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ThermoPro TP16

(111 customer reviews)

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Digital Meat Thermometer

  • Cook mode with USDA preset temperature settings】ThermoPro cooking thermometer ideal for meat, oven, smoker or stove-top. Programmable alert with preset temperatures for specific foods recommended by USDA. All of the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes
  • Timer mode】Digital kitchen timer features countdown and countup ability, up to 99 hours, 59 minutes
  • High accuracy & Heat resistance】Meat probe and wire can withstand up to 716°F, you can cook with a wide temperature range from 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with high accuracy: 1° resolution, 1. 8°F/1°C
  • Easy operation】Accurate grill meat thermometer with 6. 5″ food grade STEP-DOWN tip design stainless steel probe to get temperature precisely and quickly. 40″ stainless steel mesh cable connects thermometer to base, outside of oven
  • Convenient storage】Digital food thermometer features a magnetic back to allow you to easily attach to the refrigerator or any metal surface; a hanging hole for your kitchen hooks or a lanyard;tabletop for any layout situation
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Meat Thermometer with Timer

The ThermoPro TP-16 food thermometer enables inexperienced or experienced cooks to enjoy the simplest operation imaginable to measure the internal temperature of their meat. Whatever type of meat you wish to cook and to whichever preferred doneness level, the TP-16 can provide temps for all! Plus, you can also set a timer for vegetable side dishes that need to cook for exactly 10 minutes.



  • Meat thermometer timer features countdown and countup ability,up to 99 hours,59 minutes
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.Set your own temperature settings manually
  • Accurate oven meat cooking thermometer with 6.5″ food grade STEP-DOWN tip design stainless steel probe
  • Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat at various cooking levels recommended (Poultry,Beef Well,Veal/Pork,Beef Medium,Ham,Beef Rare/Fish)
  • Food thermometer Uses: BBQ,Oven,Smoker,Candy,Meat,Food,Bread


  • Temperature range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C )
  • Meat thermometer with high accuracy: ±1.8°F/1°C
  • Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C)
  • Tabletop, magnetic back and wall-mountable design
  • Stainless steel temperature probe with steel mesh cable.
  • LCD Screen: Displays meat temperature and set temperature while in cook mode. Displays countdown when in timer mode.
ThermoPro TP16 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Temperature Probe
  • 1 x AAA battery
  • 1 x Manual
Thermometer for soup

Large LCD Display

Large screen with huge digits, makes it easy to read current meat temperature and settings even at a distance!

Grill briskets

Durable Probe for the Most Accurate Temperatures

40” stainless steel mesh cable with 6.5” food grade stainless steel food; Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C). Ensures the probe will work with any grill or oven while reaching the center of the meat.

Thermometer for grilling

Alarm Function

Never miss out on the perfect time to remove the meat from the heat, as our unit is complete with an alarm when the perfect setting is reached.

Thermometer for meat

Preset Meat Temperatures

No more needing to remember the correct temp for medium rare beef! You can choose from various pre-programmed preset temperatures or their associated doneness levels. Have your own preference? Feel free to enter your own temperature manually!

ThermoPro Thermometer

Pocket-Sized for Portability

Whether you’re cooking up in the kitchen, even outside on the BBQ and smoker, this is the perfect size to carry with you for wherever and whenever.

Temperature range

High Accuracy & Wide Temperature Range

Wide and accurate temp range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with high accuracy: ±1.8°F/1°C. Cook any type of meat and receive the best results every time!

ThermoPro Screen display

Timer Mode

99-hour, 59-minute countdown timer and count-up timer. Monitor all dishes during your meal preparation including those timed vegetable cooks!

ThermoPro Timer for Kitchen

Multiple Mounting Options

Tabletop, magnetic back and wall-mountable design. No matter your kitchen layout or how you wish to position your thermometer, we provide a variety of mounting options to fit any kitchen.

111 reviews for ThermoPro TP16

  1. Sanjay

    How do you calibrate if the probe is not accurate? Can only find how to check accuracy. Not re-calibrate.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, there is no way to calibrate the probe.

      We can look into replacing the probe for you if it is reading inaccurately.

      For this, please contact our service team at

  2. Katie

    My Thermo Pro TP-16 will no longer turn on. I have replaced the battery and it hasn’t been damaged in any way. How can I fix it?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at

      They will be able to assist with this matter.

  3. Aubrey

    I absolutely love this thermometer! I did have an issue with the probe and customer service were prompt and solved the issue right away. I am very happy!

  4. David Brandman

    The product works great and customer service is excellent

  5. Tim Tripp (verified owner)

    Excellent Service!!

  6. Dave Mathieu

    seems to work well. my only complaint the presets are all wrong. 185 for chicken. When its safe to eat at 165. I have to manually set it for each use

  7. Don

    Used once wont give meat temp just readsLLL installed new battery nothing

  8. Darren (verified owner)

    Device reads temp easily. Unfortunately, on my third use (just purchased) the connector to the wire part broke when trying to put into the device… now I have no use for the device

  9. Kevin Townsell

    Bought as a shower gift and was told that it works well and they would recommend it.

  10. james burke

    Had trouble with the probe. Had to buy a different brand – one that has a rubberized probe which is not subject to kinking.

  11. Billie Lenhoff

    This probe worked well , but I have only had it a short time. It takes some of the guess work out of cooking the meat to correct doneness. I have not had a chance to try all the features yet, but I am happy with this purchase.

  12. Doris Hauss

    I haven’t used it enough to know the battery like or the product’s durability but am impressed with its construction, ease of use, and accuracy.

  13. Teisha Doles

    Very nice thermometer, the probe quit reading after 4 months, messaged manufacturer, they said no prob, sorry bout that, sent me a new one immediately, very good customer service! Will buy one of these again when the time comes

  14. Olen Kortum

    This is perfect, cooks meet and poultry to your right temp

  15. Bernie Dimino

    I use this for monitoring meat cooking on my grill. Much less hassle vs. the constant use of an instant thermometer.

  16. Bernie Dimino

    This is a sturdy thermometer. It has a strong magnet on the back which keeps it secure to the microwave. The probe cable is long enough that I can use it in the oven with the thermometer still attached to the microwave. That is very handy!

  17. Sheldon Dippery

    We ordered the ThermoPro TP-16 LCD Digital thermometer in Jan 2017. We recently noticed a possible drift in the accuracy. I tested it in a ice cube water bath and the temp went down to 32F, which is perfect. On the high side in a boiling water bath, I could not get it higher than 208F, below the expected 212F. I contacted customer service and even adjusting for our elevation at 1000′ it was 2 degrees off. That was still within their manufactures tolerance, but they are sending me a new probe anyway at no cost. This has been a great digital thermometer and their customer support was also great.

  18. Tara Mcwhite

    My second one of these. Lost the thermometer

  19. Hal Penzero

    Love,love,love this thermometer I wanted to replace my old one with the newer stainless steel model. These thermometers are very accurate and my meat is always cooked just the way we like it My mom kept asking me to bring my thermometer when we had roasts at her house I bought her one. I also gave one to my daughter

  20. Mellie Pote

    This thermometer is simple, yet very helpful! Wish it lit up si you could read it in the dark

  21. Tobias Detlefsen

    Used this for the first time on a beef tenderloin & the meat turned out perfect. Very easy to use.

  22. Gertie Nager

    This thing is well worth the money !! Great product.I stood it on the counter when I cooked the roast and afterwards used the magnetic option to stick it to the microwave so it is always handy. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the probe which is nice if I ever need it. All in all, a very nice thermometer.

  23. Lamar Pronk

    Used the thermometer to cook a rump roast in the oven. Very simple to use. Roast came out perfect. I like the different meat options and that you can easily adjust them if needed. I also like that it can also be used as a timer – always can use another one in the kitchen.

  24. Nubia Halliman

    My oven roasted meats are now the exact temperature I want. The alarm allows me to pull it out when it hits the temperature I want. Additionally, I can look when it is in the last 30-10 degrees (estimate remaining time rest time), and sync the timing of other items to make sure everything is ready together.

  25. Lawerence Shewbridge

    Love it! Looking forward to using it.

  26. Angelia Yearous

    This thermometer is simple. Died a few months after purchase.Update: The company quickly reached out to me and sent a replacement immediately.

  27. Brad Reiling

    Delivered on time and easy to use. Very good product

  28. Reina Decinti

    Works perfectly! Very good product

  29. Mallie Marini

    Great for cooking things in the oven, and know when to take out without looking. Love it

  30. Mary Cichowski

    Worked perfectly. Good quality, like that the cord is wrapped giving it extra durability

  31. Aleshia Beville

    One of the best investments I have ever made. I use it for smoking, cooking steaks on the stove, and cooking things in the oven. works great for all of it.

  32. Reuben Britschgi

    This is amazing! Totally worth it to have such an accurate and easy to use thermometer for meat. I have used it on a tri tip roast in the oven and in a meat loaf. Both turned out perfectly since I could set the temperature. It will get a lot of use.

  33. Alison Painton

    Looks like very well,definitely an excellent product!

  34. Dylan Axton

    Fast shipping and transaction was great. . Left this bastard in the rain more often then I would like to admit and it still works. That is quality right there.

  35. Ranae Marinese

    Works as expected, happy purchase

  36. Junior Agilar

    This product is great, just purchased my second one for my friend.

  37. Alva Torregrosa

    Finally made a tenderloin med rare!Works just how I need it to.

  38. Alonzo Vetter

    We bought this for use in our smoker. Very convenient abd easy to use.

  39. Rosy Maurer

    This thermometer is simple, yet very helpful! One of the best selling points for me is the ability to leave this in the food to monitor the temperature as it cooks, even in the oven. It has a magnet on the back, which, along with the long, detachable cord, allows it to be mounted nearly anywhere on the range (or even on nearby objects such as a fridge or toaster). You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, and there are two operating modes available: Timer and temperature. I have yet to use the timer, but I think it would take effort to mess up such a basic feature. My review is therefore based on the temperature setting.You can select a desired temperature in 1-degree increments, which is displayed on the right side of the screen. But one of the cooler features of this device (no pun intended) is the quick selector. You can choose between various types of meat such as chicken, fish, or beef. There are even options for rare and medium! This does not do anything special, other than setting the desired temperature quickly.

  40. Jasper Puskas

    Accurate and useful, with a long-enough cord and magnetic back as well as a kind of kickstand

  41. Yoshie Stayrook

    gift… recipient loves it. Quite happy about it.

  42. Robby Lukan

    It is a great tool to use in the BBQ where it can be difficult to control the temperature.

  43. Hildegarde Garrick

    This temp. probe is the best one I have used and nice price. It has a long cord and easy to use. Love it!!!!

  44. Bruce Hernando

    works very well, happy purchase

  45. Bethanie Antonovich

    I have used this on several occasions and very love it. I have read reviews that question the time it take to read, but it is really quick, almost instantaneous in my experience displaying a stable reading in moments.I have only used it for quick reads though. I have yet to place it into something while it cooks to use the audible beep when temp is reached.I will check back in when and if I do. I have found the magnet to be sufficient to hold the unit onto the surface of my oven without slipping/sliding.

  46. Gene Valine

    Clear display, easily programmable with preset options or custom, has an alarm that alerts you when it is reached the desired temperature. The probe is easy to clean.

  47. Joie Tregan

    Great product, used this for the first time yesterday and my chicken turned out perfectly done, should have had one of these years ago, I highly recommend.

  48. Tanner Asturias

    Works great!

  49. Rachelle Honnen

    Just got it and have only used it twice. Impressions so far: Good, clear, simple user instructions. Very easy set-up.Nice functional design. Simple to use. Right size. Easy to handle and read. does not take up much space. Exactly what I wanted.

  50. Dede Konicki

    It is great. Love this product.

  51. Milan Warhola

    I have been cooking for over 10 years and have had several meat thermometers – dial, instant read digital. This is hands down the best! I love that you can keep it in the oven while the meat is roasting. Wish I had discovered this thermometer earlier. It would have prevented several slightly overcooked birds. Love this product.

  52. Jin Ravo

    Loved this gadget. I originally purchased this to use with my smoker, but I have found it to be very useful in all kinds of cooking. I have used it while smoking sausages, ribs and meatloaf. I have used it in my oven to check on the temperature of chicken and turkey. This is a very user friendly thermometer with presets for all types of meats. You can put in your own temperature and an alarm will sound when it has reached the temperature. I bought one as a present and my nephew loves it.

  53. Graham Goodley

    First time making a filet of beef with an implanted thermometer and a slow roast method. I was very unsure if the temperature would be accurate and the. Sry expensive cut of meat would turn out medium rare and tender. I had to totally rely on the thermometer and this was perfection!! I removed from the oven based on the internal temperature, let it rest 15 minutes and it was Devine….dinner for eight and it got rave reviews. I am now a huge fan and will use again and again. THANKS…

  54. Lucy Schepp

    Great product. Very convenient & easy to use.

  55. Alfonso Vernetti

    works remarkably well! Very convenient & easy to use. Everything I cook while using it comes out perfectly. Be sure you have a good strong battery at all times especially if it is something expensive you are cooking.

  56. Lourdes Bjorn

    Works great. Very convenient & easy to use. The alarm that tells you when it is the right temp is loud and noticeable. I would buy this product again and recommend also.

  57. Clay Beckerman

    Works great. Very convenient & easy to use. Will buy another if needed.

  58. Margret Swinney

    The product works great. I am satisfied with the UNITS.

  59. Davis Chaviano

    have been wanting one for the smoker, works perfectly

  60. Laurel Marsingill

    Well made. came with battery. included lifetime warranty card for replacement probe no questions asked.

  61. Faviola Coolbrith

    A must-have for roasting meats. Also, very good insurance for those big holiday meals where you do not want to mess it up. Love this product.

  62. Alphonse Coffelt

    Used it for the first time last sunday. It is easy to program and use. Display is bright and very readable. Good value for price paid.

  63. Gladis Renard

    I love this little thermometer very accurate and very easy to use

  64. Gil Goza

    Great thermometer. Easy to use in oven for roasting.

  65. Delta Gooley

    This thing is solid, I even accidentally left it in the dang smoker with I started it and when I finally realized it I pulled it out and the screen was all black. I set it aside and let it cool and it still works great. All the presetting are super convenient and it easy to use

  66. Carla Malkasian

    Nice price, works perfect, i wish i would have purchased this a lot sooner. its very good to have.

  67. Shayne Pfefferkorn

    Great thermometer, no guessing, no over cooking of meat.Quite happy about it.

  68. Prudence Carrelli

    This was simply a roast-saver!! I could watch the temp climb and it turned out perfect! I am now encouraging retired hubby to cook and I showed him how to use it as my vague cook it until it is, you know, done did not help him! With this he knows when to take the chicken or pork out of the oven! Always fun to get something that does not cost a fortune yet makes you so happy you got it!

  69. Desiree Jakubov

    I use this for every steak that I reverse sear, and for cooking fish. It is a must-have in the kitchen if you cook that often. Great purchase

  70. Kurt Veliz

    So far so good. Brought a pan of water to a boil and it registered 212 degrees. Older unit, not this brand, was reading about 15 degrees low.I used this it to re-calibrate my oven. (Oven registered 25 degrees higher on this unit, than the ovens digital readout). It takes a few seconds to get a temp when grilling . An absolute must have for the Grill, especially if you smoke ribs or other meats.

  71. Palmira Jaillet

    I bake sourdough bread at home and the accuracy of this timer helps me with very good results. Works perfectly.

  72. Eldon Bothof

    Easy to set. Magnet is nice touch. Accurate. Basic thermometer but useful.

  73. Margaret Zaller

    Excellent quality, design and performance. check meat temps without opening oven, thin cable snakes thru door edge.

  74. Jessie Fram

    I bought this specifically for cooking chicken, this worked great as I was able to know when the chicken reached the correct internal temperature and knew it was cooked properly.

  75. Verena Nolasco

    I am very pleased with this product. Just set up the meat your are cooking on the display and stick in the probe. I use it in the oven and when i grill. The beeper goes off when its done. You can watch the display as you cook without having to take the meat out to read the thermometer. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT.

  76. Jordon Scaia

    Cooked meat perfectly the first time I used it! Helpful

  77. Cindy Lafrancois

    great cooking thermometer, love it

  78. Pat Yock

    This thermometer is not perfect, but for under 20 dollars this thermometer does a lot. If you have any issues with it, Itonics customer support is awesome and easy to deal with. They stand behind their products, that is the reason for the 5 stars.

  79. Neomi Encinas

    Very happy great price will do business with them again, good service

  80. Leroy Cienega

    Used it for the first time to roast a turkey. What a difference with true temp control. Easy to use, work great

  81. Jayne Kumro

    I have used this several times now. once on the grill and once for a roast in the oven. The first unit I received was defective. The customer service people sent me another unit immediately. They were excellent. A

  82. Nick Viox

    Very handy tool. Easy to read .The wire for the probe is good quality. very recommend.

  83. Cherise Dhamer

    Neat little thermometer. I have a Barrel house cooker and a Char-Broil off set and it works great for both. I have used in sausages, pork loin, and chicken. Helpful

  84. Devon Hudes

    Accurate and good unit

  85. Evangelina Delusia

    Great thermometer! The only gripe i have is that there is not a way to turn off the alarm after it is gone off without upping the temperature. Other than that it is been great!

  86. Alexander Holesovsky

    I really like this digital cooking thermometer. The only problem I had was the metal skewer part was a little long when cooking a small roast. Otherwise it worked great. worth 5 stars

  87. Jeneva Blaydon

    Second one I bought. Original stolen by daughter. Works fantastic! Highly recommend.

  88. Rick Lumb

    Nice price and easy to use. Shipping was very quick. Any quicker and I would have had it the same day.

  89. Annabel Greenwald

    This is a great thermometers. I like the fact that the cord is heat safe so you can leave it in you meat and it beeps when it is reaches the desired temperature. My only con to this product is it only comes with one rubber protective tip.

  90. Reid Foote

    great product

  91. Mendy Midy

    Works like a champ, Highly recommend.

  92. Alan Hammons

    I have used it in my oven and for several hours in my smoker for finishing up on some smoked brisket. It works well and I love the fact it can stay in the meat and tells me when it is finished. Very recommend to everyone.

  93. Adriana Younkers

    I just used this for a roast chicken, it was easy to use and accurate, when it said the thigh was done just right, it was indeed done just right. Highly recommend.

  94. Mickey Games

    I have had this thermometer almost 2 months now. My cooming has become so much better. I no longer worry everytime I serve chicken to my family if I am poisoning them. Ita super easy to use and super easy to clean.

  95. Sharda Luthe

    I got to use my ThermoPro the 1st time today (Easter) to cook a ham on my gas grill. It turned out to be one of the best I have ever cooked, moist, tender, juicy & full of that smoky, grilled flavor. Useful! Highly recommend.

  96. Kim Sommese

    Great thermometer and fast shipping. Thank you. Happy purchase

  97. Vannesa Harman

    Great product that fits my oven and keeps it clean. Highly recommend.

  98. Craig Parmele

    This is a good product and it works very well. Love it

  99. Laverna Coufal

    Works perfect and makes cooking easy. Helpful.

  100. Duncan Pastorius

    Have only used this once so far and I was amazed at its accuracy. The ease of using removes the need to open the oven when needing to check temperature of what is cooking. My husband is fascinated with the device and keeps asking when am I going to cook something that needs the thermometer. Highly recommend.

  101. Luba Mcgovern

    Very handy tool. It seems to be accurate but I did not calibrate to my stove (not that you can).

  102. Sylvester Aselage

    Easy to use and very fast shipping

  103. Mitchel Vellucci

    Thermometer works great! it is very nice that you can leave it in the oven; no more worrying about how long to set your timer/constant checking. it is simple to set the desired temperature and the thermopro will alert you when it is done. Recommended it.

  104. Denisse Deruiter

    Saves the guessing and helps me time other items so everything in the meal is ready at the same time! Meat does not end up dry from overlooking. Highly recommended.

  105. Jeromy Mccary

    Working well so far… allows me to set the probe and know when things are done… especially poultry. I had to experiment with placement and doneness to achieve my level of taste and proficiency at using the device.

  106. Chang Bramley

    This is one of the most useful tools I have in my kitchen! Useful.You put the thermometer in your meat and the base of it stays on your countertop while dish cooks. You can eyeball the temperature or set an alarm to go off once the internal temperature meets your desired heat. THIS IS A GREAT PRODUCT! No more guessing if your meat/fish is cooked thoroughly!My only piece of advice is to remember that the thermometer is HOT when you take your dish out of the oven! It is easy to want to instinctively grab it and remove it, but it gets very hot.

  107. Demarcus Shevlin

    love it works great for the smoker do not have to open the door at all. Works perfectly.

  108. Oscar Hooks

    it is was simple to use and easy to great

  109. Williams Massart

    I love it more than words can express, nice price

  110. Cecily Wardhaugh

    This thermometer works great! I use it for brewing beer and I do not have to remove the lid to check out the temp. I have not used any other functions on it. on the back of the base there is a kickstand and a magnet for ease of use.It works well and I love the fact it can stay in the meat and tells me when it is finished.

  111. Carroll Burleigh

    I bought this to supplement very expensive one I had and I use this on the outside barbecue and it is just as good as the $50 ones

  112. Xenia Bidrowski

    Good deal for the price point. Have used it several times and works as advertised. We have used it quite often and love it.

  113. Rocco Sheston

    Works great fair price

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


TP16 Specification

Temperature Range

32to 572˚F (0 to 300˚C)


±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (0 to 100°C),otherwise ±1.5%

Refresh rate

2 seconds

Sensor Type


Wire Probe

Total length: 47 inches (1200mm)

Probe length: 6 inches (155.5mm) 


LCD, 1 13⁄16 Length x 1 5⁄16 Width inches (46.0 L x 32.5 W mm)



Unit Size

2 7⁄8 Length x 2 9⁄16 Width x 3⁄4 Height inches (72.5L x65.0W x18.0H mm)


1.5V (1 x AAA battery)


Instruction Manual

Key Definition

ThermoPro TP-16 Key Definition  

  1. Temperature Probe Socket:  Insert temperature probe into this socket to measure meat temperature.
  2. LCD Screen: Displays meat temperature and set temperature while in cook mode. Displays countdown when in timer mode.
  3. MEM|S/S Button: In Cook mode, press the MEM button mode to enable the option to adjust quick temperature settings. Press again to save selection. In Timer mode, press the S/S button to begin the count-down or count-up timer. Press the S/S button to pause or restart the timer. When the countdown timer hits 0:00 press the S/S button to silence the unit.
  4. Up Arrow/HR Button: Press the up arrow to select food types while in quick temperature setting. Press the up arrow to set your desired cooking temperature while in manual temperature setting. Press the HR button to set hours while in timer mode. To clear time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.
  5. Down Arrow/ MIN Button: Press the down arrow to select food types while in quick temperature setting. Press the down arrow to set your desired cooking temperature while in the manual temperature setting. Press the MIN button to set minutes while in timer mode. To clear time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time.
  6. ˚F or ˚C Selector: Move the switch towards ˚F or ˚C, depending on how you would like your temperature displayed.
  7. Mode Selector: Move the position of the selector to select cook mode, timer mode or power off the device.
  8. Flip-out Counter Top Stand:  Allows user to place device on counter for easy viewing.
  9. Magnet:  Allows user to stick device to a metal surface. For example, a refrigerator.
  10. Battery Compartment: Remove battery cover to insert 1 AAA battery. Note: This unit is designed to remotely monitor cooking progress. Do not remove the probe during cooking. The internal temperature will be displayed on the remote unit outside of the oven.

    Battery Installation

    • Slide open the battery compartment door at the back of the unit.
    • Insert one (1) AAA battery according to the polarity markings.
    • Replace the battery compartment door.
    • Remove the printed vinyl label from the LCD screen.


      • Using the Cooking Thermometer Clean the stainless temperature probe with hot water and soap and rinse clean. Do not submerge the probe and cable in water. The probe /cable connection is not waterproof.
      • Plug the temperature probe into the socket on the right side of the device.
      • Make sure the probe cable is free of knots. Make sure the sensor plug on the end of the cord is plugged into the device completely. (Note: if the probe is not plugged in properly or is crimped, the display will show LLL.)
      • Slide the switch on the back of the device to display the temperature in ˚F or ˚C.
      • Slide the mode selector switch to the cook position instruction settings .
      • You will see two temperatures on the LCD display. On the left is the actual temperature reading as measured by the temperature probe and on the right is the set temperature. The default reading is 212˚F
      • Set your desired cooking temperature by choosing Quick Temperature Setting or Manual Temperature Setting. (see Section Quick Temperature Setting and Manual Temperature Setting)
      • Insert the tip of the temperature probe at least 5 cm/2′ into the thickest part of the meat, but not near bone or gristle.
      • Place food into the oven. Before closing the oven door, make sure there is enough slack in the steel mesh cable to prevent the probe from being pulled out of the food when the oven door is closed. The device must be positioned outside of the oven on a stable surface and must be firmly connected to the temperature probe.
      • To prevent damage to the device, it should not be placed on a hot surface.
      • When the internal temperature of your food reaches the temperature you have set, an audible alert will sound. To stop the alert, either slide the mode selector switch to O or disconnect the temperature probe from the device and the alarm will stop within 30 seconds.
      • Before removing the food from the oven, disconnect the steel mesh cable from the device. Do not touch hot probe or wire with bare hands during or just after cooking. Always wear a heat-resistant glove.

        Quick Temperature Setting

        Your digital cooking thermometer is programmed with preset temperatures for various cooking levels; poultry (185˚F), beef well (170˚F), veal/ pork (170˚F), beef medium (160˚F), ham (160˚F) and beef rare/fish (145˚F). Follow these steps:

        • Press the MEM button.
        • Press” button up ” or “ button down ” to select your food type.
        • Press MEM to confirm and lock in the setting. NOTE: You can make manual adjustments to the preset temperatures by pressing” button up ” or “ button down “. Press and hold the button for fast setting.

          Preset Temperature Cooking Chart

          Preset Temperature Cooking Chart

          Manual Temperature Setting

          • For manual setting, press “ button up ” or “ button down ” to set your desired cooking temperature.
          • Refer to the ‘Preset Temperature Cooking Chart’  for recommended internal temperatures.

            Count-down Timer

            Your countdown timer can be used whether the thermometer is in operation or not.

            • Slide the mode selector switch on the back of the device to the timer position cutdown timer .
            • Press HR to set the hours and MIN to set the minutes.
            • Press S/S (start/stop) to start the countdown timer. The colon between hours and minutes will flash.
            • When the timer gets to 0:00, the alarm will sound. Press S/S to silence the alarm. This unit has a timing memory and will automatically display the original timer setting when S/S is pressed to silence the alarm.
            • To clear the time, press the HR and MIN buttons at the same time. You can pause the timer while it is running by pressing S/S. Press S/S again to restart the timer.
            • If you are using the timer and thermometer at the same time, you may slide the selector switch back to the cook position during the timing session to view the cooking temperatures. The timer will continue the countdown.

              Count-up Timer

              In Timer mode, when it displays 00:00, press MEM/S/S button to start count up timer. Press it again to pause the timer. The timer will stop when it is reaching 99 Hour:59 Minute.

              Cleaning And Care

              • The device is not waterproof. Do not expose plug of probe or plug-in hole to any liquid, which will result in a bad connection and faulty readings.
              • The probe and cable are not dishwasher safe. They must be hand washed using hot water and soap. Make sure to rinse and dry the probe thoroughly before storing.
              • Do not submerge the base unit in water or expose to any corrosive cleaning materials. Wipe with damp cloth.


Question: I lost my instructions. Is there a site to got for new instructions?

Answer: Yes Here:

Question: Does this give an “instant” reading – like can you take a turkey out of the oven, insert the probe and immediately see the meat temperature?

Answer: Yes – I have done this with pork. Not exactly instantaneous because it “climbs” from room temperature to the cooked temperature, but certainly within 15 – 30 seconds.

Question: Can I use this for my grill?

Answer: Sure – the cable connecting the thermometer probe and the display box is about 2 feet long and it has a metal jacket.

Question: Is there a way to set the temp at what I want on the thermometer and will an alarm go off when hits the temp I set it at?

Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Can I use this for deep fried turkey?

Answer: Yes.

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High low temperature alarms High High High Both
Lock function - - No -
Mobile app No No No No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes Yes
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Range - - 300ft -
Remote No No Yes No
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
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