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Best BBQ Grills for 2022

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Enjoy the sizzle of smoke-infused, lusciously charred meat at home getting your own BBQ grill. But with a market filled with old favorites and new contenders, it can be hard to choose. If you’re looking to make a purchase this season, make sure you know about the best BBQ grills for 2022.

With this list, we wanted to give you a good rundown of what to look for when buying a BBQ grill this year. And even if you’re not currently looking for an upgrade, this list will give you an idea of what you can expect. There have been many improvements and advancements that have come to BBQ grills, making them even more effective and user-friendly.   

But before you browse, be sure you are clear on your needs first. There’s no use getting a grill only to discover it’s not the one for you. Ask yourself: 

  • Are you just starting out, and want to ease into the BBQ lifestyle with a small and easy-to-use grill? 
  • Are you a veteran pit master looking to find an impressive machine that can match your finely honed skills?
  • What kind of fuel will you be using? (gas, charcoal, wood)
  • How much food will you be cooking at one time? What type of get-togethers will you be hosting?
With that out of the way, let’s run through the best of what this year has to offer us! Here are the best BBQ grills of 2022!

Best BBQ Grills for 2022: Pellet Grills

Advanced grillers that are looking to make their own delicious, smoky BBQ should consider investing in a pellet grill. Equipped with great features and a price tag to match, pellet grills cater to the BBQ connoisseur looking to elevate his or her game. 

Camp Chef Woodwind Wi-Fi 24″ With Sidekick
+ Sears meat easily and beautifully
+ 2-in-1 grill that allows for hot grilling and slow smoking
– Expensive
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Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker
+ Classic smoky flavor
+ Features a meat probe + as well as Wifi capabilities
– Requires electricity
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Traeger Pro Series 575 Grill
+ Wide range of grilling temperatures
+ Smartly monitors your cooking process
– Expensive
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Grill with Meat ThermoMeter

Best BBQ Grills for 2022: Budget Grills

Are you on a tight budget, but still have a craving for BBQ? Or maybe you’re an aspiring BBQ enthusiast that wants to get into the BBQ lifestyle, but isn’t ready for high-end grills? Either way, the best solution for you would be to invest in a budget BBQ grill. These lower-end grills may not be equipped with advanced features, but still provide everything you need to make tasty barbecue.
Weber Original Kettle 22″ Premium Charcoal Grill
+ Portable & compact design featuring 2 wheels and a 3 lbs. carrying weight 
+ Easy to add briquets with its hinged lid 
– Single burner provides limited use
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Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill
+ Durable and sure to last for a long time
+ Great value for your money
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Best BBQ Grills for 2022: Charcoal Grills

Kamado Joe Classic II
+ Multiple racks can be used for cooking at different temperatures
+ The “SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber” distributes smoke evenly throughout the grill
– Smaller cooking surface than other grills
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Masterbuilt Gravity Series 560 Digital Charcoal Grill + Smoker
+ Innovative charcoal burner design for delicious meat
+ “Set it and forget it” convenience
+ Very good value for the price
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Weber Smokey Joe
+ Lightweight construction is less than 10 lbs.
+ Inexpensive
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Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler
+ Easy to use
+ Adjustable charcoal tray that allows you to personalize to your tastes
– Heavy & unwieldy
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electric grills

Best BBQ Grills of 2022: Electric Grills

If smokiness in your BBQ is not a priority, consider getting an electric grill. Powered by a plentiful energy source that comes straight out of the wall, electric grills are no-fuss, no-muss devices that offer unparalleled convenience in the world of BBQ. In fact, with some of them geared for indoor use, an electric grill is a viable choice for apartment dwellers with strict no-BBQ rules.

Char-Broil Patio Bistro Electric Grill
+ Compact design for easy portability
+ Rust-resistant construction is easy to clean
+ Porcelain-coated burners are convenient to use
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George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Gun Metal Electric Grill
+ Easy to clean and use
+ Can be used indoors
– Limited size
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Best BBQ Grills for 2022: Gas Grills

There’s no need to deal with the trouble and hassle of other BBQ types with the easy convenience of gas grills. Commonly fueled by propane gas, these clean-burning grills offer numerous advantages that make them a popular choice for BBQ enthusiasts. They are quick to heat up and can have their temperatures easily adjusted. Considering that gas grills are easy to clean up and operate, they are also very good for beginners.

Weber Spirit II E-310 Propane Grill
+ Minimal flare-up and easy to use
– Difficult out-of-the-box assembly
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Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Propane Gas Grill
+ Features an infrared side burner as well as an infrared rear burner
+ Excellent performance
– High price tag
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Weber Genesis II E-210
+ Infinity Ignition system means a fast and easy start-up
+ Lots of grill space for its small size
– Shelves are unwieldy and impractical during moves
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Best BBQ Grills of 2022: Portable Grills

BBQ is a popular backyard event, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Smaller grills designed for portability allow BBQ enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite pastime just about anywhere. Whether you’re hosting a tailgate party, on vacation, or have gone camping, you’ll be able to serve up delicious grilled meat wherever you’d like!

Weber Q 1200
+ High portability featuring a 20 lbs. carrying weight and an optional stand
+ Folding design includes 2 foldable side tables
– Low BTU output; can’t achieve very high temperatures
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Cuisinart Roll-Away CGG-240
+ Easy to transport & store away 
+ 2 swing-out shelves for practicality and convenience
– Small propane tanks mean more frequent refilling
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Coleman Roadtrip 225 Tabletop Grill
+ Powerful for its size
– Lid doesn’t latch tight
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Best BBQ Grills of 2022: Kamado Grills 

Kamado grills come from Japan and have become very popular among BBQ enthusiasts due to their versatility. Sporting an unmistakable egg-shaped appearance, kamado grills are able to grill, smoke, and roast at high temperatures, making them a highly-prized commodity for grillers. 

Big Green Egg
+ Durable construction that will last
+ User-friendly design allows for easy grilling and smoking
– Pricey
Buy here

Kamado Joe Classic Joe II
+ Plenty of cooking space
+ Wide range of temperatures that can reach up to 750°F
– Deep learning curve requires time and patience
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Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker
+ Can achieve very high temperatures
+ Large rack space for ample cooking
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Final Thoughts

With the many BBQ grills that are available on the market, there is likely one that will meet your specific needs. Shop around to find one that is right for you!
Tools are essential to making a great barbecue. That’s why it’s important to use a good cooking thermometer that can tell you the internal temperature of your food. Consider using ThermoPro meat thermometers for all of your BBQ needs! Check out our online store to discover all the products we have to offer!


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