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ThermoPro TP67

(570 customer reviews)

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Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

  • Cold-resistant & Weatherproof rechargeable sensor 】 Waterproof remote outdoor temperature and humidity monitor sensor is completely sealed to guarantee weather updates in rain or snow up to 330 ft. Rechargeable temperature sensor can monitor outdoor temperatures as low as -31°F(-35°C) and maintain a charge for more than 1 year
  • Weather forecast and digital barometer graph】Large Wireless thermometer indoor outdoor display features weather forecast that’s able to predict the weather conditions with barometric pressure, 12-24 hours in advance and then display the weather forecast via 5 icons (sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snow). 
  • Smart tracking】 humidity meter monitors indoor outdoor temperature (°F/°C) and humidity (%RH) and records Min/max Temperatures and humidity percentages with trend arrows to indicate where the humidity or temperature is headed to alert you of changes to your environment
  • User friendly design】4″ Large Clear LCD display digital remote thermometer with a backlit button to allow for all information to be easier to read in dim light conditions and superbly simple to use. 
  • Sync up to 3 outdoor remote sensors】Home weather stationmonitor can display the readings from up to 3 temperature sensors to monitor different locations
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Equipped with a professional grade rechargeable sensor, making it the perfect choice to get accurate current measurements. Weather station tracks the weather-related variables including temperature and barometric pressure change to generate a forecast for your exact location. No longer waste time watching the TV or browsing weather websites. Bright, large display that’s informative at a glance. Using the TP67 helps you confidently making the necessary adjustments in your daily life in advance.


  • Rechargeable lithium battery technology resists cold weather and monitor temperature as low as -31°F(-35°C).
  • Completely sealed to be waterproof ensure transmission in rain or snow.
  • Weather Forecast, temperature and humidity percentages trend indicator arrow help you to make necessary adjustments in advance.
  • Barometric Pressure (hPa or inHg) with 12-hour history graph and records.
  • Includes all-time high and low records for temperature and humidity.
  • Display stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable,base is detachable.
  • Sync up to 3 outdoor remote sensors to monitor different locations (additional 2 sensors sold separately) .


  • Wireless Remote Range: 330ft/100m
  • Indoor temperature range: -4°F ~ 158°F (-20°C ~ 70°C); Outdoor Temperature range: -31~158°F (-35~70°C)
  • Temperature Tolerance: ±2.0°F (±1.1°C)
  • Humidity range : 10% to 99% RH
  • Humidity Tolerance: ±2% from 30% to 80%; ±3% below 30% and above 80%
  • Barometric Pressure range:23.62-32.48inHg (800mbar-1100mbar)
  • Barometric Pressure Tolerance: +/-0.059inHg(+/-2mba)
ThermoPro TP-67 Package

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Base Station Unit(Receiver)
  • 1 x Remote Sensor(Transmitter)
  • 2 x AAA Battery
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

ThermoPro – Life Like A Pro

Cold-Resistant and Weatherproof

Rechargeable sensor is not only more power efficient but is also completely sealed to be waterproof and cold resistant to ensure transmission in rain or snow, even in temperatures as low as -31°F(-35°C).

Barometric Pressure

The rate of change of barometric pressure is a important factor for weather conditions.As the weather changes from Partly Cloudy to Sunny, the pressure increases. As the weather changes from cloudy to rainy, the pressure decreases. Displays current barometer pressure with 12 hour history, and an easy to read graph on the trend change in the last 12 hours. With both, you can accurately predict weather condition by yourself.

Personal Weather Forecast for your Location

Based on rising or falling barometric pressure, our weather station will forecast the weather 12-24 hours in advance for an area within a radius of approximately 20-30 miles or 30-50 km and inform you via 5 different forecast icons (sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snow) to ensure you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

Responsive, Precise Readings

Lightning quick response time, taking measurements every 50 seconds via 6 highly sensitive vents to provide the most updated and accurate readings available.

weather station with multiple sensorremote sensor

Wirelessly Track 4 Locations

The receiver is capable of displaying readings from up to 3 outdoor sensors within a 330ft/100m remote range by using a 433MHZ signal, ensuring you can monitor the temperature in multiple locations that matter the most such as your bedroom, baby’s room or your outdoor temp like green house or backyard.

remote sensor charger

Rechargeable Sensor

The remote sensor runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, powered by common USB charging Cable (Included). One full charge can last for more than 1 year.

waterproof remote sensor

Cold-Resistant and Weatherproof

Rechargeable sensor is not only more power efficient but is also completely sealed to be waterproof and cold resistant to ensure transmission in rain or snow, even in temperatures as low as -31°F(-35°C).


Responsive, Precise Readings

Lightning quick response time, taking measurements every 50 seconds via 6 highly sensitive vents to provide the most updated and accurate readings available.

weather station with multiple sensorremote sensor

Clear, Bright Display

The backlight screen has broad field of view which is viewable from any angles and distance even at night, it will only take one glance.

remote sensor charger

Personal Weather Forecast for your Location

Based on rising or falling barometric pressure, our weather station will forecast the weather 12-24 hours in advance for an area within a radius of approximately 20-30 miles or 30-50 km and inform you via 5 different forecast icons (sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy, snow) to ensure you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

waterproof remote sensor

Barometric Pressure

The rate of change of barometric pressure is a important factor for weather conditions.As the weather changes from Partly Cloudy to Sunny, the pressure increases. As the weather changes from cloudy to rainy, the pressure decreases. Displays current barometer pressure with 12 hour history, and an easy to read graph on the trend change in the last 12 hours. With both, you can accurately predict weather condition by yourself.


Two Mounting Options

Place our devices to best suit your room layout with our table stand and wall mount design.

570 reviews for ThermoPro TP67

  1. David

    Is it possible to recalibrate the temperature sensor of the receiber if it does not match with the emiter temperature? I have aproximately 1ºC of difference. I know it fits in the accuracy but I’d like that they showed the exact same temperature, so I can see different rooms temperature 🙂

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, there is no way to manually adjust or calibrate the unit.

  2. Ellen (verified owner)

    The red LED light on the remote flashes every 50 seconds. What does that mean? I can’t find the info in the manual.
    Also, is the graph at the bottom supposed to be flashing.. and. from right to left? No info about it.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The red flashing light on the sensor is just an indicator light.

      The flashing means the device is transmitting data.

      Also the graph will flash from right to left.

      This is all intended and sounds like the device is functioning properly.

  3. Susan B

    I like the long life rechargeable nature of the outdoor/remote temperature sensing unit. We will see how long the charge lasts.
    What is disconcerting is that when the outdoor/remote temperature sensing unit is placed next to the indoor sensing unit and given time to adjust to room temperature, the indoor and remote temperatures are NOT equal…there is a 2 degree difference. The remote reads 2 degrees higher than the internal when under these circumstances

  4. Dave O.

    I bought this for my camper-van, so I could see how the interior temperature compares to the outside. It works great. I was up in N. VA in January during an extreme cold spell. It was 18 deg F outside the van and 50 deg F inside with my heater going on low. My only complaint is that the screw mounting hole is too small for any normal screw-head size. I had to put the smallest self-tapping screw into my drill chuck and spin it against a bastard file until it was small enough to fit into the keyhole opening. I used some high strength outdoor Velcro as a backup. Hasn’t fallen off yet.

  5. William Moore

    Excellent product. Not unlike other
    Thermo Pro products I own..

  6. J. Wicke

    Just what my Husband was looking for! This was the perfect gift for his birthday! He loves it!!! And a bonus was the instant read thermometer!!! Thank you so much ThermoPro!!

  7. R. Kennedy

    Great weather station to replace my old one. The barometer is .3 lower than average but the rest of the info seems to be quite accurate down to the sun and clouds Your support is over the top and my new Weathercaster is spot on. I have watched it for over a week compared to the airport 1/4 of a mile away. The barometer changes with the pressure changes, the temp is right on and the cloud and rain symbols are right. It threw me for a loop the other day with snow symbols and it did have a surprise snow event outside. THANK YOU!

  8. Joel F. Betz

    Keep this product in our Sunroom. Easy to read. Very accurate. Had problem on getting unit to read only channel 1. Kept defaulting to read all 3 outdoor channels even though I had only 1 channel sensor. Had to play with channel button, numerous times, on main unit. Finally stopped rotation and now only reads channel 1 for “outdoor” temperature. Nice unit for the price. Well pleased.

  9. Paul

    I like this weather I can’t believe the box from outside only change every 10 mouths it’s great dail!

  10. Jeff – Minneapolis, MN

    Easy set up and works great

  11. Gibson Guitarist

    Very precise. Much better than my old Oregon Scientific RAR601 which is grossly incorrect in outdoor temperature reading. This one very much matches the exact current temperature reading broadcasted by your local weather stations to your cell phone. Outdoor sensor unit can be charged through USB port and it doesn’t need any batteries. Excellent overall. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. steevo157

    I like the barometer option. Outdoor temperature is nice too. Synced up in 24 hours just fine.

  13. Annabell

    April 3, 2,021
    I’m just getting used to the new Thermo-pro weather station. The owner’s manual is excellent. Detailed information included on the features, and how to use the product. I have the sensor outside, mounted on the wall of a deck. It’s well within the range of the inside receiver base. The readings seems to be accurate. I’ve compared the daily readings with another temp. & humidity monitor I have. They are pretty much matched so far. In addition to the manufacturers warranty. I have an extended protection plan for the weather station. I don’t regret purchasing this. I was looking for an easy to read, reliable weather system, and I have it.

  14. Gary H

    I don’t like that the reciever has a battery that is rechargeable and that the unit must be taken down from outside wall.

  15. TF843

    Gives a general indication of ambient condition. I use it with other instruments to best observe conditions. Works in concert with other science instruments.

  16. Summer

    Easy to ready and install.

  17. Sue S.

    Easy to read screen and accurate

  18. Charles F. Brazell Jr

    The first unit’s outside transmitter was defective. The company immediatley sent an replacement unit, which works perfectly. Very easy to set up and read.

  19. Kindle Customer

    Easy to set up, and it does an adequate job of guessing weather changes without an internet link. I like having a sealed, rechargeable exterior monitor. I have had problems in the past with standard batteries in external links in cold weather. I haven’t had this one long enough to say for certain that it will prevail, but so far it is great.

  20. chelle

    Works as described. I’m happy with my purchase.

  21. EWC

    Outdoor temperature readings are often inaccurate have to place it really carefully. Love the clouds and rain messages! Just a little better outdoor control would be nice.

  22. Catherine Coseno

    Accurate and easy to use and read until base unit batteries run down which is more often than expected

    Remote modules have only needed recharge 2x since January 2020 purchase and one module failed to recharge the second time

    I need a replacement remote module but not sure if TX4 (original) or TX2 is better option

  23. John

    It works fine

  24. Happy camper 19

    great household weather station

  25. Cefshah

    I give this an overall 4, because I dislike the wall mounting options. I had to rig things myself, to make it more stable on my wall.

    Other than that, the outside sensor and accuracy of the device are great!! (Again, this is a 5… with the exception of how it mounts to a wall. And in the years to come, before I purchase another ThermoPro, I’ll check on the wall mounting aspect.)

  26. Alan van der Vyver

    After reading some of the other reviews, I was concerned about the display darkness and can report they are mostly accurate. Unless there is bright light shining on the display, it is not easy to read at a glance. It is legible in normal room light, but I usually have to pick it up and look at it. The internal light works fine, but you have to walk up to the device to turn it on, so either way. the display contrast it not good enough to read at a glance from a distance.

    I am not in a position to comment definitively on its accuracy, but the temperature reading is very close to another device I have and the humidity readings seem reasonable. I am not so sure about the pressure. It seems to read about 30 millibars below a nearby airport’s METAR. The airport’s altitude is within about 50 to 75 ft of mine. On the other hand, when calculating the pressure for my temperature and altitude, based on standard sea-level pressure, it is almost exactly correct.

    On the whole, I am disappointed with the display contrast, but nevertheless, satisfied overall. I like the fact that the external sensor is weather proof, which is partly achieved through the use of a rechargeable battery. The internal unit does not need to be weather proof, but it would be nice if it also used a rechargeable battery.

  27. RH

    The product description clearly states that it is a TP67A model, so I had no reason to believe otherwise when I ordered an additional sensor. I got a TX-5 remote sensor, which has the LCS read-out and is listed as compatible with TP67A, but after many e-mails with ThermoPro to get it working, it turns out the base station is a TP67B (it does not say so anywhere on the product) and can only be used with 915MHz sensors. Hours wasted. The base station works just fine with the included sensor, even when placed in a detached garage, but it is a bit frustrating that the product description is not correct and that the product itself does not have a model number on it. So beware and look at the frequency of the remote sensor included to determine which sensor types work with this product.

  28. Brent

    It was a little hard to get set up. Once we got the base communicating with the remote, having them set side by side, there’s a difference of 3 to 4 degrees between the two. Not real accurate, but will probably work when we go camping to see how cold it is in the mornings.

  29. nonpro

    It is easy to read with the light on and a nice size.

  30. Chris

    I put the outdoor sensor next to the inside… they are nearly 7 degrees difference. 80.1 inside and at the same location/ same time 86.9 outside sensor. overall looks good, but if you need accuracy you might want to grab another one. For what I need it for, it will work.

  31. Sheryl R

    It was easy to sync the outdoor monitor with the inside screen. It took a few minutes and they need to be side-by-side for the initial syncing. The monitor goes dark, but there is a large button to click to light up the screen. It would be annoying if it stayed lit 24/7.

  32. bobby huffman

    Bought 2 of these and neither one charges.

  33. Irvin Sr.

    Product is working as Intended. Using it to monitor the garage and upstairs temperature.

  34. Rowbear

    This unit works OK as far as giving weather information is concerned. But it is very difficult to read from any distance including when it is lit up. It came supplied with batteries. I thought maybe the batteries were old and replaced them with new batteries. Same problem. I bought two of these and it’s the same problem with both units. I am returning them.

  35. al haraway

    exterior unit is the one which is rechargeable, can’t leave it plugged in to maintain better if interior unit were the rechargeable one, and keep it plugged in

  36. Nancy L. Price

    I have had several different ones and this one is very accurate and very easy to read.

  37. John Neumann

    When we received the unit some of the number elements did not light up. Customer service was great to work with and sent a replacement. The replacement unit works great.

  38. Paul

    I’ve had one of these for almost 2 years. It’s plenty accurate and easy enough to read. I’m sure there are more sophisticated units out there, but for the price I don’t think you can go wrong.

    But really … the best thing about it is the level of customer support that’s offered.

    After about a year, one digit on the interior display blanked out (the interior after the decimal point). Hardly critical, but I contacted ThermoPro support and was quite surprised NOT to be put on hold or forced through phone-tree gymnastics. I was speaking with someone within seconds of making my support selection.

    Within 5 minutes, I’d given all the relevant information and was told I’d have a new unit in 5-7 business days.

    Yesterday, the remote unit needed recharging. No big deal, since they supply a hybrid USB cable that plugs into any USB charger. But when I disconnected the charger, the remote died. Obviously a bad battery.

    I called their customer support number again. Again I had someone on the line with me in seconds. Once I gave him my name, he was able to pull up the record of the previous replacement. All he needed was for me to confirm my street address and email.

    Three minutes. New remote sensor on the way. What more could you ask for?

  39. tel

    The lens glare inhibits viewing unless you turn on the back-light feature.

  40. Denise Moore

    My husband loves this weather station

  41. ted

    so many options very nice

  42. Saksalsa

    It was difficult to read without the backlight on. Prefer not to have to get up, go touch the screen in order to read the display.

  43. Gulf South

    Easy to use and accurate enough for my use

    Could be easier to read without turning on light

    Not as accurate as the National weather service, but only a little off as compared to local weather –

    close enough for what I want it for

  44. William Varney

    Would have given 5 stars but it doesn’t have a clock. Why? Not really necessary but
    it would be nice if there was a clock onboard.

  45. David Singleton

    tech not needed so far

  46. D. Tennenbaum

    I’ve had many of the devices over the years but this one stands out for being consistently accurate for temperature.

  47. Brian Unwin

    Just as described.

  48. Gary H

    I don’t like that the reciever has a battery that is rechargeable and that the unit must be taken down from outside wall.

  49. Richard Block

    I’ve been through three or four indoor/outdoor thermometers in the last year or so, and most have worked fine for a while, then just stopped reading. I hope the ThermoPro will be my last for a while. So far it seems sturdier and more reliable than most. I really appreciate the back light button which makes it very easy to read. Its graphic weather feature seemed useless, but has been uncannily accurate since I’ve installed it.

  50. Vernon Hetherington

    I use this to see what the weather is before getting dressed for the day. It is easy to read and doesn’t take to much desk space. I would buy it again.

  51. Earl

    Ease of installation and display.

  52. Tom Ryan

    it is alright. the weather

  53. rjmnola

    This was a great basic thermostat for the money, it works as advertised.

  54. Kaimoku

    No complaints.

  55. Kenneth Canterbury

    i like it

  56. Frank Hanna

    Hard to read at certain angles


    Easy to read and monitor.

  58. DRS

    Fast service – item seems accurate, able to read, good size

  59. Sun Devil

    Does everything I bought it to do. Works as described. Now I can know my actual outside temperature without consulting my phone.

  60. David Danielson

    Great for BBQ and the oven

  61. Ed

    readings are what I need to control humidity and temp…accurate

  62. dwoolf

    You must use better batteries than rechargeable type, otherwise they won’t last long!

  63. Static_27

    Easy setup and works great. Has option to add more sensors which is great for multiple rooms.

  64. Cindi

    It great to count on accuracy of the probe the only thing I would like to see is adding the temperature of the grill. I would recommend this to anybody and I have.

  65. Barbara

    Great to immediately find out what’s happening, weatherwise. Easy to use. Good read out and spot on with information.

  66. Raeski

    We like the large read out and rechargable feature of this ThermPro unit. Hope it outlasts our last unit. Got the warranty to insure that.

  67. Dorma

    Was tickled to find that original thermostat worked with new base. Now I can have weather readings in living room and bedroom

  68. Angela Garrett

    Seems very accurate, easy to set up

  69. Brian Wooley

    Works as advertised. Thermopro custermer service is very good. I lost a charging cable for the remote sensor and called to see about purchasing another and they are sending me a new cable and sensor for free.

  70. mcpbob

    priced right and works great

  71. Frank DiSilvestro

    Very well made, easy to synchronize and accurate!

  72. R. Ward

    Home inside and outside temperature.

  73. Ceil H.

    Because of where I had to place it ,it is not that accurate for outdoor temp all the time but still helpful to me.

  74. Dale Gallup

    I like how the weather station is set up and fairly easy to use. There are a few things I’m still tying to get set up but sofar everything has been working as it should and I am truly liking the outdoor thermometer as I work outside so I know what ih headed out into for the day.

  75. George

    I love this thermometer. It takes about 1 day to fully set up (show correct tempatures) but after that you’re all set.

  76. Kindle Customer

    Easy to set up. Easy to read. Love it!

  77. KHWetherford

    Easy to read with lighted display and large numbers and very accurate

  78. RMM

    Device provides me all the weather I need, temperature and relative humidity. Easily added an additional sensor. It allows up to 3 total sensors.

  79. Steve Brett

    The unit is very accurate , the only problem is the short life of the batteries

  80. Melana

    Arrived on time, exrtemely easy to set up, searches automatically and does exactly what I wanted it to do.
    ThermPro make very good products.

  81. David M. Griffith

    I like the fast set up on this product and the lack of a need to go through endless changes to make it work. Only had it a few days but no problems.

  82. Judith

    I love that it’s waterproof and rechargeable! I just set it up, so I am learning about all the awesome things this weather station can do.

  83. TBB

    I use the ThermoPro to monitor the temperature in our wine storage room….beautiful, easy to set-up, easy to read, and accurate!

  84. Linda

    Great product. Great for those northeast winter nights that say “don’t go outside”

  85. Lu Clarke

    I got this product on a SUPER discount so I wasn’t expecting much but I am pleasantly surprised in the quality. This displays The indoor and outdoor temperature and shows a graphic or icon of what the weather is currently such as snow, rain or sunshine. It has a light which is very helpful for me and also large display. Great deal!

  86. Derrick B.

    It’s only been up for a day, so I can’t speak to durability, but it was simple to setup and install. Mounting hardware not included and it uses a fairly small screw, so be aware of that. Works great, though!

  87. Jim Franzen

    Bought this for use in our rv and I have zero complaints about it so far. Works fine and seems to be pretty accurate !!

  88. DAH Sville

    The display is bright but a bit jumbled. Once you figure out the current/maximum/minimum displays it’s fairly easy to read. Does not record the date of the max highs and lows. It allows additional units to be added but it’s a clumsy menu and easy to get off of the one unit we have linked. Batteries don’t last long. Even with these drawbacks, I really like having the display on the refrigerator where it is easy to see from around the room.

  89. J. Ripley

    I received this indoor/outdoor thermometer as a Christmas gift and finally installed it a couple weeks ago. We have been having some pretty cold weather (10 degrees or so at night) but it works fine. I have the remote on an outbuilding that is about 7 ft. from my bedroom window. The unit inside is on a dresser on the wall facing the shed. The unit was easy to install and so far is performing perfectly iaccurately showing temperature and humidity both inside and out.

  90. Chevy1938

    I roasted a turkey, using the ThermoPro, at Thanksgiving, in an electric roaster, to have extra oven space. It turned out moist and tender, and we didn’t have to raise the lid, as it self-bastes your meat. It worked great….loved it!

  91. Gordon Campen

    Value for the money

  92. joyce Kalch

    general info

  93. Robert C

    Great product, works like a charm!

  94. robert karp

    as described

  95. Robert Plante

    best buy for the money. love it.

  96. Dale Hetrick

    Quality instrument! “nuff said!

  97. Walter R. Pelletier. er

    I consult it everyday!!!!

  98. Karen

    Very easy to set up

  99. Winifred S.

    doing fine.

  100. Hrair Balian


  101. patrick m anthon

    easy to set up works great

  102. J.DAVID

    Easy to set up.

  103. zigmont

    Tech support was outstanding

  104. Alex

    Works great!

  105. Christie Reeder

    I love being able to see the outside temp when I am inside

  106. cjGarwood

    Works great

  107. Charles Teal

    Enjoy knowing outdoor temps.

  108. Orefornian

    Concise and simple to install and use.

  109. Mark Gottlieb

    Works fine, but too much glare to read from across a room.

  110. Kyle

    Easy to use no issues

  111. William Aldrich

    Product works as advertised

  112. john f cabrera

    works as expect and easy to read.

  113. DaveN

    reads all data well

  114. arcoman50

    Very nice replacement for my Oregon Scientific device.

  115. Dennis

    This weather station is very accurate. Very easy to set up.

  116. John H CT

    Great thermometer, shipped quickly exactly as advertised. I highly recommend!

  117. carolyn

    Works great, we use it in our RV

  118. C Evelyn Startsman

    kinda hard to get it going

  119. satisfied customer.

    Comprehensive features, well built, easy to set up. great value.

  120. Satisfied alaska user

    Great size and accuracy

  121. Danny C. Miller

    I can monitor the temp and humidity in my home.

  122. Bernard Burlew

    A quality item, hopefully it will last many years.

  123. Muhamad Al-Duaij

    Quality product and very useful to use in office or in house

  124. Rich G

    Really like the multiple sensor option.

  125. Brenda Sagers

    Screen hard to see without light on. Does not give the time. ? The rechargable.

  126. MVP06

    Only reads humidity levels inside not outside on the remote sensor

  127. Greg Mlotkowski

    Having additional sensors is a great idea, you can track temps at various locations.

  128. E.D.S.

    It seems to work perfectly, however, only had it two days! Very easy to set up and use.

  129. Patrick A Turner

    Charged it up but the outside temp kept switching to a different channel. Stopped about a week ago. Time will tell. Working ok now.

  130. Cathy W.

    Like it very much

  131. Mark Hilborn

    Easy to read

  132. Joseph Paredes

    Good product.wish it could read temp faster.

  133. Jamil Robinson

    Thermo did what I expected! Still need to try it out outdoors, but it delivered.

  134. Chester

    does what i expected.

  135. L J

    I used this product for outside Humidity and Barometric Pressure.
    works great.

  136. DTS

    Does this require a special battery. I couldn’t make it work with regular AAA batteries. Works fine with ones included. Where do I get those?

  137. Raymond Martin

    It works. Recharge wire for remote is a pain
    Wire is not standard and must be saved.

  138. Robert S. Lundberg

    Large digital display for indoor/outdoor temperatures, relative humidity and barometric pressure.

  139. Harold Campbell

    ThermoPro TP67 very easy to setup. Accurate and easy to read.

  140. Smokyken

    remote sensor vanished after 8 months use (maybe some animal). Sensor was replaced immediately with no charge.

  141. M, B

    Exactly what I was looking for

  142. Watsonwalker

    I needed a reliable thermometer so I would know how warmly to dress for my morning walk. I think this one will work perfectly. And it’s rechargeable.

  143. Charmaine Faluszczak

    I might get this for college for myself!

  144. David

    Wish it had a clock.

  145. Mick

    Hard to see

  146. Jws

    Very accurate and easy to read

  147. John D. Voss

    I use this remote thermometer to monitor temperature in my greenhouse. Works great.

  148. Jon Petersheim

    Got it set up two days ago. The sensor is in our greenhouse 200 ft from the display which is in the house. I would like to buy additional sensors for the barn and outside.

  149. E Webb

    Haven’t found any issues with product.

  150. David Cocks

    Great product. Easy to set up and reports weather accurately

  151. Susannah Miragliuolo

    I’ve found this to be accurate, but the face is difficult to read when not backlit. That needs to be improved.

  152. Gun

    Easy to set up

  153. Andrew

    I like the features of this weather station, especially for the price.

  154. Henry A. Roehrich

    Had a problem at the beginning understanding the directions but is functioning very well.

  155. Lester W. Cook

    Don’t let the set up instructions intimidate, it is already basically programed. All I had to do was turn the outdoor unit on and push the channel button.

  156. Hymie Grubble

    This is a well made product that is easy to use and to read. The company provides excellent tech support.

  157. Don Sheets

    Very difficult to see.

  158. Robert Louthan

    Satisfied with purchase.

  159. shannon civita

    I have it about a week hasn’t needed to charge yet. I am enjoying knowing the temperature outside.

  160. James E Groth

    It works just fine!

  161. Mark

     Accurate thermometer for both indoor and outdoor readings. I am really pleased with this purchase.

  162. BeefaloBill

    I like the cost and ease of use.

  163. JOHNNY M


  164. bob f.

    It does what it says it should, just what I need and nothing more.

  165. Bill H.

    I like everything about this bigger display and also shows humidity in and out and the beromider and wheather is on spot

  166. Raymond B. Helie

    Your instructions could be better. Also had to buy wall bracket. Couldn’t you use a regular charging item? Otherwise, your product delivers what it states.

  167. Lonnie Counterman

    Works great

  168. TechPro Happy

    Easy alarm set and control alarm . Alarm rings when set does not ring when alarm turned off. As was the case with our prior alarm ( not thermoPro)

  169. Sandra Highfill

    We absolutely love this weather satiation as well as all of Thermopro’s products. Easy to set up & read. Very accurate temperature readings.

  170. Mic

    Easy to set up, remote charged quickly, large font is easy to read.

  171. Barry Goldberg

    So far, so good

  172. compwhiz

    Like the light up and dual temperature for inside and out

  173. Joshua Rosman

    The new unit had digits that parts that did not work. I returned it. I plan to re-order once the refund is complete.

  174. William Moore

    Easy to set up and appears to be accurate

  175. JP

    It works well.

  176. Dave Stewart

    great device

  177. Jeff Larsen

    This thing picks up the signal better than the last one I had before

  178. Don Hess sr.

    Easy to use. House

  179. rosemarie leloia

    I like that it is Easy to read and light up feature

  180. Oldgolferdude

    Super fast delivery…set up a breeze.

  181. P Switchenko

    Very good purchase. I have it in my kitchen to measure both inside and outside temps. The wireless feature is very useful.

  182. Immanuel Tung

    Great Product!

  183. Ken Atwood

    Very nice.

  184. Danny Waggoner

    This is my first indoor / outdoor unit. It was very simple to set up and works great.

  185. Mark A. Osment

    Glare on the screen!

  186. jeff.wilson

    Works well, easy to setup

  187. John Douglas Coutts

    Loved the indoor display. But dislike the short battery life between recharging.

  188. E. Bush

    Exactly as advertised. I am very pleased.

  189. Audrey J. Yeaton

    Indoor/outdoor thermometer with humidity with large numbers is easy to read and seems accurate, so far.

  190. Daniel Wetzel

    Much better then previous unit. Humidity and barometric pressure area nice addition.

  191. Susan

    The barometric pressure was off. Contacted Seller and another one was being shipped to us. The product otherwise was great.

  192. ARDELL

    Just received this product. Only complaint is the display is fairly dim unless the light button is turned. Set up was easier than other thermometers we have had. Overall, really like it!

  193. Happy camper 19

    great household weather station

  194. 汉人587


  195. B Mac

    Works great. Fast shipping. Very satisfied.

  196. Jhone

    Very good product

  197. Julie Price

    Great, readable

  198. Julie

    A great product. Tech support was top notch. I’m going to buy another for my cabin.

  199. Jericho

    Amazing customer service and response to issue. Old transmitter went dead and wouldn’t charge back after the first time dying. Replacement working fine.
    Update. The replacement was shipped to me within 3 days

  200. william.diebner


  201. Steve Morris

    Wish it showed the temperature at the outdoor sensor. Great screen indoors

  202. msfitz

    I love hat it’s rechargeable!

  203. Nicole


  204. Thomas Higgins

    Nice product!

  205. Fireman 2

    Great buy love it so far, love the back ground light when you push it.

  206. Pop Allen

    Great product

  207. Catherine A Sampson

    Great for the price. Easy to set up and very readable.

  208. gail edwards

    Very easy to set up and use. Numbers are big and easy to read. WiFi range is sufficient that the outside sensor can be fairly far from the unit

  209. Tom Shellberg

    Great easy to read unit. Connects and starts up quickly. Awesome customer service!

  210. Helyn Renaud

    This was given to my husband for Christmas it works well so far we have to put the transmitter outside still

  211. Hejnar C.

    Works as advertised

  212. Knitting Nut

    Works perfect. Gives accurate temperature readings as well as other data.

  213. Joe W.

    We had to call customer service twice. Some of the best customer service reps I have ever dealt with. Definitely glad we went with this brand.

  214. Michael O

    nice sized display like the humidity and atmospheric pressure features

  215. Bruce Bray

    Very easy to use and set up. Works well.

  216. Michael B.

    I like the large display and the low power usage that keeps you from changing batteries often

  217. Pat Lohr

    I like everything about it.

  218. Alexey Garnov

    I recommend this product. It is very convenient to use. All good.

  219. Manon Eburne

    Great for our rv

  220. martin a buttkus

    Great service

  221. Ed H

    Does what it says it does. Hope it lasts out in the heat.

  222. Craig Smith

    Easy set up. Easy to read. Scans up to 3 remote sensors without problem

  223. kevin

    nice product

  224. D. Rob

    Easy and no frills

  225. javier leon

    Great little temp

  226. THOMAS S.

    This is a great value for the money. Very honest seller.

  227. Wayne Netzen

    seams to be just fine so far.

  228. Jon Koniarski

    Great product

  229. Dan L

    I liked the large screen and how accurate it is.

  230. Foxy

    worked fine

  231. CJ

    I use the product to give outdoor temp and weather conditions and indoor temp and indoor humidity level. A very fine product!
    Chuck Smith

  232. Barb C

    My husband likes it. It’s convenient, easy to read, and it works properly.

  233. William J. Croskey

    The included directions are very clear.

  234. Susan

    I enjoy being able to check the weather everyday inside and outside. It doesn’t take up much room at all and is nice looking too. C

  235. Sue Antilla

    Easy to use and set up. Hopefully it keeps the greenhouse safe

  236. Padre

    Did a lot of research. Reviews were good, and so is mine.

  237. Dale W.Epperson

    it is ok

  238. ernie otto

    The video was really helpful.
    We like the idea of seeing the temp and humidity before going out. It is also a good indicator on when we can leave the doors open in the warm days of autumn.

  239. lindaT

    As expected Easy to light at nite

  240. JSL

    Nice product. Remote site did not immediately sync but once we reset and resync’d it worked like a charm. Really like lighted feature

  241. Boyzdad3

    Device was easy to set up and appears to be fairly accurate and readable. We’ve only had it set up for a few days, but will hope for performance to be consistent with start.


    So far this has been a great investment. Remote head is keeping it’s charge and doing its job

  243. Morisa J. Greenberg

    This was much easier to set up than my previous system

  244. John Holcomb

    Wonderful. Love this thing

  245. D. Wiggins

    After receiving my weather station I charged the outdoor sensor; followed the instructions for pairing the device and placed outside. I am now getting outdoor temps as well as indoor, humidity reading and predicted weather. I am very pleased with my new station.

  246. Robert E. Walters Jr.

    Bought as a gift.

  247. Farmwife

    Would buy again if I needed another one

  248. Tom

    The exterior monitor battery life is excellent. I set it out fully charged 5 months ago and it’s still going. I wish it read outside humidity

  249. Larry

    I search the web for an inside/outside product and the ThermoPro TP67 filled the needs. After using for a short time, it stopped giving me reading. I called and talked to their customer service and beyond my expectations, they solved the problem, I give them 5 stars.

  250. Frank A

    I like the fact that I can position the display in the kitchen or dining room or living room and the unit maintains it’s accuracy. also, the remote maintained it initial charge for over 8 months. I recharged it in October. going strong!

  251. American

    Easy setup. Easy to read. Accurate.

  252. Pappy

    It’s okay 👌🏼

  253. tibc

    Yes, I’m weather-curious, but winter-lazy.

  254. Carol F.

    Nice to be able to check the outside temp any time of the night or day

  255. Edward long

    thermometer was gift, they liked it very much.

  256. Steven Riley

    Easy to use and setup – I use it in our greenhouse, was one of the few products that had the range I needed. Allowed us to monitor temperatures as we went through some cold spells this spring. Perfect for our needs.

  257. American Eagle


  258. j ross

    It arrived on time, and was very easy to set up.

  259. James T Brooker Jr

    Very good product 👍

  260. cfs

    Too much info on the screen makes it difficult to quickly find the temp.

  261. Vipin Pujara

    all ok

  262. Anonymous lady

    Easy set up, simple instructions and doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time and it’s wireless seems just fine to me

  263. lisa barker

    Easy to read. It took me a bit to figure out how to make it work but I got it.

  264. James M Carson


  265. Madmack

    Use this item for fun. I don’t really need to use it for anything other that what is going on outside. Works great and can get a signal from anywhere in the house.

  266. charlie

    Needed a unit that uses batteries instead of plug in. Also has a barometer so I know when a hurricane is coming.

  267. susie que

    It is accurate and good for small spaces.

  268. John Schultz

    Great themoter for my Greenhouse

  269. Carole Rodgers

    Works very well…very pleased

  270. Sue S.

    Easy to read screen and accurate

  271. The Sunlight Caller

    Good thermometer. I wish the outdoor sensor had humidity.

  272. L. R. Mcneill

    Easy to set up and read

  273. Summer

    Easy to ready and install.

  274. Eytan

    Easy to set up. Seems accurate and robust.

  275. Carolyn

    Love this unit. Easy to setup. Like the rechargeable remote sensor.

  276. CarolynS

    Easy to use and add additional units. I have a base and 3 add on units testing from attic temps to outside the house. Works as designed and is simplistic in nature.

  277. Steven Hill

    Easy installation. No need for tech support.

  278. Hal TM

    only dislike is the barometric pressure readout

  279. ilya.

    working not good. was return.

  280. Margaret A

    Bought this primarily to check humidity level in the house, but love the whole weather forecasting features and indoor vs outdoor temps.

  281. assemblyman

    At this stage the unit is in operation and great readings are present. The internal and external units are both working well. I am hopeful of this continuing every day for the next decade.

  282. psi

    Works well–maybe not to NOAA standards, but well enough to meet our plebeian purposes. Held back a star because the batteries included did not work.

  283. Bill

    I am using it to measure humidity in our crawl space. Have stat in 2nd floor bedroom and signal is very good! Very happy!

  284. Aliendude

    I just wrote review on extra sensor

  285. Randy G.

    Just received this Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station: however, so far like it better than Thermo Pro TP63 Digital! I recommend TP Products since they are easy to read and understand.

  286. Jack Bradford

    I use this in my greenhouse. I really like the wireless feature as I can see the interior temperature from inside my home.

  287. Kindle Customer

    Mounted On our RV

  288. Roger T.

    Dislike. Hard to read from a distant.

    Like. Length of time between charges and information on screen

  289. G.L. Wills

    The display unit and transmitter did NOT come w/ mounting screws. Holes for screw heads are too small, had to enlarge to mount. Send screws that FIT your product. 2nd. The display unit mounts through the battery cover. However, it’s upside down.
    Weight of unit wants to slide cover OPEN. NOT GOOD !!

  290. Steve

    Works great

  291. Richard Harvey

    Great product. Easy to read and set up. Very accurate!

  292. In Resonance

    we know what’s outside and in here 😂

  293. wn

    This device was a replacement of another brand we owned for years. The package arrived as scheduled. The instructions were clear for set-up and installation. The device provides accurate temperature and humidity readings for both inside and outside the house.

  294. Tr

    Product appears to be working
    Need to see how holds up as have no way of checking how accurate it is at present

  295. Hy

    For outside temp. Happy with this.

  296. BJ

    Works well in our greenhouse where we over-winter our ferns.

  297. Earl Van Sickle

    Seems to accurate, has good features. Hard to read without turning on back light unless at proper angle with ambient light. Mounting bracket should have larger hole so to fit something other then small nail.

  298. gary

    Bought several for my self and a relative saw it, so I got her one for Christmas, they love it

  299. Stephen W Richardson

    Charge lasts about 2 weeks

  300. booganist

    I like this unit it’s just I thought the base unit was rechargeable and it’s not it’s the sensor which means a kind of a hassle to not lose the cord cuz then the device is useless

  301. Joe Blow

    Works great. No problems so far.

  302. og

    Used to calibrate my floor heaters. Remote sensor is super convenient. Easy to use and set up.

  303. Jota


  304. Bob


  305. Renee from WI

    Easy to set up. I added an extra remote for my 3-season sun porch and they all read fine.

  306. Lon

    Everything is easy to get started. The only thing that would make it better would be if they included a mounting screw. I pride my self in have a good selection but it took some time to find a screw with a head small enough to fit the small mounting hole. All else good so far.

  307. N. Yager

    Excellent product. Exactly as described. Arrived on time and in perfect condition.

  308. Pete Hebert

    3rd TP product I’ve had. All of them still working great!

  309. Bob

    Use this in the house for keeping track of the humidity. Works great. Fast service with the seller. Ordered it and it arrived within two days. Couldn’t ask for much more.

  310. Paffhausen

    Works great for a great price

  311. Coloradoclintons

    Love everything about this product. Accurate, easy to read, and survived the recent blizzard.

  312. Jake

    Appears to be of good quality.

  313. Terry F

    Great price, one of the few thermometers in white that makes it less obvious and has a light also. Nice product.

  314. Ronricoe

    We got a second one fir the bedroom

  315. S. Judy

    Product was easy to set up. It is nice to look at. Time will till how long it will last as I live close to the ocean.



  317. Charles R Sides JR

    Yes we are very satisfied with your product. It is easy to read and understand. We also like the back light which makes it easier to read at night.

  318. Pat Burns

    I found that this product was easy to set-up and accurate readings.

  319. DB

    Easy setup and nice display It arrived as expected

  320. Kindle Customer

    I got the two extra units so that I could register the temperature on 3 sides of my house. So far, I am very pleased. They attach with only one small screw, so I am really hoping that a gust of wind will not blow them off. It hasn’t happened so far. I feel good about this purchase.

  321. Kent

    Bought for and used in our RV. Very happy with the item. Recommended.

  322. Norman Gutzait


  323. Pam Gibbs

    Just what I was looking for

  324. Don N.

    Indoor reading very close to thermostat reading. Outdoor reading also seems close to the ambient temp.

  325. Greg T.

    They did not offer green color

  326. J. David Winningham

    Product works fine . A bit hard to set up. I was disappointed it was made in china as advertising seemed to indicate American made. Tired of buying Chinese stuff.

  327. J. Hansen

    Product face is easy to view and shows inside temperature quite well. The only negative I have found is that the outside temperature does not always show from the spot I have always placed my thermometer.

  328. Ms. Mermaid

    Quite easy to set up. Easy to read. Perfect for my needs.

  329. Kay West

    Just what we were looking for to replace one that stopped working. We like the size and it easy to read.

  330. Buddy

    I needed an indoor/outdoor thermometer, this one looked good on paper so I tried it. Works exactly as advertised and is easy to setup. Feels pretty rugged so I think it will last.

  331. Robert Monk

    Ease of assembly. Large Temp reading numbers. Haven’t used it long enough to know Battery life. My previous device failed to read outdoor temp shortly after new batteries installed. So far very happy with unit.

  332. Sid Levin

    Real nIce indoor-outdoor thermometer. Love the climate change indicatior and the low-light backlight. Fast shipping.

  333. motherx3

    Great product. We use it multiple times a day.

  334. rnick

    Display has easy to read number display. Also like barometer feature and history feature. The 200 foot base to remote is a good distance and will will work in most intallations. Using a rechargeable lithium battery in the remote is a good feature alowing longer time before charging.

  335. Tom

    Easy to set up and works great

  336. Justin Korup

    Bought for my parents to replace the old one which was like 20 years old and failing

  337. Carl

    Works as advertised
    I only gave it a 4 as I haven’t had it long enough to to judge longevity

  338. Jeffrey

    I like the size of this one. Also the rechargeable feature. Easy to install.

  339. Cliff63

    It is OK! Not sure as of yet if we will keep it. Do like the ouydoor sensor concept.

  340. Dr. Jamal

    It’s so accurate that weather bug and Apple weather are using it!

  341. BA

    Hard to read if not close, but has manual light button.

  342. T. Faucett

    Great weather center, has the information you need and not cluttered with useless info.

  343. Amy

    Wish it had a clock. Our old Radio Shack one finally quit, and it had a clock on it. We used it all the time.

  344. Crispian Sievenpiper

    The product was exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price. A few days after I got the product, their customer service reached out to see if I had any problems. There were a few minor issues I had which they quickly resolved. Finding good after-sale support for a product in this price range was both unexpected and a delight. I would purchase this product again.

  345. Kindle Customer

    Just received my new indoor/outdoor thermometer about six hours ago. Love the look and it was very easy to set up. can’t wait to see it in action.

  346. Jenny Moore

    I love knowing what the outside temp is and this product shows expected weather for the next 12-24 hours at a glance. And the customer support is superior!



  348. george katopis

    I like the display and categories available. I checked the accuracy of the sensors and was excellent. The indicators are large for easy reading and the help for the installation excellent.
    I would like to have a bit better instructions in the installation manual

  349. Art Samps

    They wanted a review before I got it unpacked, set up and working. I have been using it about 2 months now and I am happy with it. The screen is larger and easier to read than my old one.

  350. C. Jones

    Easy to read

  351. Sam Schrock

    Nice layout, but I bought an extra sensor and had both remote sensor and the main unit sitting in one place and there was at least 2 degrees variation between the 3.

  352. Jim V

    I bought this item to replace a defective system that I bought at a big box home store. This unit has everything I need, and more. The item works really well. The LCD screen is easy to read. Unit appears sturdy and well built. I needed another weather station, I would not hesitate to buy another one of these.

  353. Don King

    This does exactly what I wanted to do. So far it seems to be a quality product for a good price.

  354. T. Kralovic

    barometric pressure is inaccurate but the thermometer is fairly accurate

  355. venuscaptain

    Easy set up. Easy to read. Have not notice any discrepancies in temperature or humidity. Had it for two weeks only.

  356. Howard King

    large clear figures for immediate current information, and more info (min/max temperatures) with backlight readings button for night/early morning reading – stays alight for 15 seconds.
    The temperature readings are very accurate.
    Battery life unknown as it is new.

  357. Wu

    It is easy to use and well-display to read.
    I like the product so far.

  358. E. Monroe

    Tinting of screen makes reading difficult and light switch should be at top instead of bottom

  359. Matt P.

    I haven’t heard anything bad or good about this product yet, I gave it as a gift, so it could be a 5-star but I gave it at least a 4 for the price and delivery.

  360. Texguy

    Product arrived on time. Easy to set up. Working fine.

  361. Dan Y.

    This was very easy to set up and sync. Once the connection was made it stayed connected. It isn’t easy to tell if the remote sensor is on and it took a while to find the secret in the manual.

  362. JimF

    Works great with no problems. Very easy to set-up and link to the outside sensor. Just what we wanted. The only tiny issue that I have is that it would be nice if the display sat at a little more backward angle to view.

  363. Black Knight

    It is close but always accurate. It does have me in the general area though.

  364. Lilly

    ThermoPro working accurately. It displays the information clearly and the numbers are large and easy to read. I had a problem with the first one and they promptly sent a replacement. I was very satisfied with their customer support.

  365. Jan Derrick

    Husband really likes this. Was easy to senk together.

  366. Charles Couchenour

    Accurate and quite elaborate

  367. Onondaga

    Easy setup. I also bought three of the outdoor rechargeable temperature monitors. I already had two TP60s monitors in the house. I have been buying their products for over 15 years.

  368. C A

    Very accurate, but hard to see temp when any distance from base.

  369. Polarisguy

    Like it so far. Only operational for a week but easy to set up, accurate loaded with great information. Replaced an older Brookstone model which just stopped operating

  370. Cary C.

    Easy to setup and seems to be quite accurate- a nice unit at a nice price.
    I wish they would make a more expensive unit that also had a digital clock-

  371. Lzbth

    Came on time and as described. Can’t attest to battery life yet. Same with durability- haven’t had it long enough. It does display temp nicely.

  372. Jeff – Minneapolis, MN

    Easy set up and works great

  373. John J. Vavrin

    Nice product with easy to read and set up.

  374. Kindle Customer

    We’ve had it less than 24 hours, but LOVE it. I especially like the fact the transmitter is charged using a USB cable.

  375. YBL

    The indoor/outdoor thermometer works perfectly and accurately. Easy to read.

  376. Sailaboy54

    As advertised, ready to use, easy to read. Good documentation.

    No mounting screw for the remote unit, and the mounting hole is so small none of my spare screws fit.

  377. chelle

    Works as described. I’m happy with my purchase.

  378. Eugene S. Phillips

    I have only had the unit a host time, but the installation was a breeze. The unit is easy to read and is accurate in current temp and pending weather.
    I would recommend to anyone looking for a inside/outside temp gauge.

  379. James Tanner

    Great weather station. I use 1 sensor outside and 1 sensor in my Jewelry shop.

  380. Refik Kosal

    It is usefull thank you.

  381. Jonathan M.

    got this for use at our cabin and still working great

  382. Liz

    We bought this unit for our RV. Great size and easy to read.

  383. jrfool

    Good display . My first order had a bad indoor sensor, the company walked through the problem, and immediatle sent a replacement which works fine.

  384. Parker

    Works great. Main unit in house, sensor outside, and sensor in attic. When temperature is cooler outside that inside, we turn on the whole house fan to cool the attic and interior. Much less expensive than running the air conditioning to cool things down. Easy to read and handy to have all information ready at hand.

  385. Irishblue

    Only set the unit up this morning. The sensor charged in about an hour, faster than expected. The set up was very simple and it is working.

  386. Electron

    This is a nice weather station that works real well and does not cost a lot of the money. Did not have to call Tech Support so did not rate it.

  387. Donna L Wenban

    Just started using it. So far, it’s great. Easy to read and like the indoor/outdoor temperature readings.

  388. Ken

    Fast easy set up and it hasn’t lost signal at all yet!! Quite accurate also! I’m looking forward to not having to buy and replace lithium batteries!!

  389. Chucksub

    I did not read the description thoroughly so did not get the product I wanted. When I communicated with the company they were very helpful and recommended the proper product, which I ordered and received promptly. I like the waterproof outdoor monitor.

  390. Jaime F.

    Husband installed easily. Love having the interior AND exterior temps etc
    Very happy with this product

  391. Nancy Lunden

    temp seems to be accurate. Directions for set up? first time did not succeed. 2nd time was a charm. it was just getting the outside to sync with the inside.

  392. Alexander Salmins

    The temperature receives an accurate reading from the outdoor unit. The weather report is iffy, but the overall product was great. The light up screen is super helpful.

  393. Grandma K

    Very easy to set-up and read. Would like a case color option other than white and would like a clock. But, for the price, it is a quality product. I recommend it.

  394. GlennC

    I was very impressed and happy with the quality and ease of use of this weather station.
    It was much more than I hoped for for the price.

  395. Crowman

    As advertised. Like the rechargeable outdoor transmitter. It has most tracking, only one it does not have is outdoor humidity. Otherwise I recommend it to all.

  396. Steve

    Just put it outside my window and it works great! Easy to read large numbers and it is accurate.

  397. Diane Modisette

    Large display with all the information I want to know

  398. Darlene

    Outside temperature

  399. Stephen W. Robertshaw

    The display is a bit darker than the previous station that we owned and so harder to see without being able to push the light button. However, everything looks to be working just fine and has all the basics that one would want at a very reasonable cost of $35.

  400. rsanders2000

    It works very well for the Outside Temp. But would not do what I wanted it for. I needed to read the Temperature in my Well House, but because of the metal building between the sending unit and the house, it would not send the signal. I could move it out of the Well House and get clear of the metal building and it would work. I will keep it and use to view the Outside Temperature.

  401. Kat

    Fast delivery! Only wish it had the time on it. Otherwise, good so far!

  402. MR

    This has held up better then the other weather stations I have had. Like that it is rechargeable.

  403. Rosealitta

    Works great !, love seeing temps with out going outside . Great for checking heat pump unit temps as well !

  404. D P.

    I like the size and clear display and am overall thrilled with it.

  405. Babbsoc

    I got this for my dad and he loves it. It’s probably the 1st thing he does every morning is go check the temperature.

  406. Chuck

    Out of the box easy to set up. After initial setup, left the outdoor sensor inside next to display panel and temps registered were about 3 degrees off from one another. Wish there was a way to nominalize temperatures so inside matches outside – more or less a calibration. But, aside from that, so far, very happy with the purchase. Never used Tech Support.

  407. keith

    A 5 rating I would give if the base was rechargeable. I’ve only used it about 5 days but I do like it. I might consider buying another transmitter or 2

  408. Bruce

    Easy install and display linked to sensor on first try. Old Oregon Scientific required multiple attempts.
    Rechargeable sensor requires a special cord that will be misplaced – why not use a standard USB?

  409. Roger J. Bowin

    Works well. Can’t read screen from a distance. Rechargable batteries in the sensor but replaceable batteries in the receiver. Whats with that?

  410. Tom

    Just right. Can’t rate batt. life of durability because I just set it up. I expect it to last. Easy set up!

  411. MattG

    Great product. Really easy to set up and it’s now the voice of truth when trying to decide if I need a coat. 😊 Seriously, it’s a great thermometer/temperature and humidity monitoring device with barometric reading and history for 12 hours. I’ve got the outside sensor about 90ft from the base station, works fine. No tech support required. 👍

  412. Astara

    Love this gadget. From my couch, I can look at the temperature outside, as well as the inside temperature.

  413. Richard Karsky

    The original unit I received had issues with the barometric pressure sensor. Contacted customer support and they replaced the sensor immediately. Would recommend this unit and company.

  414. Lewiston

    It is easy to read, and I like the humidity feature, since the humidity here on the coast of South Carolina is normally high, and it’a major factor for comfort.

  415. Mark Friedrich

    This weather station is exactly what I wanted. The large LCD screen is easy to read. The readout is clear and understandable.

  416. R. Blair

    easy to use and very accurate, if need another certainly would buy again.

  417. David Eastlake

    Works nicely. Sealed outdoor unit, with rechargeable battery. Humidity reading is nice for outdoor, and indoor.


    I ordered one that was smaller but I really like the larger model and it’s easy to read and very accurate. I would highly recommend this product.

  419. metalfast

    I like the rechargeable outside sensor. Time will tell how long this “Made in China” product lasts before failing.

  420. John

    It works fine

  421. Carol

    This weather instrument replaced a failing indoor/ outdoor thermometer and gives me the added benefit of barometric pressure and relative humidity. The 12 hour pressure memory is especially relevant for wind warnings in my local. I did have an issue that was promptly resolved by the company and I appreciate their tech support and would search their name for future purchases.

  422. irish57

    large readout

  423. DSHAY

    Product works as stated. Just started using it. Won’t be able to give the best review until at least a month. But it seems to be pretty accurate.

  424. Movie Nerd

    Really nice way to keep track for outside and inside temps. Bought a cheaper one from Thermapro and was able to sync that as well so I have one in the front of the house and one in back.

  425. Brian B.

    When I bought the unit, I was worried about having to recharge the outside sensor. The battery charge lasts for weeks and the sensor is very accurate.

  426. Mike W.

    I have had this unit for about four months, and am satisfied with the quality and reliability to date. The connection to the outdoor sensor has been more robust than the unit that was replaced.

  427. BigH501

    Remote sensor works great for temp. Indoor part is off a degree but the outside sensor seems to be spot on. It measures humidity inside but not outside. I would have liked to see both.

  428. Knjhn

    I verified accuracy. Remote sensor with rechargeable battery lasted 10 months on one charge!

  429. damill

    So far this is great. No rain yet so not sure about rain resistance issues.
    But distance is great and it jives with most weather apps
    Battery charged no problem too.

  430. Katy

    So I brought the extension piece that you normally would have outside and put it next to the main thermostat and let it sit there for over a day. At no point did the two temps match. They were always off by at least 3 degrees, but sometimes more. So is it accurate, no. Is it close, sure.

  431. R Spokis

    Higher end than the one it replaced. Would be nice if the orange background could be lit constantly but all in all, a real nice unit.

  432. Marion

    This thermometer is terrific. Easy to read and accurate. Has more on it than I need. I just wanted inside/outside readings but has alot more.

  433. Virginia Beach Computer Guy

    Both sections, the indoor display and the outside sensor, mounted easily and fit the places I had envisioned for them. Everything seems to be working/displaying within specifications.

    I would recommend this item.

  434. rebecca costion

    The rechargeable transmitter is nice but the +- 2 deg temp is not. It seems to be working ok so far. after a week I really do like the TP67. No glitches and the transmitter battery is holding up with one charge.

  435. SteamyR

    How did I ever live without the ThermoPro thermometer/barometer? It was easy to set up and use; easy to read. I didn’t rate tech support because I never needed to use it.

  436. Linda

    Use in our RV … water resistant outdoor monitor (and high rating by users) was main reason for my purchase of this product.

  437. K Huff

    Good product just wish it had a low glow feature that would activate by photocell rather than the bright back light activated by button. So far no issues

  438. Alicia

    I bought this for personal use at home. I placed the outdoor sensor in my pond yard (which is right outside my kitchen window) and the Weather Station on the shelf to the right of my window. By following the directions, I didn’t have any trouble with the setup, and I’m very pleased.

  439. MoJo

    I’ve always wanted one of these indoor-outdoor thermometers. This one is all I could want & the price was very reasonable! Highly recommend.

  440. J. C. Keller

    I like the info but without the backlight on, it’s hard to read

  441. JR

    I’m spoiled by Oregon Scientific weather station I had. But, since I last purchased one, the price jumped. So I purchased the Thermopro. It was fairly easy to set up and is fairly accurate. The forecast display could be better. AND I wish it had a clock instead of the pressure reading. An atomic clock would be nice. But for the price it’s ok.

  442. GLM

    It does not have correct temperature about 5 to 6 degrees off. Thought it would stay lighted but you have to touch to have it light and then goes out..

  443. lesok

    Easy to set up , works great. Cant say much more than that. The rechargeable feature for the transmitter is a great feature. So far very satisfied.

  444. Carin

    I’ve only had it operational for a few days. So far it is working well and giving readings for outside temp and indoor temp, pressure, humidity. I wanted it for the barometric pressure and it working well.

  445. TriedIt

    Battery usage is fairly heavy with this and as time goes on it gets much harder to read. When batteries are fresh it works great and is a nice unit.

  446. R. Jackson

    Two things I don’t like:

    1) The satellite unit only lasts for 3 weeks before needing recharge.
    2) You cannot leave display lighting on.

    Other than that, it is a pretty good unit.


    Love my thermopro, it is small and fits in well wherever it is set up.
    The ease of setting it up was the best. I had it unpacked, and set up in less than 30 minutes.
    would recommend to anyone that is interested and looking for an indoor/outdoor thermometer.

  448. David Forster

    I have a dozen of their products. Great for indoor, indoor/outdoor temp. This item has shown indoor humidity at 39% since the day I received it. Two other ThermPro units are next to it. One shows 20% and the other 28%. They vary, sometimes a lot & not even close to this one that seems to be stuck.

  449. Charlie

    I love this instrument. It replaced a former one I had for years and misplaced when I resurfaced and stained my deck. I like this one much better and the price was right.

  450. David L. Prather

    I was looking for a device that would give me a barometer reading along with both indoor and outdoor humidity levels as all three seem to have an impact on my health. This device is exactly what I wanted, and it works beautifully. I had a minor problem when I received it, but the company took care of it immediately and were very professional and courteous

    I would recommend these folks and this device to anyone…

  451. Lee Devendorf

    I am a retired navy meteorologist and enjoy this device every day to monitor atmospheric pressure and temperature and humidity inside and outside. Only concern is the set up instructions could have been better. I needed to remove the batteries then reinstall them to get the main unit to monitor the outside sensors. However, has worked flawlessly since.

  452. Patryk G.

    Living in Colorado, where the temperatures can shift over 40F in a day, it’s nice to see the external temperature at any time. Easy to set up and easy to pair, also a bonus because it’s rechargeable.

  453. M. Harris

    The unit operated well the first week then the outdoor sensor reading got stuck. I did a reset and now everything seems to be working normally.

  454. SkyBirdsDad

    Overall, the device seems to be well made and easy to setup. The display is very clear. My only upgrade (keeping it from 5-stars) would be ability to use on AC power that would allow the display to remain on rather than timing out.

  455. Steven M. Waldstein

    Pretty happy with this unit but did find a few quarks. Angle of the house unit makes it a little hard to read. Also external unit does not come with a screw to mount it and that is not an issue except the mounting hole was too small to fit a single screw I had in my house work shop.

  456. Charles F. Brazell Jr

    The first unit’s outside transmitter was defective. The company immediatley sent an replacement unit, which works perfectly. Very easy to set up and read.

  457. James gibbard

    The temperature and humidity outside sensor follow closely what the online Weather Channel is reporting for my small town of Bath, PA. The barometric pressure being different from what the NWS says is not important. What matters is it tracks the pressure and it does that quite well. Get a aneroid barometer that you can adjust if that bothers you. I am impressed at how well it predicts the future weather!!!

  458. R. Weis

    My only con/request is you should include wall mounting screws with the unit. The screw opening on the back of the unit is very small. I have a 40+ year collection of miscellaneous hardware and had to dig quite q while to find screws with heads that fit the openings!

  459. Rich H

    Works as advertised. I had to experiment with outdoor sensor location to find a spot that will give a good reading rain or shine. I found if I placed it on the outside of a heated room it would read a couple of degrees warmer than it should. Even the weather forecasting feature, which I took with a huge grain of salt, works pretty well. Display is easy to see in daylight but when it is dark you have to push a button and then it will light the display. Overall happy so far.

  460. Smarter Reviewer

    This is performing BETTER THAN EXPECTED for me. It serves my needs for 3 remote temperature sending devices during the winter months in my wife’s greenhouse, my motorcycle trailer & my garage. WORTH EVERY PENNY. LOVE IT!

  461. S. Dalzell

    Works as expected. Had it for about a week. Don’t know how long the rechargeable remote runs before recharging. So far so good. Have no idea what “Warmth” refers to.

  462. The Big Kanaka

    Use in my home to watch weather conditions inside and out. One unit is hung outside and does not use batteries. Must be brought inside and charged like a telephone. The charging cord comes with it. Not sure yet how long the charge lasts.

  463. steevo157

    I like the barometer option. Outdoor temperature is nice too. Synced up in 24 hours just fine.

  464. Glachner

    I bought this to monitor the temperature in our chicken coop which is about 100′ behind the house. It is working very well and I am very glad that I can monitor temperature and know when we have a situation that needs attention.

  465. Paul Petrusek

    Very pleased. Easy to set up . It’s nice to know what I’m walking into when I leave the house to go to work in the morning.

  466. Colleen Stevens

    I was really happy to receive a new temp reader our old one stopped working (different brand). This one is lights up if needed and was easy to set up! And the waterproof for the outside unit was a must even though it’s mounted on our covered porch.

  467. mamasueMI

    It had all the items were looking for in a thermometer/barometer combo. Easy to set up.
    Would have liked a lighter background as it’s rather hard to see far away. So far we’re
    happy with the product.

  468. Mountain momma

    From my perspective as a average homeowner, this weather station is ideal. It has a neat/clean design and was ridiculously easy to set up. Unfortunately for me, after changing the batteries in the base station, I did not fully hang it on the nail. Therefore rendering it unreadable after dropping 5′ to its dismay. After attempting the normal reset procedures and hoping for the best, I had no luck. That is, until I called the hotline and within minutes they confirmed they will ship a new one. A+ on the service!

  469. Catherine Coseno

    Accurate and easy to use and read until base unit batteries run down which is more often than expected

    Remote modules have only needed recharge 2x since January 2020 purchase and one module failed to recharge the second time

    I need a replacement remote module but not sure if TX4 (original) or TX2 is better option

  470. gjp0928

    Other than wind direction and speed the ThermoPro TP67 provides local weather conditions However, I would have liked that the “MAX/MIN” button was on the front of the receiver so that I could reset without lifting the receiver off its wall mounting. Maybe future models will incorporate a touch screen for that and other functions.

  471. Gliderdude

    Set up was simple [including the remote sensor]. The screen is easy to read. It even gives a forecast based on it’s history of barometric pressure. I highly recommend the product.
    P.s. I didn’t rate the tech support, because I didn’t need any. It worked fine right out of the box.

  472. music lover

    This is a great item to have to be able to tell the temp in your house or outside. I love it. You always know how to dress when you’re going out.

  473. bobg

    The Therm pro is useful in that you can decide what to wear before you go out. It is accurate for both inside and outside temperature. Also if you are concerned about the workings of your humidifier, it gives you the relative humidity in and out.

  474. Diane Mc

    Purchased for motorhome so just had a chance to use on cross country trip. Works well. Like having the light option which makes it easier to read. Not as robust as our previous unit that finally gave out. But gives us the two most important numbers; outdoor and indoor temps

  475. MAS

    Used basic model with 3 separate sensors. Not completely accurate, but good to review the general temperature variances simultaneously in several areas.

  476. Robert W. Clark

    The temperatures (inside and outside) match what I get with other thermometers. The barometric pressure is close to what other sources have.

    I’ve only had it for a couple of months, so I can’t comment on how long it lasts.

  477. Al Runser

    This product was purchased for use in my home. It was delivered just yesterday and I set it up last evening. I have not had it long enough To experience any accuracy. However it is a good looking product and it has Many easy to read features. I think I’m going to enjoy it.

  478. Steve in Colorado

    I had a question after I bought the TP67. I got an answer the next business day explaining the operation I was unsure of. The unit is easy to read and the back light is very helpful. I haven’t had this unit very long but so far it is working just fine. The set up was easy and quick.

  479. Joseph Hogan

    The product worked well until the outside unit required recharging. It simply never reached charged status.

    I contacted ThermoPro’s Customer Service, which was great! Despite the current COVID-19 limitations they assessed the problem from my single email and 2 days later notified me that a new unit was on its way. I’ll update when it arrives.

  480. God story girl

    We purchased this to help monitor our greenhouse temperature. It is working well. The range is as expected, since our greenhouse is over 200′ from the house. It would be better if it also displayed the humidity. Also an improvement would be to have the remote display the temperature as well so that when in the greenhouse I can see the temperature.

  481. Mema

    I am disappointed that this thermometer does not show me the outdoor humidity, only the indoor. At least, I can’t figure out how to get that information from it. It shows the indoor humidity, but with a 24/7 heat pump in the Florida Panhandle, that is not really helpful. Though outside humidity would be. My old TP60 did, why doesn’t this expensive, fancy one?

  482. Karen Frye

    I bought it for the barometer but it is reading to low. How do I fix this? I contacted the seller about my problem and they have sent a replacement. Very good customer service. I would buy again.

  483. WynnD

    Nice screen. However, the stand makes it stand so straight that it is almost vertical. If it tilted back a bit it would use ambient light better.. Good product. By the way the barometric pressure moves all the time don’t let it bother you.

  484. Cleansmile63

    This is a good indoor/outdoor thermometer for the price. It is working well so far. Only things I didn’t like: the mount for the outdoor sensor seems like a flimsy design and the max/min has to be reset manually. I like the idea of the rechargeable battery for the outdoor sensor if battery life is as long as they say.

  485. eagleaye22

    I’m leaving this review primarily for the company’s excellent customer service. When I received my original weather station, I left the outdoor sensor next to the main unit for several days and noticed a wide discrepancy between the readings. It took a single email to customer service with one follow-up for them to offer to send a new unit. The new unit seems to be working perfectly. It’s hard to find customer service like this these days and I greatly appreciate it!

  486. Dorran R.

    I like having the proper temperature inside and out. I have several regular thermometers outside and each reads different. I also like that the battery has such a long life.

  487. P. Hess

    The wireless remote outdoor sensor is great. There was no problem pairing the remote sensor with the base unit. I do question the accuracy of the temperature readings, particularly the indoor reading. Comparing to several other digital temperature gauges, this one seems to be 1 to 1.5 degrees F high. Is there a way to recalibrate?

  488. Martha

    Our unit arrived this morning. We charged the remote sensor. The unit was displaying accurate weather, indoor and outdoor temperature. We notice one small (and not of essential significance to us) defect in the display–the first of the two digits that display the outdoor and indoor humidity was only reading out the bottom half of the crystal display. We called the Tech Support number in the instruction manual, answered a couple of questions and they are sending a replacement unit immediately. Now THAT is excellent customer service!

  489. DR

    Alkaline batteries only last 45 to 60 days before the display becomes too dim/light to read. The sensor number being displayed is both too light and small. You cannot determine which sensor, 1 through 3, is being displayed when viewing from more than a couple of feet. I have normal 20/20 vision. Sensors do weird displays at temps below -4 F. One tends to display temp in metric values without a humidity reading.

  490. TrishaM

    I like how easy it is to read. I’m concerned that the barometric pressure isn’t accurate because it’s rained here two times and it hasn’t changed. Maybe I”m just inexperienced with the thing still.

  491. Jellum

    I liked everything about the base, except the use of AAA batteries. They simply don’t last long enough. Should have a charger attached to supply power for longer periods. All the remotes should also have chargers. AAA batteries in cold areas simply don’t hold charge.

  492. J. Byrne

    This was purchased as a replacement for a different weather station that I’d had for many years. The remote would no longer transmit and I couldn’t get a replacement. I was looking for a very specific type of weather station and after a lot of research, came across this one, and it fits the bill. Simple readout and accurate. I hope it will last a long time.

  493. Dabney Dwyer

    This weather station is just what we needed. I have allergies and migraines. it is important to add humidity to your home particularly when the weather is cold and dry. In addition, barametric change can also affect headaches. So, this product provides indoor outdoor temperature, barometer, hygrometer and more. Having this information is so helpful! And for the price!!!
    Thank you!

  494. MAK

    I have several of this company’s indoor temperature/humidity devices and they work great. This unit is for indoor and out door temperature and humidity The first unit I received was noticeably high in indoor temperature reading. I contacted customer support and after a few questions they shipped me out a new unit. New unit works great and I appreciate their quick response to the issue. These units work well and I would buy again.

  495. Peter Straight

    I got this so I could monitor the humidity level inside my gun safe WITHOUT opening the door and letting humidity in. Receiver is only a few feet away, but it has no problem with signal through the safe. (was worried about faraday effect)

  496. Keith J. Brothersen

    Been using for a month now, works great! Originally purchased weather station with one transmitter. Worked very well, so purchased two more transmitters- upon arrival one of transmitters charge light didn’t come on while charging, so I called company & they sent out another transmitter & now all three transmitters & weather station are working great! Love them- great product & Customer service!

  497. Kent Schlatter

    Overall, satisfied with this wireless thermometer. When I first received the unit I had issues with it staying connected, however their support was very good and they gave tips for a reset. When that did not work they immediately sent me a replacement unit which has worked well so far. The reason this is not a 5 star review is that it does not quite live up to it’s description as far as range of the unit. It states that it goes up to 330′, however I can’t keep it consistently connected past about 250′. The reason I bought it was to monitor a greenhouse that is about 300′ away, so I wish its range was better, or as advertised.

  498. David

    The thing works fine for determining temperature and humidity which is pretty much all I use it for. Main complaint is the holes used for mounting are smaller than the usual screws used for wall mounting. I tied a loop with string to the small hole and hung the outdoor receiver with the string.

  499. Jess Buch

    This is exactly as described and works great. I am only a little bummed because I misunderstood the description and was not aware it does not measure/display the “outdoor” (or where ever the sensor is placed) humidity. I purchased this to view the temp and humidity in my greenhouse from inside so it does half of the job I needed it to do. This isn’t the fault of the seller or the product, I would definitely recommend unless you would like to measure the humidity “outdoor” as well.

  500. TF843

    Gives a general indication of ambient condition. I use it with other instruments to best observe conditions. Works in concert with other science instruments.

  501. Hector4Christ

    The weather station is working as it was designed to function. Indoor and outdoor temperatures seem accurate as well as the barometric pressure.

    After a few days of gathering data, it is giving an accurate forecast of the weather as shown in the forecast graphic.

    I have found no cons and I am satisfied with my purchase.

  502. Jay Kay

    I have two of their products. thermPro has excellent customer service!! They not only have responsive tech support – if you have an issue they back up their products to seamlessly ensure your customer satisfaction without reservations or delay.

  503. William W Fuller

    Purchased after Having TP-67 that only showed temperature. Purchased the new TP-67A unit which shows temperature and humidity. Now I have 3 sensors that report temp and humidity.
    All work great and are easy to setup and start using. One sensor for front porch, one for work shop and the third for outside. Here in Florida knowing the humidity is a big plus.

  504. Rock

    Compared to the Oregon Scientific it replaced, the TP67 has some desirable features and tech improvements. However, I liked the outside humidity reading and clock/calendar feature of the OS model which the P67 lacks. I think I will like this model regardless. Seems well made and I like the rechargeable feature. Accuracy seems to be as advertised.

  505. shelly petty

    Very accurate. Easy to read. Love the barometric pressure on it. Shows arrows if the temperature or pressures or humidity levels are rising or lowering or are staying steady. The picture of the weather at the top of the screen shows what it is going to do 24 hours from that particular time.

  506. Darla Mitchell

    I love this Weather Station! It is easy to setup and accurate. I wanted to monitor the temperature in our new Sunroom as compared to outside since I have all my plants in there. I put the main register in the Sunroom and the outside in a doghouse outside that gets very little use. It’s worked perfectly with the ups and downs of our Spring season.

  507. A Irwin

    This product seems to do what I want. It will take some time to be sure. Only problem I encountered was in finding a screw with a small enough head diameter to fit the mounting hole on the back of the outdoor unit. After searching my junk box I found one that was close enough that I could shave the mounting hole a little and achieve a fit.

  508. J Lo

    The indoor monitor is nice looking, …wall mount or sitting on a table.
    Replacing a model that lasted less than 3 years, so hopeful this one has more longevity. Only issue so far,… it did not come with screws to hang the outdoor monitor.

  509. K. Noble

    Ordered it Monday, got it Tuesday, charged it up and it’s working great! I like the size and the info it shows. Don’t yet know more than that, but so far I’m very pleased.

  510. K S Hambridge

    i use this for humidity readings, indoor and outdoor temps. My husband and I like the unit very much. It is easy to read (we are in our 60’s) and the outdoor temp is very accurate with Alexa and the Weather Channel. As for the indoor temp it is within a degree of what our Nest thermostat states.

  511. Kindle Customer

    Own several of their products and really like all of them. When I had a problem with this,( remote was indicating a 6* higher temperature) their customer service took care of it very quickly. Highly recommend their products and their company after market service.
    Would I buy any of the items I own…yes I would!

  512. Gary C. Stone

    Instructions were very easy to understand. Made the setup process go smoothly. It’s only been running for 24 hours and seems to be doing a good job. The outside temperature seems to be off a few degrees, but I guess between our old analog thermometers and mobile phone wx apps it’s close enough.

  513. Jay T.

    This weather station was easy to set up and simple to use. The outdoor remote sensor is rechargeable. The base station uses batteries. The screen has an on-demand backlight to make reading the output easier.

  514. RJS

    Does a good job of both inside and outside readings. It is within the accuracy listed on the instruction sheet. Wish there was a way to “correct” the reading because the inside temperature reading is off by 1.3 degrees (within the accuracy listed on the instruction sheet). Outside reading is correct to 0.1 degree.

  515. Soo

    Main unit and the sensor seem accurate as they are within a degree of each other and my other thermometers. Main unit has large numbers that are easy to read in bright rooms. A bit hard to read in dark rooms which is ok as there is a light you can press which fixes that problem. I wasn’t able to charge the sensor so I contacted customer service. They responded promptly and tried helping me get it to charge. Nothing worked so they sent me a replacement. It showed up in a few days and now everything is working great. Awesome customer service!

  516. Mike in Houston, TX

    Exactly as advertised, sophisticated and works well – but not as easy to read as I thought. The picture shows the thermometer with the light button pushed. Without the light on it is not easy to read. Often I have to pick it up to change the viewing angle and/or push the light button. I miss my old analogue thermometer.

  517. Carmen Carosella

    This is really nice in door out door Thermometer the screen can be a little busy to read but you get use to it. Haven’t had it long enough to see how the battery holds up but I purchased it for the recharging method my old one the battery cover screws rusted and i could not get the cover off.

  518. Diane Harris

    This thermometer is attractive and gives quite a bit of information. However, once I received the product and read the instructions that came with it, the instructions said NOT to place it where it would be rained on. The online review says nothing about this. I wanted to place this on my deck which is not covered from rain, so this defeats the purpose of my purchasing it. Since I opened it and connected it to electricity, I am not returning it. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts since it will be rained on.

  519. Owen

    temp is accurate enough, maybe 1 or 2 off sometimes but that is mainly dependent on where you place the transmitter. Read the directions and you will be happy. Don’t read the directions and you will be back here screaming it does not work. If you need exact weather you need to save your money and buy an much more advanced model. Screen mostly easy to read, some details hard to see for the 85 year old woman I installed it for. Working with outside unit some 10 ft from inside and thru a double glass french door. That’s what I needed and received coupon for next purchase. Very pleased. No tech support needed so not rated

  520. D. Anthony

    This arrived quickly and in great condition. Thermopro retails excellent cooking instrumentation products that I have been using almost daily while smoking and grilling at home. This wireless weather station was available at a reduced price and I was actually looking for one to use at our home in the country. So far, it is doing a great job of showing indoor and outdoor temps as well as barometric pressure and a simple 24 hour forecast function. It is well worth it!

  521. Tony Lakeside

    This is a money saver, I was replacing 2 AA batteries a month in my old unit so over a year it makes a reality. The main station tells you when to recharge as well. I have had to replace these type of units every 2-3 years so time will tell the life of this one, at least I will be saving on those AA batteries.

  522. Chief

    Easy set up. 👍
    Remote sensor is rechargeable. 👍

    After setup, I placed both units next to each other for two hours or so & they were two degrees different from each other. So, which one is accurate? I’m not sure. I think they’re both close to accurate, but I have no way of calibrating. 🤔👎

  523. Lee Paulson

    This is a good indoor/outdoor thermometer. I like the easy-to-read display. I had a little difficulty syncing the remote with the base but once it was set up, it worked wonderfully. That might have been operator error, though. I’ve only had it a few days, and I hope it continues performing this way.

  524. Comppaul

    This weather station works just as I expected. The parts go together well and operate well together. The things that concern me are the proprietary USB cable for the outdoor unit. If I can’t find the cable, I would have trouble charging the unit. I wish it had been a micro USB standard. Also I wish that combination measured humidity as well since I have other ThermoPro units that do. It would be great to have them work together.

  525. Rockycreek

    I am very happy with this indoor/outdoor thermometer and hygrometer. It is accurate and I like the forecast feature. I use it in the barn with the outside sensor on the northwest corner, which is near my horses’ turnouts. I will probably be purchasing extra sensors to ensure I can monitor the temperatures where my horses spend time in the hot summer.

  526. Steve

    I’m well satisfied with my purchase of the main unit and 2 TX-4s I programmed them in a few minutes and it just worked as advertised. Also, I had to ask support for a little help on an issue and they quickly answered with right information. I had a defective remore sensor and they immediately sent a new one without requiring me to return the old one. Thanks guys…

  527. Dru

    Got this as a gift for my parents, who in their 80’s love it! It’s easy to read, even from across a room. It’s been very accurate, and they’ve had zero issues with it since it was set up. Recharging is a breeze, so that makes it even more user friendly. Getting it set up just takes just a few minutes.
    For the money, it’s hard to beat.

  528. DCR

    Easy to set up/pair base to outside transponder. Did note a temperature discrepancy/difference between base and transponder while placed indoors next to each other. After about 4 hours, the difference reduced from an initial 4degrees (transponder was showed warmer temp) to 2.5degrees difference. This stayed the same over 24hours. Knowing that, I am OK with using the unit.

  529. Captain_Nemo

    Seller fixed everything very quickly and sent a new working sensor. A+ speed and service from seller.

    Previous Original review: Sensor was placed under a tree, and had container protecting it from rain etc. after about less than 2 months of use, sensor stopped worked, stopped charging. Tried the reset option, doesn’t work. Tried to register the warranty on the ThermPro website, the website doesn’t work and will not let you submit your information to register for the warranty. very time consuming, and hasn’t gotten us anywhere.

  530. Gerry

    Thermometer is easy to get up and running. Just install batteries and hang outdoor sensor at a convenient shady place outside. Indoor temp is accurate as confirmed by other indoor thermometers. Outdoor temp appears accurate as far as I can tell by Accu Weather and news reports for our region. Also features humidity and air pressure, which are nice to know. Well worth the price.

  531. mark caraccia

    Very happy with purchase! Provides accurate weather data. The sealed lithium battery for the outdoor sensor unit is brilliant and avoids the problems associated with corrosion of unsealed battery compartments. Have them in each of my two homes and going on over a month without charging the outdoor unit.

  532. Jean Dent

    I received this weather station five months ago and it has worked very well. The outdoor piece just now needed recharging. My only issue with this product is that it is very difficult to read, even with the light on. UPDATE: I replaced the batteries on the indoor piece and it is easier to read now. A white back light, rather than yellow, would make it easier to read.

  533. Frederick Anselmo

    My old outside transmitter failed after many years so I bought this ThermoPro station that came with one transmitter. I bought a second transmitter and discovered that my old ThermoPro base station also worked with the two new exterior transmitters. Now I can check the weather and temps at the base and also check the temp outside and in the garage at both the base and the old base.

  534. John L.

    Bright easy to read display, I wish the backlight would stay on an extra 3-4 seconds but it’s not much of an issue. I used this to track temperatures between my downstairs where I placed the unit, my finished attic, and outside. The multi location temperature works really well, my only issue is that the channel is displayed in quite small font so I have to take a moment to check which location is being displayed, a larger font for the current channel would be nice. The accuracy is good, as they say in their material you won’t get better for the price, it matches my thermostat when placed near it so accurate enough for most home uses. There are some typos in the manual, on the temperature range it lists 58 – 1XX F which should actually be -58 to 1XX F still a small issue.

  535. Ramesh Gopal

    This product gets the job done without the frills. The price is unbeatable and the accuracy in line with multiple other devices. The screen is not always easy to read in some light. The question to ask is do you really need an anemometer to measure wind speed? If not, this device is all you need.

  536. Sylva Smith

    Have gone through several of these types, and so far, this is the best I’ve had. Easy to read from across the room and highly accurate. Not sure how to read the bottom part, but I’ll dig out the book when I have time. Remains to be seen how ling the outside part keeps working. This winter will be the test

  537. Capt Jim

    Replacement for previous indoor-outdoor temp/humidity unit. Works as advertised. Outdoor unit mounting requires #4 screw (very small) instead of typical #6 (larger, but still small). Indoor/outdoor readings are about one degree and a few percent apart (tested by comparing side by side indoors). Accurate enough for home use.

  538. desert rat

    The indoor and outdoor units performed fine first couple of days. The indoor unit started throwing up an error code that indicated low batteries. After trying several sets of fresh batteries, emailed Tech Support. Prompt response on their part quickly determined a faulty indoor unit. Three days later a new unit arrived!
    It’s been working fine! I designed and printed out an outdoor unit holder, I have mounted it under my RV awning when at a camp spot. I can remove it for traveling purposes. Definitely recommend this product and company!
    Robert B.

  539. Granny Chitty

    I am disabled and this unit , with the TX5 transmitters, are priceless. I have 2 small greenhouses, one for ferns one for orchids, along with succulents on my porch. This unit, with the additional transmitters, has provided me the peace of mind that is priceless. I live in south Georgia and it can get into the teens unexpectedly. I keep the receiver close by and can make adjustments for my plants in time to save them and to give them THE best growing environment. Thank you so much.

  540. C. L. Kramer

    I recently purchased the smaller version of this unit for a friend which he thought was just great. I too was impressed with it and decided to get the larger more comprehensive unit for my self. Although I have larger weather station screens available from out door weather units this little baby does it all simply and can be closer at hand. Love the orange back light both versions present. Easy to read and immediately understand. I am a rural dweller and I can see me purchasing more of these as Holiday gifts for neighbors.

  541. William L. Drevo, Jr.

    The reason I purchased this particular basic weather station was because I want a digital readout of barometric pressure. As far as it’s accuracy is concerned, It’s readouts seem to be very close to the weather reporting stations in my area. The remote weather sensor is re-chargeable so it will sdave you some money on batteries. If you’re looking for a basic weather station I would recommend this unit

  542. Sean Levi

    Product works well, accuracy with temp and humidity is very good. The weather forecast seection not so good, it showed snow coming, temps were in the 60s, but have had it only about 5 days so it might take awhile to learn.
    The one issue that is frustrating, the small mounting hole on the remote sensor, had to make a trip to Lowes to find a screw that would fit that small hole. They should either make the small hole larger, or enclosed a screw to fit that small hole.

  543. Jerry

    Not super accurate. I bought 2 remote sensors, and the 3 of them read 2-4 degrees apart, sitting right next to each other. The display could be easier to read, and I don’t need tenths of degrees when they are +- 2 degrees, just makes it harder for an old man with bad eyes to read. The remote reads fine about 100 yards away, in a barn, and is small and tucks away nice. Also, the display for multiple remotes has 2 options, cycle through all 3 remotes, or display any one remote, and the button to toggle remotes is on the back, it’s hanging on the wall, so stupid design there. When it is set to cycle, I only have 2 remotes, so its 2 seconds of sensor #1, 2 seconds of sensor #2, 2 seconds of — this sensor doesn’t exist, would be nice if it knew how many sensors were connected and cycled through them only. There is a light that is nice for reading in the middle of the night.

  544. Barry Friedman

    Works great. Love the fact that all I have to do is recharge the remote sensor on occasion. I have had it for 3 mos now and have not had to charge it once. Love the backlight as I wake and leave for work before the sun is up and I can see the display without ha ring to turn on the room lights and wake my wife. I use it mostly for the indoor and out door temps and not so much as a weather station to predict the weather, so I can’t comment on that part of the device. Very easy to setup both the indoor display and the outdoor sensor.

  545. Nona G.

    I have been really pleased with how easy this weather station was to set up and use. The instructions were accurate and easy to read. The box had everything I needed to get setup and started with my new unit. It’s so nice to have all the easy to read information in one spot! No more looking for my phone and trying to find the weather app, my location, forecast, etc. etc. This is so GREAT! I highly recommend this set for someone interested in knowing the temp inside and out without a lot of fuss.

  546. L. M.

    This unit is attractive and easy to read. The remote unit on my reads low by 2 degF on a 105 degree day in Phoenix. To use the max hold feature and read or clear history I have to take the unit off the wall to access back side buttons. This discourages frequent usage.

  547. Gibson Guitarist

    Very precise. Much better than my old Oregon Scientific RAR601 which is grossly incorrect in outdoor temperature reading. This one very much matches the exact current temperature reading broadcasted by your local weather stations to your cell phone. Outdoor sensor unit can be charged through USB port and it doesn’t need any batteries. Excellent overall. You won’t be disappointed.

  548. William Schiessl

    I’ve only had the unit for two days but so far it appears to be accurate. I compared outside temperature to a manual mercury thermometer, results were the same. Minor criticism: the wall hanging hole is on the battery cover and tends to come off when trying to lock in by pulling down on the unit. A higher criticism is it’s readability when more than a few feet from the unit due to its shaded screen. The backlight makes it more readable but one needs to be at the unit to activate it. It would be helpful to either have a clear screen option, assuming a permanently on backlight would wear down batteries too quickly.

  549. Kindle Customer

    Easy to set up, and it does an adequate job of guessing weather changes without an internet link. I like having a sealed, rechargeable exterior monitor. I have had problems in the past with standard batteries in external links in cold weather. I haven’t had this one long enough to say for certain that it will prevail, but so far it is great.

  550. Susan Brown

    The unit came a day earlier than expected, that was nice. The setup instructions were okay, but a critical item was not made clear, I needed to charge the remote unit, and I removed the backing and it wouldn’t charge. I called the # and spent 45 minutes listening to the most dreadful “on hold” music ever and then got a message that the were now closed. The next morning I called, got through, and had the problem solved. Don’t remove the back. It seems to work well.

  551. SuperZoo

    I was concerned about some reviews that rated accuracy as low but bought it anyway. My experience was good with sensor readings between main station and remote sensor within a degree when in close proximity.

    I did notice however that when I was charging the remote sensor, it read about 6 degrees above the main station temperature. That was likely due to the heat generated by the charging battery. After it was charged the readings converged as you would expect as the battery cooled off.

    The weather prediction feature seems to generally predict upcoming weather. Said the next day should be sunny, and it was; said the next day should be partly cloudy and it was. One day it said it should be raining but it wasn’t. Two out of three ain’t bad – about as good as the local weather reports on TV.

    Overall I am very satisfied.

  552. Judy

    First let me say this this is a great thermometer! You just look at the indoor unit and it gives the inside temperature. The remote, which is outside, gives you the real time temperature and barometric pressure on your indoor unit. No need to stick your nose outside. When you press the bottom front of the indoor unit it lights up for easier viewing. The remote unit needs to be charged (cord included) before using. The indoor unit requires batteries (included). You won’t regret this purchase.

  553. Stephen Bamford

    The learning curve was a bit steep for me in terms of getting set up. Customer support is great and once mastered, the set up is relatively straightforward. The components of this station are rugged and durable and worthy of your consideration. There are some nice tutorials available on youtube if you get stumped. We have one external monitor and once we learned to set it up, it has been performing very well. It is consistent with the local National Weather Service findings in our locale.

  554. Dallas J. Johnson

    Nice and simple unit to operate. Compact display. It doesn’t emit light unless you press the light button, which is nice. The temp sensors were initially way off, but after a day they have become spot on. The sensors are also slow to adjust to changes when I move the remote sensor to different locations (10-30 minutes), but I suspect that provides greater overall accuracy. I understand the forecast feature takes up to a month to calibrate, so no judgement about the pressure sensors just yet.

  555. Larry Howell

    product plug-n-play. Inside monitor displays both inside and outside readings, so the inside monitor appearance is a bit “busy”, but not really a significant concern. I did a side-by-side comparison of the inside and outside monitors after they had equilibrated to room (inside) temp. The temp of the monitors agreed within 1/2 degree F. The outside monitor (shade and good airflow) agrees with the outside temp from the Weather Channel for our location within about 1 degree.

  556. docpsifi

    The device was easy to setup and use. The external unit has held a charge for the last two months and it is still going good. The distance between the base unit and the external unit is pretty good. The accuracy took a small hit because the external unit’s temperature sensor is about 2 degrees off of the base unit’s temperature sensor. Other than that, it has performed very good. It will come in handy this winter to check the outside temperature before going out.

  557. Brooks

    The unit has been up and running only for a day, so I can’t say anything about battery life or durability. We like it. I’ll mention a couple of little things that were annoying, but not enough to result in the loss of a star.

    The instructions say the base–for putting the thermometer on a surface rather than on the wall–is removable, but don’t say how to remove it. I was afraid I’d break something if I applied too much force, but I didn’t have much choice. The base came off, but not easily. And in synchronizing the outdoors sensor with the indoor base unit, the instructions state that the remote sensor is preset to channel 1. Ours was on channel 2.

    A big deal? No. But our household, and in all probability yours as well, is full of tech stuff. The less confusion in setting up a new gizmo, the better.

  558. Mary Mathewson

    We had previously purchased model TP60 and installed the sensor about 15 feet from the house shaded from the sun, but ventilated. We did this to ensure the temperature read was more accurate than the small mercury-based thermometer we had installed next to the house many years ago. What I really wanted, however was a back light so I could see just how freaking cold it was at night without having to turn on a light. When the TP67 came, my husband noticed that it does not have a humidity reading, so we kept the TP60 and put the display for the TP67 under it. Interesting! There is a difference of about 1.5 degrees between the 2 units. It’s not a deal-breaker, I still like having the units, but I wouldn’t use them to win a bet on the weather.

  559. BMan

    This unit replaced a much cheaper TP-605 unit whose outside sending unit somehow fell on to wet ground likely thanks to some animal activity. Actually the TP-605 now picks up the signal from the new sending unit from a pretty good distance. This unit is as described but why does the much cheaper unit tell you the outside humidity levels and this one doesn’t?. My problem with the display is the bottom endless graph which doesn’t really do anything except to let you know that the batteries are still good. The unit seems to be accurate. I should have returned it but this is my third unit and they all seem to have one problem or the other. If I had it to do it over I’d stayed with the less expensive unit that reported on the outside humidity.

  560. GC composter

    I use the temperature/humidity readout (in vs. out) to make a decision on when to turn on the AC. The backlight is essential in early morning, but the LCD display is adequate for other times. The barometric pressure reading is helpful in guessing the weather. Comparing the temperature with that reported by another ThermoPro unit showed very good agreement: 77.4°F vs 76.8°F, 46%RH vs 45% RH. The difference is so slight that it could be due to air currents in the room. The Li battery needed charging infrequently during the summer (it was long enough I couldn’t remember the previous charging via USB), a bit more frequent in the winter.

  561. Glenn D’Souza

    – connection to sensor was rock solid, even through 3 walls and over 100 ft to the greenhouse
    – I can’t verify the accuracy (I didn’t do any rigourous testing) but the readings all seemed sensible
    – I really liked the layout and sizing of the different values, very logical and easy to read at a glance

    – why oh why is the outside sensor limited to temp only, why no humidity (especially since the only replacement probes are dual temp/hum)
    – buttons on the back are just impossible to use without lifting the whole unit up and reading the labels
    – the weather prediction was just not accurate; it’s impossible to really predict just based on baro, instead, ditch the gimmicky graphic and just give us the baro history (as is done in the bottom). Something more useful here would be better: time, date, moon phase, sunrise/sunset times (these are all possible just from date really).
    – the base unit should have a DC adapter as it really doesn’t need to be a battery device if it’s stationary

    I really hope they continue to iterate their designs, I know it sounds like a lot of cons, but I’m really left with a good feeling about Thermopro, I would totally give serious thought to future products/versions.


    Our ThermoPro TP67 quit working, or at least the OUTSIDE section of the Base Station failed to report. We have had the unit less than a year, but more than -6- months. After some in-home testing without resolution, iTronics sent a new unit to replace the defect. We are up and running again! Accuracy is within 1 degree and 1% of other units that I use for comparison – and the barometer usually matches the official meteorological report. It is a very good unit, great value, with backlighting, an accurate barometer, and a base station that can support up to -3- remote sensors (for temperature, humidity, and barometer). Great response, good outcome, they do support their products.

  563. Artlover

    Bought this ThermoPro TP67A Waterproof Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer on June 8th of 2020. The transmitter has never needed a charge until now. Plugged it into my phone charger and get a orange light that intermittently flashes red. No charging is occurring. Tried to plug it into a usb wall plug, same result. The transmitter has died. For this reason I am giving this product a one star. Should last longer than nine months.
    Update: Just got off the phone with the wonderful people at i-Tronics and they are sending a new transmitter free of charge. Thanks Guys!!! I am changing my stars to 5.

  564. James Watt

    This is a very solid device with some dancing baloney (forecasts from only a barometer reading…isn’t going to replace Weather Underground). But the wireless transmitter works very well. I’ve had it installed for six weeks with no problems and tracked its readings with another wired thermometer. They are generally within 1-2 degrees of each other, which is probably due to being placed of opposite sides of the house. No need to take down and recharge the remote yet, a big plus, especially if it goes for another month. Negative? The display is hard to see without pressing the backlight button, which means you can’t just glance at it from across the room. That’s pretty minor, but if you want to continually glance at it from your warm bed, it might be an issue. I just use it to decide how many layers of clothing to wear or not wear in the morning, so it’s not much of a problem for me.
    UPDATE 1/30/2020. I have purchased two of these. The first worked for on its FIRST charge of the remote unit for 7 months before needing a recharge. It also worked when the temperature fell near 0F. Excellent performance, compared to an earlier unit from another manufactured that needed new batteries every month and stopped working under 20F. Up this ranking to 4 1/2 stars.

  565. P. Fleury

    I bought this weather station to replace my old one which finally stopped providing outdoor information. The numbers are bigger and easier to read. Not crazy about the orange backlight, but I never use it anyway. The display reads easy enough in normal room light, day or evening. The outside temperature agrees with a large outdoor thermometer I have had for several years, and the indoor reading varies on 0.7 degrees from the old unit (who is to say which is right, it’s close enough). The weather forecast function works well for this area. Set up was easy. We’ve had it for three weeks now, and I’d buy one again!

  566. Dennis S

    I like this gadget. It is kinda fun. Frankly I would not bet the kingdom on its accuracy or credibility. The outdoor sensor is the least believable as it seems highly influenced by any ambient sun, winds, etc. The humidity sensors seem the most reliable, more so than the temperature or barometric pressure gauges. All in all, at this price, my expectations weren’t particularly high and this gadget is probably worth what you have paid for it. I don’t think I’d invest in the add-on sensors as I don’t think they would add much to its value. In retrospect I think the prime market for this gadget might be kids who are interested in learning something about weather changes and prediction. They I think would be fascinated.

  567. Annabell

    April 3, 2,021
    I’m just getting used to the new Thermo-pro weather station. The owner’s manual is excellent. Detailed information included on the features, and how to use the product. I have the sensor outside, mounted on the wall of a deck. It’s well within the range of the inside receiver base. The readings seems to be accurate. I’ve compared the daily readings with another temp. & humidity monitor I have. They are pretty much matched so far. In addition to the manufacturers warranty. I have an extended protection plan for the weather station. I don’t regret purchasing this. I was looking for an easy to read, reliable weather system, and I have it.

  568. jlee_mck

    I purchased this ThermoPro TP-67 Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station for my girlfriend for Christmas. She really loves it. She was always texting me in the morning and asking me what the temperature was. Now she knows without asking me. She lives in an apartment that has a barely functional analog thermostat. You can’t tell the indoor temperature with the thermostat. Now she also knows the indoor temperature with this weather station. Very nice instrument to have. The outdoor sensor seems very accurate. I set it up at my house initially. The outdoor was always the same as my personal weather station which is very accurate. The base station is very easy to pair with the outdoor sensor, I did not have any issues. The price was very affordable and quite reasonable for this type of weather station. The ThermoPro customer service is very good also. I would highly recommend this indoor/outdoor weather station for anyone searching for a method to determine the indoor and outdoor temperature.

  569. Jeff h.

    I am still learning about it but liking it so far, only had it about week now and working as stated. I really liked that it’s a sealed outdoor sensor (rechargeable battery )that can withstand more extremes as stated in description rather than one that takes AAA or likes and easily corrode but after reading manual it says even though sealed don’t expose to direct rainfall. Where mine is at it will not be exposed to to direct but will definitely see some moisture, time will tell. In general I like thermopro products, I think their digital cooking thermometers are top notch.

  570. Patrick G. Snapp

    This review covers the purchase of two indoor/outdoor stations, one being the TP67A ( with relative humidity and barometric pressure readings) and the other being the TP63A (temperature readings only) . We placed the indoor units in different rooms set on the frequency of one rechargeable sensor. The second sensor is being held in reserve anticipating historically that the sensor is usually the weakest link in the system and is the first to go bad. Initial set-up was easier than experiences with other brands that actually cost more, enhanced by the convenience of a self contained rechargeable battery in the remote sensor unit. The initial charging time out of the box took only an hour. Although the initial temperature readings were out of tolerance as compared with other reliable thermometers in/around our home, after a few hours they regulated to within specified tolerance levels. The units seem to be very well made compared to previously owned brands. After several days of use, both units are operating exactly as expected and advertised. Note: although the humidity and barometric pressure readings seem to be accurate, we have no way to confirm them. We have not had to recharge the self-contained lithium battery in the sensor yet so will have to update this review accordingly. The Thermopro customer service department answered our questions quickly and satisfactorily on two occasions during our shopping period. Based on the initial week or so of use I would definitely recommend these products for their operation and value. There is no reason to pay more for a similar system. Why not a five star rating? The TP67A indoor unit has two minor design flaws: the unit’s display is quite dark and a bit difficult to read in daylight hours without using the backlight button or an external lamp to illuminate the display; the table mount stand is non-adjustable, requiring us to have to pick it up from the below eye-level position of an end table.

  571. Bill

    I first became acquainted with their products in July 2018 by purchasing 3 ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Gauges. When they arrived, all three humidity readings were nearly exactly the same. Since my background is designing scientific instruments, I was favorably impressed considering the cost of the ThermoPro TP55. Today, April 18, 2019, they still read nearly the same which is impressive in that they have not drifted.

    Recently, I purchased their ThermoPro TP67 Rechargeable Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless Weather Station primarily for the purpose of measuring the outdoor temperature. I found it easy to setup. For accurate outside temperature measurements, it is important that the remote temperature module be installed in the shade (see photo) and preferably where there is good air flow. I wasn’t able to find the most ideal location, but placing it on the north side of the house under the window overhang seems to work satisfactorily, but because of the residual heat or cold held by the bricks there is some error. This has nothing to do with the temperature module’s accuracy, but only because I do not have it in an ideal location.

    We found the indoor humidity readings to be a little different than the previous 3 ThermoPro TP55, but not such to be a significant issue.

    Initially, I questioned the accuracy of the ThermoPro TP67 barometric pressure readings, but after consulting with a PhD scientist whose undergraduate and master degrees were in meteorology, I learned that the weather bureau adjusts all barometric pressure readings to sea level which has significant effect at 1,100 ft elevation above sea level. My friend had an expensive instrument on his desk that measured the barometric pressure in kilopascals which he converted to inches of mercury. After converting the reading to inches, his expensive instrument gave the exact same reading as the ThermoPro TP67. Needless to say, I was impressed given the price difference.

  572. Rich

    We live part of the year in a part of the mountain west where it’s useful to know indoor and outdoor temperatures, indoor humidity, and weather trends. This does the trick. Its outdoor sensor can be screw-attached to an outside wall, and is powered by a USB-charged battery. Its indoor sensor and display are clear and easy to set up. The outdoor and indoor units sync easily. This unit does not determine its location by gps, and its barometric pressures are not corrected to sea level. I don’t require that level of sophistication, however, and I’m happy with it for what it does. I have not had it long enough to comment on battery life or durability.

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TP67 Specification

Temperature Range


Base Station

-22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)

Remote Sensor

-40.0 to 158.0℉(-40.0 to 70.0℃)

Temperature Tolerance

±0.5℉(±0.3℃) from 32 to 158℉(0 to 70℃)

otherwise ±0.9℉(±0.5℃)

Humidity Range


Base Station

10% ~ 99%

Remote Sensor

10% ~ 99%

Humidity Tolerance

±2% from 20% to 80%,otherwise ±3%

Refresh rate


Base station

30 seconds

  Remote sensor

Less than 60 seconds

Sensor Type

Swiss-made Sensirion

Transmission Range*

500ft (150M)

Wireless Technology

ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe

Display Base Station

LCD, 3 7⁄10 Length x 2 2⁄5 Width inches(95.0L x 61.5W mm)



Unit Size


Base Station

 6 1⁄2 Length x 3 9⁄10 Width x 1 4⁄5 Height inches

(166.0L x 100.0W x 46.0H mm)

Remote Sensor

 2 15⁄16 Length x 2 1⁄4  Width x 15⁄16 Height inches

(74.0L x 63.5W x23.0H mm)



Base Station

3.0V( 2x AAA Batteries)

Remote Sensor

3.7V(1 x 18650 Built-in lithium rechargeable battery)

*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment


Q: What are the size specifications of the remote sensor?

A: It is 2.9″ x 2.5″

Q: The remote sensor needed to be recharged and this was done. Now it won’t sync with the base unit. I have followed the instructions to reset the base to sync mode several times without success. I also tried it with the different channels but none will sync. Any suggestions? It was working fine until I had to recharge the remote unit. A: Please contact us directly by phone/email so we may resolve this with troubleshooting or a replacement if necessary.

Q: Hi, We’re considering a TP67 but we need two outdoor sensors. says the required sensor is a B07DZS6YST which they have no stock of and I can’t find anywhere else. Your site, however, says the required sensor is a TX-2 which does have stock of. Could you please clarify this for me? Thank you for your help, John

A: The TX2, TX4 and TX5 sensors are all compatible with this model. If it is not available on at the moment it should be a couple weeks before we get them in.

Q: How do I open the sending device to install the batteries?

A: The remote sensor is rechargeable, the charging port is on the back underneath the rubber cover.

Q: Hi, I have a therma pro tp67A. The barometer was easily 1 inch/hg off from (29.1 thermapro vs. 30.07 actual) all my standard barometers as well as data. You very nicely sent me a new one, which shows the same discrepancy. I like the unit and wonder if there is any way to calibrate the barometer portion in the sensor unit? A: Unfortunately, there is no way to calibrate these devices. Please contact us directly by phone/email so we may look further into this.

Q:TP67 uses which model number additional remote temperature sensor please?

A: You can use either the TX2, TX4 or TX5 sensors with the TP67.

Q:I have a TP-67A wireless weather station. I have enjoyed using it. However, I will not be using it for many months and do not want to leave it operating in the house. What is the best way to disable and store it so that when I return I can set it up again.

A:Removing the batteries will be fine.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP67 weather station

ThermoPro TP67

ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP59

ThermoPro TP65 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP65

ThermoPro TP90 Smart Wireless Indoor Hygrometer WiFi Thermometer Compatible with Alexa

ThermoPro TP90

Price $32.99 $32.99 $18.99 $18.99 $27.99 $27.99 $39.99 $39.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Alexa capability No No No Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometric pressure Yes No No No
Bluetooth No Yes No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator No Yes No Yes
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only
Mobile app No Yes No Yes
Range 330ft 260ft 200ft -
Remote Yes Yes Yes No
Remote sensor TX4 - TX2 -
Temperature humidity alerts No Yes No No
Weather forecast Yes No No No
Wifi capability No No No Yes

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