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Smoking meats gives them a distinctive and rich flavor that you cannot achieve with other cooking methods. However, to get your meats exactly as you need them, there is a high level of precision involved. A cooking thermometer for smokers eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you get your meats to the exact temperature you need for juiciness, tenderness and maximum flavor.

The key is to choose the best smoker thermometer in 2019. When you have a high-quality and accurate meat thermometer for your smoker, you can prepare a diverse array of meats and other proteins exactly to your specifications.

Can You Put a Meat Thermometer in a Smoker?

It is relatively simple to install a meat thermometer in your smoker. The first step is making sure that you choose the appropriate location for the thermometer. If you put the thermometer toward the upper part of the smoker, you are likely to get an inaccurate reading. This is because the temperature tends to be the highest at this part of your smoker.

You want to place the thermometer’s probe about three inches above the grate. This will ensure that it is close to the food so that the temperature readings that you get are reflective of the temperatures where the food is placed.

To properly mount the probe to your smoker, there are three general steps that you will follow:

  1. Drill a hole in the wall of your smoker where you will place the probe. This is to pass the threaded thermometer stem part through. If your smoker has multiple grates, you might consider placing a thermometer for each grate for optimal temperature monitoring. Should you choose to only place once, it is best to put it near the uppermost grate as long as this is not too close to the top of the grill.
  2. Pass the stem of the thermometer through the hole you just drilled. It is important that the threads completely pass through.
  3. Place the nut. It is imperative that this fully seals the hole, so ensure that it is snug. However, do not tighten it too much because this could cause damage to the assembly component of the thermometer.

The hole that you drill will be about three-eighths of an inch. However, double-check the component that you thread through the hole just in case you need to make the hole bigger or smaller. While most are three-eighths of an inch, there are exceptions to this rule.

smoke grilling with food thermometer

How to Use a Wireless Thermometer in a Smoker

Using your thermometer is relatively easy. The following steps ensure accuracy and ease of use:

  1. Check to ensure that the batteries are installed properly.
  2. Ensure the temperature is displayed and the probes are properly connected to the transmitter.
  3. Insert the probe into what you are cooking.
  4. Make sure that the heat source is not too close to the transmitter.
  5. Throughout the process, the probe needs to remain in the food.
  6. Keep the receiver close to you so that you can continuously check the temperature.
  7. Carefully remove the probe once your foods are at the desired temperature.

smoke grilling with wireless food thermepro

How Do You Monitor the Temperature in a Smoker?

You will just need to keep an eye on the dial part of the thermometer to monitor the temperature. The average temperature for smoking meats and proteins is 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice that the temperature is getting too high, start closing the vents. This will reduce the temperature by decreasing the oxygen level in your smoker. Do the opposite if your smoker temperature starts to get too low.

If you believe that you are not getting readings that are accurate, you can calibrate the thermometer. To do this, you will take the thermometer off of your smoker and submerge the stem component in boiling water. Make sure to hold it with pliers to ensure safety.

Ensure that the needle is close to the 212 degrees Fahrenheit position. You can rotate it slightly to get a true reading if needed. You can repeat this until the needle is lined up correctly to ensure that it is calibrated. Once this is done, you can put the thermometer back onto your smoker.

The following temperatures are the average when you are cooking specific types of foods:

  • Beef: 140 to 170 degrees
  • Chicken: 170 to 180 degrees
  • Fresh pork: 160 to 170 degrees
  • Turkey: 170 to 180 degrees
  • Veal 145 to 170 degrees

All of these temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

You should check the temperature about once an hour to make sure that everything is going as you intend. If you notice changes in the temperature, you can make alterations to your smoker to adjust the temperature so that it cooks your meats and proteins to your exact specifications.

The Best Wireless Thermometer for Smoking – ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer lets you keep an eye on the temperature of your smoker when you are not standing beside it. This lets you focus on other chores while you are preparing a meal.

This smoker thermometer features dual probes that are made of stainless steel. Because of this, they can withstand high temperature and will not fail prematurely. This thermometer’s probe can function in temperatures up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

Each probe measures 6.5 inches long. The cables are 40 inches in length, making it easy to keep the transmitter away from the heat to prevent heat-related damage. Due to the length of the probes, you can easily get into the center of the foods that you are cooking, even if the cut of meat is especially thick.

Since there are two probes, you can monitor the temperature of two different foods at the same time. This speeds up the cooking process because you can make more than one food at once.

The WiFi technology makes it possible to carry the receiver with you so that you can monitor the temperature when you are away from your smoker. On average, you can get accurate temperature readings up to 300 feet away from your smoker. Just use your home’s WiFi connection to utilize this feature.

The table stand and belt clip on the receiver lets you easily keep it near you. Both elements are durable so that they will not break easily with frequent use.

The LCD screen clearly displays the temperature. Since it is backlit, you can even see the readings clearly when you are smoking in low light conditions. The screen is relatively large, and it does not become dull with extended use.

There are nine pre-programmed settings for temperature. This makes it easy to choose the right temperature for the food item that you are cooking. You can also choose to set a specific temperature manually for optimal control over your foods when they are smoking and tell if your meat is doneness. There is also an option to create your own temperatures and times that you can program into the thermometer.

While this thermometer has a variety of features, it is easy to use. The buttons are clearly labeled, and you can navigate the features quickly and easily. You can see the temperature and quickly choose the right mode for what you are smoking.

This thermometer is lightweight so that you can carry it around easily. You get a user’s manual with it that clearly explains how to use the different functions and how to get it set up and ready for use.


  • The LCD display is backlit to make it easier to read
  • The temperature maximum is 300 degrees Celsius
  • The timer counts up and down
  • You can hear the alarm easily


  • You cannot see the last known temperature if the connection is lost
  • In most cases, you have to manually set the temperature


You now have all of the information that you need to choose a high-quality meat thermometer for your smoker grill and use it properly. The ThermoPro Wireless Meat Thermometer is easy to use, and it always ensures an accurate temperature reading. Because of this, you can get the exact results that you desire when you are smoking meats, proteins and other foods.

Using a meat thermometer in your smoker ensures that your meats and proteins are always cooked to a safe temperature. This eliminates the risk of foodborne illness and overcooked foods. You will also save money on food since your smoked items will always come out precisely as you want them.

To get the most out of your meat smoker thermometer, make sure to insert it into the meat’s deepest part. Keep the thermometer in place until the temperature stops increasing to ensure that you are getting an accurate reading. Lastly, check the final temperature when your food is no longer in the smoker to ensure accuracy.

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