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Instant Read Meat Thermometers

ThermoPro produces ultra-fast and highly accurate instant-read meat thermometers. Our products feature a precise thermocouple sensor to get speedy readings in just 2-3 seconds. With back lit displays and easy to calibration you can cook like a pro in the kitchen or grilling on the BBQ. You can even register your new instant read meat thermometer after purchase to increase the warranty to 3 years. Cook like a Pro every time!

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How to Use an Instant Read Meat Thermometer?

  • Step 1. Ensure that the batteries are inserted and the product is reading its surrounding temperature.
  • Step 2. Start cooking meat. Through this time periodically insert a probe into the meat and note the current temperature of your food.
  • Step 3. When cooked to your desired temperature, remove the food and enjoy! Be wary of touching the probe after insertion because it may be hot!

How to Calibrate an Instant Read Meat Thermometer

  • Step 1. Fill your clear glass to the top with ice. The ratio of ice to water is important when creating an ice bath, and starting with ice can help you regulate that ratio more easily.
  • Step 2. Crushed ice is recommended for this step, as pieces of crushed ice can sit closer together in the glass. If you don’t have access to crushed ice, cubed ice is perfectly acceptable as well. Make sure your glass is filled to the top with ice.
  • Step 3. Begin to slowly add cooled water. Cooled water is necessary during this step to avoid melting of the ice..
  • Step 4. Insert your instant read meat thermometer and find out: What temperature is an ice bath? When inserting your thermometer, it should be put in the middle of the ice bath and stirred, to avoid the thermometer resting on an ice cube and getting an inaccurate reading. Similarly, avoid letting your thermometer rest against the sides of the glass, or on the bottom of the glass.
  • Step 5. Check the temperature. If your thermometer is properly calibrated, it should read 32°F. If the temperature displayed is higher or lower than 32°F. Check your thermometer’s manual or operating instructions for information on calibrating your specific thermometer. For more detials, you can refer to this ice-bath calibration guide

How to Clean Your Instant Read Meat Thermometer Probe?

  • Step 1. Wash the thermometer probe in warm water.
  • Step 2. Sanitize the instant-read thermometer probe with alcohol.
  • Step 3. Rinse any residual alcohol from the thermometer’s probe. A simple rinse with warm water will work just fine.
  • Step 4. Allow the thermometer probe to air dry in a clean environment. Do not try to use a towel or anything else to dry it. An hour or so in a clean environment will do the trick.

How To Change The Batteries in an Instant Read Meat Thermometer?

  • Step 1. You have to open the battery hatch. To do this, you can use a quarter to get a good grip on the hatch’s cover, and turn it to the left.
  • Step 2. The batteries can easily be slid out if you tip the thermometer a bit. Put them aside to properly dispose of them later.
  • Step 3. Once you’ve removed the old batteries, you can put in two new ones. Just stack them on top of each other with their positive sides facing towards you, and screw the battery hatch back on. Don’t tighten the hatch too much.
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