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‘Tis the season to be grilling and barbecuing! And if you have a BBQ aficionado in your family or know of someone inclined towards the fine art of grilling, we’ve got a list of gift ideas made just for you!

Pick out the perfect culinary-inspired gift in our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! Explore the year’s newest and most innovative cooking thermometers with this curated list of best-selling products! 

tempspike plus

Perfect for: Grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, frying, & more

It’s always rewarding to have a hobby that you enjoy. When that hobby happens to be BBQ, the rewards become downright tasty! To get the most out of barbecuing, it’s important to get a tool that allows you to make delicious BBQ every time you grill or smoke.

Enter the TempSpike Plus. This remarkable device fulfills all the needs that a home griller would ever have. By measuring internal temperatures, this meat thermometer tells you when a food has been properly cooked. And with its many features, the TempSpike Plus makes barbecuing easy and convenient.

Firstly, with its Bluetooth capability, you’ll be able to remote monitor your ingredients as they cook.  As an upgrade to the original version, the TempSpike Plus allows for remote temperature monitoring from an even further distance. In addition to that, this upgraded version is designed to broadcast signals up to 600′ feet away, a full 100′ more than the original TempSpike. What’s more, the probe of this upgraded device features an improved design that allows it to be submerged in water immediately after use.

In conclusion, with its newly upgraded probe and its smaller and more compact size, it’s now easier than ever to achieve your BBQ goals with the TempSpike Plus!

tp970 tempspike plus
ThermoPro TempSpike Plus

Perfect for: Cooks who need to prepare large meals for many guests

Entertaining for a large group? Need to prepare multiple dishes for a feast? Sounds like a job for the Twin TempSpike! 

This wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor two different ingredients at the same time. The Twin TempSpike features dual temperature probes that are each equipped with two distinct sensors that simultaneously measure internal and ambient cooking temperatures.

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As a value-packed device, the Twin TempSpike offers much more. To begin, the Twin TempSpike’s wireless technology allows users to monitor their cooking from distances up to 500′ away.  Additionally, on-the-spot readings are available by consulting the on-screen display located on the device’s booster station. Moreover, using its smartphone capability, users can find out estimated cooking times, preset desired temperatures, and receive alerts, along with full access to a wide spectrum of cooking stats. 

Get double the value by doubling your probes with the Twin TempSpike, the ideal gift for ambitious hosts and a notable inclusion to our holiday gift guide.

ThermoPro TP962
ThermoPro Twin TempSpike

Best Gift for Busy Chefs on the Go: Lightning Instant-Read

Perfect for: Frying, grilling, roasting, boiling, & more

Know a home chef who cooks at a blistering pace in the kitchen? Keep up the pace with the ThermoPro Lightning, the instant-read meat thermometer that measures temperatures in one second flat! 

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This newly released device gives you the stats you need quickly and accurately using its many built-in features. Firstly, the speed of the Lightning comes from an advanced thermocouple that provides an improved accuracy of ± 0.5°F (± 0.3°C). Secondly, this device comes with an Auto-Adjusting Display that is always right-side up no matter which position it is held, making it suitable for either left- or right-handed users. What’s more, the Lightning also features Auto-Off and Auto-Wake that activate upon being picked up, making it ready whenever you are.

Finally, with its 10-Year Warranty, the Lightning makes for a standout suggestion in this holiday gift guide. Truly, the ThermoPro Lightning is the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

ThermoPro Lightning

Final Thoughts

This holiday season, help a budding BBQ pitmaster achieve their full potential. Give them a ThermoPro thermometer to see how the proper tool makes all the difference in the right circumstance.

We hope this holiday gift guide has be useful for you. Are you interested in getting a meat thermometer? Browse ThermoPro’s wide lineup of instant-read and wireless probe thermometers on Amazon! 

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