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Digital Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor Hygrometer

  • Backlight & Touchscreen】Humidity meter with 4” large LCD display features backlight and touchscreen, making it easier to read in dim light conditions and simple operation.
  • High accuracy】Room thermometer indoor is highly accurate to ±1°F/°C and ±2%-3%RH, ideal for living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office, and cellar.
  • Max & Min records】Digital thermometer indoor displays MAX & MIN humidity and temperature records every 10s; Also displays the trend of each reading, allowing you to react ahead of time, such as adjusting thermostat or humidifier.
  • Responsive readings】Humidity reader indicates current air condition ensures proper humidity control, benefit for skin, allergen and other health problem.
  • Multiple mounting options】Wall thermometer features tabletop, wall-mountable and magnet-mountable design, convenient mounting feature for every type of room; ℉/℃ Selector; Powered by 3A battery (included).


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Availability: Out of stock


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ThermoPro TP55 Digital Room Thermometer and Hygrometer with Jumbo Touchscreen and Backlight Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Equipped with professional grade sensors, the ThermoPro TP55 thermometer for house provides most accurate measurements, be it for indoor humidity or temperature, allowing you to be aware if adjustments are necessary for your household.
The indoor thermometer and humidity gauge is not just highly accurate but extremely user friendly with a backlight for those nighttime last minute checks on current readings before bed. That’s not all, no longer will it be necessary to unmount the device off your wall or fridge to switch settings, simply use the touchscreen display.
Furthermore, this temperature gauge provides an abundance of valuable information, such as displaying 24 hour/all-time high/low records and current trends for both humidity and temperature and humidity level icons that indicate if your home is too humid, too dry or just right!




Large Screen with Large Numbers

4″ large LCD display with large numbers makes it really easy to read; Low battery indicator.

Backlight Function

The blue backlight is bright and makes the screen easy to read in low light when activated, and automatically turns off after 15 seconds.

Touch Screen

°F/°C : Fahrenheit degree and Celsius degree can switch convinently.
Backlight : The screen can light up for easy reading.
All time/24 HRs : Allow you to see temperature/humidity in the past or last 24 hours.

Real Time Temperature and Humidity Display

measures humidity and temperature every 10 seconds to provide updated and accurate readings, and humidity level icons indicate current air conditions — DRY/COMFORT/WET.

Allow to See Temperature and Humidity History

measures current readings and compares to 24hrs/All-time records, so if you thought it was too hot for a sweater yesterday, you can adjust your outfit appropriately.

Displays the Trend of Each Reading

allow you to react ahead of time, such as adjusting your thermostat or humidifier in advance.
Weight 1 g
Alexa capability


Backlight display


Barometric pressure




Calibration feature


Comfort indicator


High low records


Indoor outdoor

Indoor Only

Mobile app


Temperature humidity alerts


Weather forecast


Wifi capability




TP55 Specification

Temperature Range -22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±1℉(±0.5℃)from 32 to 140℉(0 to 60℃)

otherwise ±1.8℉(±1℃)

Humidity Range 10%~99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2%from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Sensor Type NTC
Refresh Rate 10 seconds
Display LCD, 3 1⁄10  Length x 2 1⁄2  Width inches(79.0L x 62.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size 4 3⁄8 Length x 3 3⁄8 Width x 1 Height inches

(110.0L x 85.0W x25.0H mm)

Power 3.0V (2 xAAA Batteries)

Notes on cleaning

Separate the device from the power supply or remove the batteries before cleaning. Only use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the device. Do not use any cleaning fluid to avoid damaging the electronics. ThermoPro TP-55 Notes on cleaning

1.Display: Displays the current humidity and temperature, maximum and minimum humidity/ temperature recorded in the past or past 24hrs.

2.Battery Compartment: Holds 2 X AAA batteries to power the unit.

3.Temperature range: -58°F~158°F(-50°C~70°C).

4.Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.

5.Temperature display unit: °C and °F selectable.

6.Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F.

7.Humidity Resolution:1%.

8.Comfort Level:  DRY, COMFORT, WET.

  • If humidity is below 30%: Dry.
  • If humidity is between 30% to 60%: Comfort.
  • If humidity is above 60%: Wet.

9.Totally wireless tabletop, magnet-mountable and wall-mounted design.

10.Low battery indication.

  • Please replace battery as soon as possible when the low battery indicator is displayed as a low battery will make the touch buttons less sensitive.

11.Backlight function.

Touch Buttons

°C/°F: Touch once to change the temperature <temperature button>: Touch once to turn on/off backlight. ALL TIME/24 HRs: Touch to show the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity recorded since last reset (ALL TIME option) or in the past 24 hours since last reset (24 HRs option). Please note: in 24 HRs option, the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity will be automatically reset every 24 hours. Touch and hold “ALL TIME/24 HRs” button for 3 seconds to reset/clear all the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity recorded.


Press the “ temperature button ”key to activate the backlight, then press it again to turn it off.  If you do not press the button for 15 seconds, the backlight will automatically turn off.

Temperature & Humidity Trend

  1. temperature & humidity increase trendindicates the temperature & humidity is in an increasing trend.
  2. flat errow - temperature & humidity no changeindicates the temperature & humidity is in a no change trend.
  3. temperature & humidity decrease trendindicates the temperature & humidity is in a decreasing trend.

Before first use

  1. Insert or Replace Battery: Insert two AAA batteries incorrect polarity ( ) and (-) as indicated.
  2. Do not immerse product body in water.
  3. The humidity and temperature monitor is now ready to use.

Care of your Humidity/Temeprature monitor

  • Do not leave exposed to extreme high or low temperatures since this will damage electronic parts and plastics.
  • Remove battery if stored for more than four months.

Question: Does the backlight stay on constantly or does it shut off and u can turn it on if you need?

Answer: When you press the icon for the backlight it stays on for about 15 seconds then turns off.

Question: I didn’t see calibration mentioned in the instructions and there’s no calibrate button, is the humidity sensor fairly accurate?

Answer: When you press the icon for the backlight it stays on for about 15 seconds then turns off.

Question: Will sitting this on a window ledge above the kitchen sink result in inaccurate readings?

Answer: It’s going to read the temperature and humidity of where ever it is sitting. Chances are it’s much colder on your window sill than it would be say on your kitchen table.

Product Info
ThermoPro TP-55 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP55

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Backlight display Yes Yes No Yes
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator Yes Yes No No
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Mobile app No No No No
Range - - 200ft 200ft
Remote No No Yes Yes
Remote sensor - - TX2 TX2
Temperature humidity alerts No No No No
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No No
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