Great news! We’re proud to announce that you can now buy ThermoPro at Walmart! Our top-selling meat thermometers and indoor/outdoor thermometers are now available for sale at Walmart retail stores and multiple online platforms.

It’s now easier than ever to get your own ThermoPro! To buy a ThermoPro product at Walmart, use any of the following channels:

1. Buy ThermoPro Online at

Enjoy the convenience of online shopping by purchasing ThermoPro products online! Use the official Walmart website to access services like shipping, pickup, and delivery options.

Buy ThermoPro on the Walmart Website

Find our products by entering “ThermoPro” or our product name into the search bar at the top navigation bar, or click here to access our brand page. Sort results by price and customer rating to more easily find the product you want.

Each Walmart product page provides further details and images for each of our products. Here, you can compare ratings, reviews, and warranty info as well as choose between color options. Check your area’s eligibility for pickup or delivery by entering your zip code in the checkout area.

Additional Options for Walmart Account Holders

Once you have signed up for a account, you’ll be able to access additional options. 

Click on the heart icon to add our product to your favorites. Save it for later consideration by adding it to your lists.

Couples looking to host their registry at Walmart can add ThermoPro to their gift registry.

As a practical and inexpensive gift, you can also easily reorder ThermoPro products that you’ve previously purchased with the reorder feature.

2. Buy ThermoPro In-Store at Walmart

On your next shopping errand, you’ll be able to pick up a ThermoPro thermometer when visiting your local Walmart!

Product Availability

Confirm the availability of your desired ThermoPro product by checking online.

The Walmart website will tell you how much is in stock at your local Walmart, and also where it’s in stock locally. This can also be done using the Walmart app using its “Store Assistant”. This feature will also tell you the aisle number where you can find ThermoPro products.

Finding a Walmart Near You

To find your closest Walmart, enter your zip code at the Walmart store finder. This handy feature also provides store hours and driving directions to dozens of Walmart retail locations.

You can also choose from a store directory of Walmart locations listed by state.

Buy ThermoPro using the Walmart App

Download and install the Walmart App for a streamlined purchasing process that offers numerous convenient services.

Use the app to browse, search and buy from anywhere. Additionally, you’ll receive notifications on new savings and pay from your phone in any store.

Additional features include voice shopping, personalized item suggestions, and order tracking with real-time updates. Use the “Mobile Check-in” to signal your imminent arrival when doing a curbside pickup so you won’t have to wait.

Buying ThermoPro at Walmart: Final Thoughts

Through our new partnership with Walmart, it’s never been easier for Americans to buy a high-value thermometer at an affordable price! We’re looking forward to serving new customers and letting even more people experience the convenience and value of using a ThermoPro product!

When shopping at Walmart, you’ll have the chance to purchase two ThermoPro products that are exclusive to this retailer! Get your hands on a TP19HW or a TP15HW while supplies last!

Once you’ve purchased a ThermoPro product at Walmart, let us know that you’ve joined the family by posting online using the hashtag #iywyk (“If you Walmart, you know”). As one of the competitively priced products available at Walmart, we’re sure you’ll also be referencing the other popular hashtag, #EverydayLowPrice!

Have fun shopping, everyone!

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