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Have you been trying to learn how to replace your cooking thermometer battery? If so, there’s no need to worry. It’s a simple process for both of the primary design types, and we’ve listed all of the steps in this short guide.

Steps To Change ThermoPro Thermometer Coin Cell Batteries

When it’s time for you to replace the batteries in your ThermoPro food thermometer, your digital thermometer low battery light will come on. You won’t see the low battery light very often, though. ThermoPro digital thermometers are made to last for 1500 hours with coin-cell batteries.

When you do need to replace the batteries, it’s a simple process.

First, you have to open the battery hatch. To do this, you can use a quarter to get a good grip on the hatch’s cover, and turn it to the left. It may be a little difficult, but refrain from using too much pressure, or you might break the hatch.

The batteries can easily be slid out if you tip the thermometer a bit. Don’t just leave the coin-cell batteries sitting around. They’re a choking hazard, and they’re toxic if they’re swallowed. Put them aside to properly dispose of them later.
thermopro coin cell battery
Once you’ve removed the old batteries, you can put in two new ones. Installing them is easy. Just stack them on top of each other with their positive sides facing towards you, and screw the battery hatch back on. Don’t tighten the hatch too much. You can strip its threads and ruin its seal.

Here’s a quick recap of the steps:

  • Unscrew the hatch
  • Remove old batteries
  • Place new batteries inside with their positive sides up
  • Replace the hatch

Steps To Change ThermoPro Thermometer AAA(1.5V) Batteries

AAA models of the ThermoPro can have their batteries replaces similarly to coin-cell models, but a couple of the steps are slightly different. Also, you only need one AAA battery to power one of these models.

To begin, you’ll need a Pozi screwdriver to remove the battery cover. Pozi screwdrivers look like traditional Phillips screwdrivers, but they’re more blunt, and their blades are angled more sharply. Using a regular Phillips screwdriver might strip your battery compartment’s screw.
thermopro aaa batteries
Remove the cover by turning the screw to the left. You can then tilt the thermometer to allow the old AAA battery to slide out. Make sure you put the old battery in an appropriate container or area until you can dispose of it properly.

Now, you can simply insert a new AAA. The positive end is put into the thermometer first. You can tell which end is positive by looking for a small extension on one end, and it will also be labeled with a plus sign.

Finally, you can just attach the battery cover again. Be careful not to tighten it too much. You can crack the plastic casing, or you can strip the screw.

You’ll know when to perform these steps when your ThermoPro food thermometer’s battery light comes on. A short message will also appear on the display. You’ll need to perform a thermometer battery change after around 3000 hours of use.

Here’s a quick recap of the steps required:

  • Use a Pozi screwdriver to remove the battery cover
  • Slide the battery out
  • Insert a new AAA battery with the positive end going in first
  • Attach the battery cover

ThermoPro Battery Using Tips

The following sections are a few tips to help you keep your batteries in working condition. These will help extend the life of your ThermoPro, and you’ll get a bit more out of your batteries, too.

Prepare For Long Storage

It is recommended to remove the batteries from your ThermoPro if you plan on storing it for a long time. In general, a long time is anything over four months.

This will help keep the batteries from shorting out, and it can keep them from leaking battery acid into your ThermoPro. If you forget to remove the batteries during extended storage, it can lead to the entire unit being destroyed.

Avoid Extreme Heat

The ThermoPro isn’t made to provide constant temperature readings. You’re supposed to insert it into your food, take the temperature, and immediately remove it.

Do not try to keep the ThermoPro inside of your food while you cook it, and don’t forget it while walk off to do other things. The extreme heat can damage the batteries.

Final Thoughts

The thermometer battery change process is quick, easy, and rarely a necessity. These thermometers are meant to last on a single battery for thousands of hours. So, you won’t have to follow this guide very often.

However, it is important to do it properly. While both processes differ slightly because of battery differences, each one follows the same basic steps.

  • Remove the cover
  • Remove the old batteries
  • Add the new batteries
  • Replace the cover

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