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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when asked about the term “home improvement”? If you’re like most people, you’re likely to think about the thousands of dollars that even a minor renovation can cost. And yet, there’s a much easier and more affordable way to improve the quality of your home, and that’s to improve home livability

Learn how you can improve the livability of your home with this handy guide!

What is Home Livability

If you’re confused about the term “home livability”, the simple way to explain it is to think of the difference between a house and a home. 

A house is a collection of walls and building materials that combine together to form a structure. To improve a house, you need to improve its physical attributes. This is usually done with a renovation that upgrades or enlarges the house.

On the other hand, a home is a place where a family lives. Instead of focusing on the physical attributes of the residence, one can make a home more comfortable and safe to live by improving home livability. To do this, there are two main considerations: temperature and humidity. By optimizing these two conditions, it is possible to greatly improve the livability of a home dwelling without the need for costly renovations.

How to Regulate Home Livability

Our human senses are keen enough to tell us when a home environment has become too dry or too damp. However, these abilities usually only tell us when a situation has gotten out of hand. By then, it is likely that this environmental imbalance has also introduced a host of other problems.

In order to maintain a healthy and livable home, it is important to detect minute changes in temperature and humidity. In doing so, it becomes possible to identify trends before they escalate. Instead of acting on your instincts, it becomes possible to make wise decisions based on scientific data. In this way, it becomes much easier to maintain the comfort level of your home for longer periods of time. 

Required Tools for Home Livability

In order to maintain and improve home livability, you need a device that can track temperature and humidity levels. To do this, you need a home thermometer/hygrometer like the TP50 Digital Indoor Hygrometer/Thermometer. While available as separate devices, it is also possible to buy special products that can perform both tasks at the same time.

With a home thermometer/hygrometer, you can tell when your home environment is balanced or not. The thermometer measures temperatures to tell you if it is too hot or cold. On the other hand, the hygrometer measures humidity to tell you if it is too dry or damp. 

This device can help your home in a number of ways:

  • Help maintain good health by promoting a clean and safe environment
  • Protect your home against the growth of mold, water damage, and other costly home repairs
  • Prevent asthma and the spread of disease as well as the proliferation of pollen and dust

The Benefits of a Properly Humidified Home

Staying healthy is something we commonly associate with medicine, diet, and exercise. And yet, maintaining good health is one of the many benefits we can achieve by maintaining the livability of our homes.

Because different conditions arise under different seasons, we can largely split up these benefits into two groups.

Summer benefits of a properly humidified home:

  • Prevent dampness from causing mold and mildew
  • Keep comfort levels stable
  • Optimize HVAC operation

Winter benefits of a properly humidified home:

  • Hydrated skin that isn’t dry or cracked
  • Alleviate symptoms such as sore throat, headaches, and dry eyes
  • Reduce dust and allergens
  • House and property preservation
  • Prevent electrostatic shocks
how to reduce home humidity

Prevent the Spread of Illnesses

What’s more, a properly humidified house can actually prevent you from getting sick by stopping the transmission of illnesses. By keeping your home at the proper humidity level, you can:

  • Better protect against viruses: By keeping the mucous linings of your airways properly dry, you can help your body better defend against viral particles and other invading foreign substances.
  • Kill off viruses faster: A home with the proper humidity will result in less viral material hovering in its air.
  • Prevent the airborne transmission of water droplets: Greatly decrease the chance of transmission by preventing the spread of airborne water droplets that are able to penetrate more deeply into your lungs.

Because of this, we know that a properly humidified home can help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Improve Productivity

However, the benefits don’t end there. With more and more people working from home, it’s important to maintain a proper work environment. By maintaining proper livability, you can even improve productivity by improving home livability.

Consider the problems caused by the following conditions.

High humidity (over 50%):

  • Makes workers clammy, drowsy, stuffy, and sluggish
  • Feels warm even if the temperature hasn’t risen
  • May cause increased perspiration, difficulty breathing, migraines, and more

Low humidity (under 30%)

  • Causes itchy skin, rashes, dry skin, coughing, sore throat, stuffy nose, and more
With a proper home environment, you can increase productivity and contribute more to your work.

Bonus: How to Maintain Home Livability Year-Round 

How to reduce summer humidity:

  • Buy a humidifier
  • Take shorter, cooler showers
  • Bring in fresh air
  • Use fans
  • Get rid of plants
  • Insulation
  • Be careful when using the sink

How to prevent winter dryness:

  • Keep your home green and leafy
  • Boil water and cook on your stovetop
  • Leave an open container of water near a radiator
  • Hang dry your laundry
  • Weatherproof doors and windows
  • Use Humidifiers

Final Thoughts

The important thing to remember is that maintaining proper home livability is something that all households can do. By monitoring home temperature and humidity levels, you can keep your home environment safe and healthy for your family.

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