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ThermoPro TP53W Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Gauge

(71 customer reviews)

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  • Upgraded version】touch sensitive hygrometer: Our hygrometer thermometer features a touch backlight button located on the bezel, making it easier to activate and light up the screen in dark conditions;
  • Air comfort indicator】Humidity meter shows the comfort level of your home, based on current humidity level, always be aware of your home conditions.
  • MAX & MIN Records】Humidity monitor with indoor thermometer stores and displays all time/24 hours max. and min. humidity and temperature records;
  • Multiple mounting options】Tabletop, wall-mountable and magnet-mountable design allowing you to conveniently attach or place your hygrometer wherever you desire; Powered by AAA battery (included)
  • Widely use】Indoor hygrometer ensures proper temperature and humidity control, which has important skin, allergen and other health benefits; Digital hygrometer thermometer can be placed in baby room, nursery, cellar, basement, warehouse and greenhouse.
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ThermoPro TP-53A temp and humidity monitor

ThermoPro TP53 Thermometer Hygrometer features the ultra narrow frame on the market, making the LCD display/numbers enlarged to ensure you can read the temperature and humidity with ease at almost any distance! Coupled with the yellow backlight, you’ll still be able to read the display with no eye strain even in the darkest conditions.

The indoor thermometer and humidity monitor is equipped with professional grade sensors to provide the most accurate measurements, be it for indoor humidity or temperature. Also, the hygrometer features trend indicators, allowing you to be aware if adjustments are necessary for your household such as turning on your AC or humidifier.


  • 0.13‘’ Ultra narrow frame, large Screen with Huge Digits displays the current indoor temperature and humidity percentages.
  • Yellow backlight is bright and makes the screen easy to read in low light when activated, and automatically turns off after 15 seconds.
  • Temperature and humidity trend indicators.
  • Includes all-time / 24 hours high and low records for temperature and humidity.
  • Easily reset the temperature and humidity with the press of one behind facing button.


  • Temperature range: -58℉ ~ 158℉(-50℃~ 70℃).
  • Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.
  • Comfort display: DRY, COMFORT, WET
  • Temperature display:℃/℉ selectable
  • Temperature Accuracy:+/- 2.0 °F (+/- 1.1 °C)
  • Humidity Accuracy:±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%
  • Update frequency: 10 seconds
  • Power Supply: 2 x AAA 1.5V
  • Backlight:Touch sensitive frame
ThermoPro TP-53 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Temperature and Humidity Monitor
  • 1 x User Manual

ThermoPro TP-53A for night

Touch Backlight

Touch to turn on/off backlight, and automatically turns off after 15 seconds.

Yellow backlight is bright and makes the screen easy to read and helps avoid eye strain in low light, and automatically turns off after 15 seconds.

Air Comfort Indicator

Humidity meter shows the comfort level of your room,temperature and humidity trend indicators to ensure you maintain proper humidity control.

ThermoPro TP-53A

Slender Frame

  • 0.13‘’Ultra narrow frame allows for a larger screen to provide huge digits to display the current indoor temperature and humidity percentages.


  • °F/°C: Fahrenheit degree and Celsius degree can switch conveniently.
  • All time/24 HRs: Allow you to see temperature/humidity in the past or last 24 hours.

Easily reset the temperature and humidity with the press of one behind facing button.

71 reviews for ThermoPro TP53W Hygrometer Thermometer Humidity Gauge

  1. Peggy Buchanan

    I am very pleased with this 2-pack of hygrometers! These are more accurate and responsive, and have larger numbers than the Accurite brand I had been using for a few years; also I love the bright yellow backlight on these. After unpacking these, I let them sit side by side in one location next to my old Accurite for a few hours to get acclimated. I noted that both of these new ones were accurate with almost the same readings as my wall furnace thermostat. Later when I took them to a different room, I noticed that within 5 mins they responded and changed their settings accordingly. The old Accurite was always 2 degrees less than my wall thermostat and took over an hour to respond to changes in temp/humidity. I will be purchasing more of these. The only improvement I could suggest is to make the standup feature a little larger to stand up on a surface, as it can fall over easily.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I bought several. They agree with themselves, but not always with my Nest.

  3. B. Honest

    The moment I received this ThermoPro TP53 Hygrometer / Thermometer and opened it, I was very happy I’d chose to buy *this* unit – rather than the dozens of others i could have chosen to purchase. First words in my mind were, “Now THAT’S what I’m TALKING ABOUT!”Fashion is not my goal in any way. My needs are strictly utilitarian, but for those looking also for “Simply Understated,” I think perhaps you would also find this unit a wise choice.- The packaging is very minimal and well thought out. Great 1st impression- The instructions are clear and concise- Build quality, including fit and finish is PROPER, meaning the design of the molds is excellent – features such as the little kick-stand and battery compartment cover and latch work VERY well and are accurate and concise in their function. I will note, however, that when a feature such as the little “Kick-stand” (that allows the unit to be free-standing) are very small and there-fore, far more delicate and prone to breakage if dropped on a hard surface while extended. When retracted however, the hinge assembly is VERY well protected.- The material quality of the plastic seems excellent. It is quite hard, though it’s quality will only be known as time passes. I will comment if it starts degrading as, poor plastics tend to show themselves rather quickly, even if they look and perform well at first.- The display is LARGE – and *very* nicely laid out! SUPER-EASY TO READ. If you have difficulty with vision, this MAY be good, though there are so many varying degrees of sightedness, (and therefore, lack thereof as well) YMMV- The backlight is pleasing to my eye as well, and I would describe it as “Neither harsh on the eye, nor so dim I still have to struggle to see the entire display clearly.” In other words – I think it’s just right – 100% of the way.Now, I can’t actually rate – “accuracy” – ACCURATELY – (what with me not having any lab-certified whirligigs with superconductive something-or-others), but I took it into the bathroom after a hot shower – took it out on the porch and compared with local reports nearby, and stuff like that – and it seems pretty spot-on to me! Woo-Hoo! :)I also really can’t comment on battery life in any meaningful way, because I just got it a few days ago. Besides, battery life may also be a bit subjective to factors such asA.) average temperature where it is used, andB.) How often and how long the light is on.I will update if battery life proves to be a big problem, but I’m pretty confident it’ll be fine. I hope so, because honestly, i really do like everything else about this purchase.WELL DONE ThermoPro!

  4. Kindle Customer

    We recently replaced all of our windows with thermal windows. With our old windows we had several windows which accumulated a lot of condensation on cold days. That eventually damaged the window sills. With these new windows I didn’t expect to have any condensation. Well, I had a little bit of condensation on a few windows the first night/morning after installation. The window people told me it was probably too humid inside my house and recommended I get a dehumidifier. While researching dehumidifiers (they are expensive!) I decided to purchase a humidity guage to see if I really needed a dehumidifier.I read a LOT of feedback on Amazon for the humidity guages and was quite concerned about them being accurate. True, I have no knowledge of whether these are truly accurate scientifically, but I purchased 2 of these and kept them in the same room (right next to one another) for the first few days. They read alike. I then placed one in the master bedroom (because that window would sometimes have condensation), and the other in the livingroom near the kitchen entrance. Both of those places can have higher humidity due to hot water usage and/or cooking.Both guages now register different humidity levels but are typically between 35-45% humidity based on house activity in the area of placement. Showers (morning or evening) will raise the humidity level in the master bedroom. Cooking and doing dishes seems to raise the humidity level in the livingroom.I am so glad I spent a little bit of money on these guages instead of jumping right into spending a lot of money on a dehumidifier. I have found my house is typically between 35-40% humidity, which does not cause condensation on my windows and is a good level of humidity per my research on window manufacturers websites.If we take a shower we leave the exhaust fan on for 30 minutes after the shower. Sometimes I will also open the bathroom window for about three minutes. The humidity lowers pretty quickly. When cooking a lot in the kitchen (especially soups, stews and pasta) I will open and close the back door a few times (letting the dog in and out at the same time).My best advice is to not be discouraged by negative feedback that mentions this product does not measure humidity correctly. Some of that negative feedback is based on comparing this product to cigar humidor humidity guages, which I researched and found that is not a recommended or correct way to compare.

  5. Robert

    Liked product does as advertised. Knowing the real temperature will help will our energy cost

  6. a reviewer

    I haven’t calibrated the hygrometer measurements from this device, but they subjectively seem accurate and are at least way closer to reality than the few old (like 60+ yr. old) mechanical ones laying about. Temp. seems spot on too. The display is easy to read, but the labeling on the tiny buttons on the back (which only get used when moving the device for extended use in a different location) have equally tiny labeling. By tiny I mean on par with other contemporary electronics with reset buttons, … While it would be nice to have a similar device that didn’t require batteries my experience with such is that they don’t age well. And yes, one could make a similar device with a couple of sensors, an Arduino, … but it would cost more in parts and time (likely lacking the “24 hr.” and “since reset” averaging features not to mention the cute little trending direction arrows for temp. and humidity.) Not to mention a 3D printed case wouldn’t go over as well esthetically with the rest of this household. So yeah, I’d buy one of these again in ten years if I left the batteries in long enough to corrode the contacts beyond use.

  7. Amazon Customer

    The temp. and the humidity readings are off. Temp by 5 degrees, and the humidity by 8 %. I had 3 other units, made from a different manufacture in the same room, in the same space, the others had the same readings, this unit did not.

  8. Robs kindle

    after a week it reads 8%rh and 80 f when it is 63 and 42%rh by feel and weather reports

  9. DJ

    Nice to use with a room or house humidifier to keep from overdoing it.

  10. guitar geek

    I bought a bunch of these a while ago, and they were great, but I donated some of them to friends. I have guitars that care a lot about temperature and humidity, and kids who complain about the temperature in their rooms. So a bought 6 more of them. I set them up next to each other temporarily, and some of them were over two degrees and 4% humidity away from the average. I have a lab quality infrared thermometer, so I was able to pick the three of them that were closest. But I no longer trust that I can order more and have them be within 3 degrees.

  11. Owen McNulty

    as advertised

  12. Laura Clay

    This product worked very well.. I bought it to testing humidity in my room because we were having issues and it

  13. Jim R

    bought 4 of them and put them all on same desk. All were within less than half degree and humidity of each other. We have a warehouse with coolers and are using them as a secondary source to check temps. The one in the pic is sitting in our office. Added bonus, I didn’t realize when I bought them that they had a magnetic strip on them.Not sure about battery life yet as not been in use long enough, but really happy with them.

  14. David S N90210

    BIG NUMBERS, and the best feature is you have a soft, orange back-light! Easy to read day or night. It has humidity scale & keeps track of the highest high & lowest low of both temp & humidity. I have them in several rooms!

  15. Chris Burleson

    Exactly as advertised

  16. Kelly Levinson

    Works perfectly excellent if you need to know the temperature and humidity in your room

  17. Cheryl Chubinski

    It is easy to read. A quality product

  18. Gor

    It has enough good accuracy

  19. Douglas Wylie

    I have three and pleased with them all.

  20. James

    Kool Product

  21. Tammy Spears

    I bought this to monitor humidity levels for my houseplants and it worked instantly upon putting the batteries in. Will be ordering a couple more.

  22. Techkie

    I utilize this Hygrometer to monitor the Humidity in my basement. Can be set for 24hr or lifetime to monitor humidity conditions. Great value for the price

  23. Baron

    Purchase for use in my garage. Since I have a heater in my garage and I want to hold the temp during the winter at 45 degrees, this thermometer is help me to do so. I assume what is shown is accurate; how would i know otherwise?

  24. Charles Morin

    Works great. Easy to read. Easy to reset. Can’t tell how accurate it is because it’s the only hygrometer that I have, but it does show greater humidity the closer it gets to the humidifier.

  25. Happy Pat

    It is so easy in the dark to turn on and off the light. The temperature seems to be accurate when compared to my other portable thermometers in the house.

  26. Larry G Massey

    We use the product for when we need more or less moisture in the house.

  27. DeMerleTC

    Temp and humidity match other device reading.

  28. JF’s Prime Time

    I ordered two of these- one for my living room and one for my bedroom. The air gets VERY dry in the winter time and I have several allergies (and also have asthma). I also have a parrot and for all these reasons, air quality is very important. I was constantly finding the room of my throat getting very dry and having a hard time to swallow and yet the air didn’t feel dry. If the air gets too dry, I start getting bloody noses.For these reasons, I wanted a humidity monitor. I looked in stores and online and I found this one and it had good ratings. I find it to be VERY accurate. I need to keep the humidity level above 40% in my house and whenever I start having my symptoms, I look at the monitor and its usually in the mid 30s. It doesn’t take long for it turn to dry (again) after a few hours, so the accuracy of this monitor is key and has provided me a great means of preventing excessive dryness.I like that it tells you the temp as well as the ‘high/low’ of both temp and humidity for the either the last 24hrs OR all time. I am rating the ‘battery life’ as 3-stars since that is ‘average’ and I haven’t had them long enough to make a fair assessment on battery life.

  29. michael m.

    I have one in every room of my house along with my refrigerator and freezer. It keeps track of all time high and low temperatures which is a great way to make sure that your food stays fresh.

  30. Joel Gershom

    Perfect little thermometer. Does exactly what it says on the box. Good build quality. Will definitely buy more for the house.

  31. W. Watson

    Product seems to work as advertised.

  32. Marlene P.

    First I checked this ThermoPro in the freezer, it was accurate to within 1 deg compared to my other digital thermometer. Encouraged by that good result I decided to check outside, the temp was 88 deg according to the online Weather Underground. As you can see from the accompanying pic they matched wonderfully. Incidentally the humidity according to the WU read 16%, and on the Thermopro you can see it reads 19%. So the humidity was less than stellar, but still pretty good for my purposes. I have to give this five stars considering the price. Good job ThermoPro!

  33. C.H.

    Works as ad described. Satisfied with this purchase.

  34. The Resident Gourmet

    Its too bad this well built and attractively designed sensor combo isn’t as accurate as one would expect considering its looks and build quality.I purchased (4) of these sensors based on the high scores given to the device on this product page. Unfortunately, those reviewing the unit’s accuracy obviously failed to properly compare the accuracy of this device to a calibrated reference RH sensor. I used a $400.00 science grade RH meter and 75% Calibration Kits for my tests of the four TP53 units I received.I used a total of (4) Boveda Calibration Packs to test my four TP53s for RH reporting accuracy. The devices were each placed inside their own calibration kit, along with a 75% Boveda Sensor Calibration Packet for 24 hours. At the end of that 24 hour period, any properly calibrated/accurate RH sensor would be reading a solid 75% RH, or would provide the user with the ability to adjust the sensor to read 75% RH.Unfortunately, all (4) of the TP53 units tested were under reporting by as much as -6%! The most accurate of the four units was reading 72%, which the manufacturer of this device considers to be within their accuracy range. This may be useable for household/curiosity applications, but if you are trying to determine the RH inside a cigar humidor which is the application I purchased these for, anything greater than a +/- 1% is too wide a range to be counted on. Especially when it comes to a sensor “Under Reporting” the actual RH of the environment in which it is placed.If the unit incorporated some form of calibration adjustment, I could have adjusted all four of these under reporting units to read the correct 75% RH and we would be golden. Unfortunately, no such calibration option is provided, so you are basically stuck with the factory adjustment the units come with, which appear to be 3 to 6% UNDER the actual RH of the measured environment.To the company’s credit, upon writing to them with my findings, they quickly sent out (3) replacement units. They only sent out (3) and not (4) because they explained that the fourth unit was “only” underreporting by 3% and thus within their published +/- 3% error range. Upon receiving the three replacement units, I immediately placed all of them inside their own Boveda RH Sensor Calibration Kits and let them respond to the controlled 75% RH environment for 24 hours. At the end of the 24 hour period, I could see that (2) of the (3) replacements were underreporting by 4% and 5% RH respectively. Again… Too far out of range for my application. The third unit was under reporting by -3% RH.It was at this point that I contacted and arranged for the original units as well as the factory sent replacements to be returned for a full refund.This is a perfect example of a missed opportunity on the part of a manufacturer who “almost” has a great product on their hands! Apparently, in order to save on costs or perhaps some other reason they chose to NOT include the ability to recalibrate their sensor if it was deemed to be out of spec or worse. Without this basic option, which is standard on most of the popular RH sensors on the market today, this unit becomes useless curiosity instead of a viable instrument to be relied on in a host of situations, where sensor accuracy is always paramount.—————————————Anyone reading this who is looking for an accurate RH sensor for use in Cigar Humidors need look no further than the Boveda Butler! The Butler comes complete with the 75% calibration kit I mentioned above, along with a free iOS or Android App that allows the user to interface and track up to (5) Boveda Butlers at the same time. They are incredibly accurate and after the 24 hour calibration routine was completed, the companion app automatically adjusted all four sensors to read 75% RH and from that point forward were spot on with my $400.00 scientific grade RH sensor that I use with my weather station. A station that has been providing the official weather data for our rural town to NOAA and The National Weather Service for the last 12 years.2 months later, and all four sensors are still spot on with my professional RH measurement device. If any should ever drift over time, I can simply place it into the calibration kit for 24 hours and be back to 100% meter accuracy!Not bad for a product that sells online for around $20.00!

  35. Douglas A.

    This appears to provide accurate information within our home.

  36. Steven

    Exactly what I wanted and needed. Shows Temp and Humidity current as well as Hi/Lo. Love the fact that it is magnetic too. I plan to purchase another soon.

  37. usaglory

    It is a hygrometer/thermometer: came well packaged. Comes in a very nice box and easy to understand instructions. It is sturdy and good heft, doesn’t feel like a cheap toy. The light is quite intense (you won’t have trouble reading the display aided by the fact that the numbers are large and clear) and as described it goes off by itself after about 15 seconds.I give them 24 hours to adjust, as I am writing this it has been about 20 hours. When I first placed the batteries it was off by 2 degrees and the humidity by about 6 points when compared with one (different brand) I already own (which is completely accurate). But it has been adjusting and now it is only off by 0.2 degrees which is negligible, and the humidity again negligible. Needless to say it shows decimals for a more precise information.Has C and F. Records lowest and highest temperature/humidity per 24 hours or all time, whichever you set. Has a kickstand and a magnet for versatility. I use the kickstand and there’s no risk whatsoever of it falling down. The only thing is to press the light button you have to hold it otherwise you’ll just push it back, because although hefty it is not so much that you’ll avoid that. I am happy with this purchase as long as it lasts…Can’t say anything about durability or battery life yet. It uses two AAA batteries. Mine came with batteries.

  38. Richard C

    😉 Using in walk-in attic spaces. They are great… visible from a distance, even for this coogley-eyed old dude! Nice purchase and great value!

  39. Retrotek

    Pros:The ThermoPro is exactly what I needed. I’ts small yet has large numbers that are easy to see at a distance.It is very accurate and responds quickly to changes in temp and humidity.The light that I didnt think I would use is so bright I can tap it on when I come into the dark room as a quick night light.The wide magnet on the back is very strong and ideal to hang the unit on a metal surface like file cabinet or refrigerator.The record 24hr / alltime memory for highs and lows is handy mostly if you want to set it for 24hr and see what the high and low temps and humidity for the were.The contoured cover makes the unit more appealing than those square box units.The screw hole / flip base / magnet options are ideal for quickly moving from one location to another until you get around to buying a 2nd unit.Cons:Standing on the base makes the light button (at the bottom) hard to turn on without pushing the unit across the table top unless the back is up against something solid.The magnet on the back is large and juts out an 8th of an inch or so that when you mount the unit to a wall with a screw the unit does not sit flat to the wall and if you loosen the wall screw to make the unit flat it tends to swing when you reach for the light button.Removing the magnet gives access to the battery compartment and allows the unit to lay flush against the wall surface except when you push on the unit it presses the option buttons on the back so the unit changes from C to F. I found that by putting a small rubber washer (the thickness of the magnet cover) over the screw let me put the unit tight and level to the wall without having the buttons being pressed and makes for ideal mounting.Unlike most vendors, iTronics sent me a follow-up email asking if I found my purchase satisfactory. Which I did, so I don’t mind taking a few minutes to add a review of the unit.Being that it is such a simple thing I was amused at how pleased I was with my purchase and I recommend this unit first to anyone who needs one.

  40. Adam B.

    Simple yet a wealth of information

  41. T. Balaban

    I bought this because I did not trust the humidity sensor on my humidifier. I want my household humidity in the 35-45% range but with the humidifier set @ 40% our gut feel was that the humidity was too low. The ThermoPro TP53 showed our humidity @ ~20% making our home uncomfortable in the winter. I changed the setting on the humidifier to 60% and we now see ~40% on the ThermoPro TP53.Of course, like a person with more than one watch, you always wonder which one is showing the correct time (usually neither :-)) ), we weren’t sure what the actual humidity was. I later bought a wireless weather station that gives both indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature, I found that there was less than 2% difference between the weather station and the ThermoPro TP53. Good enough for me especially since they’re in different rooms.Finally and not to be undervalued, the LCD display on the ThermoPro TP53 is spectacularly clear and readable.The only thing missing is a clock but I took care of that with another gadget. 🙂

  42. Joan M.

    Both are accurate. We have an expensive indoor/outdoor thermometer. One of the ThermoPro TP53 thermometers is exactly the same temperature while the second is less than half degree difference. My husband is pleased with them. Have not had them long enough to rate the battery life.

  43. Jm

    this is good to have however I wish it had an option to keep the light on as opposed to git automatically turning off after about 10 seconds

  44. Claud

    This is a very good device for the price. Seems to be accurate.

  45. lvh98110

    I specifically bought this to hang from the top screw of a face plate where my old thermostat used to be. But the magnet on the back is formed such that the unit doesn’t hang flat against the wall. The magnet isn’t flush to the case and sticks out from the back of the unit. I ended up sticking it to a metal shelf instead.

  46. Michael Allen

    I initially purchased a product that did not have the backlight. It was difficult to read in normal daytime room lighting. These monitors have the same issue in regular room lighting. However, the backlight makes a big difference (requires AAA batteries). The display has black digits and a yello/amber backlight. The backlight is turned on and off by a soft touch to the bevel, and it automatically turns off after 15 seconds. When the backlight is on, the characters are easy to read. I would buy this product again.

  47. Bob G.

    It works as it should!

  48. chris

    I like this monitor because the readings appear accurate and are easy to read. It will adhere to metal or it can stand alone on the table. I bought this due to the fact we use our fireplace in the winter and I want to make sure there is adequate humidity. It arrived in a timely manner and is very good looking

  49. Tony

    Large numbers on the display, makes it easy to read.

  50. Solar11

    Last year, I submitted a 5-star review of a similar unit — the ThermoPro TP52. I evaluated the TP52 by placing it next to a La Crosse Hygrometer/Thermometer that I used as a reference. The TP52 was remarkably consistent with the reference. Recently, I performed the same test with the TP53, using the same reference. For several days, the TP53 displayed humidity levels that were roughly 10 percent below the reference value (a difference of around 5 percent in humidity). I then moved the TP53 to the kitchen, attaching it to the refrigerator door. Over several hours, the displayed humidity increased, to a level that approximated what was displayed on the La Crosse unit (still in the next room). I subsequently moved the TP53 back to its original location next to the La Crosse unit. Over several days, the displayed readings have been fairly consistent, but seem to become less so at humidity levels above 48 percent. I think the original issue might have been due (at least in part) to the product slowly recovering from environmental extremes during storage, packaging or shipping. If you’ve purchased one of these, I recommend allowing a week or two for the unit to adjust to its environment. If the accuracy of my unit improves or degrades further, I’ll update the review.

  51. Mr. GrumpyGoaT


  52. Janez Krek

    Simple and easy to use/read thermometer. Back light enables to read the screen even in the dark. Magnet at the back can serve to attach it to metal surfaces.

  53. randymoon

    Room Temp.

  54. Samantha Scott

    I have this in a room that I keep my pet rats in, along with an expensive computer. We need a humidifier in the room to keep the rats’ respiratory systems healthy, and this allows me to keep things around 50% humidity. Does its job and matches the built in hygrometer on the humidifier, so I believe it is accurate.

  55. Richard Peacock

    The display lights with just a touch. The numbers are large so you don’t need your glasses and the light is just bright enough. We use this in our bedroom because the temp there is different from where our thermostat is located and we want to set the bedroom temp for sleeping.

  56. Hoarder

    Purchased this to keep track of the temperature in our unfinished basement. I tested the temp accuracy by setting it on top of our thermostat and it was right on point.Humidity setting is an added bonus altho I have no way to double check that.

  57. Jrock

    Over a year and I have not changed the batteries (2x AAA) on this thing yet.Extremely durable. I have this thing just knocking around my room, dropped it several times on hardwood floors, and it’s still ticking.Very easy to read, lights up well.

  58. janet v

    I just purchased my third one. This hygrometer/thermometer is extremely accurate, especially for the low price. Great!

  59. Bonni Bailey

    I got t for cheese making and it works great.

  60. TJ

    As described by seller

  61. Dusguicheon

    Positives: I ordered two of these ThermPro TP53. They look great, are the perfect size for what I wanted, and the numbers are easy to read. They can be hung on a wall or set on a tabletop with the built in kickstand, or even attached to the fridge with the built in magnet on the back.Negatives: One of the two I received constantly reads the temperature in the room 1-2 degrees hotter than the actual temperature in the room. We tested them side by side in several different locations and the same one always reads hotter than the actual temperature. The other one tested “on the money” every time so there is definitely a problem with the accuracy of one of the two I bought. Ordinarily I’d return the one that isn’t working properly, I mean, a thermometer that isn’t accurate isn’t worth anything to me, but this time I decided to keep it and use it on my screened in porch. I’d rather it be accurate so I could have used it as I intended in the house but one to two degrees “off” on the screened porch isn’t the end of the world.

  62. Amazon Customer

    Inaccurate temperature reading, mainly on one of the two.However, seller quickly replaced both!All Good!Great Seller!

  63. Bogie

    I have a couple of older models that I keep in various rooms as well as my garage (don’t ask why, it wouldn’t be very interesting to read). The older models are magnet or stand only. Since I removed the set of metal shelves I had in my garage, and no shelves are going in to replace them, I needed a model I could hang on the wall. This model has that ability so I bought it. I let it sit on a counter with 2 others of the older model, and they all read within 1* total spread – which is fine for my purposes.I do not need a thermometer / RH indicator that is super accurate, just one that is in the ballpark with its brethren so I’m not willing to spend much money. This model does exactly what I need, for the right price. It is a bonus that I can turn on the back light if for some reason I couldn’t turn on the garage light.

  64. JS Pappas

    Works fine, but thought it had Blue Tooth capability based upon the photos and the slick graphics (i.e., “easy to read temperature anywhere”…everywhere if you are 1-15 feet away from the unit). And it’s $4 more than comparable thermometers so assumed it had additional feature like Blue Tooth. But hey, it appears to work fine and accurately…i just need it to monitor and quantify my office temperature.I saw some buyers bought this unit for serious monitoring (like pheasant and rare bird eggs)…what the hell are you using a cheap-ass China-made thermostat to monitor things that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars?

  65. LouTheEngineer

    It was exactly as described by the manufacturer, arrived when promised, and is working great so far.

  66. Melanie

    Three of these are placed separate locations within our home for easy reference and they help us know how to adjust the indoor climate. I especially like the magnet and tabletop options for placement and the convenience of using the light when needed. Easy to read and use! Great functional design!

  67. Marty

    Easy start up. Backlight enables easy reading in all light conditions. Do not have the ability to evaluate humidity accuracy. Temperature accuracy is OK.

  68. Dog mom

    Love the size of the numbers, the backlighting and the option of standing it up or using the magnet

  69. Salvador Mendez Sr.

    Got me 2 and they do the job

  70. RonK

    With getting two units, I can see what differences there are in temperature and humidity in two different rooms of the house. The numbers can be easily seen. In the dark, there is a button at the bottom center to press to give the numbers back lighting. The back light goes off automatically in a few seconds to conserve the battery. I like the fact that it shows the high and low numbers of both temp and humidity.

  71. Christina H.

    I was camping this past week in the rocky mountains and thought that I really wanted to write a review about this product I have owned the thermopro hydrometer for about 2.5 years now to use in my RV. I stuck it to the wall by the bed so I can see the temperature and humidity at night/morning. It has seen temps down to -8 and highs up to 89. It is one of the most reliable items in my RV currently that takes batteries. I have never changed the batteries in it but yet it still works no matter the temperature. I don’t trust he humidity reading on it at all though. It swings all over the place in a matter of minutes and I have no idea why or how it pulls its reading. The light on I is awesome too for reading it when there isn’t any light.

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TP53 Specification

Temperature Range

-22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)

Temperature Tolerance

±1℉(±0.5℃)from 32 to 140℉(0 to 60℃)

otherwise ±1.8℉(±1℃)

Humidity Range


Humidity Tolerance

±2%from 30% to 80%,otherwise ±3%

Sensor Type


Refresh Rate

10 seconds


LCD, 2 1⁄2 Length x  2 2⁄5 Width inches(63.0L x 61.0W mm)



Unit Size

3 1⁄4 Length x 2 4⁄5 Width x Height inches

(83.0L x 71.0W x26.0H mm)


3.0V (2x AAA Batteries)

Instruction Manual

Notes on cleaning

Separate the device from the power supply or remove the batteries before cleaning. Only use a dry cloth to clean the exterior of the device. Do not use any cleaning fluid to avoid damaging the electronics.

1. Display: Displays the current humidity and temperature, maximum and minimum humidity/ temperature recorded in the past or past /24hrs.

2.Battery Compartment: Holds 2 X AAA batteries to power the unit.

3.Temperature range: -58°F~158°F(-50°C~70°C).

4.Humidity range: 10% ~ 99%.

5.Temperature display unit: °C and °F selectable.

6.Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F.

7.Humidity Resolution: 1%.

8.Comfort Level: DRY, COMFORT, WET.

  • If humidity is below 30%: Dry.
  • If humidity is between 30% to 60%: Comfort.
  • If humidity is above 60%: Wet. 


9.Totally wireless tabletop, magnet-mountable and wall-mounted design.

10.Low battery indication.

11.Backlight function.

Touch Button :

temperature button :Touch once to turn on/off backlight.

Two Buttons

°C/°F Press once to change the temperature display unit in °C or °F. ALL TIME/24 HRs: Press it to show the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity recorded since last reset (ALL TIME option) or in the past 24 hours since last reset (24 HRs option). Press and hold ‘ALL TIME/24 HRs’ button for 3 seconds to reset/clear all the maximum and minimum temperature and humidity recorded.


Touch the temperature button to activate the backlight, then touch it again to turn it off. If you do not touch the button for 15 seconds, it will automatically turn off the backlight. TP-53 Backlight

Temperature & Humidity Trend


temperature & humidity increase trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in an increasing trend.

flat errow - temperature & humidity no change indicates the temperature & humidity is in a no change trend.

temperature & humidity decrease trend indicates the temperature & humidity is in a decreasing trend.

Before first use

1. Insert or Replace Battery: Insert two AAA batteries incorrect polarity ( ) and (-) as indicated. 2. Do not immerse product body in water. 3. The humidity and temperature monitor is now ready to use.

Care of your Humidity/ Temperature monitor

Do not leave exposed to extreme high or low temperatures since this will damage electronic parts and plastics.

Remove battery if stored for more than four months.


Question: Does anyone know what the arrows on the right side are for…..??

Answer: I believe those arrows indicate the trending of the temp and humidity, (i.e. going up or down).

Question: I want to use it to monitor humidity in a cheese cave at about 85%. Will it measure humidity this high?

Answer: Yes it will. The humidity range is 10%-99%.

Question: Can it be calibrated?

Answer: The TP53 comes factory calibrated. It is not able to be calibrated by the user.u00a0

Question: in-door out-door thermometer?

Answer: No, just the temp wherever you place it  

Product Comparison

Product Info
thermopro with batteries

ThermoPro TP53

Thermopro TP357 Bluetooth Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer

Thermopro TP357

ThermoPro TP52 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer and Humidity Monitor Gallery

ThermoPro TP52

ThermoPro TP-55 Humidity and Temperature Monitor

ThermoPro TP55

Price $13.99 $13.99 $12.99 $12.99 $12.99 $12.99 $15.99 $15.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock Out of stock
Alexa capability No No No No
Backlight display Yes No Yes Yes
Barometric pressure No No No No
Bluetooth No Yes No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator Yes Yes Yes Yes
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor Only
Mobile app No Yes No No
Range - 260ft - -
Remote No Yes No No
Temperature humidity alerts No Yes No No
Weather forecast No No No No
Wifi capability No No No No

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