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ThermoPro TP52

(78 customer reviews)

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Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor

  • Large backlit display with huge digits】Thermopro hygrometer features 3.3 inches lcd display with huge digits ensuring the display is easy to read even in dim light conditions with just a quick glance; powered by aaa battery (included); 
  • Max/min records】Temperature and humidity gauge stores and displays max and min humidity and temperature records for the past 24 hours, you always stay informed about changes to the environment around you;
  • Color air comfort indicator】A vivid color air comfort indicator with arrow indicates current air conditions dry/comfort/wet allowing you to react appropriately by adjusting your ac or humidifer; 
  • Highly accurate readings】Indoor thermometer hygrometer features premium sensors that provide accurate humidity and temperature readings for living environments ensuring you always have accurate information on hand; Accurate to ±2°f and ±2~3%rh; 
  • Extremely user friendly】 Easily adjust your room hygrometer settings with 3 front facing buttons instead of taking the device off the wall to change settings; multiple placement options to guarantee your humidity meter is placed in ideal location.
  • UPC】 810012960687
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ThermoPro TP52

ThermoPro TP52 Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor

  • ThermoPro TP52 Humidity Gauge features a 3.3” large LCD display with a vivid color comfort indicator with an arrow that indicates current air conditions DRY/COMFORT/WET. Backlight & Huge Digits allow you to read the temperature and humidity with ease at any distance and in any lighting!
  • ThermoPro room inside thermometer provides the most accurate measurements for indoor humidity and temperature, allowing you to be aware if adjustments are necessary for your AC or humidifier.


  1. Temperature range:-4°F~158°F(-20°C~70°C)
  2. Humidity range: 10% ~99%
  3. 7-level humidity comfort level indicator
  4. Temperature display unit: C/F selectable
  5. Temperature resolution:0.1°C/°F
  6. Humidity resolution: 1%
  7. Refresh rate: 50 seconds
ThermoPro TP52 Uses

ThermoPro – Live Like A Pro!

ThermoPro digital hygrometers are rigorously optimized to provide the most accurate results possible while still providing a simplified user experience.


Color Humidity Comfort Level Indicator

Color Comfort Level Indicator

Vivid color air comfort indicator with an arrow informs you of air conditions such as DRY/COMFORT/WET allowing you to react appropriately by adjusting your AC or humidifer.

  • Dry: Humidity < 30%
  • Comfort: 30% < Humidity < 60% & (68°F < Temperature < 79°F )
  • Wet: Humidity > 60%
ThermoPro TP52Digital Hygrometer Feature 4

Large & Clear Backlit LCD Display

3.3” Clear Backlit LCD display with huge digits allows for viewability at any angle and light condition. To conserve battery power, backlight automatically turns off after 10 seconds.

ThermoPro TP52 Feature

History Records

Displays current humidity and temperature and 【Max & Min humidity and temperature records for the past 24 hours】, so you always stay informed about changes to the environment around you.


User Friendly Design

User Friendly Design

Easily toggle settings【Backlit/ MAX&MIN/ Temp Units】 with front facing buttons instead of buttons on the back of the device, causing you to remove the device off the wall or fridge.

Precise, Responsive Readings

Precise, Responsive Readings

Monitor the current indoor humidity & temperature with accuracy to within ±1°C and ±2~3%RH. Lightning quick response time, taking measurements every 50 seconds via a highly sensitive sensor to provide the most updated and accurate readings available.

Multiple Placement Options

Multiple Placement Options

Indoor hygrometer features tabletop stand, wall-mount and magnetic back to allow you to place your indoor thermometer wherever is most convenient for you.

ThermoPro TP52 Package Contents:

  • 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • 1 x AAA Battery
  • 1 x User Manual

78 reviews for ThermoPro TP52

  1. Bill Brow

    This thermometer/hygrometer will show the conditions in the room. It can be lit up or not and gives accurate readings. I have it sitting on a dresser, but it can be mounted on the wall or to a metal surface. I like all the ThermPro products and own several.

  2. M. Cat

    Accurate temperature and humidity readings. Easy to see display day and night. Very reasonable price for what you get I am happy with my purchase and would buy again.

  3. Cajun Gourmet

    We did not realize how much we needed this temperature – humidity gauge. We purchased one and it worked so well, that we purchased another two. We are so glad we have them.

  4. Big Mac

    I purchased this for my gun safe, because it is easy to see and read. It is perfect for me and accurate. I have several other types of ThermoPro thermostats and have been happy with there performance.

  5. Solar11

    This thermometer/hygrometer is easy to use and has a large, easy-to-read display. The refrigerator magnet and backlight are very nice features. Accuracy of these products is difficult to determine in the absence of expensive, laboratory grade instruments. However, the temperature and humidity readings on this unit were consistent with another measuring device placed alongside this one (see photo). I cannot report on any reliability issues, as this unit has been in operation for about 24 hours. I will update the review with any issues that may arise.

  6. Norman B.

    I like this product. It’s reasonably accurate and has a nice night display mode.
    I use this with my Waykar dehumidifier in my basement that gets extra cold after running my central air. The dehumidifier also has a humidity display. For some reason I have never been able to get a very close reading between the two read outs.


    Bonito y de buen tamaño…. Y lo mas importante la precision y los materiales constructivos con apariencia de calidad. Ya compré otros dos

  8. Grapee

    It took time to settle in to the humidity reading

  9. brian boyd

    Great easy to use rh meter. Stand,holes, and magnets give you many options to mount.

  10. Diego Garcia

    The display is easy to read. Set up just entailed putting the batteries in and choosing C or F. It’s very accurate.

  11. Jorge M. Vazquez Pena

    Humedad dentro del hogar

  12. ELMac

    The display is very nice although I wish it were slightly larger and brighter. It can be wall mounted or free standing on desk. It’s an attractive unit and I’ll probably pick one or two more up as presents. I’d buy again.

  13. Jon Willers

    Just received. Good quality, packaging well done, easy to follow instruction. Look forward to years of use.

  14. pbamid

    Very nice and easy to read and operate. Also seems very accurate. Would definitely recommend.

  15. C. Harris

    This is very accurate. I love the light so I can read it at night.

  16. Anomaly

    Using this in my garage since I have a pantry cabinet and pet food in there. Easy to read, esp with light. Liked that light button is on front; easy to access. Also very cool that it is magnetic, or can be mounted, or free standing. Lastly, appreciate that it only requires ONE battery. Others I looked at required two or three. Did NOT want another gadget that used or required WIFI and/or an app to work. This is simple, straight-forward and, well, perfect! Maybe a clock would have been nice but I did not need that for this use. I like it!

  17. C. Lillie

    ThermoPro TP52 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Gauge may be placed on a counter, hung on a wall, or placed on metal as it has a magnet on the back.

  18. Kwang Kim

    Nothing to complain

  19. Donald J Millere

    the looks blend in with everything

  20. Shahzad Khan

    Wanted to take one star off because of a dead battery on arrival but this thing works. Has large display that stays on. So far good.

  21. Anna Shilova

    I neve

  22. Vincent

    Performs as described.

  23. Ryan

    Easy to setup and durable

  24. Susanne Boyer

    I have a dial Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Temperature and Humidity Gauge. I bought this ThermoPro TP52 because it is digital. It is very easy to read and set up. I love it and bought one for several of my friends.

  25. NJ Deb

    I had my doubts about this little thing but somehow it works very well I saw how the humidity rose in the summertime, decreased as we got into fall and how it dropped as soon as I put on my heat. And that my bedroom seems to be warmer than where my thermostat is set due to its location. I find it very helpful.

  26. paul

    Product perfect for my use. Seems to be well made and very accurite.

  27. Jason Moses

    Every home should have this item.

  28. Kindle Customer

    I have 4 of these throughout my house as I have changed from electric to propane heat.
    This lets me know what areas of the house are perfect and where we may need to add a supplementle heat source.
    So far – propane is keeping the house quite well warm !

  29. Ted hughes

    This unit is accurate enough to trust in a controlled environment. I use it for guitars

  30. Jansky

    Love this. So easy to use. Bought one as a gift.

  31. FB2017

    Very convenient, easy to read and love the light function.

  32. phuocnguyen

    worth the money to buy

  33. R. Miller

    I tried this in several rooms in my house and it read the same temperature even though I have a 3 story house that has always had a very discernible difference in temperature between the first and third floors.

  34. pat bischoff

    Works beautifully. Wonderful quality.

  35. michael t

     For the price I didn’t expect much. But I was really surprised this is accurate to within 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus it looks kinda cool. I use it to check the air intake temp on my gaming rig, so it must look the part as you can see in the vid it really does look like it belongs.

  36. Jeff Wilkinson

    Just put in the AAA battery and it’s good to go! You can change the temperature from Fahrenheit or Celsius or vice versa at the push of a button. It also lights up at the push of a button and even tells you the maximum and minimum readings since you started using it. I I love it!

  37. Ely

    Smaller than I thought but I’ll keep it fo the price’

  38. Chris F

    Im using it to keep track of humidity level in my music room. It’s let me know I need a bigger humidifier in order to keep proper levels maintained in this dry winter.
    Works great and easy to read. I like the light switch too.

  39. William F Phillips

    Accurate and easy to use.

  40. TankATX

    Extremely accurate, easy to read.

  41. Dv Gary

    Easy to read

  42. Christina O.

    To the best of my knowledge it is accurate. It is easy to operate; the numbers are large and it lights up well. I like the humidity gauge feature. Thumbs up!

  43. April Hughes

    I was a little apprehensive about how well this would work because the price was so great. It works perfectly, it had the battery included, and not a cheap one either. the display is clear and the backlight works perfectly. I tested the hygrometer, as it said a really low number (my basement is very dry) by bringing it into the bathroom and running a hot shower. The humidity reading appears to be correct. Wonderful product for an excellent price.

  44. A. M.

    I am very disappointed in this product. It does not appear to accurately read the humidity in the room. Even when it was placed right next to the humidifier full blast, the meter stayed on dry. Also, to get a reading, I had to press the F/C button and then the arrow might move a little. In addition, the stand is very flimsy, and it broke off shortly after I received the hygrometer. The design is easy to read and user friendly (thus the two stars), but what good is that without accuracy. I had a less fancy hygrometer that worked better than this does.

  45. Kevin

    No noise. Accurate temp/hum. Gauge

  46. JohnL

    It works as described

  47. Mark R. Jonas

    This little dude is clear and easy to see and read. Not obtrusive. It does what it’s supposed to do and looks good doing it and does it inexpensively. Bravo! I’ll have another please.

  48. PenMagic1972

    It’s easy to use, attractive and accurate. I bought it to check to see if the room was really as cold as I thought it was. It was.

  49. Steven C.

    Great product & accurate readings. Used indoors for temp & humidity.

  50. BarryDinSmoke

    Works and looks Great. Matches my Atomic clock stats exactly. Actually much larger than I expected. Size of a wall thermostat.

  51. Melissa Krawitz

    Works great. Easy to read.

  52. Andrew

    So far so good not perfect but it is a better one (brand) in the market with accuracy rate +/- 1-3%.

  53. Bill

    Comparing with other thermometers shows it is accurate. As for the hygrometer I have no other means to compare it to. One would have to purchase another unit. I am pleased with the unit. Helps me to monitor my humidity in my home .

  54. Rick

    Accuracy and to read

  55. Lynn Joyce

    It met my requirements

  56. Robert

    Does as advertised.

  57. Knivez

    i used this to monitor the temperature inside my tent for my plants and I can say it works pretty well

  58. Wilson Ching

    Simple and nice

  59. blm

    Unit is very attractive and blends in with surrounding items.

  60. Stephen F Pursley

    Worked great. Reasonably accurate, matched my Sensi thermostat. Bought a second one for another room. Allows us to monitor humidity throughout the house from our whole house humidifier.

  61. GE

    Same as above

  62. Marissa/FL

    Easy to read and accurate.

  63. John H Boyle

    We used it to verify household temperature versus what was set on the HVAC thermostat.

  64. Deb Craig


  65. David H.

    I like the display and backlight

  66. Shaw Clifton

    Works well

  67. ofaao

    Easy to read

  68. JW

    Easy to read with that “UPPER” dial.👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
    Nice looking, little bit smaller than I expected, but OK.

  69. AK

    Great product!

  70. George R.

    Works great, has light to see at night

  71. avidreader

    easy read, compact, multi display

  72. Kindle Customer

    Our house is very dry so it works great

  73. scooter

    have had for only 2 days but it matches my other instruments accurately.

  74. Bob Jones

    Its read the exact same as my other Hygrometer. So, unless they are both wrong, this product is very accurate.

  75. MGC

    Got what we ordered and a good price when promised. What more could you ask for! We’ll order from this vendor again.

  76. adoptapop

    it does what I wanted to do and that is to tell me the amount of moisture in the air in my house be cause in the winter it dries out so bad then I have trouble sleeping.

  77. DarkRealm

    This is a great thermometer. I used it to make sure the grease was at the right temperature and it was very accountants. I also like that when it reaches the proper temp that it beeps so you don’t have to be standing right there watching it.

  78. Danielle

    I bought this thinking it was an indoor/outdoor thermometer but I was mistaken and must have misread the description. I immediately went online to return it and to my surprise was told I didn’t have to return it and got my refund shortly after. I actually now use this in my freezer and it works great.

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TP-52 Specification

Temperature Range -22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±0.9℉(±0.5℃)from 32 to 140℉(0 to 60℃) otherwise ±1.8℉(±1℃)
Humidity Range 10%~99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2%from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Sensor Type NTC
Refresh Rate 10 seconds
Display LCD, 2 1⁄2 Length x 2 3⁄8 Width inches(63.0L x 61.5W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 3 1⁄4 Length x 3 7⁄8 Width x  3⁄4 Height inches (82.0L x 98.5W x19.0H mm)
Power 1.5V (1xAAA Battery)

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP52 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor Gallery

ThermoPro TP52

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity

ThermoPro TP49

ThermoPro TP-50 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP50

ThermoPro TP-55 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP55

Price $12.99 $12.99 $8.99 $8.99 $11.99 $11.99 $15.99 $15.99
Availability In stock In stock Out of stock Out of stock
Alexa capability No No No No
Backlight display Yes No No Yes
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes
High low records Yes No Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor Only
Mobile app No No No No
Remote No No No No
Temperature humidity alerts No No No No
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No No


Q: What does LL mean under humidity?
A: LL means the humidity is less than 10% as our device does not read that low.

Q: What is the refresh rate?
A: 10 seconds

Q: I just removed it from the package, why is it inaccurate?
A: We recommend giving the device a couple hours to acclimatize to its new environment. 

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