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How to Measure Indoor and Outdoor Temperature and Humidity in Hot Summer?

Temperatures and the percentage of relative humidity can be measured from 200 feet away with such devices as the wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. Easy to read screens make it simple for you to keep an eye on whether air conditioning should be adjusted or activity levels kept reduced until the humidity is lower. Trend indicator arrows display whether temperatures and humidity percentages are on the rise or falling.

How Does Humidity Affect Sweating?

High relative humidity means the air is already saturated with water. This leads to a slowing of the evaporation of sweat from the skin. Your body cools down more slowly, and in fact, its heat can continue to rise as it overworks. Excessive sweating humidity causes means that core temperatures on the rise; this means that bodies work harder to cool you down and the body will lose salt, water, and chemicals that it needs to function. More Details you can check it

What You Should Pay Attention to Your Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Placement?

  1. Do not place the thermometer in direct sunlight;
  2. Keep the thermometer in the covered area;
  3. Outside thermometers should never be placed at ground levels;
  4. Do not locate outside thermometer next to grills;
  5. Place outside thermometers next to grills;
  6. Place outside thermometer in a location with adequate airflow;
  7. Do not place your outdoor thermometer next to asphalt or concrete pavement;
  8. Do not place the thermometer on the wall of the house;
  9. Do not place your outside thermometer next to furnace or dryer vents or chimneys.


Where is the Ideal Place to Your Outdoor Thermometer?

Here are 4 ideal places we recommend to place your outdoor thermometer:

  1. Under the eaves of your house;
  2. A sheltered or shuttered bird feeder;
  3. A covered porch;
  4. A wooden instrument shelter.

Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Thermometers

ThermoPro’s best selling wireless indoor and outdoor hermometers guarantee accurate readings both indoors and outdoors. Always be confident in using our devices to assist in getting a handle on your environment!

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