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Some products are designed to have a distinct advantage over the competition, which is what the ThermoPro TempSpike excels at. This innovative device uses Bluetooth 5.2 technology to establish a strong and stable wireless connection over a 500′ range, making it the longest in the market.

A 500′ range seems impressive, but how far is it really? To give you a clear idea of the capabilities of this product, here’s a list of things that are 500′ in length. With this context, you should be able to fully understand how the TempSpike and its features can benefit your lifestyle. 

Let’s answer the question: Just how far is 500′?

500′ Range = 1.4 Football Fields

No matter how you feel about Tom Brady, the man sure can throw a long pass. But for Brady to throw a football on par with the full range of the TempSpike, it would have to travel the entire distance of an NFL football field (360′, including both end zones) as well as ⅖ of an adjoining football field. That’s how far the TempSpike’s broadcasting range is.

But that’s not all. You’re probably very familiar with the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, LA. If you were to place a TempSpike Booster in the middle of the Superdome’s 50-yard line, you should theoretically be able to receive a signal from anywhere in the stands. That’s because the 500′ range of the TempSpike covers an area of 785,398 square feet,  far more than the Caesars Superdome’s square footage of 440,000. 

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500′ Range = 1.3 Baseball Fields

If baseball is more your thing, we’ve got you covered. With baseball fields being slightly smaller than football fields, the comparison is similar. The 500′ range of a TempSpike is equal to about 1.3 baseball fields or, if we were to put two baseball fields side by side, the TempSpike’s range could reach 76.9% of that distance.

Thinking of it in terms of area is just as impressive. If we were to put the TempSpike Booster in the middle of a baseball field and then put two additional fields next to it, you would be able to receive the signal from anywhere within those three fields. Now, that’s a real home run for this revolutionary product!

500′ Range = Half of the Eiffel Tower

A 500′ range doesn’t have to be a horizontal distance, and to illustrate this point, let’s bring up some famous landmarks. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is 1,083 feet tall, making it about half the broadcasting range of the TempSpike. That is to say, if you were grilling with the TempSpike at the halfway point of the Eiffel Tower, you would be able to receive a signal from almost any point on the tower!
This can also be said for some American landmarks. If you were grilling on the ground, you would be able to receive at the top of the Statue of Liberty (305′, including the base) or most of the Washington Monument (over 555′). This is because the TempSpike has the same broadcasting range as a 50-story building (for which each floor is 10′ tall).

500′ Range = Less than 2 City Blocks

In most cases (unless you live in a mansion or a ranch), the TempSpike’s 500′ range should more than cover the area of your house. In fact, 500′ is almost enough to cover 2 city blocks (with an average length of 315′).  
Think of it this way. If you were to start walking away from the TempSpike Booster at a leisurely pace of 3 miles per hour, it would take you 1.89 minutes before you would exceed its range. Or, if you were to sprint at the average human speed of 14 miles per hour, it would take you 0.41 minutes to cover the same distance. That’s basically ⅕ of a mile. Now that’s far when it comes to wireless thermometers!


As we can see, 500′ is a long distance, especially when applied to ranges for wireless thermometers. If you’re looking for a reliable thermometer that offers the freedom to monitor temperatures from a great distance, consider the ThermoPro TempSpike, available on Amazon!

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