Hello ThermoPro Blog Readers, We are proud to be posting a great review from our friends at thermoprothermometer about our TP-20 & TP-08, top of the meat thermometers with probe. Officially, we have been placed in the top 1 best meat thermometers ranked by www.thermoprothermometer.com, and we are pleased to be a part of this great community! And here are some quotes from thermoprothermometer: thermopro thermometer review

Differences in Thermopro tp20 VS thermopro tp08

  • The TP20 has a few more gadgets. Preloaded meat cooking temps etc
  • Thermopro tp20 has meat preset temperatures.
  • TP20 meat thermometer has high-temperature alarms.
  • TP08 has low temperature alarms.
  • TP08 is best for smoking because of low temperature alarms
  • TP20 is not much suited for smoking because of high temperature alarms
  • With Charcoal tp08 low-temperature alarms could be a real benefit.
  • TP20 is #1Bestseller Item while TP08 is not yet #1Bestseller Item at the time of writing.
  • Screen size of tp20 is large as compared to tp08
  • Thermopro tp 20 is a splash proof thermometer while thermopro tp 08 is not splash proof.
  • Thermopro tp-08 is low priced as compared to thermopro tp20
  • Tp20 seems to be more user friendly because of its large LCD as compared to thermopro tp08.
  • Thermopro tp08 is more suited for smoking rather than grilling. It includes one meat probe and one ambient probe.
Although both items have pros and cons but the main thing in both of them is their user or customers satisfaction and thermopro tp20 thermometer seems to be stable regarding several complains which customers have about food BBQ meat digital wireless thermometers. TP-20 VS TP-08 Beside this, one thing I have noticed about Thermopro Company is that, Thermopro is not only manufacturing top best food thermometers but is also testing the user experiences, solving the customer’s problems and improving their products accordingly. One example I would like to mention here is the probe warranty provided by Thermopro. As lot of customers complained about the thermometer probe and Thermopro has solved this issue by providing lifetime warranty of probe which has increased the customer’s satisfaction level up to maximum.
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