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Many homeowners spend a considerable amount of money on property maintenance and repairs every year. At a glance, it may not seem like much, but in the long run, a small 6-figure mortgage may require thousands for repairs in a year.

Due to changing temperature and humidity, weather-related repairs are one of the more common home maintenance concerns among homeowners. You need to ensure that your house can withstand heavy rains, extremely hot temperatures in the summer, and even potential flooding, among others.

We know these conditions can greatly affect our houses, but we often forget another factor that can slowly damage our homes permanently — unregulated humidity.

Troubles of high humidity in your homes

Humidity is all about air and air is everywhere. When unregulated, it can be an uncomfortable and unavoidable part of life depending on where you live. Many people view humidity as a minor discomfort, and only few are aware of the long-term problems it can cause for homeowners and families. High humidity areas can give rise to mold growth. Molds thrive in moist and warm environments and homes with a high humidity makes it the ideal environment for most kinds of mold. These  molds thrive with moisture, exposure to light, and close environment to reproduce in. Having mold in your house reduces indoor air quality and may cause potential health issues, especially for people with allergies and asthma. Some molds can be even dangerous even for those without existing respiratory problems, and in rare cases could even be toxic. High humidity can also cause water damage. Wood, ceramic tiles, and other home materials can become warped and damaged in some severe cases.

Signs of high humidity

To avoid these potential problems, you would need proper ventilation in areas where moisture would build up. Having a reliable indoor humidity monitor (indoor hygrometer thermometer humidity monitor) can help you regulate moisture. Here are some of the major signs of high humidity.

  • Check to see if you have condensation forming on your windows throughout the day. Constant condensation is highly unusual and it is even more alarming if the condensation happens so often.
  • Stale or musty smell on your furniture and clothing can be a sign that home humidity is too high and it could also mean that ample mold spores are growing in your house.
  • Check out your warping wood or floors, since it could be mistaken as a byproduct of water or flood damage and not gradual degradation because of humidity exposure.

If you’re looking to regulate home humidity, here are the best digital hydrometers in 2021 for home temperature and humidity monitoring.

Best Digital Hygrometers in 2021

ThermoPro TP357 Bluetooth Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer with App Alert lets you monitor your home from up to 260 feet away and receive tons of useful information directly to your smartphone. The APP allows you to set the temperature and humidity ranges for your nursery, greenhouse, humidor, or cellar. You will receive instant notifications on your smartphone if the temp or humidity levels exceed the set range. Humidistat has icons that indicate changes to your environment. The ThermoPro Sensor app allows you to monitor your temperature and humidity from up to 260 feet away. It uses strong, reliable Bluetooth technology. The temperature graph is easy to use and allows you to analyze the historical temp and humidity data of your home to find trends and patterns. You can choose from a variety of time periods, including 24 hours, 1 week and up to 1 Year! The Thermopro Sensor App will notify you immediately if the temperature or humidity exceeds your set levels. This allows you to quickly react to any changes. This app is essential for any humidor, greenhouse or terrarium, as well as garages and wine cellars.
ThermoPro TP49
The perfect home thermometer for your family, ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Monitor provides accurate readings with a large measurement range. The room temperature monitor has a face indicator indicator that shows the comfort level. This allows you to be alerted to any changes in your home/household within seconds. The device can be mounted in many ways, so it can be placed anywhere you like. It can also serve as a desk thermometer or a refrigerator thermometer. One powerful, easily found AAA battery powers the indoor temperature and humidity monitor. It can last 18–24 months and is easy to replace if it does need to be replaced. The humidity gauge and room thermometer are updated every 10 seconds to provide you with the most recent information about air conditions. The smart sensor inside gives a high accuracy of ±1°F/1°C temperature and ±2–3% humidity. With a glance at the comfort level icon, you can always be aware of any changes occurring in your home. Now is the time to humidify and dehumidify!
ThermoPro TP52
ThermoPro TP52 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer and Monitor has a 3.3-inch LCD display and a bright color comfort indicator. An arrow indicates the current air conditions DRY/COMFORT/WET. You can read the humidity and temperature at any distance, in any lighting. ThermoPro room indoor thermometer gives you the most precise indoor temperature and humidity measurements, so you can be sure to adjust your humidifier or AC accordingly. ThermoPro digital Hygrometers have been rigorously optimized to deliver the best results while offering a simple user experience. The indoor humidity and temperature can be monitored with precision to within ±1°C or ±23%RH. Lightning fast response time. A highly sensitive sensor takes measurements every 50 seconds to give the most accurate and up-to-date readings.
ThermoPro TP53
The humidity meter displays the comfort level in your home based on current humidity levels. Always be aware of your surroundings. The hygrometer can be placed anywhere you want, including on a tabletop or wall. Indoor hygrometer regulates temperature and humidity, which is important for skin and allergen. The digital hygrometer thermometer is suitable for use in any room: baby room, nursery basement, greenhouse, or cellar. ThermoPro’s TP53 Thermometer Hygrometer Humidity Gauge has the most narrow frame available on the market. This allows the LCD display/numbers to be enlarged to allow you to read the temperature and humidity from a distance. The yellow backlight ensures that you can still read the display even in the darkest of conditions without any eye strain. Professional grade sensors are used to measure indoor temperature and humidity. The hygrometer also features trend indicators that will let you know if any adjustments are required for your household, such as turning on your AC, or humidifier. Touch to activate/disable the backlight. It automatically turns off after 15 seconds. The bright yellow backlight makes it easy to see and reduces eye strain in low lighting. It automatically turns off after fifteen seconds. The humidity meter displays the room temperature and trends indicators for humidity to help you control humidity.
ThermoPro’s TP50 TemperatureHumidity Monitor provides indoor temperature and humidity monitoring. It can also be used as a refrigerator thermometer or freezer thermometer. The humidity level icon on the humidity meter indicates whether there is an air condition. This allows you to quickly see any changes in your house/home. The digital hygrometer shows high and low temperatures, so be ready for changes in the environment. The humidity meter TP50 provides accurate temperature readings (±1°F and ±23%RH) and a wide temperature range of -58°F–158°F (-50°C–70°C), as well as humidity ranges from 10% to 99 RH. It is the ideal household device to maintain optimal living conditions for you and your family. The temperature and humidity monitor provides reliable readings. It can provide daily updates on the temperature/humidity high and low for any day. This allows you to compare current readings with those from the past. A unit with an extremely sensitive humidity sensor is another useful feature. It will inform you quickly about the comfort level of the room (dry, comfortable, wet) based on the humidity. The digital hygrometer, TP50, is portable and comes with a stand to place on a table or a magnet to attach to a household appliance.


Every year, many homeowners spend significant amounts of money on property maintenance and repair. Weather-related repairs are a common concern for homeowners due to the changing weather conditions. Proper ventilation is essential to avoid potential problems like moisture buildup. A reliable indoor humidity monitor can help regulate moisture. These are the best digital hydrometers in 2021 which are great options for humidity and temperature monitoring on your homes.

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