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Game day is here, and you’re all geared up with the essentials for your tailgate party. You’re bringing food, drinks, games, cups, plates, utensils… but are you bringing cooking thermometers to your outdoor event?

It’s a common oversight, but this one tool can vastly improve your tailgate experience as a host. Find out how this versatile device is an essential must-have during your game day cookout. 

Get Perfect Results Every Time You Cook

There are a lot of moving parts to hosting a tailgate party. And when you’re out there on your own, you have to bring all the essentials with you. For that reason, a meat thermometer should be considered one of your bring-alongs. That’s because it provides a quick and easy way to determine that your BBQ is properly cooked.

ThermoPro thermometers are designed to give you total confidence when cooking, grilling, or smoking. These devices allow you to cook according to internal temperatures, giving you total accuracy when determining when an ingredient has been properly cooked. With a ThermoPro thermometer, you’ll never need to second-guess your cooking. Overcooking and undercooking will be a thing of the past as you serve delicious food that is safe to eat. 

Why take chances? Use a ThermoPro Lightning One-Second Instant-Read Meat Thermometer for perfect results every time you cook. This device provides precise measurements in just one second, allowing you to cook at your own pace without compromise. Use the Lightning for ingredients with shorter durations like hamburgers and hot dogs. This no-brainer is the smart way to cook without fail! 

ThermoPro Lightning

Enjoy Total Freedom with Wireless Monitoring

The host of the tailgate party can always be found behind the grill. This position demonstrates your power and responsibility but, no lie, it can also be isolating. While your guests can freely roam and take part in games, you’re stuck watching an active grill and monitoring the progress of more substantial ingredients. And yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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Wireless monitoring allows users to keep track of cooked foods without the need to be physically present. Instead of standing around and waiting, you have the ability to remotely monitor cooking temperatures from a distance. Keep an eye on your cooking progress while you mingle, play games, and fraternize with your guests. Enjoy the best of both worlds with wireless monitoring!

To get the most out of your tailgate party, use the ThermoPro TempSpike Plus 600-ft Truly Wireless Meat Thermometer. This upgraded version of the best-selling TempSpike model features a more compact probe design with dual sensors that track both internal and ambient temperatures. As well, it features an improved broadcast range of 600 feet which is the same as two football fields! Keep an eye on your cooking using your phone as you visit other tailgate parties in your vicinity! Do it with the TempSpike Plus!

tp970 tempspike plus
ThermoPro TempSpike Plus

Easily Cook Large Meals Without Trouble 

Newbie tailgaters may want to start by serving casual fare like hot dogs or hamburgers. But what if you want to serve something more substantial like a brisket? 

Impress your tailgate guests with amazing smoked meats by using the ThermoPro Twin TempSpike 500-ft Truly Wireless Dual-Probe Meat ThermometerThis twin-probed version of our best-selling TempSpike lineup provides dual monitoring for two separate ingredients. Enjoy standard features like dual sensors and app control in addition to a Booster-mounted display for immediate on-the-spot readings!

With the Twin TempSpike, you get twice the probes for twice the value, making this an essential part of any tailgate party.

ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

Final Thoughts

Amaze your guests and make your tailgate party an unmitigated success using ThermoPro thermometers. With these products, you can enjoy a tailgate party with perfectly cooked BBQ that will satisfy all your guests!

Are you interested in getting a meat thermometer?  Check out the entire ThermoPro lineup of thermometers on Amazon!

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