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ThermoPro TP68B

(62 customer reviews)

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Wireless Digital Color Weather Station

  • [Enhanced 500FT wireless weather station]: Provides up to 500ft best in class range to deliver the weather forecast/temperature and humidity with trend arrows & Max Min record/barometric pressure/comfort level when you need it most
  • [Dynamic weather forecast & Barometer graph]: Predicts weather up to 24 hours in advance and displays a 12 hour barometric pressure history; Make informed decisions and confidently plan your outdoor activities
  • [Highly accurate real-time readouts]: Indoor outdoor thermometer utilizes Swiss-made barometric/temperature/humidity sensor that’s accurate within ±0.059 in Hg (±2mba), ±0.5℉/±0.2℃, ±2%RH
  • [Rechargeable weatherproof & Cold resistant remote sensor]: Supports up to 3 wireless sensors to allow for multi-location monitoring even in rain or snow; Start monitoring your kitchen, room, yard and greenhouse; Additional sensors can be ordered
  • [3 Adjustable brightness LCD display & Save on batteries]: Find a brightness setting which works for your lighting conditions; Home weather station is powered by AC adapter, plus a spot for 3 x AAA batteries (not included) for back up in case of any power outages
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ThermoPro TP68B Wireless Weather Station

ThermoPro TP68B Weather Station 500ft Indoor Outdoor Thermometer Wireless

Monitor your environment like a Pro with ThermoPro TP68B Home Weather Station!

ThermoPro TP68B indoor outdoor weather stations is equipped with advanced smart temperature sensor that provide a market leading 500ft of range and operate in even the most extreme weather conditions. This humidity gauge is the best choice to monitor indoors and outdoors to informed about your conditions. It‘s a perfect outdoor gifts for dad! Barometers for the home predict weather for the 12-24 hours and based on barometric pressure which is beautifully displayed via 5 different weather icons.

ThermoPro TP68B Wireless Weather Station


  • Wireless Remote Range: 500ft/150m
  • Indoor temperature range: -4°F ~ 158°F (-20°C ~ 70°C),humidity range : 10% to 99% RH
  • Wide outdoor Temperature range: -31~158°F (-35~70°C)
  • Temperature Tolerance: ±0.5℉
  • Humidity Tolerance: ±2%RH
  • Barometric Pressure range:23.62-32.48inHg (800mbar-1100mbar)
  • Barometric Pressure Tolerance: +/-0.059inHg(+/-2mba

ThermoPro TP68B Wireless Weather Station are rigorously optimized to provide the most accurate results possible while still providing a simplified user experience.

Package Contents:

  • 1 * Room Thermometer for Home (receiver)
  • 1* Outside Thermometer (transmitter)
  • 1* USB Charger
  • 2* USB Charging Cable
  • 1* Manual
Enhanced 500ft/150m Wireless Remote Range
5 Different Weather Icons
  • 7″ Full color display wall thermometer indoor with large digits
  • Adjustable display brightness setting for any light conditions(High–Medium–Low–Turn off). Ensured to find a brightness level which works for you
  • Enhanced 500FT wireless range monitoring indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Barometric pressure record in the past 12hrs
  • Display temperature and humidity MAX & MIN record
  • Display temperature and humidity Trend Arrows
  • Weather Forecast (sunny, partially cloudy, cloudy, rainy and snow)
No More Batteries - Save Money!

No More Batteries – Save Money!

Indoor thermometer for home can be powered by AC adapter or 3*AAA battery (not included, as emergency power supply). 2 charge cables & 1 adapter included. Save time and money by no longer needing replaceable batteries.

Cold-Resistant and Weatherproof

Cold-Resistant and Weatherproof

Rechargeable temperature and humidity monitor is not only more power efficient but is also completely sealed to be waterproof and cold resistant which allows for data to transmit in rain or snow, even in temperatures as low as -31°F(-35°C).

Track Up to 4 Locations

Track Up to 4 Locations

Weather stations wireless indoor outdoor can receive accurate readings from up to 3 outdoor humidity sensors as far away as 500ft/150 away from the room temperature monitor. Monitor the bedroom, baby’s room, green house,backyard or even cigar humidors!

62 reviews for ThermoPro TP68B

  1. Gail Stonefield

    My remote sensor 915MHz wireless isn’t working and I cannot find my instructions.

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this inquiry.

  2. Isaac R Perez (verified owner)

    3 year warranty?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, the TP68B and all of our products have a 3 year warranty.

  3. Tom

    How long does battery last outdoors at 0*F?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The outdoor sensor will last 8-12 months on one charge.



    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Our TX-4B sensors are only currently available on Amazon.

  5. David Ogle

    Does the base station read the indoor temperature and humidity by itself or does it require another sensor inside the house? Basically, if I want indoor and outdoor conditions, do I need to order an extra sensor?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The base station takes readings of its own ambient environment, so no additional sensor is needed for the indoor information.

      The TP68B package also includes a TX4B sensor which can be set up outdoors for the outdoor information.

  6. Evan

    Can one remote sensor report to multiple base stations? For example, I buy three weather stations so I get three bases and sensors and place the bases in various locations in the house with the three sensors outside. Will each base be able to sync with the sensors?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the sensors are only designed to be synchronized with one base unit at a time.

      You will experience issues with multiple base units sync’d to a single sensor.

      For this reason, we do not sell individual base units.

  7. Charis

    Can the Therm Pro TP-63A remote sensor work with this ThermoPro TP68B weather station?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the two devices listed are not compatible and will not work with each other.

  8. spahjrp

    Very easy to set up. Attractive display. Readings are spot-on. Disappointed that I cannot purchase additional transmitters.

  9. Colby M

    Easy to read and use

  10. Debbie Eddy

    I do wonder if the humidity is accurate? This was the main purpose for purchasing.. seems to work great though

  11. Christine O’Boyle

    It is hard to set up.

  12. leanna

    It can’t hang on the wall. Has to be at a certain angle to view.

  13. Amadeus B. Klein

    This one does in fact work as an outdoor sensor. The range is more like 100 feet not 500 when used in real world conditions but the mportant thing is that it actually works… The last system I reviewed has a 3 foot range so 100 feet is great. I will update this review when it comes to sensor battery life, if it stays accurate, etc ass things happen. I will adjust my notes and star rating as needed. For now I call this a 4 star buy for price accuracy. range and build quality.

    Just my thoughts,


  14. Mrs. Melinda D. Johnson

    The battery on the outside thermometer seems to run down fast. We have had to charge it three times already and we have not had it long. I do like the color read out and all of the other information that is given.

  15. Glenn

    it is off by 3 degs, according to the local weather .other wise it looks nice .UPDATE. this is the best weather station i have ever had, i have had others, that dont keep up the right weather like this one does, this one showed rain coming yesterday, and it is now raining, i got other ones that is other brands, that dont up like this, i would buy again. if i could i would give it 10 stars.

  16. P. Riggle

    I bought one from a five star rated company( won’t say the name but it started with an A) for a friend 2 years ago. After the 1st year it quit working. Company would not stand behind their product. So far, this one is working perfectly. Using it up to the last minute (Xmas gift) before wrapping it. So far – so good!

  17. IMScrat

    It worked well with the sensor just outside, was easy to see and read, seemed fairly accurate. I wish they would include the multiple sensors that it can connect to…at least two…one for in the house and one for outside. Otherwise I find it to be acceptable.

  18. Rhonda Hicks

    This is outstanding!! It has temperature, humidity, barometer all on an LED screen so it sits on top of the dresser in the bedroom and the reader itself sits on the table out on the deck. Even the light is adjustable so it doesn’t keep me awake at night but I can still see it if it’s dark.

  19. Joseph Reynolds

    This thing rocks!! It looks great on my tv stand and it’s very functional.
    In order for me to utilize the second room sensor I have to get an extension because this one is too short. That is really my only criticism about this product, it works great.
    I like the barometer, it’s always moving. Buttons on back are simple to use and the plug is usb (comes with the wall socket). Also takes 3 triple aaa battery but when on battery, the display turns off unless you wake it up. Plugged in, it stays lit.

  20. Utah Mom

    The weather station was easy to install the outdoor censor. I charged it before I took it out and it seems ok for awhile but it needs to be recharged. The outdoor temperature seems to be pretty accurate. It seems reliable.

    The display is fantastic. It’s easy to read with big numbers. It synced quickly and easily.

    Some of the functions are still hard to figure out and the instruction manual does not give precise instructions on how to get all the functions on the back working. Really lousy instruction.

  21. Susan Marsh

    It’s very hard to see the face of it unless you have it at exactly the right angle. And the barometer reads at 27 inches…that’s just not possible and you can’t adjust it.

    It does, however, tell you the humidity level of both outside and inside and the temps are accurate. Just keep the outdoor sensor out of the sun.

    Overall, I wouldn’t buy this one again because of the barometer. It should work, otherwise, why have it. But in Tucson, we don’t worry about that number like we worry about it in Minnesota. So I’ll call it a wash.

  22. RMD

    i’ve recently come to confirm that my migraines are wildly associated with the barometric pressure changes. so i wanted something to help me track what it is when, and if it’s the actual pressure number or these changes themselves – plus i really wanted something that called out the humidity outside vs me having to look it before i go out or straighten my hair.

    this has been a great way to do both! i set it up and connected it inside first to make sure i was all good there. i had already determined there was a great spot right on the other side of this window to hang it, as there is door frame very near on the other side, so in actuality, the detector is about 2 feet away, and one window in between. i have have had zero loss in connectivity. i love that i can just look across the room and see the numbers for what’s going on out there.

    the two call-outs – 1) it does not come with a nail or screw to hang the outside station, which is totally fine – just note that the hole to hang it is an oddly small size, so test ability to put it on and remove it before hanging it as you will have to take it down to charge. i thought i had it with one smaller head screw, but i was wrong and had to dig around for a smaller one. 2) there’s no app associated with it, so you are looking at real time numbers only. if you want to track historics, keep a board or notebook nearby. I’m actually using an app that alerts me to barometric changes coming – so then i can just track those numbers on this when it happens.

    my original plan for all of this was an actual weather vane and something much more complicated. i realized very quickly i am not as nerdy as i pretend to be and was glad to find this option instead. i get all of the information i need between this and that app that provides alerts – at a fraction of the cost of a weather system. simple is good.

  23. August Chianese

    I’ve wanted a weather station to show indoor and outdoor temp/humidity for a while. Finally picked this up since I’ve got numerous other ThermoPro devices around the house for telling the indoor numbers. I had a huge issue with drafts that took a while to resolve, so it was helpful to know what was going on room by room.

    This unit does everything it claims to do, and very well so far. I had zero issue syncing up the base to the outside device, and that’s a good ~45ft away through 2 walls. Haven’t noticed it drop the connection after about two months of usage.

    Readings are accurate in terms of temp/humidity as compared to other units I have that I know are correct. It usually picks up pretty well on what the weather is like, be it cloudy, sunny, raining, or snowing, though it does sometimes report the wrong conditions. Granted, I don’t need it for that, but FYI there as it isn’t going to be right 100% of the time. Plus much of that depends on where you put the unit outside. It needs to be in a fairly neutral spot, avoiding direct sunlight yet still in the open enough to sense rain/snow/etc… I found a good spot on my deck for it.

    The screen on this is nice and clear with large front. You can change the brightness so it isn’t as glaring, but I usually leave it cranked to see it well from across the room.

    All around, I’m very satisfied with this device since I can trust the data its reporting. It does include the barometric pressure, but for me, I don’t care to know that/understand it, so I cannot speak to the accuracy or usefulness of that piece.

  24. Kris Carpenter

    Great display!

  25. Mike H

    Easy setup. Nice display. Seems accurate.

  26. J T TOURI

    easy to read, nice big display…

  27. Stacey C Moore

    Nice looking , seems accurate, like humidity reading

  28. Peggy Ashby

    I like that it can dim and no backlight at night.

  29. Sharon

    Great purchase

  30. marcos

    overall its a good product however the outdoor sensor constant needs to be reset and sinked to the unit.

  31. Dennis Kogl

    I’m happy with the equipment but it is hard to read in daylight.

  32. Iason Carayannis

    Can not hang on wall table unit only , controls are in the back .

  33. Melinda Bartlett

    Has to be plugged in to stay on. Only stays on for a few seconds with battery, then you have to push the button. Cannot be wall mounted, can’t read display unless at eye level.

  34. Kindle Customer

    Large screen makes it very easy to read.

  35. paulh

    There was no orientation between instructions and graphics

  36. John Matakanski

    Gave one as a gift for my 99 year old mother in-law…she absolutely loves ii. had me order 4 more to give as gifts

  37. Habonim USA

    very good product
    have to be connected to the USA power supply for constant illuminate – very nice
    i like the pressure history display
    it doesn’t have clock
    great range for transmitter

  38. Virginia R Ness

    I am really satisfied with the look, accuracy and performance

  39. Carl J.

    Very nice looking system. Seems to be very accurate. Easy to set-up. Inexpensive for the features. Customer service immediately offered to send me a replacement if I was not happy. That was not necessary.

  40. Mike

    Accurate, easy to use, and NO batteries required.

  41. BVH

    Great product for the price.

  42. Kenneth W. Criss

    Great display and works fine except the barometer. It has been wrong since it arrived. Customer service was great and they sent me a new one, but the new one is not correct either. At everything else seems to work okay, but don’t buy it for the barometer.

  43. Sunny Johansson

    It was bigger than I expected. Works perfectly.

  44. Robert W Mcleod

    Easy to see across room

  45. Rider

    Nice display no issues

  46. ilya.

    good to have it.

  47. Daniel

    Buen producto. Me gusto mucho

  48. Kimberly Garrison

    Weather station works great! I’ve checked it several times with the local weather from NWS and it’s spot on. I especially like that the outdoor monitor is rechargable rather than having to replace batteries. Nice compact size. The only missing is the date and time but of course that would make unit slightly larger

  49. Patrick M. Miller

    Accurate and responds quickly to changes. Appreciate the ability to support more than one monitoring station.

  50. Linda A. Brewer

    We were looking for a weather station that could tell us outdoor temp and this model is a great bargain.
    It needs to be plugged in to show display continuously. No batteries required for daily use.

  51. John

    I have the weather station in the kitchen and constantly look at it. It’s well worth the price and the readings appear to be very accurate.

  52. Adrian

    The only neg. about this weather station is that you have to plug it in to a power source to get it to work. I thought is was battery powered but I was wrong.

  53. Susan Wonder

    I purchased this for our home. The ease of set up, readability and accuracy are more than I expected. Some of the reviews stated this item was not accurate, but per the instructions the weather is not displayed in real time. The weather is based on what will happen and mine has been right 100% of the time. Great value for the money.

  54. Bill Brow

    This TP68 does not read accurately. I have moved the sensor several times and still reads 5 to 8 degrees high. I have other Thermpro monitors and have been satisfied with all, but this one has been inaccurate from the start. Very unhappy with this purchase.

  55. 7mmjayhawk

    Barometer only registers about 2/3 of correct pressure. Requested replacement about 3 weeks ago. They said they would send one out after shipment arrived. Haven’t heard a word since then.

    Otherwise do like the features & display. Very easy to read.

    Currently reading 22.03 inHg, 39.6 f & 52% humidity at 8600 ft elevation in Colo mountains.

  56. De Etta

    I really like the bright screen, the colors, & readable size. The night I set it up it was raining. Tonight it shows snow and its cold enough but my weather app on phone shows cloudy and no snow until Saturday. Its only early 12:20 AM Wednesday. I guess I will have to pull the manual out and see what up.

  57. Ed K

    This is a very nice indoor / outdoor weather station. Very easy to read and appears to be quite stable and accurate. I would have given 5 stars but there is a long term evaluation needed to determine if it is worthy.

  58. KE

    Like the big read out as I can see it from across the room as I am getting ready for work in the morning. Also, had it at my office which is making me think to get a 2nd one for work. The humidity reading is easy to read. Also I had a LaCrosse brand for the previous 10 years. This is 10x easier to reset. It read the external temperature sensor on the 1st try. I give it a 10!

  59. Kindle Customer

    This is a good weather system, but you’ll need to do a little research, or read this review. First, the weather sensor: hang it in the shade if possible so direct sunlight does not heat the plastic and give slightly higher temperature readings. Fully charge the sensor before putting in place. The display unit must be plugged in to show data all the time, the batteries are only for back-up. Temperature and humidity are accurate. Barometric pressure is Absolute pressure. Elevation will impact the air pressure. Look online to see what your elevation is and what the absolute pressure should be. For example, at an elevation of1000 ft above sea level, the ABS reading on the display should be around 28.5 inHg as compared to 29.9 inHg at sea level. The weather graphic requires several days to allow the outside barometric pressure to fluctuate.

  60. Randy Block

    Easy set- set up.
    Just a caution. Inside the box are the weather station and one new sensor.
    The latest sensors will be available later this month.
    Hold off for now buying additional sensors (look very similar to the new one) listed on their website

  61. joe jarvis

    Have had the Therm Pro TP-68B wireless weather station about a week now. I considered cheaper units but felt 40 buck wasn’t unreasonable if it provides accurate functions. Easy to set up, Display readings are large enough and bright when plugged in to outlet. Indoor/outdoor accuracy seems to be very good. Backup batteries will light up display. The barometer function not all that important to me and fortunately it’s the one function one should not rely on in emergency situations. Five stars for now but only time will tell if review needs revision.

  62. Leonard Cecil

    I like it, but it has serious flaws. First, base station cannot be mounted on the wall. There is nothing on the back to hang it with, and the power cord attachment projects from one side of the rear. Your only option is to clutter a desk surface with it, using the legs to prop it up. 3 out of 5 stars for poor design.

  63. Frank

    Replacement as well as verification with same features as an old >30 years Tandy LCD unit purchased. The unit will allow you to run on rechargeable batteries as well keep Display illuminated using a USB cable. Remote sensor will charge by USB cable. Have remote sensor in window in rear of building over 90 feet away (Wooden Structure). Readings match the Tandy Unit exactly, which I always questioned because I live on a hill which is 663 feet above sea level which affects Barometer readings which display a 1 unit difference. The colorful display is quite pleasing compared to the LCD Radio Shack Tandy unit. The accuracy in the predicted weather (Colored Icons (Clouds/Sun/Rain) requires some patients in respect to readjustment of actual conditions reflected over a week of simple adjustments by button on rear of unit but will reflect accurately over time with no additional adjustments)) is covered in the small booklet that comes with unit. Millibars was accurate from initialization. Cannot provide any insight as to longevity but I have several other simple units from this company that are over a 1=2 years old (Only sense temp remotely battery units remotes are rechargeable as with the original unit evaluated last 2-3 months before recharging thru USB Cable). Electronic Reliability Engineer Commercial/Military applications >25 years

  64. CountyCorkMan

    It seems to be working OK although the display is “washed out” by bright daylight, even when plugged into AC and set at highest display level. At night or in a darker room or on an overcast day the display is terrific. There is one icon on the humidity barograph marked “ABS”, no idea what this means as its not mentioned in the, brief, manual. There is NO customer service available. Overall I’m happy with this unit and the price point.

  65. Mike Tucker

    I really wanted to like this, but the barometric pressure reading is useless. Seller sent me a replacement, and it has exactly the same problem. The barometric pressure reads 5in. Hg too low on both units. The temperature reading however is accurate. The seller was great to work with, but the unit is defective. Do yourself a favor and look into a different weather station.


    The display is very dim and cannot be seen unless you’re right in front of it (and. yes. it’s plugged into the wall). I like that the outdoor sensor is chargeable so no need to worry about batteries. And, it cannot be wall mounted. The accuracy seems pretty good.

  67. T L S

    Great weather station! Connected to sensor right away and has great range. Is accurate compared to local weather apps and tv. The only downside I’ve found is that even though it can monitor 3 sensors, there are no sensors available. In spite of the manual saying the TX-4 sensor will work with this station, it will not. This model operates at 915MHz and the TX-4 sensors operates at 433MHz therefore won’t sync. Was told the right sensors (TX-4B) will be available soon. Great customer service from Thermopro as well.

  68. FredL

    This unit has a number of things to commend it. It’s attractive, the display is large enough to read across the room and I like the fact that it’s powered by a USB cord along with backup batteries. The remote sensor has a rechargeable battery that’s far superior to the low-capacity AAA batteries used in some other units made by the same company.
    Now for the bad. The remote sensor range is poor. There’s only one spot on my home that will give accurate temperature readings throughout the day and it is about 60 feet from the base unit. As soon as the air temperature goes below about 60 degrees it behaves like it is out of range and the outdoor display reading goes blank. The company say the range is 500 feet but clearly that doesn’t account for “real-world” applications. Second, the predictive weather based on the barometric pressure is a joke, predicting rain constantly when it’s not even getting cloudy. Last, many of the special functions are controlled by buttons on the back which can’t be read in normal room lighting. I’m seldom in need of these so I don’t care much. Over all, it’s not a bad unit for the price if you can get around the poor sensor range.

  69. Mel Ables

    We have a greenhouse that I have been wanting to be able to monitor the temp inside the greenhouse from within our house. The greenhouse is right at 80 feet from our house and I placed the base unit right on the window sill that had direct line of sight to the green house. I placed the sensor on the green house glass, so literally the only physical objects between the base and the sensor were the window of the house and the glass of the green house. The base would not pick up the signal from the sensor. I tried resetting both multiple times and following all troubleshooting I could find. I returned the unit.

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TP68 Specification

Temperature Range  
Base Station -22.0 to 140.0℉(-30.0 to 60.0℃)
Remote Sensor -40.0 to 158.0℉(-40.0 to 70.0℃)
Temperature Tolerance ±0.5℉(±0.3℃) from 32 to 158℉(0 to 70℃) otherwise ±0.9℉(±0.5℃)
Humidity Range  
Base Station 10% ~ 99%
Remote Sensor 10% ~ 99%
Humidity Tolerance ±2% from 20% to 80%,otherwise ±3%
Refresh rate  
Base station 30 seconds
  Remote sensor Less than 60 seconds
Sensor Type Swiss-made Sensirion
Transmission Range* 500ft (150M)
Wireless Technology ASK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Display Base Station LCD, 6 5⁄8 Length x  2 7⁄8 Width inches(168.0L x 73.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size  
Base Station 7 1⁄8 Length x 4  Width x 1 Height inches (180.0L x 101.0W x 25.0H mm)
Remote Sensor 2 15⁄16 Length x 2 1⁄4 Width x 15⁄16  Height inches (74.0L x 63.5W x 23.0H mm)
Base Station 4.5V( 3 x AAA Batteries)
Remote Sensor 3.7V(1 x 18650 Built-in lithium rechargeable battery)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment


Product Info
ThermoPro TP68B Wireless Weather Station

ThermoPro TP68B

ThermoPro TP59 Bluetooth Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP59

ThermoPro TP62 Digital Wireless Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP62

ThermoPro TP90 Smart Wireless Indoor Hygrometer WiFi Thermometer Compatible with Alexa

ThermoPro TP90

Price $42.99 $42.99 $18.99 $18.99 $24.99 $24.99 $39.99 $39.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Alexa capability No No No Yes
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometric pressure Yes No No No
Bluetooth No Yes No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator Yes Yes No Yes
High low records Yes Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor Only
Mobile app No Yes No Yes
Range 500ft 260ft 200ft -
Remote Yes Yes Yes No
Remote sensor TX4B - TX2 -
Temperature humidity alerts No Yes No No
Weather forecast Yes No No No
Wifi capability No No No Yes


Q: How accurate is the weather forecast?
A: The weather forecast is 70% accurate. Since it only determines the upcoming weather in the next 12-24 hours, it is difficult for it to be 100% accurate.

Q: How many sensors can be paired to the base?
A: 3 Remote Sensors

Q: Is the base station waterproof?
A: No, but the remote sensors are rainproof.

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