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Instant Read Meat Thermometers

ThermoPro produces ultra-fast and highly accurate instant-read meat thermometers. Our products feature a precise thermocouple sensor to get speedy readings in just 2-3 seconds. With back lit displays and easy to calibration you can cook like a pro in the kitchen or grilling on the BBQ. You can even register your new instant read meat thermometer after purchase to increase the warranty to 3 years. Cook like a Pro every time!

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customer service


We truly pride ourselves on a hassle-free, friendly customer support experience with a team that’s available 5 days a week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. Rest assured if you contact us by email, phone, or online chat, you’ll be speaking to a native speaker in your spoken language.


The customer service team is always listening, taking notes, and quantifying complaints to ensure our products are continually improved. Due to selling directly to you, the customer, via Amazon, we can use product reviews to help us improve our existing products or help further development of new products.

feedback based design
superior warranty


Our warranty coverage for our products is the backbone of our company and we’re capable of offering such a robust warranty is that we believe in our product quality due to our feedback based design philosophy and if anything does happen, we’ll stand behind our products. This also enables our customer support to team deliver continuously great experiences.