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Loaded Chicken Nachos

Loaded Chicken Nachos










  • Chicken:
  • 1 lb. Boneless Chicken Thighs
  • Juice from ½ Lime
  • ½ Tbsp. Avocado Oil
  • 1 tsp. Chili Powder
  • ½ tsp. Cumin
  • ½ tsp. Garlic Powder
  • ½ tsp. Paprika
  • ½ tsp. Salt
  • Salsa:
  • 1.5 cups canned Black Beans, rinsed and drained
  • 1 cup Sweet Corn Kernels
  • 1 cup chopped Red/Orange/Yellow Bell Peppers
  • 1 cup chopped Green Peppers
  • 1 Large Tomato, chopped
  • ½ cup chopped Red Onion
  • ¼ cup chopped Cilantro
  • Juice from ½ Lime
  • ¼+ tsp. Cumin
  • Pinch of Salt To Serve:
  • 10 oz. Tortilla Chips
  • 5 oz. Shredded Cheddar or Mexican Blend Cheese
  • ½ cup Guacamole OR Simple Avocado Smash Below
  • 2 Avocados
  • Juice from 1 Lime
  • 2-3 Tbsp. Chopped Cilantro
  • Salt

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HOW TO MAKE Loaded Chicken Nachos

  • Step 1. To prepare the salsa, combine all of the salsa ingredients together in a bowl. Season with cumin and salt.

  • Step 2. In another bowl, combine the lime juice, avocado oil, chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, paprika and salt.

  • Step 3. Toss the chicken thighs on them and let them marinate for 10 minutes. Heat up your grill or grill pan over medium high heat. Place the thighs on the grill and grill for 1-2 minutes on both sides.

  • Step 4. Set your ThermoPro thermometer to 165 degrees or the “Poultry” setting and place the probe in the thickest thigh.

  • Step 5. Cover the grill and continue grilling until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Allow the chicken to cool for 5-10 minutes prior to slicing or dicing it.

  • Step 6. Set your oven to 450-475 degrees. Pour the tortilla chips all over a large sheet pan. Cover with half of the cheese, ¼ of the salsa mixture, and half of the chicken. Repeat with the rest of the cheese and chicken, another ¼ of the salsa.

  • Step 7. Place the pan of nachos in the oven for about 5 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Remove the pan from the oven and top with another ¼ of the salsa.

  • Step 8. Top with dollops of prepared guacamole or mash the insides of two avocados, juice from a lime, chopped cilantro and salt with a fork for a quick guacamole.

  • Step 9. Dip the nachos in the guacamole and remaining salsa and enjoy!


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