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Maybe the male in your life is not quite the grill master he thinks he is, which is evident in his self-proclaimed world famous baby back ribs, which are harder to bite into than a rubber tire and even harder to swallow. Or perhaps you have been known to serve a dry bird or two during the holidays, which has caused you to wonder why your family insists on going to your sister’s home for Thanksgiving.

Well now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the following meat cooking master tools that can help transform you’re once over or undercooked meats into tender, succulent vittles worthy of five stars. It is sure to shock your family and friends and put you well on track to becoming the meat master whose home everyone loves to visit!

NO.1 Meat Thermometer

Even if you cook meat often, some meats, such as whole birds and large roasts, are hard to know precisely when it’s done, especially when grilling them; therefore, having a meat thermometer handy is priceless.

A meat thermometer informs you when your meat reaches the proper temperature, ensuring tender, juicy meat every time. There are even digital meat thermometers that include a cord that enables you to read the temperature from outside the oven or grill. Some digital thermometers also work with your iPad and iPhone so that you can monitor your meats remotely.

ThermoPro TP16 Large LCD Digital Meat Thermometer testing chicken's temperature

NO.2 Roborock Robot Vacuum

Allow yourself to focus on all the food prep for Thanksgiving, and let the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum take some of the cleaning tasks off of your plate. The Roborock S6 is an impressively smart robot vacuum. It can learn the layout of your home, allowing you to schedule cleanings for individual rooms or a few rooms. When you’re getting ready for Thanksgiving company, you can set the Roborock S6 to clean your whole house, allowing you to focus on preparing all the components of your feast.


The Roborock S6 has a ton of features that you’ll love. In addition to cleaning your carpets, this smart vacuum can also sweep and mop your floors. It can help you clean up that mess that is left in the kitchen after getting your turkey ready to go in the oven! As a smart vacuum that is able to learn the layout of your home, it is able to maneuver better and clean your home more quickly. Plus, it cleans more quietly than other similar products, so you’ll hardly notice that it is cleaning your floors.

Your guests will wonder how you were able to prepare such a delicious meal and get your floors so clean at the same time.

NO.3 Oversized Plastic Brining Bags

Certain meats, such as game meats, which can be a bit tough, generally benefit from a marinade or brine before cooking them. The simplest way to marinate this type of meat is to place it into an oversized brining bag along with the brine, marinade, or rub.

Oversized Plastic Brining Bags

NO.4 Cast Iron Pan

Cast iron pans are strong and versatile, which makes them great kitchen steak cooking tools. They can tolerate high heat, which gives meats an excellent crust, and they also provide even heat distribution, so you don’t have to worry about your meats being partially cooked. They are also easy to clean with plain water and no soap.

Cast Iron Pan

NO.5 Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens heavy construction helps circulate heat evenly for more flavor, which makes them just perfect for braising various meats, roasting whole birds, and making chili and stew.

A Red Dutch Oven

NO.6 Butcher’s Block

A butcher’s block or large wood cutting board is a great companion to your meat preparation because it is durable and remains stationary when cutting. They also help keep your knives sharp. However, be sure to keep your wood board clean and free of bacteria by thoroughly cleaning it after preparing meat, and periodically scraping it with a dough scraper and then disinfecting it with either wood-safe soap, diluted bleach water, or white vinegar.

Butcher's Block

NO.7 Boning Knife

A boning knife is generally no more than 8 inches long and has a super fine blade that makes removing bones and filleting meats easier, which is a great investment if you prepare lots of meat. They’re also useful for quartering small roasted birds.

Boning Knife

NO.8 Kitchen Twine

Kitchen twine has many uses from tying a roast to securing the wings and legs of a bird before cooking to even hanging cured meats.

Kitchen Twine

NO.9 A Knife Sharpener

Keeping your knives sharp helps make slicing meats as well as other foods easier, and it also helps prevent the knife from slipping and cutting your fingers when slicing meat or bones. Therefore, invest in honing steel, which has ridges or fine diamond grit that extends the length of the tool, for everyday sharpening.

A Knife Sharpener

NO.10 A Neutral Oil

Neutral oils, such as grape seed oil, have a high smoke point, which enables you to crank the heat up to get a great crust on your meat without setting off the smoke alarm.

A Neutral Oil

Essentially, these ten meat cooking tools will make you the talk of the party and undoubtedly have you eager to take on the preparation of a variety of meats. In the meantime, if you have already made a reputation for yourself as a meat master, please feel free to share your meat-cooking must-have tools.

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