBQ, Grilling and Gummy Bears. You gotta know the first thing I did was compare the two! One degree difference. For $20 I now am confident Plus the Thermopro is easier to read and has better scan functions. I do own more Thermopro products and do find them reliable and priced fair.

  13. Steve K

    Got a new Blackstone grill and this device is awesome for determining surface and food temp. Point, click and presto. Great product.

  14. Mike R.

    Works great on my blackstone griddle

  15. daughter of 2

    Works great. Easy battery replacement.

  16. Lisa R

    This was an impulse purchase but I’m glad that I got it. I use it every time I shallow fry, no more guessing. I find it to be very accurate. I’ve checked the temperature of my freezer, refrigerator, and thermostat to see how accurate it is, and to me it is as accurate as it gets. I have seen some reviews about the temperature jumping around, but that only happens to me when I don’t let go of the trigger before moving it around, or if I hold onto the trigger longer than necessary.

  17. Robb

    Works good so far

  18. JGinFL

    For people who like to cook, this lets me know the right temperature of cooking oil, water, etc. It’s easy to use, fast read. A must for all cook.

  19. Michael Keegan


  20. david f taylor


  21. Tom

    This must have been a returned item. It was supposed to come with 2 AA batteries, it did not!! The battery compartment was supposed to be open, it was closed!!

  22. Denis Johnston

    Great for the $$

  23. ROBERT H.


  24. StormChaser98

    The item is very well-made and great quality. I use this mainly to keep an eye on temps for my reptiles’ basking spots. I tried this as a meat thermometer, but it doesn’t work so well for that. This product only loses a star for advertising the cooking and it not working so well for that purpose in my opinion. But I will continue to use this for my reptiles!

  25. DEWZ

    AC didn’t seem to working. Was able to find the 3-4 vents blowing warmer air.Perfect!

  26. VJ

    We are using it for checking temperatures in a compartment in our RV and it does exactly what we hoped it would

  27. G Money

    It’s great, simple to use and a great, intuitive tool!

  28. rick rinella

    I’m using this product to read meat temps on the grill. It’s fast n easy & I feel safer about poultry & pork cooking to the right temp!

  29. Jim

    The thermo pro works like a charm and is easy to use. Glad I got it. I have had no problems.

  30. Natasha Humphrey

    I got this to help me with my new griddle. Its taking a bit to get the hang of but it’s made me a better griddle master! And it’s a decent price.

  31. Turko Gee

    TP30 is built very sturdy. I also have the TP20 for BBQ……….ThermoPro make some great products that perform very very well. I would highly recommend anyone to consider a ThermoPro device.

  32. derrie

    Great product! So easy to use!

  33. Michael R. Church

    This product is inexpensive. I have shot it side by side w/ a more expensive brand and it was w/in .1 degrees almost every time. I do a lot of cold water, cryo and cold shower therapy. This is the main reason I use it. Measuring skin temperature before and after treatment l.

  34. james Wasnick

    Hard for me to tell with certainty that it’s accurate but boiling water measured accurately. Easy to read. Red laser pointer helps for sure. I am happy with this purchase and would purchase again.

  35. Amazon Customer

    I got this for my husband to use while grilling on his Blackstone. He said it works great and has had no issues.


    Our refrigerator wasn’t cooling properly and it helped us find the colder spots and the warm spots. Love it

  37. path501

    The display is amazing. It appears to show the correct temperature. It comes with everything needed to get started right away.

  38. Amir

    Works great for use in the kitchen. No more guessing about whether a pan is hot enough.

  39. s jones

    quick and easy to get temperature of paving stones

  40. Sparty

    This seems accurate. But I’ve only really played with it.You can see in my video that it can detect cold, hot and air temp.

  41. Ed Barton

    Every auto mechanic needs one of these. You can immediately determine the temperature of critical components of your vehicle, like the thermostat housing, exhaust manifolds, turbo, oil pan, coolant, and more. The thermostat gauges in the car are notoriously inaccurate, especially in older vehicles. This will let you see quickly if you have an issue, if a cat is running hot, or if the thermostat has failed. It comes ready to use out of the box, including the batteries. The accuracy is decent – and good enough for this type of work. Also useful for home inspectors and others looking to test heaters, air conditioners, or insulation. A great value at this price point as well.

  42. Tim C.

    This is a very simple thermometer, it’s incredibly easy to set up and use. Compared to other thermometers we tested it against the results were very close. Factor in the convenience and ease of using this it’s a great tool to have on hand. Highly recommended!

  43. TeaandBooks

    My husband said that this model is more accurate and works better than his older, more inexpensive model temperature gun. We tested it an a few things including our oven and it all worked well. We also could read it well. We didn’t try it outside but it works for all the uses we have for it.

  44. John L.

    Three things stand out with this thermometer. 1. Adjustable emissivity… so you can check everything from auto parts to human beings. 2. It uses AAA batteries… no more searching for a 9 volt in the kitchen drawer. And 3., it was less than 20 bucks! Highly recommended!

  45. Paul S.

    worked great got perfect readings

  46. robert fennelly

    accurate and fast

  47. Amazon Customer

    It works well, is priced right, and uses the inexpensive AAA batteries. Also the company says they stand behind the instrument to insure satisfaction and invite customers to call if they have any questions.

  48. craig murray

    Readings fluctuate quickly and over a wide range of readings.

  49. Valenium

    Used already once. To check th ex temp I could pan temperature during changing transmission oil.

  50. craig murray

    Readings fluctuate quickly and over a wide range of readings.

  51. Christina and John

    Love this! Got it for measuring the low and high temps for my Geckos Tanks! We already have gauges in there tanks but a temp gun is best. We already had one but wasn’t sure how accurate it still was. This is nice since it shows the max temp it found while it went through scanning (I believe it does minimum as well but not 100% on that) you can also keep the laser pointer on to know where your getting your temp from or turn it off (I keep it off since I don’t want a red laser aiming in my tanks unless there not out when I’m doing readings) I do readings quite often several times during the day for my Gargoyles tank and I do readings for my leopard geckos at least every night when they are starting to wake up so I can enter the temp info in my Reptile app for each gecko. I would say this is perfect for the price & so far works great I’m really happy I choose this one since there are so many to choose from that it took me months to finally just choose one. It’s also nice and lightweight. Price is good. I like the backlight on it as well. Overall I’m very happy with this so far! I for sure recommend it!

  52. William Langan

    Very accurate and a must for my griddle cooking.

  53. Epillon

    So I got this for my mechanical needs more so than my cooking needs. But it works excellent and is very accurate. I like thst it has laser pointers to show exactly where your aiming. In comparison to my VERY expensive Milwaukee 2269 infrared all the temperature readings were within a tenth of the same. Very light weight and portable, used it for working on my motorcycle and it was perfect for finding some hot spots and trouble shooting. Even helped me troubleshoot my central AC because I could tell the temperature output was less than expected and my pump was actually partly frozen from running so much (Las Vegas desert). Great tool, works as expected. Just don’t drop it from very high, it’s not exactly made for longevity but for the price it’s worth it.

  54. F. Mills

    Easy to operate. Precise. I like the dual laser and the functions MAX MIN and AVG

  55. Nick T.

    I have wanted one of these for a while. Got it when it was on sale! I can say it’s worth full price. Use this for checking A/C vents to cooking surface temp on blackstone. Compared to a friend who has a high price name brand version and the accuracy was spot on. Definitely recommend!

  56. Nick T.

    I have wanted one of these for a while. Got it when it was on sale! I can say it’s worth full price. Use this for checking A/C vents to cooking surface temp on blackstone. Compared to a friend who has a high price name brand version and the accuracy was spot on. Definitely recommend!

  57. Unanimouse

    Very good value and works as it should

  58. Unanimouse

    Very good value and works as it should

  59. philo_vance

    The accuracy of an infrared temperature sensor like this one seems to be directly related to getting the correct “emissivity” value of the surface your measuring. The way outlined in the instruction manual is to place a piece of masking tape over a section of the area and compare the measurement with and without tape. If they’re different, that’s the emissivity throwing off the reading and it requires setting.I tried this with several surfaces. Nonstick cookware, metal cookware, A/C ducts and an induction cooktop that can be set by temperature. They all seemed to be off by a few percent no matter what I did with the emissivity. If that’s accurate enough for you, then this will be a useful instrument for you.It’s easy to use and the display is bright and easy to read.

  60. Daniel Duran

    I lost the expensive one from Grainger at a job site and to avoid telling my boss I bought this one. It came fast, works accurately, has plenty of range, and is very accurate. Of course I found my original one the next week so this one came back home with me. It’s doing a good job in the kitchen telling me exactly how hot that pan is.It is as good as a model three times the price.

  61. NBChef

    I had the older TP 30 model. While this was a good tool The new TP450 is definitely a big improvement. It reads temperature much faster and more accurately.

  62. Robert Crandall

    I do powder coating and forge work.I usually use one of the guns from the local hardware or auto parts store. They are ok but this one is a much higher level and seems more accurate.I especially like the mode that you can set to ‘Ave’. My other guns give a different reading as you move it around. This one can be set to do that but my smaller powder coat oven has a tight shelf and it picks up on the part, the shelf and the oven itself. This will give me one temperature which is what I need.The other guns do not work in the winter unless I bring them into the house for a while to warm them up. Hopefully I won’t have that issue with this one.I do recommend this gun.

  63. funbear

    works great for cooking, its intended purpose,how hot is that surface, no easy way to tell…it does that well, dont expect super accuracy, but that is not the goal here….i would not use this in direct sunlight, hard to read display, a flaw, but for this price, u have to work around that….3.5 stars…. unique and does the job with one flaw

  64. Stephanie Collins

    I use this to keep an eye on my Bearded Dragons basking spots! Works great!

  65. M. J. Gilmer

    Easy to use. I bought this for my soap making hobby but also find it is very useful for cooking. It is very easy to use turn off and on and I am finding it accurate.It is easy to change from centigrade to Fahrenheit.

  66. Stephanie Collins

    I use this to keep an eye on my Bearded Dragons basking spots! Works great!

  67. Fredrick E.

    It helps me while making candy.

  68. Lefty Blues Guitar

    The product is fine and works as it should. It’s a miracle it arrived in one piece.Is it asking too much to ship it in a box instead of an envelop?

  69. rocco

    I returned it no matter where I put it on any surface it was always inaccurate by about 4°, maybe 5. I mean why would you buy something that you need that’s based on accuracy and it’s notAccurate..I don’t know if anyone else had this problem I saw a few people. It’s not worth it.I bought a different one. the one I bought came with more lasers for better accuracy, It showed the humidity, the dew point, AND EVEN HAD A PROBE YOU COULD PLUG IN!! The humidity was not that accurate. But the laser itself and the temperature function which is what I really bought it for WAS SUPER ACCURATE!!And of course it even had the adjustments for each surface.

  70. jose campos

    Feels like a toy. Bait and switch of item

  71. RM

    Accurate and easy to use! Works great and fast shipping!

  72. CMP

    I was concerned about accuracy, but after testing it against other thermometers as best as I can, it seems very close if you set the emissivity properly (instructions included). This device measures surface temps only.

  73. Robert J Mittal

    Pizza time

  74. chassell

    Provides temperature for various uses quickly and without contact. This is a great replacement for meat thermometers and similar heat measurement instruments without touching the substance. No worry about contamination.

  75. b

    I’m glad I got and the dual lasers work good . My new grilling must

  76. b

    I’m glad I got and the dual lasers work good . My new grilling must

  77. D. Baxter

    I bought this after seeing one used by the maintenance guy at my apartment complex, checking my AC vents. I’ve had issues with my AC in the past, so I got one of these to check the temperature. It works very well………I’m satisfied.

  78. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    This is a fine product and the price is right but if you plan on using it outdoors in any kind of sunlight forget about it. There is no backlight and it’s almost impossible to read. Otherwise it works great.

  79. brian

    What a great product for cooking to check the temperature on my griddle, also great for my ac unit and have used it for my wood pile,

  80. Cheryl Brackin

    Just an addition to my cooking tool box.

  81. F. Mills

    Easy to operate. Precise. I like the dual laser and the functions MAX MIN and AVG

  82. tim wright

    Like the thermometer very much. Works great and meets all expectations.

  83. Mauricio

    Lo use par a medir temperatura en distintos puntos de parrilla,

  84. Jacq

    Trigger seems to have ‘play’ in it…..doesn’t provide a solid feeling. Appears to work but not sure how long it will last. Use it for a pizza oven and the upper temp may not go high enough for the oven.

  85. Amazon Customer

    For the price it’s great. I was just looking for a good ball park temp of my frying pan before use.

  86. Warren Mills

    When I got the package with the thermometer in it the box was damaged. Upon using it, the laser that indicates where the target is doesn’t work. Also it does not allow me to adjust the emissivity. So two of the features of the thermometer don’t work. I would recommend you do not purchase this item.UPDATE: The company selling this item contacted me quickly and has already sent me a replacement. I’ve upgraded the rating to reflect this.

  87. rancholoco

    Simple to use.

  88. chris tennant

    Works great

  89. Jon

    Perfect for judging the temp on a pizza oven.

  90. Kfallsdad

    Does everything I expect it to do. Very acurate.

  91. Bryan D Stark

    It works great

  92. It varies

    This tool is quite useful for all kinds of things other than checking the temperature of my griddle (the reason I purchased it). I use it to check all kinds of things, including the soil temperature to let me know when to plant my seeds. And so far it is durable. I knocked it off a shelf onto a concrete floor. The batteries went flying and I figured it was done for. But after reinstalling the batteries it worked perfectly. Great item to have around; you will think of all kinds of uses for it.

  93. Amazon Customer

    Good product. Good price.

  94. Cody

    I always suspected that my wife was a hottie and I used this to scan her behind.It registered too hot!Great product

  95. E

    Use it for my ooni pizza oven. Much better than guessing if the stone is hot enough. Works well. Def cheaper than the ooni one.

  96. Robert J Mittal

    Pizza time

  97. L M.


  98. BigGuy

    Use it for cold an hot items. Every home cook should have one of these.

  99. chad walker

    Does exactly what it claims

  100. dennis barry

    Does what it says it will do.

  101. Jesse Hernandez

    Works great for quickly reading temps around the house, in the oven and on the stove. It’s not a scientific instrument, I just want to get within ~5 degrees of whatever the temp actually is, and I think this does the job. I haven’t played with the adjustable emissivity feature, but it’s there if I need it which is nice.

  102. D. Majors

    Does what it is made for

  103. K Boles

    Nice little gun for the $. Checking cold spots throughout house.

  104. Amazon Customer

    if the liquid is moving the temperature can be misleading.

  105. BW

    Bought to check furnace operation. Worked as intended, and now I’m finding many other uses.

  106. mara


  107. Deven Bhan

    I bought 2 of these & have been using these to see temperatures during cooking including on frying pans and cooking oils etc. These work much better compared some similar devices I used before.

  108. CPL

    It does exactly what it says it will do. A good value.

  109. Keith TD

    I bought this infrared thermometer gun for my outdoor griddle but as soon as it arrived in the mail, I started checking the temperature of everything. One thing that stood out quickly were cold spots around windows and door bottoms. Even though we thought our house was buttoned up purdy good, we changed how comfy it feels just by sealing off a few places we didn’t know were problem areas before we got this gun. It works great on the griddle too!

  110. Lin

    Little to say. Works fine so far. Appears to be accurate.

  111. Buzz Wood

    This is a well made product. Easy to use. I like it and found many things to use it on.

  112. Rizzo

    As described. Perfect easy to use. I use on a wood stove and pipe to monitor temp. Works flawless!

  113. scott

    Quickly resolved the mystery of the hottest area of the top of my woodstove!

  114. Shauna R.

    works well

  115. karl l dawson

    Seems to work as designed, have not yet tested for my application.

  116. Amazon Customer

    Works Good easy to use

  117. Miguel Estremera

    Easy to use, but reading its. It so accurate.

  118. Tony Hitchcock

    I have used this several times to check pan temperature for searing meat and oil temperature for frying an hot instant and accurate results.

  119. gary garner

    I liked everything about it.

  120. dwight watts jr

    Remote sucks!

  121. Anthony Spilotro

    This is a good deal for the money. 20 years ago one of these would have been close to $200. Overall the quality looks good. It’s made of sturdy plastic but is light weight. It looks like it will last. I like that it uses AAA batteries and not 9v like some of them. I used it to check some older heated pet water bowls against a new one I had just bought. Some of the older ones are 20 deg. cooler so I can put those in a more sheltered area. It’s been interesting checking heating vents around the house and checking which windows and doors are the draftiest. I plan on using this in the kitchen and also the grill and smoker too.

  122. Kenneth B.

    Works Great !!

  123. brownsa

    Got this for help with trouble shooting hot things. Works great and seems pretty accurate for my needs. Bonus. The laser site is a big hit with our cats.

  124. Studio325West

    Works well and so far, is very accurate and reliable.

  125. Nesha

    Very simple to use, works great for measuring temps of melting wax. Thank You!

  126. Sosusjoe

    I brought this item in order to check the temp of my AC vents and also for checking the temp of cooked food. So far it has been doing great and I would strongly recommend it to anybody.

  127. Jerry Jordan

    Value, easy to use and and it’s accuracy.

  128. Joebutcher

    I purchased this in January of 2021 and have used it 3 times a week since then to check the temperature of my cast iron baking pans for baking bread. I have also used it between those times to check the temperature of my Kydex that I have in the oven for my sheath and holster making projects. It is fun to play with it to check the temperature of objects in and out of the house. I have had to change the battery in it but that’s all I have had to do. Works great would highly recommend it.

  129. J. Wysocki

    Very accurate.

  130. junkster

    I use it when eco dyeing fabric. Works easy and great!

  131. Ariel Litvin

    Just ok. Won’t rely on it. Compared with another ‘professional’ thermometer and it’s a bit off at higher temperatures

  132. JAY

    this was a replacement for a prior tool.

  133. Mark P. Dunham

    Easy to use right out of the box

  134. Gregory Alan Bucher

    I’ve only had this device for a short time. I have only checked the accuracy of the unit with items in my refrigerator and it seems to be accurate. The device is very easy to use and operate.

  135. D R

    Works well. Very accurate

  136. Munoz

    Nice thermometer with ability to adjust features with many different modes. Can turn light on/off (saving battery life), change emissivity, C/F option, etc. And no annoying “beep”! Also, their customer support is excellent…they provide a phone number where someone answers the phone and is responsive. The only thing I am not sure about is the accuracy.

  137. Kourtney Daly

    I use this for my pizza oven and I love it.

  138. VehicleMan Vince

    I love it

  139. Malc

    Works great! Now I find myself measuring the temperature of everything in the house and outside!

  140. Leo Montgomery


  141. Dale Kravets

    I reset the Battery and it works fine.

  142. DClifton

    The was ordered to replace a (low usage) model from another vendor that finally lost its red laser pointer and subsequent erratic readings. I hope this one lasts longer, but does appear to be useful and functional. I wish it had a case to help keep the lenses clean, but I’m using the plastic wrap it came with for the time being.

  143. Joe B

    Great thermometer to read surface temperature of my blackstone griddle.

  144. Randy P

    Seems well built.

  145. Anthony Adkins

    Great for reptiles because you can scan an entire enclosure and it will tell you your hottest spot and the coolest. Also shows avg temp. a must have for keepers.

  146. russell k slaght

    Does what it should do

  147. Bob Wilson

    It was easy to use and very accurate . I’m happy I made this purchase

  148. Paul Vollmer

    I use this for cooking. I cannot tell how hot a skillet is by just looking at it. With this you can point and click and get a temperature. Works well.

  149. Amazon Customer

    Use for checking grill temps. Works great!

  150. CaroleSue

    Bought this as a gift for my hubster, who makes peanut brittle every Christmas. He’s using it for everything, from roasts, to cakes. LOL. Nice little tool folks! And the price is right too.


    We have used these for temp readings in our pizza oven, works amazing! Also to see in the winter where heat is penetrating out of our home for adding insulation.

  152. R. Tomascik

    Just what I needed for grilling. Hopefully no more burnt food

  153. Jessica

    Seems accurate

  154. Stephen R. Clark

    I am able to accurately measure water and grill surfaces.

  155. Amazon Customer

    easy to use,; good value

  156. 706 Photo

    I bought this as a toy mostly for me to check the temperatures on our new stainless steel smokeless firepit. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a more robust or accurate model. This little jewel works great. I would rate this a 4.5 stars. Accuracy is excellent when used in the parameters outlined by the manufacturer. I was not expecting it to be this good. Ease of use is A+. Great tool for the price.

  157. Chris Zufall

    Got this to measure the temperature in my pizza oven and it works great!

  158. Mark

    I’m using this for my Blackstone griddle and it works very well.

  159. Chris

    Es de buena calidad, hasta hoy nos a funcionado excelente.

  160. Country Girl

    Works perfect for checking how hot the wheel bearings are on trailer tires

  161. Diane Tucker

    works well.

  162. Kelly S

    Works great.Also works fantastic as a laser for dogs or cats lol.

  163. bob grant

    Works great! Fast accurate and easy toUse.

  164. james s.

    Works as expected

  165. Yiyi Gutiérrez

    Funciona muy bien…

  166. Debbie Parry

    Exactly what I was looking for! I use it for candle making and my husband uses for grilling.

  167. Andy

    Works as described

  168. Amazon Customer

    It was very easy to use.

  169. Kenny

    It does help to see where your hot spots and cooler spots are on the griddle. Nice addition to my cook wear for camping

  170. Ron Ordner

    It is accurate enough for measuring cook temp, but as with any infrared thermometer it is affected by variations in the surface (ie. Bubbles)

  171. April G.

    Worked as advertised

  172. Bossmare

    good price,not the best quality kinda feels cheap.

  173. Amazon Customer

    Bought this to make sure my oven was accurate and it works great but turns out it makes a even better laser pointer for my dog! My dogs favorite thing is to chase laser pointers and this is by far the best laser pointer. My dog loves this thing!!

  174. Amazon Customer

    Got this for a new outdoor pizza oven which has to be at 700 degrees. Perfect.

  175. Tasneem Akhtar

    Excellent product. East to use and accurate. Highly recommended.

  176. Terry

    Good product

  177. justmeboss

    Gives consistant accurate results. I bought it primarily for my wood burning stove but it gets used all over the house. Great for finding drafty spots. Directions say it needs to be close to the object you are checking but i zap my stove and stove pipe from across the room with good enough results. It operates silently. I would purchase again.

  178. Billie-Lee Lawhon

    Works as described.

  179. C. Bryson

    Perfect for my griddle

  180. JMP

    as expected

  181. RickC From Boston

    Just a follow up. I ordered a Tp30 that was delivered and did not meet my standards. I let that be known in my review. I was contacted by Customer Service and was immediately sent a replacement unity which arrived in 3 days. Powered on and it works as expected. Used it for pizza cooking over the weekend and it keep me up to date on my stone temp.

  182. Camerabug

    I recently moved in to a Condo and found that there was very uncomfortable cold air draft. Even with Thermostat set at 70F, the closet were super cold and cold air draft coming from baseboards and slider doors/windows. In order to present this condition to the HOA, I purchased this Infrared thermometer, recorded temperatures and presented to HOA. In short, the thermometer is good, easy to read and use. DO NOT KNOW how accurate it is. However, a relative temperature can show hi/low temp difference.

  183. Amazon Customer


  184. TW

    Very nice product, easy to use and accurate

  185. Linda p.

    Excellent tool for the job

  186. T. Hayes

    Fast accurate and safe to use from a distance. Makes checking surface temps easy

  187. Mark Perlson

    I assume it’s accurate, and it works very easily. Great to see how warm it is in my reptile cage, and elsewhere.

  188. Albert

    Great Gun for Accurate Read

  189. Blues1

    Easy to use. Love it

  190. Michelle Williams

    Use this with my Blackstone griddle! A must have!

  191. Erica G

    Easy to use

  192. MRS K

    Works as expected, sturdy and quality stuff

  193. Harry Hood

    My finance purchased me an Ooni pizza oven and it’s strongly advised to use a gun thermometer to check the temp since the oven gets over 1000 degrees F. It’s amazing! This model has a convenient laser to show you where you are pointing, and it reads instantly. The display lights up so you can see it at night when you’re cooking dinner outside. I tested water, my forehead (not sure it’s supposed to measure humans but it worked!) and other cooking surfaces and its fast and accurate. Great price and the quality seems above average.

  194. JonR

    No complaints

  195. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and accurate!


    Seems to be a good product.

  197. Wm M

    I use the thermometer whenever and wherever I cook. It gives a very accurate reading of surface temperature when using cast iron pans and recipes that suggest specific temperature ranges. I use it to confirm oven temperatures for baking and roasting. I also use it to measure interior temperatures in my refrigerator and freezer. Extremely useful and versatile. I like it quite a bit. Highly recommend and a great price.

  198. Kindle Customer

    Used it to check frying pan temp for steak.

  199. Guilherme C.

    This product works great.

  200. sue v

    It was great

  201. Bill Steele

    Works without any fuss, very easy to use.

  202. Okie Six

    This brand Uses 2 AAA batteries which were included (heavy duty zinc carbon) . I have another brand that uses a 9v battery and the the performance is identical. I much prefer the AAA cells over 9v battery for cost and availability. Temperature range is very good for a IR thermometer of this price point.

  203. Amazon Customer

    It’s super easy and fun to use. The best part is that you can change to C if you want.

  204. TIM SIMON


  205. Bob L

    Very easy to use and a good value. Well built.

  206. Mika

    I wish there was a clear on/off option but it works great to get quick temps. I make candles and bath/body products so the ability to quickly temp products is a just! Great option for the price.

  207. Tony


  208. Dixie A

    This is very easy to use! Seems to be a accurate also! Nice size not heavy

  209. Andrew

    I use this thermometer gun the check the temps in my reptile cages. This thermometer is reasonably accurate, and very easy to use. It is very light and does have an overall “cheap” feel. That being said, it is a great thermo gun for the price.

  210. Tony G.

    Doesn’t read the same as my floating thermometer

  211. john

    On the plus side easy and quick to setup and use. There is an emissivity table available on line…On the minus you have to wait for the 15 sec timer to turn off.

  212. Raptor

    It works as described.

  213. BeeGee

    The IR thermometer is easy to use and very accurate.

  214. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use, accurate, and less expensive than others

  215. Priscilla Baalhorn

    So far it works well. Gonna try it on other applications later.

  216. William Stacey Cato

    Easy to use

  217. DAVID E NYE

    Works great. I use it to make sure my grill is up to temperature before I put my steaks on.

  218. donald gergovich

    Easy to use, accurate, portable and compact….

  219. Troy Wiley

    Fast and reliable great product for BBQ.

  220. Daniel Oconnell

    Easy to use works great

  221. Oleg

    Came on time. works as described. Light, good screen readings, shows current an max temp during take out. so if you glide through flat top, you could see temp at every point and it will show on a bottom of the screen the highest.

  222. Shelia

    Very easy to use . Durable,, nice piece to have

  223. Techie Type

    On the first one I got the laser didn’t work. I know you can turn it off, but the indicator said it was on and it still didn’t work. The temperature reader still worked (the laser has nothing to do with anything except knowing where you’re pointing), but I had Amazon send another gun, and that one’s laser did work. Got it fast and didn’t have to return the bad one first.

  224. nickgundersen

    Very accurate and easy-to-read display. I use it to check the temperatures in my leopard gecko’s enclosure

  225. Becki Griffith

    Super easy to use! Seems to be accurate. We use it to measure the temps in our bearded dragon enclosure.

  226. S. Grass

    We bought this for home projects and it does just what it said it will!

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    Does the job at reasonable price.

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    works like it says and a great product.

  229. GirlGoneWild

    Using this for making candles. Works great so it!

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    Good for checking motor temperature not for body use

  231. Shari

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  232. Kindle Customer

    easy to use, simple instructions, nice

  233. Amazon Customer

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  234. VinceD

    I love Thermopro products. This device is going to be used for my barbecuing and other cooking. Accurate temperature is critical when cooking! Thank you Thermopro!

  235. Amazon Customer

    Works great. I have nothing else to judge how accurate it is.

  236. fabiola

    Facil de usar

  237. ironchefsmiley

    Great product. Too bad it’s limited one per customer.

  238. MariV

    I just got this today and I can’t even use it due to it having an Error code. I contacted ThermoPro customer service and they were amazingly fast in helping me. Unfortunately they don’t have any in stock but issued me a full refund no questions asked. Even when a product is faulty great customer service makes a huge difference!

  239. Peter G

    This product was shipped immediately and arrived in an expedient fashion.

  240. DudeManGuy

    This is better than I expected. I use this to check the temp of the fresh water I pour into my fish tank during water changes. The closer the temp is the less stress my fish have.I also use the laser feature to play with the dog – an added benefit.

  241. KevinP

    Is there any calibration for the therm pro tp-30? Mine seems to be off a bit.

  242. rowen0409

    This gun works perfectly for our weekly pizzas we do in a wood-fired pizza oven. The oven has a thermometer but we need to know the stone temperature as well as overall interior in order to get proper crust crispness. This unit does it!

  243. PartagasPSD4

    Excellent tool for the house. From the kitchen to AC work. Its accurate, easy to use and doesnt cost a fortune.

  244. Ned

    Got this to check duct temperatures in the ceiling vents. Easy to use and appears to be very accurate. Good value for the money.

  245. macprnc

    Works perfectly at the right price

  246. James M.

    Like all the TP stuff-good.

  247. PrincessMandar

    This is great for when a probe style is not an option or to see how hot a pan is. Love this thermometer!

  248. E

    Easy to use, quick readings from more than a foot away. Harder ul close but overall good for the price!

  249. Kevin M. Iga

    Pretty simple to use. Open the handle to install the (provided) 2 AAA batteries. Point and click, and the readout will say what the temperature is.

  250. Tom

    Very easy to use

  251. Dale C. Harris

    The list of features of this thermometer is long and diverse.Easy to operate is the first on the list. From the AUTO OFF condition, pulling the trigger turns on the laser pointer which makes it a snap to pinpoint the object of interest for the measurement. With a 12:1 spot ratio, you can easily determine how wide an area is being measured (at 1 foot, it sees a 1 inch spot – at 10 feet, 10 inches) It reads from -50° up to 1000°F (-50 to 550°C) and will display the high, low and average readings in the current session. In low light, an easily selected backlight aids in viewing the reading. And, because varying objects behave differently, this thermometer allows compensation of ’emmisivity’ to more accurately read temperatures (a list is provided ). Overall, this is an excellent value and the 20% off introductory offer made it a deal that couldn’t be missed.

  252. Kim Grecco

    very pleased with the product ,works very good.

  253. rsand

    Works great. Use for the grill and around the house.

  254. Amazon Customer

    Works excellent. Very accurate.

  255. Doug

    Great product. Does what it’s supposed to do with accurate temperature readings for most surfaces. The guidance laser is not very powerful and easily lost when attempting to view in daylight. I had a hard time finding the laser point when pointing on an object within 6′ in daylight.

  256. Mom of boys

    Works as expected to check the temp of my pizza stone on my Kamado grill

  257. Michael A.

    Very awesome tool. Dad loved it

  258. Kimberly

    Works great. Looks exactly as pictured and just what I needed for cooking on my Blackstone. Finds the temperature quickly. Have told a few friends about it to purchase.

  259. Douglas K Peterson

    I like the small size.

  260. Cody Kirschenheiter

    This infrared thermometer has been awesome to use around the house and work for flattop grilling to checking Surface temperatures at work good value and accurate.

  261. david l. hall

    Accurate and easy to use. Laser function helps pinpoint areas you want to scan.

  262. hoppy

    No particular likes or unlike. Haven’t had the chance to use it much, but I’ve tried it outdoors on cold surfaces, my smoker grill. It’s quick and pretty accurate.

  263. Kevin D Huggins

    Arrived promptly. Use for smoking meat

  264. john

    Not sure I really needed this, but it was inexpensive and I have all types of ThermoPro products. They are great products and inexpensive also. I bought this mainly to check temps in coolers, but have been using it to check grill temps also. Works GREAT and is a lot of fun to use!! Great price too!!

  265. Bill Brow

    This gun will instantly read the temperature on the surface of any material. I have used it for ducts in my house and for items being heated on the stove or in the oven to get an idea of the status. It is reasonably priced and a good tool to have on hand.

  266. M. Wortz

    As with any technology tool this TP30 IR temp sensor type device would have cost $75-150.00 fifteen to twenty years and may not have been as accurate. This thermometer seems to be well made and is a bargain. Would recommend.

  267. Joe Delph

    Since I have unpacked the ThermoPro TP30 if taken the temperature of anything I’m looking at including the steak I just finished cooking. In all seriousness this device is great. Easy to use and well worth the price. Another great product. I now have 5 of your devices and love them all.

  268. GJR

    I’ve got like five of these. Getting into powder coating so need an accurate non-contact thermo.Main complaint- the manual (yes I read them) has blank pages and is out of order.Still a good value, high quality for the money

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Main Features of the Tempature Thermonitor Gun for Higher Accuracy:

Dual Laser Guidance

Equipped with dual laser pointers and a 16:1 distance-to-spot-size ratio, this lazer thermo gun gives quick and accurate results just by pointing at an object. Built-in highly sensitive sensors gives the thermometer gun for cooking a 0.5-second response time within an accuracy of ±1.5%.

Wide Range of Temperatures

Capable of measuring a wide temperature range between -50°F and 1022°F, this infared thermometer allows users to measure the surface temperatures of objects from above boiling point to below freezing point, making it perfect for no-contact temperature measuring of icy water, air leaks, out-of-reach air-conditioners, boiling soup, and more.

Variable Temperature Display

Check the maximum, minimum and average temperatures from your last scan by simply pressing the ‘Mode’ button on the heat thermometer gun. Review these readings to better diagnose any problems with your AC vents, oven, or car engine.

Adjustable emissivity allows for higher precision when measuring surface temperatures.

For more accurate measurements, use this feature to adjust your temperature gun and to better compensate for different surfaces.

For your reference, we’ve included a table of emissivity values in the user manual.

Use this thermal leak detector for multiple applications


Temperature Range: -58°F to 1022°F (-50°C to 550°C)
Accuracy: ±3˚F (±1.5˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C), otherwise ±2%
Resolution: 1° C/F
Response Time: 500ms
Sensor Type: Thermopile Sensor
Distance-Spot Ratio: 16:1
Display Dimensions: LCD, 1 1/4 ” Length, 1 1/4″ Width (31mm x 31mm)
Product Dimensions: 6.5″ Length, 4″ Width, 1 13/16″ H (167mm x 102mm x 47mm)
Backlight: Yes
Battery Type/Life: 3.0 V (2 x AAA Batteries)
Water Resistance: N/A
Warranty: 3 Years


Q: How far away should I be measuring the surface?
A: It is recommend to measure at least 14″ away from the surface.

Q: Can this be re-calibrated?
A: No, this device is pre-calibrated at our manufacturing facilities and should not need to be re-calibrated.

Q: What if I think it is inaccurate, how do I test it?
A: You can test it by doing either a ice water test, boiling water test or taking the temperature of a known object. If you still suspect it to be inaccurate, give our customer service team a call and we will resolve this for you right away!

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