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ThermoPro TP18SW Digital Instant Read Cooking Thermometer (

(71 customer reviews)

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  • Ultra Fast & Accurate】Digital meat thermometer for grilling features advanced thermocouple technology that provides 2-3s response time; 4.0” food grade probe thermometer guarantees an accurate temp reading to ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) with a wide temp range of 14°F – 572°F (-10°C – 300°C)
  • Lock & Calibration Function】Kitchen thermometer can lock the current temp when the probe is removed from food and keep the temp displayed, no more dangerously peering into the oven or grill; recalibrate the instant read thermometer after a long period of use for higher precision, making this a purchase which lasts a lifetime
  • Large Backlit Display】Cooking thermometer features backlight LED display with large luminous digits to let you see clearly while cooking in the evening, indoors or outdoors; 90s auto-off to save battery life, batteries included
  • Convenient Storage】Digital food thermometer with foldaway probe, features a magnetic back to allow you to easily attach to refrigerator or any metal surface; a hanging hole for your kitchen hooks or a lanyard
  • Calibration】Calibration function adjusts your instant read thermometer probe sensor back to the correct accuracy, making this kitchen thermometer which lasts a lifetime
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ThermoPro Thermocpuple Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP18 Ultra-fast Instant Reading Meat Thermometer with Thermocouple Sensor

Whether you’re cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving or grilling up some expensive meat, it’s important to cook the food to the proper temperature to ensure a safe, delicious meal for you or your guests. To accomplish this, an accurate and fast thermometer is exactly what you need!

The ThermoPro TP-18 digital thermocouple thermometer has the fastest response time of 2-3 seconds as well as a wide temperature range of 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C), ensures no more worries about overcooking or undercooking your meat. The grill thermometer also features a foldaway probe for storage purposes when not in use and as easily as it is stored, it will just as easily release and take the temperature instantaneously. Perfect for all sorts of cooking activities such as meats, baking, candy, liquids and BBQ, etc.


  • Ultra-fast Response:Features thermocouple sensor that can get readings in 3 seconds
  • With an accuracy of ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) in a range between 14°F to 572°F
  • Lock Function:The instant read thermometer will hold the stabilized temperature
  • Large Luminous Numbers: this thermometer ensures you can read the temperature with ease due to the bright, big red digits located on the LED display.
  • A strong magnetic backing allows you to attach the unit onto your refrigerator door, barbecue rack or any other metal surface; You can hang it on a kitchen hook also!


  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C)
  • Probe Length: 4.0″ food grade stainless steel probe
  • Auto-Off: 90 seconds
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit selector
  • Certifications: CE certified, RoHS approved probe
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Candy, Meat, Food, Liquid, Milk
ThermoPro TP18 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Digital Thermometer
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • 1 x Manual

Main Features:

ThermoPro Thermometer Instant Read

Ultra-fast Response

Features thermocouple sensor that can get readings in 3 seconds, while most of the meat thermometers found on the market take 6-8s to achieve an accurate temperature.

ThermoPro Thermometer Accuracy

Highly Accurate Readings

With an accuracy of ±0.9°F (±0.5°C) in a range between 14°F to 572°F, specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals and home users, ensure your food is cooked to absolute perfection.

ThermoPro Thermometer Lock Temp F/C

Lock Function

The instant read thermometer will hold the stabilized temperature, no more dangerously peering into the oven or grill, this has become an action of the past.

thermopro ice bath calibration 2

Lifetime Purchase

Calibration function adjusts and brings your instant read thermometer back to the correct accuracy, making this a purchase which lasts a lifetime!

ThermoPro Instant Read Thermometer for cooking

Large Luminous Numbers

If you do a lot of grilling at night, this thermometer ensures you can read the temperature with ease due to the bright, big red digits located on the LED display.

ThermoPro Thermometer Storage

Store Anywhere

A strong magnetic backing allows you to attach the unit onto your refrigerator door, barbecue rack or any other metal surface; You can hang it on a kitchen hook also!

71 reviews for ThermoPro TP18SW Digital Instant Read Cooking Thermometer (

  1. Richard Sabol

    I liked the fast read out. Use it on chicken and ribs.

  2. Limu

    This meat thermometer is unbelievable. Insert it and you get your temperature in seconds.For years I’ve used a cheap thermometer that I purchased from a local Pharmacy that took almost a minute to get a reading. I highly recommend the Thermo Pro TP18.

  3. Rick Gord

    Did ok, only used it a few times.Purchased 10/20/21, died 2/1/22. Seems like a dead battery. Can’t figure out how to change battery- they seem permanently in there.Not pleased!!!Please advise!

  4. Sandra

    Ease of use nice styling but my favorite part was the magnets on the back. My frig is an arm length away from my stove and I can just reach out and grab it without hunting thru utensil draw. Easy to clean. I would highly recommend for meat, candy And frying oil temp. (That is all I have used it for so far) registers temp very quickly

  5. TakomaBaby

    We had one of these for just over a year when the probe pulled easily out of the thermometer’s body and we couldn’t insert it back in.We bought another thinking that this was a fluke but after about 2 years of fairly infrequent use, the same thing happened to the new one.The problem seems to be that the plastic tube that holds the probe eventually cracks and the probe then pulls out easily. Today, I was just wiping the probe with a towel and it slipped right out.

  6. Razor53

    Very happy with product works great. Digital readout easy to see in sunlight.

  7. D. Platt

    We had an old school thermometer which we couldn’t trust and it was slow (actually two that never agreed). This thing is fast, easy to use and I feel like I can a) cook safely and trust things are cooked and b) not overcook. I took the advice of other reviewers and never folded the hinge – just left it open and pinned to the fridge when not in use. All good, but one night just cleaning the tip, I pulled the tip out of the joint exposing the wires. I was able to push it back in and glue the hinge, so it was permanently open but unfortunately the actual thermometer slid down the inside of the tip and it was no longer registering the correct temperature (at the tip) any more. I’m ordering another one because it basically works, but treat these very gently and for the manufacturer – please think about reengineering the hinge – it’s ridiculously fragile.

  8. Don Sr.

    This unit provides a temperature reading within seconds and seems accurate. Utilizing Triple AAA batteries is a great change to the button cell batteries that are generally expensive to replace. The magnets are very strong and sticks to my refrigerator will no sliding. The red led readout is approximately 3/4″ tall and easy to read. Would highly recommend this unit for your favorite cook or griller.

  9. MARC

    Easy to use easy to clean. Works like a charm. Takes the guesswork out. Works immediately

  10. Rufus Johnston

    The red numbers cannot be read in the sunlight. I should have thought about that before buying.

  11. Debs

    I like how easily and quickly this takes the internal temperature of meats. Just push the button to turn it on, insert into the meat and it quickly takes the temp. So happy I purchased this.

  12. ML

    it works great

  13. Allyson Turner

    Quick readout, accurate and easy to use. I like that it is magnetic and can stick to the side of the fridge until I’m ready to use it. I’ve used it a couple of times so far and it works great.

  14. Ron

    Works great

  15. BritBrat

    We’ve had one of these for many years until it recently failed, however it was well used and gave good service, hence replacing it with the same item.

  16. melissa c.

    The temperature seemed a little high. I compared it to another thermometer that we have been using for quite a while.

  17. BeachyWave

    This meat thermometer is easy to use; it opens and closes seamlessly and shifts fluently between F and C (my boyfriend, a great cook, is European). Highly recommend.

  18. Barbara

    very nice old one broke and i like this one better

  19. Monica

    I love that the magnets allow me to hand on my frig always at the ready. Large numbers are easy to read at any angle and seems to be very accurate. Also, calculates quickly so the temp hasn’t dropped 5 degrees before it registers with my old thermometer. And, very reasonably priced.

  20. River City

    The absolute best thermometer for grilling and smoking.

  21. Todd

    This is my first ever kitchen thermometer so I can’t speak to how the thermopro compares to other brands, either in build quality, accuracy, or ease of use. Having said that, I’m quite happy with it so far.From my limited testing, it reads temps more or less accurate-freshly boiled water read 214.2 F and when I stuck it in the fridge for 5 minutes it was only off by .6 F from what was displayed. The build quality isn’t the best, it feels plastic-y in the way cheap plastic toys tend to, but for just over $20 I can’t really complain. Other’s have complained about buttons- or lack thereof, but I found the touchpad works fine and has reasonable sensitivity settings. The display numbers are large and easy to read and the magnets on the back make for a convenient means for storing it on the fridge.All-in-all I’d say it’s a great value for money.Edit: 7/8/2020- 2-ish months of use.So, after about 2 months of use, the only issue I’ve come across is that one of the magnets on the back of thethermometer fell off. It’s a simple fix: some superglue and a little time, but it’s still an annoyance that shouldn’t have occurred after only 2 months. It’s still a good, cheap thermometer, but I’d dock it 1/2 star for the build quality fail.

  22. Millie

    After installing the two batteries, it was ready to use after a short 3 seconds to adjust. Wonderful tool!!!

  23. T. N.

    Fast and accurate exactly as advertised.

  24. Adam

    My last Cooper bit the bullet, so I though I’d give the folding variety a shot – there are times that having the readout on the end of the probe aren’t ideal. When this arrived, however, it was much bigger than it looked like online. It’s definitely not going to go to work with me.I usually start with the good, but not this time:The really bad: I’ll start with the really frustrating point- the thing I hate most about this probe:The buttons, or lack thereof – this is difficult to quickly grasp without inadvertently pressing a button. You see, there are no physical buttons, just areas that you touch that activate functions. With a button, you can feel that you are touching it, and it isn’t activated until you press it down. When I use this, I’m always changing over to Celsius or “locking” the temperature reading (a feature I’m not really sure of it’s purpose – I understand locking at the highest or lowest temperature it has read, but just locking it at an arbitrary reading serves no function that I can imagine) . Fortunately I know my meat temperatures in imperial and SI readings, but I don’t know my candy making temps, so I have to long press the units area to switch back to imperial, risking taking my sugar too far.Also bad – weird “calibration” process. I followed it to a “t” and it didn’t seem to do anything. At home this would be no big deal – so what if your thermometer is one degree Fahrenheit or so off. Health inspectors aren’t so permissive, however. Along these lines, there is no indent to let me know where the thermocouple is inside of the metal probe. Is it just the point, or midway up to the shoulder? How deep into this roast am I actually measuring? Who knows!Edit 2 months in: one more negative – auto shutoff happens too soon. It seems every time I’m taking a second reading of something is shuts off. I then have to fumble to turn it in, invariably hitting the C/F button, which I then have to fumble to change it back or switch my brain over to SI. Not a big negative, but a negative none the less.Not good, not bad:The size. It is what it is. It’s not a tiny little probe thermometer so you won’t be sticking it in your pen pocket. The girth makes it easier to hold on to, though.The build – the hinge doesn’t feel weak, but it it doesn’t feel bulletproof either. It should last years at home, I’d give it weeks in a restaurant or commercial kitchen.The magnets on the back – They’re super strong and great for home use: stick it to your range hood, oven door or fridge. If you had this in a pocket at work, you’d stick to every low boy, oven, drawer, bench, can, sink and fridge rack you came near.The good: Large, easy to read light up display – This is main reason the large size isn’t under the “bad” category. You simply can’t have a large display that is in a small housing. Being LED instead of LCD is nice too – when it’s fogged over with steam you can still tell the temperature.Quick reading! I never timed it, but the reading stabilizes in a couple of seconds. This is super nice – probably the reason I didn’t return it immediately.The the probe is long and can be angled : again, features like this don’t come without a size increase, so another savior for the size! You can check the temp of sugar without steaming your hand, or check the temp of oil while something is frying in it with minimal spatter burns. I know many thermoprobe sleeves have a hole in the side for this 90 degree reading option, but not all do, and sometimes you are using a makeshift sleeve because yours got lost somewhere in dish-pit (which is me, all the time)Overall:Even though this is built well enough to last quite a while in a home, I can’t help but recommend against it. There are simply better options out there. The frustrating “buttons” keep it from being quick and easy to use.

  25. FidlrJiffy

    I purchased a Thermopro TP18 thermometer in April of 2021. It arrived promptly and worked great for about a year until it just stopped working. It wouldn’t turn on. Checked the batteries (read good), checked the contacts, even changed the batteries (that also checked good) and nothing. It just wouldn’t turn on. Called customer service and explained the problem, provided my Amazon order number, and with no further questions asked a replacement unit was on it’s way. Got the replacement the next day. The customer service rep was great and I could not be more satisfied! 5 stars!

  26. Ric

    So, this is a nice digital meat thermometer with a big display that is easy to read & has a long probe compared to a small analogue meat thermometer we have been using (which helps me to evade hot splashes from the pan, etc!). It is also easy to use with my medium/small hands (though the flip out probe is a bit difficult for me to fold back in place with the device).However, the temp was not accurate out of the box, the magnets are weak & slide down on fridge or other magnetic surfaces despite what most other reviews have said (some have said the same about this issue), & the temp lock feature only works for 3 secs & then starts counting again.It has a way of calibrating it to fix accuracy but it is weird &/or unclear. I haven’t tried this. Also, I would rather the temp lock feature lasted longer than about 3 secs, unless that is normal for these digital meat thermometers?Anyhow, after further research on digital meat thermometers & reading some more of the reviews with the issues & complaints for this item that I should have looked at before purchasing, I will be returning this item & get something else (probably something outside Amaz$n from the research/posts I’ve read that is better &/or has trustworthy supply).

  27. Penny Menerey

    the digital readout makes this so easy to read. Much easier than my old one.

  28. P. Lehman

    I was very surprised at the size of this thermometer. I guess it will work well on an outside grill. It came with batteries. It’s big. The numbers are really easy to read and there is a beef temp gauge on the back. It’s really not what I had in mind. It’s tricky to shut off. The one I have now you just press the button and it’s off. This one takes some maneuvering. I have not read all the instructions yet. It’s ok. Did I mention it’s big?

  29. MJW

    Been using one of these for a year or so and have been happy with the performance. Works well for me and the price is so nice I just bought another one for our camper.

  30. C. Shell

    I had chicken legs and thigs on the grill for about 20 minutes. This tool read the inside temp of the chicken at 180 degrees.

  31. Vivian Stanley

    I like how easy it worked for me checking the temperature of the whole chicken I roasted

  32. ChowdhryG

    Very helpful and accurate

  33. Dr David

    This model produces very fast and accurate readings….the magnets on the back makes storing said device on the side of our refrigerator (next to the stove top) easy and very convent

  34. chuck

    I just received this so I can produce optimal and efficient results when bbq’ing. My first impression is that it is awesome. The look is beautiful and the design is simple. It has a switch blade like feature. When you press the massive button on the left side, a thermometer probe pops out of the unit and you can push the probe further to snap it into place. It is light weight and sports two magnets in the rear that will allow you to attach it to a magnetic surface for storage or somewhere near the grill for easy access. The unit takes (and includes) AAA batteries which I love, because I normally have those on hand for the tv remote.. Ive seen similar units using the flat watch battery type. Lastly, the display is great, the numbers are bright and huge. The battery door sports a cheat sheet of what the internal food temps should be.There were some things I would change but they are not deal breakers. The plastic feeling makes it feel like a toy and even though it may survive a drop, I wouldn’twant to test it. Different color led display options would of been cool. Im in love with matte black, so the option to have the face in matte instead of gloss could be epic… at least for me. The push button-spring loaded thermometer could use a stronger spring so that the probe could snap all the way back by itself instead of stopping half way (but it could be designed like that on purpose to allow users to use product and probe in an L configuration).

  35. Brian Guzman

    Easy to use and keep clean. Accurate and easy to read.

  36. Vickie Cole

    It does what it says in the description.

  37. Dad’s Garage

    Since that other well known manufacturer of these stopped selling on Amazon I found this alternative. It doesn’t seem as well made and I can’t get it in the color I want but for the price I can buy it five times over for what the other one costs.If you are not familiar with thermistor thermometers and want to know why you should have one the answer is speed. It gives you an accurate +- 1degree reading in about 1 second. That is important when you have removed the grill cover or opened the oven door. It is fast enough to allow multiple readings during you check.Unfortunately this model can’t be calibrated so you may have to compensate for it. As with any new equipment check it against known standards. Put it in a glass of ice water and it should read 32 farenheit. In boiling water it should read 212 degrees when immediately removed from heat. It probably won’t but you’ll know how much to add or subtract to get the correct reading. I just did this and mine read anywhere from 212 to 214 depending on the area sampled. The ice water measured 33 to 34 depending on the sample location.I did not know that it has magnets on the back when I order it and was pleasantly surprised. Mine gets displayed on my refrigerator door. Kinda nice not to have to dig it out of a drawer.The switchblade feature is nice for terrorizing wannabe chefs-in-law that invade your kitchen or patio while you are working. Just kidding. It doesn’t open all the way on spring action alone. Fortunately, I have an array of chef’s knives.If you think you or someone else might want one, get it you or they won’t be disappointed.

  38. P. Gonia

    This is a fast reacting temperature probe. I like it but the mechanical mechanism to release the tip feels a little bit fragile. Its worked fine so far though.

  39. CTSawdust

    Have had several others. This one reads quickly, has a nice bright, large display, and the magnets on the side are very helpful.

  40. Rufla

    I have owned several temperature probes over the years and finally I have the one that I need. The bright digital display is easy to read at night when I do my best smoking and grilling without bright lights!! This is a fantastic buy!

  41. Timothy Frank

    This device is difficult to use because of the orientation and style of the buttons. It’s way too easy to accidentally switch it between F and C, or to lock it. I bought mine in August of 2018. It’s been measured as inaccurate by +2 degrees, and will not calibrate despite the calibration feature built in. It’s possible that Thermpro has fixed that problem since then … however, I suggest using another Thermpro model instead (for example the TP605).I replaced mine just recently with the TP605 and am very happy with the TP605.

  42. Private

    Large numbers and very fast temp updates

  43. katsuratree

    With prior tool we were constantly buying new batteries because power was consumed if probe needle was not folded into case. This product solves that problem.

  44. William Noone

    This thermometer works exceptionally well, its easy to use and extremely accurate.

  45. Tom C

    When i worked in food service 15 years ago, a thermocouple cost well over $100.00 and they were a rather bulky item. What a find for under $20.00! You need to know that the old bi-metal dial thermometers measure the average temperature about two inches up from the bottom of the stem. They often need calibration. Thermistor thermometers (they are digital) are better but still read the temperature about a half an inch up from the stem and ,although they are faster than dial , are still somewhat slow. The two thermometers are not good for taking the temperature of thin foods (such as a steak, chicken, chops, etc) to determine degree of doneness in the center. This is where the thermocouple shines. It鈥檚 fast, reads right off the end tip, and accurate. I really like this one because it has a LED display for taking measurements in low light. It folds up into its own case so there is not other part to misplace. You avoid the temptation of being careless and putting the device in your pocket without the case and getting stabbed. It uses aaa batteries which are on everyone鈥檚 shelf.

  46. Scott

    This our second purchase of this thermometer. We use it almost everyday and withstands the daily abuse. It won’t be the cheapest but it will be reliable.

  47. Ellen C.

    My husband says this is the best thermometer we have ever had-it is fast and has been accurate every time

  48. RhondaO

    After buying two differnt round metal food thermometers that were not living up to my expections.I could have purchsed this in the frist place and save money.It’s perfect, works great and easy to use and read.It has Magnets on the back so you can place it on a metal surface in your kitchen to make at hand when you need it. I am so Happy with my purchase and have used it several time after purchasing recently.I am very careful when it comes to cooking and making what I eat safe. Nobody wants to get sick from under cooked food!

  49. kelly d

    Purchased this to get the correct meat temps down for smoking various meats such as baby back ribs, rib eye, and TriTip. Works great and accurate so far no issues. I like how there鈥檚 magnets so I can stick it on my grill away from heat and fridge to remind me where I left it.

  50. Mick M

    Definitely one of my Most satisfied purchases for the price

  51. Brian C. Low

    It seems to be accurate, it is easy to read and use.

  52. Amazon Customer

    I don’t like to write poor reviews, especially when I don’t feel wronged in some way, but I am not a fan of this product. Once you get it going it seems to work well and give good, legible and accurate (It seems.. haven’t done instrument tests or anything) temperature readings, but the rest just doesn’t come together well. I wonder how well they tested these. Like others have said, the batter lid comes off far too easy. Once you know this, it’s not hard to handle it in a way that’ll keep it from slipping off, but who wants to have to do that? Also, the touch buttons are annoying. They don’t seem to work consistently, requiring touches of various lengths. Also, it’s either far to easy to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, or it keeps switching to Celsius on it’s own. Great for the rest of the work I suppose, inconvenient in the US 🙂 Having to switch it back multiple times, which requires a long-touch, during the same cook gets old immediately.. Benjamin Button style.Bottom line, I will not be waiting for it to break or get lost before replacing it. I’m actually shopping for a better one right now, which prompted me to write this review.Update: i-Tronics reached out to tell me that they’ve updated and upgraded their design, and offered to send me one! We will see how it is when it gets here, but credit where credit is due… this is exactly how a good company should respond to criticism. Good on them! Couldn’t ask for more from a customer service standpoint.Update 2: The new improved version is definitely improved. The battery compartment stays shut, and the buttons were relocated and given a locking feature that helps prevent changing to Celsius/Fahrenheit inadvertently. Good job folks!

  53. loni broton

    wanted a quick reading

  54. Michael Tippins

    Well worth the money! It also has 2 very strong magnets. Secures very well to the inside storage of the grill

  55. Bobby R Walker

    Works great!

  56. Richard

    The temps it reads seem to be about 15-20 degrees off. As long as you take this into account it’s completely usable. In cooking a steak, I found temps on this device that were around 165 were in the Medium range, rather than the standard 145. This was with several different probing methods. From the side of the meat in the middle, and the top of the meat around the middle.Granted this could be user error, as I am a first time user for a meat thermometer. But the devices accuracy just seems off.

  57. Mikal Dykshorn

    We’ve had this for over a year, my mom liked it so much she bought one of her own. Seems accurate it’s easy enough to use, the only issue we have at this point is the needle doesn’t pop out easily all the time anymore, sometimes you kinda have to pull it with a fork and then it pops out. Awesome that it’s magnetic, we just have it right on the side of our fridge.

  58. cody stott

    Had it for a few years and it worked great. Probe came detached when I was drying it. Will probably buy a different one to see if it lasts longer, but can’t really complain much for the price.

  59. David Byrd

    Easy to use , self explanatory. Use it at the bar b Q grill . Also cooking inside. Used a mechanical thermometer before much easier and less likely to get burned. Safe to keep in pocket while cooking.

  60. Heidi Rasmussen

    I bought this on the advice of a friend for baking. It tells me if my water is the right temperature for the yeast, and if the bread is done after baking. As a bonus, I’ve found it to be useful in so many ways. Whether checking the temp of meat on the BBQ or doneness of turkey burgers on the stovetop. What a great tool to ensure your food is cooked to perfection!

  61. Dianne M Johnson

    Checking temperature of steaks on the grill. Love mine medium rare and it was accurate.

  62. Ronald P. Carter


  63. Amazon Customer

    I like the ability to close the temperature probe inside the unit.

  64. Amazon Customer

    Worked as promised.

  65. KKB

    I suppose that accuracy is an important (the MAIN) factor in a thermometer, and I haven’t verified it. However, in other regards I’m very happy. I was concerned about the build quality, which seems acceptable a few months in. I don’t wash it, I just wipe it down as necessary and have had no electrical issues to speak of.

  66. Mark D. Houdlette

    Not an instant read, but it did not claim to be. Feels very ‘plastic’ and cheap compared to others. Very hard to read in direct sunlight. Overall, it was an inexpensive thermometer and it has a place in the kitchen, but I’ll be looking for another alternative for outside BBQ’ing.

  67. cyndie

    Ease of use.

  68. Everett E.

    Enjoy mine so much bought 4 as gifts

  69. Amazon Customer

    Used to check internal Temps of Steaks and chicken breast

  70. Constance Josef

    Works great.

  71. Jason L

    Easy to use, very accurate and the auto off feature is a nice touch. The back also has magnets which make it easy to hang on a refrigerator to keep in reach.

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Question: Can anyone explain the differences between the tp 08, and the tp 20? what does the extra $15 buy with the tp20?
Answer: Main thing is the preset USDA settings in the tp20. This tells you what ideal temp is desired for each type and “doneness” of meat made. Here is a link to their website.

Question:  How long are the cords on the probes? I want to use in a smoker and I’d need to thread it through the top vent to keep the seal?
Answer: My wires are 39 inches, not including the probes.

Question: Can I leave the probes in the meat during the cook in my smoker?
Answer: Yes. They are designed to be left in during the cooking process to give you a real time temperature.

Question:  Can someone tell me who to contact for a replacement probe under the stated warranty?
Answer: Call service at 877-515-7797. They are replacing my receiver unit because it stopped working in 2 months.

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