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ThermoPro TM02W Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

(73 customer reviews)

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  • Dual kitchen timer】Digital Dual Timer has a dual display to simultaneously set and monitor two timing events; The cooking timer alarm clock can be programmed up to 23 hours 59 minutes, making it suitable for a variety of uses such as cooking, exercise, control video game time, kids’ activities and meetings;
  • Large digits timer with backlit display】With the clear display featuring large digits, you’ll only need a glance even from across the room to easily read the 2.6 inch LCD screen; The large display features a backlight fuction to ensure you can always read the display or adjust settings even in dim light conditions. 
  • Alarm with adjustable volume】High/medium/low volume levels (70-105 DB) to be as loud as you want to ensure nothing is forgotten or quiet as you want to not disturb others; Unique mute mode reminds you silently without making any noise!
  • Calendar clock mode & Multiple placement options】With a tabletop stand and magnetic back, this allows for ideal placement either on the counter or fridge to view the calender clock mode when the timer is not in use; Read the date and time anywhere you wish!
  • User-friendly design memory program】Our digital kitchen timer restores the last timer date after the countdown finish. Convenient operation for multiple sets of the same countdown situation.
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thermopro dual timer banner
ThermoPro Timer

ThermoPro TM02 Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

The ThermoPro TM02 is a multifunctional timer with the capability of setting two timers and displaying the date, and time all at the same time! This feature packed device ensures you never forget anything, be it those timed vegetables or your child’s soccer practice! Perfect for cooking, baking but can also be applied to other activates like exercise, homework, and controlling video game time! Monitor your time Like a Pro!

  • Display: Full LCD Backlight Display
  • Dual Countdown Timer
  • Clock and date function: 12/24-hour time format
  • Max countdown time:23hour 59 minutes
  • High/medium/low volume with quiet mode
ThermoPro Idea

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Kitchen Timer
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x User Manual

Wirelessly Track Multiple Locations

Temperature and humidity gauge displays readings from up to 3 outdoor remote sensors that can as far as 200ft/60m away from the base station. With the long range, feel free to position your sensors anywhere that best suits your needs. (Additional sensors are available for purchase)

ThermoPro Timer Design

3 Volume Levels

WIth 3 volume settings & a silent mode, 70-105DB is loud enough even for people hard of hearing.

ThemoPro Timer 2-3

Calendar Clock Mode

This timer also has a builtin calender and clock mode to keep you aware of those important upcoming events!

ThermoPro Timer Placement


Multiple Placement Options

Place your digital timer and lock wherever it’s most suitable for your environment such as the countertop with the stand or magnetize to your fridge.

73 reviews for ThermoPro TM02W Dual Digital Kitchen Timer

  1. Coco

    I have tried using this for a week. The timer is very hard to reset. Not worth the money.

  2. J. Tanaka

    This is a very nice timer. Unfortunately, it is not dual function…meaning it can only display the timer function or the time/date function separately, not together. I wish that in the description it would have been mentioned. With that being said to initiate timer or date/time view you will need to reach in the back of the device to switch to appropriate mode. I feel that both issues could have been addressed by the designers. It really doesn’t cost any more to make a change in the circuit board & re-designate a button. I’m still keeping it & still appreciate the look of it!

  3. Sally L. Vanbeek

    I like the loud volume you get with this kitchen timer.

  4. Desert dweller

    I don’t have anything bad to say about this timer. I have only used a manual in the past but I find they are not as reliable. This seems to work and is easy to use. The only minor thing to say is that it doesn’t stick on some of my appliances because it is not magnetic which I did not know.

  5. Timothy S.

    It was not very intuitive to use, but after three or four times it did get to be usable . I do like that there are two independent timers

  6. Mike

    This timer has exceeded my expectations and is great. Large display, loud alarm, quality construction. Highly recommended

  7. cmfal

    Kind of cumbersome to use the switch on the back to go from clock to time mode. Also the magnet disconnected from the back after a few weeks so it will no longer stick to my fridge

  8. CarolinaMoon

    This timer works great. I didn’t read the instructions and figured it out easily. Two timers, perfect for baking; it has a loud enough sound that my roommate can hear it even without his hearing aids; and it has a very easy to read display. Good purchase, it’s a keeper 馃憤

  9. G2

    Having 2 timers in one unit is great Very easy to use and set. Very easy to read. Nice strong magnet so it doesn’t fall of the surfaces like some do when jarred.Recommend it . I’d get another one when I want another timer.

  10. Matt T.

    Bought this because the timer on my phone was not working properly, and I cook ALOT!! This time was everything I was needed and was hoping for, plus more. Durable, well made, bright blue LED screen that times out after two seconds, three volume setting, stop watch feature, and the two timers are awesome- makes my life in the kitchen a heck of a lot easier and has improved the quality of my dishes by having better time management.

  11. MSN

    It works perfectly and you can set the timer for two items at the same time. And, the magnet on the back is very strong and keeps it attached to the refrigerator without a problem. Love it!

  12. Ms.Vickie

    The ThermoPro Timer seems like a well-made timer. I use a timer all day long at work in the salon and have had tons of other brands. Unlike other brands I have tried, this one isn’t too loud which is a plus. I wish there was a way to display the actual time on one display while it is timing on the other display. Guess you can’t have everything! The price point was good, and I would purchase it again.

  13. Nicholas G. Mariano

    Great when you’re timing two things at the same time. Counts both up and down. Load enough to hear if you’re out of the kitchen when it goes off.

  14. K Atlanta

    I like this timer – brightly lit, big numbers, easy to use, volume control. I have seen reviews that the magnets aren’t strong and it doesn’t stay on the refrigerator. Our fridge is stainless so nothing magnetic will stick to it. We wouldn’t put it there anyway. It sits nicely on the counter when we use it. Good value.

  15. Noelia E.

    I love my new timer!! It is easy to use and I can have 2 timers going at once!!! Must have for your kitchen.

  16. Sundial

    This is a great timer. Very easy to see and hear, and having dual timers is nice. It does not ever turn off; if you aren’t timing anything, you can have it display current time and date. No problems with it.

  17. Rjay

    I guess there all pretty much the same, but this one has a few nuances that are appreciated. In this case being two-timed has positive connotations. I used the set the timer for the longest time and item had to to be cooked item and then observe the countdown until it reached the time for the second item to be cooked so that when the time reached in zero both items will be fully cooked. That’s kind of time-consuming and annoying to wait around for the countdown to reach point 2 to start cooking the second item. But having the two timers eliminates that problem. It has a nice large digital display with blue facing that can either be set placed on a flat top with it sturdy pullout stand or magnetically attached to any metallic object. It’s very easy and intuitive to use. The only thing you need to know that isn’t apparent from the instructions, is how to stop the words Timer 1 or Timer 2 they continue to blend on and off after you reached zero. Those words continue to blink after the timer goes off. By the way the timer has two sound settings and this allowed one is excellent for person like myself. It’s loud enough not to be ignored. But when you reach that point of zero on the timer those words Timer 1 or Timer 2 will continue to blink even if you zeroed out the time. You just go to the back of the timer there’s a little sliding bar that is used to shift from timer to clock. You just slide that button to the left and back to the center and the blinking Timer 1 or 2 stop blinking. It seems well-made and what else can you say about a timer. You can use it for many other purposes other than the kitchen. It comes with two batteries.

  18. Honest reviews

    I love how loud you can make it beep, as I am usually on the other side of the house. Problem is, I have it magnet to my fridge, and to put it from clock to timer mode, you need to remove it and flip the switch on the back..and when done, take it off and switch it back.

  19. Katrina L. Paradine

    Really like this but didn’t realize that it doesn’t read seconds. Not everything I use this time is for in minute increments. So, now I just keep in on the fridge for the clock and date.

  20. Psyche53

    We have been using two timers for our double wall ovens, and this dual timer allows us to time our baked goods (and other things) on one device. Easy to set up, easy to understand how to use. Also has a clock!

  21. Amazon Customer

    – Display is clear. Buttons on front of device are logical. To switch from timer to clock, a switch on the back of the unit needs to be moved, somewhat inconvenient if using magnets on back of device.- Alarm is loud. When timer has reached its end, alarm beeps every second for one minute while counting up; however, there are no beeps after the initial one minutes beeping; the display does flash and display “times’s up” when time has expired.- Deducted one star due to: inconvenient switch on back of device, and fact that buttons sound with each push when setting timer, e.g. to set 15 minutes, you push minute button 15 times and hear a confirming beep with each push.

  22. claudia

    Very easy to use . Very happy with my purchase.

  23. ATonyB

    When you need to timer fie mor than one thing at a time.

  24. Patty Filippelli

    Description was spot on

  25. Ema

    Having two timers makes cooking so much easier. No more overcooked food

  26. Edwin McKetney

    Nice looking. Easy to set up and use.

  27. Paul Banta

    It took a bit to figure out what all this timer can do, but once I got it, it works great. The only downside is the alarm isn’t very loud (even at the loudest setting). If you are wearing hadphones or have the tv or the stereo up a little, the alarm gets missed. The display IS hard to read except when the backlight is on, then it reads plainly. It has a clock with m/d/yr, but since timer is used mainly as a–timer–that is basically a useless feature (except if the power goes off, but then there are a half-dozen smarrt-phones around the house and other clocks have battery backups). Remembering previous set times comes in handy, but the main reason I got this is the ability to set two seperate times…

  28. Nichelle

    Love the two timers, just wish there was an option to keep the light on! The light goes off after a few seconds. It Works great and loud enough to hear it if I walk away, but I need to see it if I walk away and glance over and it’s too dark to see it with the light off!

  29. PB&J

    Pretty decent timer but the magnets fell off so I keep having to glue them back to the timer because every time I want to move it, they pull off. I purposely bought a timer that I could attach to my refrigerator or range hood. I don’t want one that sits on the counter.

  30. Dennis

    We were looking to replace a bad timer we got at a big box store. It had the functions but couldn’t handle the life of a timer with granite countertops. This one is large but easy to handle, has two timer functions, and really good magnets that hold it to the microwave so it’s always easy to reach, and never has to meet granite.

  31. ProphetPX

    I bought this on a lightning flash sale via Prime and got it in 2-3 days later. It all works wonderfully and i cannot be more happy EXCEPT 2 problems i am having with the product: the buttons to set the 2 timers are only positive-driven, meaning if you set a timer for 15 minutes BUT meant to set it for 14 minutes, then you have to cycle all the way through the other 45 minutes to get it back to 14 minutes (there is no reverse setting when setting the timer).The timer alarm is very loud and i like that. I also love how i can mount it on my refrigerator door via the built-in magnets. And i also love the blue backlit LED on the display.I just wish there were buttons or functions where i could scroll backwards when setting the timer minute (to go back from 15 to 14, instead of cycling all the way through the other 45+ minutes to get back to 14 minutes, etc.)

  32. H.Finch

    It’s so nice, I bought it twice!

  33. Chester Dow III

    This item is easy to use, easy to set, and easy to read.

  34. MasterChef

    I love this dual timer. It’s really easy to use, the numbers are big and well backlit so easy to see, for example on a darkened patio while grilling at night or even under bright light. I love that when a set time expires, the alert is unmistakeable and loud, though it has the ability to adjust the volume. I also love that when you reset the timer, it automatically enters the last set time, so if you’re cooking a recipe that, for example, directs you to cook something for “X” minutes on each side, you don’t have to reset the same time manually. The magnets on the back let me conveniently leave the timer stored on the side of my refrigerator. A very well designed dual timer.

  35. Julie Zickefoose

    I use the ThermoPro daily as a clock and calendar. When I use it while cooking, the dual capacity for timing is extremely helpful. I鈥檓 so glad I added it to my kitchen tools.

  36. Nick Monroe

    Love it

  37. Mark N Soss

    Very easy to use. I like having two timers.

  38. Suzanne Howat

    Pro’s – nice strong magnet that adheres to my oven. Large display.Con’s – I can’t stand that every appliance has to beep multiple times because apparently we can’t handle things like knowing the wash is done, the microwaved food has been heated, the oven has reached its cooking temp, etc. on our own. Rant done. The lowest volume setting on this is still extremely loud & annoying. It beeps (loudly) every time you press a button. Can’t mute it because then you won’t know when the timer is done. Also, the switch from timer to clock is on the back of it which is inconvenient. Other than that it works fine so if you don’t care about the noise setting or switching easily from timer to clock, this is the timer for you!

  39. John Nawrocki

    Takes a little figuring out, but once you get the hand of it, it’s awesome.

  40. manfredZ

    Thermpro tm02This is a must have device. I use it for grilling and having two timers is the best. How often do you have corn and steak on it the same time. Perfect. Recommend it.

  41. Dave

    I’ve owned this for about a year. Large backlit display is easy to set and use. The loudest setting is REALLY LOUD! Many people complain about this but my wife is hard of hearing and it really helps when she doesn’t rely on me to tell her when it’s going off.The volume control makes it less startling. It counts down in seconds but there’s no way to set it to seconds. It automatically resets to the start time when you hit the button after it expires. However, if you stop the counter in the middle, there’s no way to reset it back to the start time. You are forced to clear it and reprogram. If you overshoot the time setting while programming, there’s no way to back up.Overall, it is a well designed and easy to use timer

  42. J. M.

    It took me a little while to figure out how to set the date and time. But now that I know how it operates, I really like it. It has a magnet on back, so I have it on my refrigerator. You can adjust the volume of the alarm, so if I’m going to be out of the room while something is in the oven, I can still hear it go off.

  43. Kyellow

    I used it immediately as I was cooking and it was easy to figure out the functions without reading the instructions. I did read them to figure out how to zero out the times. Great product and I like the east to read backlighting.

  44. Donald J. Kent

    Replaced my old wind up timers with this new electronic timer. Magnets work well holding it to side of refrigerator, easy to use and looks nice too.

  45. Bill C

    Does what I needed it to do as a dual function timer

  46. Craig V

    Bought the dual and the single versions. I end up pressing a lot of random buttons on the dual to get the features I need. For such a basic feature set, the user interface could be better. Yes, I read the manual and yes, I’m in tech.


    modifications will more then likely void the warranty, but in my case a roommate of mine had one of these and they work good and I wanted one, she always used on the counter using the stand feature. Jump forward to recent times & my little generic timer died and in looking for a new one came across this one, got happy, and read some reviews and the two biggest complaints were” way to loud” and the magnets would stay on the refrigerator and the timer/clock face down on the floor and in more than a few cases broken. People this is a awesome Timer/clock easy to use, two timers that can be run at the same time(as it should be capable of) and when your not timing what ever it is your timing, flip the switch on the back and you have a more then decent clock (with seconds) with the date(month, day & year) Modifications:Stopping the basic face plant;So walking in the kitchen and finding my timer in the face plant position is not why I bought it, so before you put it on the fridge or any other metal surface replace the adhesive, pull the two magnets off the back and then peel the crappy tape off the magnet or back of the timer, clean the magnet and the surface where the magnet goes with rubbing alcohol or what ever you use to clean up/off adhesives, let dry and use a strong adhesive that bonds to both metal and plastic I myself like to use two part epoxy follow directions on the adhesive and you will probably violate warranty. might not beings you would be fixing their short coming! I went like this and bypassed their magnets and grabbed a old hard drive magnet and two part epoxy 24 hours later it is the way it should have been sent out from the factory!Turn it down!;This timer has three loudness choices and off. but low is to loud for me and others and off isn’t loud at all. If you look at the back you’ll see the speaker (if not set the timer and when it is times up it will point itself out, trust me!) I took two pipe cleaners (Amazon, Wally world, etc.) and wound them around the dome/cone thingy-majigie put a black piece of tape over it and made it bearable!The Best way to do it …. I doubt it but it made this a good investment. I still found other ways to burn my chow from time to time but that is no fault of the timer! The reason for four stars is everything on this timer is totally awesome except the oversight originally and you know they have had their attention brought to this problem, their lack of easy fixing the one major flaw!

  48. CLambert

    Just bought a new range with a double oven. The timer was hard to hear when I was in another room. Volume on this timer can be controlled, plus it’s a double timer for my double oven. Easy to use, magnetic, and looks classy.

  49. Rebecca

    All the functions worked, easy to use….. the only thing I didn’t care for was the audio adjustment. Not much different between low and high volume. They both sounded on the higher end. Low setting was very loud and annoying.

  50. jason g

    Bought this for bartender working alone making deep fried bar food. Unit is loud enough to be heard from outside kitchen.

  51. Larry L. Vancil


  52. amrtx

    Love the large numbers, dual timer and blue display. And you can adjust the volume of the beeps. Easy to use.

  53. Amazon Customer

    I have had this timer for a while now and for the most part it is good. The only thing I don’t like about it, at least with this one I have is that it eats batteries pretty quick. I have to replace regular batteries about every month or month and a half and rechargeable batteries only last about a week. As the batteries begin to get low the alarm sound gets so quiet that I can’t hear it unless I have the timer right with me, the timer still works fine but the sound gets real quiet and the low battery Icon shows the batteries are low.

  54. Tannie D.

    I appreciate dual timer function, but if you go past the time you need when setting it, you have to completely reset timer. No way to go backwards. Not a huge thing, but a pain. Also, one magnet has already come off, so I have to super glue it.

  55. Roy J. Roos

    Use it all the TIME !@

  56. Wyatt McRaney


  57. Amazon Customer

    I really like this timer. I was looking for a double timer and this works great and its very easy to use.

  58. Kimberly J.Lilly

    Great, easy to use timer. I wanted a loud alarm but this one is a bit too loud. It’s even super loud while pushing the buttons to set the time. I wish there was a switch to monitor the loudness.

  59. Satisfied Customer

    I wish it had a button to push where you could do just seconds. It has a button for hours and minutes but not seconds. Otherwise, I really like it.

  60. JennyD

    The numbers are nice & big & easy to read. I wish the back light would stay on so I could read it from a distance without having to hit a button. I found it very confusing to figure out how to set the date & time. I’m going to keep the instructions banded to the timer. Otherwise, I don’t think I’ll remember (or be able to figure out) how to set the timers. I really like that the alarm has adjustable volume. Very nice feature for different uses!

  61. M.S.

    I found the instructions were a lot more complicated than they needed to be. It is easy to use, but the instructions were not.

  62. irosepdx

    The double timer feature is great! Alarm is loud, but not annoying.

  63. The Hobbyist

    Works good, really easy to set and it saves the time setting. There’s no way of clearing the time though, so if you want to go backwards you have to scroll all the way through the minutes/hours. It does this fast, so it’s not a major hassle.

  64. ntvnyr30

    Very happy I purchased this. The old time egg timer just wasn’t cutting it.

  65. Grandma Dee

    Easy to use. Nice to have two timers in one. Comes in handy without having to scramble to keep time for another recipe or project.

  66. Jo H.

    Love this timer! You can hear it go off even with a mixer going full blast!

  67. dan


  68. mcmfree78

    We bought this as a kitchen timer. We have a pro-style range which has no timer.The common complaint I have seen from other reviews is that the alarm is incredibly loud – smoke alarm loud. Yes, the alarm is quite loud. It can be adjusted from “really loud” to “incredibly loud”. However, the alarm part is located on the back of the unit, so if you use the magnetic mount on your range, hood, or refrigerator, it is toned-down to a manageable level. We wanted to hear it wherever we were in the house, so this is a good thing.Setting and clearing the timer(s) is also not intuitive, but we have figured it out.As far as the function of the timer, it works great – having two timers going independently is a bonus.

  69. Super Dave in Wisconsin

    Product on the small size.the timer is not loud as expected. The way to set the timer,after changing from time set is not easy.why not put that switch on the face .instead of behind the clock.Impressed but not impressed .Engineering not thought through from my view point,but it seems like a good buy.

  70. Sweetdreamz

    I would highly recommend!

  71. Chel

    This timer works well as a timer. It has different volumes and is easy to read.It has a clock, however, to use it you have to move a small switch on the back. You cannot use the clock and the timer at the same time, nor switch between them easily, so the clock is fairly useless.The buttons on the front are good size and easy to use. However, the minute/hour buttons only increase; if you want a lower time you have to clear and start from zero.I like the timer, but if I needed another one, I’d probably look for one with better regarding the clock and the minute/hour buttons. However, the size of the screen/buttons as well as the volume on this one are very good.

  72. dka

    Clean looking, easy to read dual timer/clock. Magnets and stand. Two AAA batteries.

  73. Jennifer B

    Timer is great if you plan to keep it in the counter. The magnets on the back of ours failed within a week. One came off within a few days, and now the other is coming off too. Disappointed as we planned to keep it on our fridge.

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Q: Can each timer can countup?
A: No, you can only count down.


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