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ThermoPro TempSpike Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

(57 customer reviews)

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Premium Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer with 500-Ft Remote Range, Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with Wire-Free Probe, Meat Thermometer Wireless for Sous Vide Smoker Rotisserie

  • 500-Ft Ultra-Long Range】: Connected via the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2, this wireless thermometer for grilling can monitor your cooking from up to 500 feet away, truly wirelessly tracking your meal from anywhere!
  • 【100% Wire-Free】: Wireless thermometer for grilling removes all the tanged wires, makes it a versatile tool for electric rotisserie, BBQ, smoker, oven grilling, pan-fry or sous vide; Enjoy 100% wire-free cooking and the convenience of no-hassle setup and cleanup
  • 【1 Probe, 2 Sensors】: Bluetooth thermometer for smoker features a meat temperature probe that can simultaneously measure internal meat temperature and ambient pit temperatures, while still reading highly accurately in just 3 seconds, so you’ll never overcook or undercook again!
  • 【Easy-to-Use, Multifunctional App】: Get real-time alerts on the go with the smart thermometer App; Supports custom timer and temperature graphs; USDA-recommended preset temperatures elevate your cooking like a pro every time you fire up your grill with our smoker thermometer
  • Effectively Manage Your Time】: Wireless grill thermometer App takes the guesswork out by estimating how long to cook; Set up ambient pit temperature alarms and cooking pre-alarms that trigger within 5°F/10°F/15°F of the target temperature!
  • 【Rechargeable & Waterproof】: The Signal Booster for this wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking can last up to 3 months on a full charge; Wireless meat probe features IP67-rated stainless steel that is easy to clean, allowing you to always keep your space tidy, dishwasher-safe
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TempSpike Meat Thermometers for Smokers with Smart App!

The TempSpike Bluetooth grill thermometer monitors your cooking from 500 feet by using the most stable radio frequency available on the market. Equipped with a pair of advanced heat sensors, this digital meat thermometer can track cooking temperatures both inside & outside your food. Enjoy 100% wire-free cooking and the convenience of no-hassle setup. As the smart choice that edges out the competition, the TempSpike is perfect for ovens, grills, sous vide, BBQs, smokers, rotisseries, and more!

  • Grilling Thermometer Range: 500 ft (Signal Booster to smartphone)
  • Internal temperature range: 14˚F to 212˚F (-10˚C to100˚C)
  • Ambient temperature range: 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
  • Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
  • IP67 Waterproof & Rechargeable
  • Timer (maximum): 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
  • For Use with: Oven, Grill, Sous Vide, BBQ, Smoker, Rotisserie, and more
  • Preset USDA-Approved Temperatures for: Beef, Fish, Ground Beef, Ground Poultry, Lamb, Pork, Poultry, Turkey, and Veal

As a brand extension of ThermoPro meat thermometers, TempSpike inherits and further develops the cutting-edge technology of its parent brand, offering more diverse and advanced digital thermometers that ensure a pleasant buying experience for our customers.

  • Package Includes:
  • 1 Grill Meat Thermometer Signal Booster
  • 1 Bluetooth Meat Probe
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 User Manual

57 reviews for ThermoPro TempSpike Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

  1. Juan

    Like the app, it’s a bit better than ThermoPro app, should be the same app. The TempSpike app allows you save cooks and the regular ThermoPro for wired thermometers doesn’t.

  2. Dustin T. Sharp

    This wireless meat thermometer has many great features. Of course it’s wireless, which is a big plus. As long as you keep the base unit nearby, it stays connected. If you walk away with your phone, you will loose connection if you go too far away but it will reconnect automatically when you come back. I think the range could be a little bit better. The phone app is easy to use and intuitive. One thing I’m not sure though is the temperature accuracy, due to the results of my first couple of cooks taking much longer than they should have to reach temperature. I need to test it against a known-to-be accurate thermometer to be sure. When I do, I’ll update this review and if the discrepancy was only in my head I’ll award that fifth star.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Only thing I would like to see different is wifi

  4. Eva Shen

    AMAZING product! It was super easy to use and the app was very convenient, clear and helpful as well. The quality is great and I think it’s definitely worth the price. I made steak with my family and with the help of this product and the meat came out just the way I wanted with ease. Highly recommended! Very satisfied with this purchase and will definitely be using it more often in the future. 🙂

  5. Daniel B. Dreelin

    This is the first one that had some decent distance in Receiving well worth the Price.

  6. Olivia

    1. I don’t think the range is as advertised. I walked away a few hundred feet and my phone kept buzzing that it’s disconnected. Its actually very annoying every time you get out of range.2. No graph for ambient temperature? Why? The top probe sensor graphs, but the only shows current temp. I need to see how my pit is doing over many hours and I like to see pit temperatures fluctuations when I open the lid etc. easy we fix.

  7. Ronald

    Easy to use, very accurate, makes using a rotisserie so much easier

  8. Mike Grosso

    I was a bit worried with all the negative reviews, but I found the TempSpike to work exceptionally well. I used it to track the temps of a few cooks on my Weber kettle and it has worked like a charm! I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were TWO thermometers in the single spike, which made measuring my pit temps so easy!MAKE SURE you’re following the instructions that tell you to bury the probe into the meat UP TO the mark indicated in the manual – that could be a reason for all the failures.

  9. Sokysock

    Works good outside. The Bluetooth will not work if you have lots of walls

  10. Harrison

    Used the tempspike for the grill. It was very easy to clean after using. The app was straightforward! Very satisfied with the product.

  11. John M.

    I use this on my Kamado Joe and pellet cookers, it performs great in both. Love the convenience of measuring meat and ambient in one probe. I’ve had no problems with connectivity, just keep the base near the probe and you’re good to go. My only gripe, and this is a small one, is no graphing for the meat. I do think this will catapult me into considering a Wi-Fi version from another brand or hold out until ThermoPro does one. When I use on rotisserie no more stopping the process to check temps, I get real-time info via my phone.

  12. Omar

    Was able to snag this up at a steep discount at launch, works really great and is really easy to clean up.

  13. aria0101

    The tempspike app is very intuitive and clearly guided. Used when cooking my steak, the dish came out very beautiful with the rareness that I intended. accurate enough for my cooking. easy to clean! absolutely worth it!

  14. John J.

    Could have been easier to set up and better directions (a little confusing).

  15. Jon

    Only used once so far. Rotisserie cooked a 6lb turkey breast on my Weber charcoal kettle grill. The thermometer worked great for the two hour cook. Stayed connected to my phone from inside the closed the grill to the other side of my house. The meat temp was accurate and at the end of the cook matched up with my instant read thermometer when placed in the same area as this wireless probe . The app is pretty good. Only real disappointment was the high/low ambient temp alarms were unreliable. Sometimes they worked, sometimes not. The meat temp alarm worked as expected. The default alarm sounds like a smoke alarm and about scared the pants off of me the first time it went off. I quickly dug through the app settings and changed the alarm sounds to something less “alarming” – LOL.It should be noted that due to the probe’s size and minimum insertion depth, it is not suited for smaller cuts of meat such as pork chops.I had no problem with the ambient temp being affected by the meat temp, however it does lag behind the grill’s built in thermometer by 10~20 seconds. Not a huge deal if you don’t have to worry about flareups.

  16. JIAXIN

    This product free me from waiting in front of the oven, and the wireless design allows me to know the temperature without having to open the oven frequently to check the status of the meat, and without removing the foil to check the food. Even if my oven is in the backyard, the temperature is accurately reflected on my app from a door and two walls. There is also an automatic alarm when the temperature is too high, finally I don’t have to worry about the meat being dry! Btw the setting on the app is easy too. Totally worth it.

  17. Autumn

    Really likeing the TP it’s been pretty accurateSo far great reception the only negative is I whish they could make the prob skinnier overall great product

  18. J.T.

    I have only used it once so far and am happy with the results.

  19. Ron P.

    The first problem I had was it kept dropping the signal.If you’re running a VPN you have to turn it off.Once I did it worked flawlessly.Well worth the money.

  20. K. dever

    This thing works great so far. Very accurate. Alarm is insanely loud so you can’t miss it. I wish I could send the meater+ back but it’s out of warranty. Range is beyond excellent. Much better unit, just wished they made a multi probe system.

  21. Lovebyrds_Backyard_BBQ

    So easy to use. You do need to download an app for it to work.

  22. Limafolk

    Easy to use in a thick piece of meat. The probe needs to be inserted 2-3 inches. So. Not good for thinner cuts. The real problem was the ambient temp reading; it was reading 50 degrees low on the grill and in the oven. I replaced it and the second one did the same thing. Returned that one also.

  23. Amazon Customer

    Accurate temperatures, easy to use. Love the simplicity of its app.

  24. Jennifer Carter

  25. Michael Frischmann

    I found this item to be a very easy way to measure the meat temps and my pit temps without all of the wires.I picked it up when ThermoPro was running an extra 30% discount so at that price it was a fantastic deal and worth the price.I didn’t double check the meat temps with my ThermaPen so I can’t be 100% certain on the accuracy there.I love that there are no wires I’m messing with and the probe cleans up very easily (I find the wires of wired probes to be much more difficult to clean.

  26. finn

    Best thermometer if you dont want to physically check temperatures constantly. Easy to use app, good range. Convenient!

  27. Bocaboy

    My TempSpike arrived yesterday and I immediately tried it with a smoked chicken using a Pit Barrel Junior. To my surprise and skepticism, it worked perfectly! I would have thought that the all-metal construction of the Pit Barrel would have blocked the Bluetooth signal from the TempSpike to my phone, but that wasn’t the case at all.As instructed, I did place the booster a couple feet away from the smoker, but never needed to plug it into a power outlet. I then went inside, about 30 feet away and on the other side of an impact glass door, and had no trouble following the temperature of both the pit and the food.When I removed the chicken from the smoker, I checked the reported temperature of the food with a ThermaPen and found the chicken to be within 1 degree of the TempSpike!Surprisingly, this is also very easy to clean. After it’s cooled, simply run it under warm water with a little soap and rinse it clean. Electronics able to survive soap and water? Amazing!!The only thing it doesn’t do is regulate the pit temperature like a BBQ Guru, but I suppose the people at ThermoPro are working on that as I write this!In addition to BBQing and smoking food, this probe is perfect for the oven or even sous vide. I haven’t tried either yet, but truly, the TempSpike is a real game changer for the home cook.For the price, this is a great addition to my kitchen and I look forward to using it often!

  28. Ryan Heritage

    I was curious if it would be accurate, but it is spot on! My electric smoker was reading 275, but I noticed the ambient end (rear) of my TempSpike was reading much less. I took another thermometer and put it on the smoke exit, sure enough it was too low. Now I crank my electric smoker up all the way and trust my TempSpike. I would definitely buy another one and may to check the height of my smoker temps (bottom vs top).

  29. CT

    Waffled for quite awhile on buying a ambient and internal probe in one as I felt they were all overpriced, considering most had mediocre reviews and cons that outweigh the pros, when compared to other wired probes with a wifi connection.My biggest concerns are range and accuracy and the TempSpike is pretty good at both. I don’t lose the connection throughout my 3200sf home, which is a pleasant surprise and it was within degree of my thermapen when checking a steak during a reverse sear. Price during their promo was also close to 50% off which made this worth a try.The downsides IMO are the lack of wifi and the ambient part of the probe which is slow to respond compared to my wired wifi therm. It also graph the ambient, which would be a nice feature if it can be added.Overall, solid version of this concept that seems to address some of the concerns of its competitors.

  30. Yan pronounced wine

    If you need a Bluetooth wireless internal thermometer, this will work. Do not rely on this for ambient Temps because it is nowhere close. You will need to get an ambient thermometer as well!Edit: Updating my review from 3 stars to 5 stars. After doing more independent testing, the internal and ambient sensors on the probe are both accurate, even when both sensors are tested simultaneously and when tested by themselves. The problem I had must have been user error in controlling my cooking ambient temperature.

  31. Tom of All Trades

    this thermometer is awesome! I kept waiting for a more economic version of the Meater to be released. This is actually a better product and at a better price!

  32. M. Smith

    Great product and fast response from seller.

  33. J J

    This is a truly wireless thermometer!!!All I needed to use this thermometer was charge the probe with base(booster), downloaded the app called, TempSpike” & add the thermometer via bluetooth, & stuck the probe inside the meat & watch from the downloaded app. That’s it!!!Speaking of the app, I would probably give 5 stars just for the app. It was so easy to use.I could use some of preset meat profile temperatures, or I could add my own meat/temperature – added brisket for my own use.I also could monitor 2 temperatures at the same time – inside the meat & inside the smoker(grill) with just one probe which was also quite accurate.TIP: When you stick the probe, make sure the tip(black end) of the probe doesn’t face the heat directly.I first stuck the probe upward from the side(black tip facing the fire below), the monitor couldn’t read any temperature & had error message(bluetooth disconnection). Then, I pulled out the probe & stuck from the top of the meat, then everything worked great!!!

  34. Inches

    Price is comparable to Meater+. Been using it for a month now for grilling and smoking, but I especially love it for rotisserie cooks.Pros:-Range is way better than Meater+, no disconnect issues so far.-Tested the probe accuracy multiple ways, and the internal probe sensor is accurate.-Awesome customer support. I emailed them about an issue and they resolved it quickly.Cons:-I found during testing that the ambient temp is sometimes accurate, but may sometimes be up to 4deg F off. Luckily, that’s not much to cause an issue during long cooks.-Ambient temp is unreliable during the first 30mins-1hr of the cook since it is close to the cold meat, but I believe the Meater thermometer does the same thing.-Meater’s phone app is better.Overall, I would recommend this. Hoping that they release improvements on the app. Also wish that the base price (currently $99) is cheaper than the Meater+, especially since the Meater is the main player in the wireless probe thermometer market.

  35. MomOfTwins

    The TempSpike worked great! A breeze to set up and get running through Bluetooth! Used on a 6hr pork butt in a vertical propane smoker. Before TempSpike, I would have to rely on time alone, now I can safely say that what I鈥檓 cooking is to temp before serving!The only issue I had which may not affect others, is the range between phone and receiver wasn鈥檛 working well. This could鈥檝e been caused by the reception angle, or what kind of wall was blocking, but it was very finicky when moving away from the cook and would incessantly beep until you moved within range!I would recommend this to anyone enjoying outdoor grilling/smoking and wanting the comfort of a great and accurate thermometer!

  36. Jaykron

    I really wanted to like this device. I have had one of Thermopro’s instant read thermometers for years and love it. I do a lot of low and slow cooks, so this seemed like a perfect replacement for my current wireless thermometer setup. This device theoretically would allow me to keep the lid closed for most of the cook, and have one small device to track my meat an ambient temps.But, after a little bit of time leaving the probe on in my house that the ambient temperature readings were not even close to accurate. For whatever reason the temp went from about 5 degrees cooler than house temp (I have multiple readings in my house and was able to determine precise temps), to 15 degrees cooler than the room. This continued when the meat was on the grill cooking as well. The temps were almost 25 degrees different from my wireless thermometer I’ve used for years.The other issue was with internal temperatures. Even though they were much more accurate, they were very slow to update. This caused me to overshoot my target temp for my meats by about 10 degrees because the thermometer didn’t update fast enough. It seems like it’s on some kind of timed cadence for updates and for me they were way too spaced out. I attempted to use this for three low and slow cooks and it failed the same way each time.One design flaw I found with the device (and reading on competitor devices this seems to be a common compliant of truly wireless probes) is that the probe itself is really big. It made putting this thing into a pork butt, chuck roast, and steak very difficult. If you can’t get it into a pork butt easily, how are you expected to get this to fit and stay in place for a more delicate/lighter protein like a chicken. It barely stayed in place with a gigantic tomahawk steak.I love the concept of the device, and I only lost connection twice (which is much better than my other wireless thermometer), so I think there’s hope for it in the long term. But, I’m going to hold off buying another one of these fully wireless thermometers until they’ve had a chance to mature a bit in the market. Maybe in a couple years I’ll take a look and see if the technology and designs have improved.

  37. Tristan Hipp

    I am really impressed with this device and the great value it provides! It’s really easy to use and it was really accurate based on my tests. I’m impressed with the range I was able to receive which covered my entire backyard with ease but as expected, you will get a little bit less when there are walls in the way as with all Bluetooth in my experience. You don’t need to worry about batteries which is nice since the item is fully rechargeable. The only drawback is that I think the APP could be visually better and I reached out to their support team with a couple of questions. They stated an app update was on the list of things to come. At such a great price, I would recommend it.

  38. J. Midolo

    This is a great tool for when you are grilling something that takes longer than a steak or a burger, like a whole chicken or bbq ribs. You can keep track of the grill temperature and the internal meat temperature with one probe. The reps go Bluetooth to the case, which then transmits via wifi to your phone. Alarm sounds when target temperature is achieved.I would give it 5 stars if it were more accurate. It’s about 10 degrees to high, so when the chicken temp is 155F, the app alarm goes off saying you’re at 165f. But, it’s close enough that you are still in control. Just check it with a manual thermometer.

  39. C. Littlefield

    I’ve used this on all different protein types on a propane grill, a smoker, and a charcoal grill- it is effective with all 3 types! As well as accurate readings with griddle and flattop cooking.

  40. James Stroud

    Absolutely love this thermometer. Easy to use and accurate. Only thing I don’t like about it is when it gets to temperature the base has an extremely loud alarm tone.

  41. Sa2

    Okay this ended up being more of a hassle than what I had anticipated. The charging case acts like a bridge and the app requires location permission which I did not grant it access. I am able to get a temp easily 50 feet away, but the temp change takes a bit of time from what it really is. I’m more of a hassle free minimalist type of person, so this was a bit much, with all the charging and setting up. I was hoping to use this for the holidays as well, and I’ll see how it turns out for meats in the oven. The probe works really well for thick cuts of meats, but will fall over and hopefully not through the grates on smaller items like hamburger patties, fish, etc as well.This could be a serious probe for that person who roasts large cuts, or smokes all day, but needs subtle monitoring. For those of us with little time and quick grilling, it’s easier to just use a AA battery instant read probe after 7 minutes to see the temp.

  42. W1676

    So far so good. Really handy and easy to use. App wants to know location which is unnecessary. App is also hard to close, but the therm part is great.

  43. Slvrscoobie

    Such a good tool! Few things I love : 1) the graph, it’ll graph the temp and then… give you an estimated done time! 2) it has a charger base, and BT ‘extender’ which lets me move inside while my grill is on the porch. 3) many settings for different meats and done-ness. 4) its easy to pair.and 5! Its app does NOT require location services! So many of these require that in the app. This is not the case. TempSpike is the app – works well!It’s a small device, so it fits easily in most wires so nothing to catch one in the grill. even works under tin foil, inside my oven!fantastic, love it.

  44. Jaimee Scott

    This thermometer is so easy to use!! It is my secret for perfect BBQ. I love that it’s app connected and doesn’t need a wire.

  45. David L

    Set what temperature to what you want and ensure that your steaks are never overcooked. Also great for chicken. Avoid overcooking and dried out chicken and ensure that your chicken is safe to eat and juicy. Really great thermometer.

  46. C. M.

    I’ve owned every step of the progression of BBQ thermometers, from the round gauge on the grill lid itself to the round gauge that you had to put the probe in the meat and took a few seconds to measure, to the evolution of instant digital readings and more recently before this one a “wireless module” that was wireless in a way that you could pair it to your smartphone, but still had wired probes and a central module that had to be outside of the grill/oven.While i had seen this type of completely wireless probes it is the first one that i actually own and i must say that this is a gamechanger for me.Being able to read the ambient and probe temperature in real time means that you can act on how you want to cook your meat. No opening, pinching and closing, repeat, repeat, repeat until, yes it went over the temperature you wanted.The range extender works great and charging the whole system is as simple as it gets.The app is very well designed and user friendly unlike some of the cheaper products that using the app becomes a chore as bad as pinching the meat 10 times until you decide its on the temperature you want.I wish two probes were included for two different meats on the grill, although you can get reference on the temperature of one relative to the other, while it is not exactly accurate you have an estimation on when to start checking for that other piece.Overall i’m happy and a repeatable steak means that you’re on the way to perfection!

  47. LuckyRabbit

    We used this probe in our smoker to make some pulled pork. We downloaded the app and it was very easy to use. It had a lot of presets for safe food temps based on what you are cooking. It also had a central Bluetooth extender to increase the range. We were running our smoker at 225 and suddenly the app started beeping loudly. I checked and it said my smoker was pulling up temps of over 400. Turns out there was a flare up. I would not have noticed it otherwise. I also used the probe in the oven today to make chicken and it worked great in there as well. We compared the temps to another thermometer and it matched perfectly. I highly recommend this probe.

  48. Geoff

    We bought a Trager last year and have enjoyed the ability to cook and smoke a lot of proteins. One of the issues with a Trager is that opening the lid can greatly impact cooking time. We’ve been using an instant read thermometer and it’s been ok, but when we switched over to the ThermoPro TempSpike we found that by not lifting the lid to check temp, we were getting noticeably better results. The spike is a bit high priced, but it earns its price tag with accurate temperature readings (which is huge, many probes I’ve tried have been off by a few degrees) paired with a solid app which was easy to get all set up and use. It’s not the least expensive way to get your temps, but for us, it has been a much better way.

  49. Jay

    I mean seriously, after thinking I’d mastered every trick in the book for checking how cooked meat was, who knew this little gadget would take all the guesswork out of grilling?!I’m not the best with e-gadgets, but this thermometer is incredibly simple to pair with my phone and use. Within a few minutes of setting up the thermometer and installing the app, I was watching the temperature in the center of a big cut of steak in real time. No more equating “hand tenderness” to how well done a piece of meat is!

  50. The Chief

    I’ll start off by saying that my wife gave me crap for getting this because I have “too many thermometer thingies”. My response to her was “well, when you do the cooking, you can get rid of some”…yeah, I do ALL of the cooking.Anyways, back to this magical device. I have a few ThermoPro devices and they are always quality. Their warranty is great (and they actually honor it). However, this device is next level! I’ll explain why.BUILD QUALITYEverything is solid. Beautiful quality. Almost made me sad before I shoved the probe into some chicken.GREAT APPThe app makes it almost impossible to mess up meat. Look at the pic I posted. When you select what kind of meat you are cooking, it shows you exactly how to position the probe for best results. I’ve never seen anything like that in any cooking gadget app. I now want to try it on all the meats!AMBIENT/INTERNAL TEMPSIt is nice having the ambient temp, although I question its accuracy a bit. My oven is set at 400 and the ambient only reads 315F right now. I will have to test it with some of my other “thermometer thingies” my wife complained about.ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETIONWhat?!?! This was a surprise. After I shoved the chicken in the oven and set up the app, it started a countdown on its own. I’m assuming it takes the rate of change of internal temperature and does some magic calculation to give you a time remaining. Again, not sure how accurate it is, I’ll have to play with it more. Still a super cool feature!CUSTOMIZABLEI haven’t done a ton with the app yet, but it seems to be very customizable. One of the pitfalls of many other cooking gadget apps is that they are generally not very versatile. Doesn’t seem to be the case with this.EASY CONNECTIONI might have been able to do it while sleeping. Open app, give permissions (because they can go ahead and spy on my meat, I don’t care), add probe, done. It is almost TOO easy!Bottom line, this thing is the real deal. I know there are plenty of these to choose from, many more expensive. In my opinion, if you keep looking for a different probe at this point, you are crazy. Buy this thing now!!!

  51. eric

    Easy to set up the distance was great was about to walk around the house and still get a reading.Easy cleaning and small enough to fit in any drawer.In app can be set up for any any meat TempsGreat product

  52. Hopefully helpful

    accurate readings, easy to set up and use, alarms are great, app is nice. blutooth range is good, wipe clean, stick it in the case and your good to go. standby battery is great, I’ve yet to run out of battery to comment on how long it lasts.

  53. Shaddii

    I have only had this probe for a short time but have cooked several different things with it including grilled chicken and a smoked brisket. Here are my thoughts:First thing I noticed is that it is a little difficult to take the clear plastic cover off the base station. I feel like I am going to break something because of the amount of effort it takes to remove the cover. The base station feels a little flimsy. Accidents happen and I think it will break instantly if it is ever dropped. The little rubber plug that goes over the USB-C port fell off quickly. Not exactly sure when it happened but it must have been within 10 minutes of being removed from the box. I am very happy though that this device uses USB-C and not a micro USB. My final comment on the base station is that it needs magnets on the bottom. I will be adding those myself so that I can stick it to the side of the pellet box on my Pit Boss.The probe feels well put together. There is a small ring around the metal part of the probe and the probe must be inserted into the meat past this ring. The Probe must also be relatively close to the base station. With the lid of my pit shut I found that the probe would lose connectivity if the station was more than 4 feet away. Also, if you wrap your meat in aluminum foil you must puncture the probe into the meat through the foil. If you wrap the probe in foil with the meat you lose all connectivity. I also found that the practical range of the device is nowhere near 550 feet. I had intermittent connections issues at the opposite side of my house which is only about 75 feet away.I did have a bit of trouble connecting the device to the app but looking back I think that it might have been because the base station battery was dead. After charging the base station to full it seemed to connect just fine. The app was very clean and worked well. It did crash once but it worked good the rest of the time. I actually found that it continued to run in the background of my phone all day after cooking that chicken. So I would say it is pretty stable. I do feel it’s important to note that my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S21. Obviously it may be less stable if your not using a major phone brand and model.If I could change one thing about the app it would be the scroll wheels used to set the MAX and MIN settings of the ambient sensor. Scrolling through 100 degrees or more is just a bit tedious and I would rather enter the values using a number pad. Pretty minor issue for me though as I probably won’t be using the ambient sensor much. Also the app needed my device location and I have no idea why. It didn’t ask for any other permissions though which is a good thing. If it had asked for Camera and Mic access, contact details, or other information I would be writing an extremely negative review right now, privacy after all is important and there is no reasonable reason for a thermometer to need those items.Probe seemed to be sluggish updating at room temperatures but was faster once in the pit. The ambient temperature sensor and the probe sensor were not reading the same temp even when lying on my kitchen counter for hourshey were only 2 degrees off so its not that big of a deal. The meat probe itself was giving a nearly identical readout as my normal meat probe so I feel like I can trust it. Finally the estimated time remaining only worked about half the time and I have no idea why. Sometimes it would work and other times it just showed as a blank.Overall my experience with this device was pretty good but I think its slightly overpriced. $70-80 is about the right price for this product in my opinion. The design seems to be based on the MEATER and at the current list price of $90 I would spend another $10 and buy a MEATER+ instead of this.

  54. Sonsam

    Easy to set up app and pair, the directions are very clear. I have instant read thermometers but being able to pair with your phone and have it alarm (alarm is loud!) when whatever you’ve cooking hits it’s desired temp is next level cool technology!!! This thermometer is great because it’s literally a set it and forget it, freeing u up to join the party as opposed to always having to check on things. App is really cool too and intuitive.Tested: So an easy check of ambient accuracy was to have it out in room temp and it read exactly what my thermostat had. I cooked a whole chicken in my toaster/ convection oven and ambient was 10 deg off of oven preset but there is variation in ovens themselves so that was expected and the probe was pretty close to the heating element. It’s not too concerned about ambient temperature as I am internal and when the chicken was 165 it alarmed. Checked same spot with digital thermometer a few times and it was a +- 2 degrees鈥o very accurate and chicken turned out perfect! Next level thermometer that works as described/ intended. Def recommend!

  55. Scott

    I liked that I started the app, it was a breeze to add the probe. It did not disconnect every 5 seconds. Very novel.

  56. Oh No

    Bluetooth Great idea works great

  57. Walter R. Crawford

    Works well, like the distance you can be away from the probe. I like it.

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Q: How many devices can you have paired to a phone?
A: You can have up to 3 devices paired to the same phone. You cannot have them paired to separate phones at the same time.

Q: Is this truly wireless?
A: YES! ThermoPro’s first ever truly wireless thermometer.

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