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Meat Cooking Temperatures: Lamb Temperature

Lamb Temperature

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When learning to cook, or even as a veteran cook, there is always room for learning. Furthering your knowledge will only make yourself a better cook but furthering your knowledge of proper cook temps of a variety of meats is extremely valuable.

That’s what we will cover with this blog series, the proper cooking temps of a variety meats at different doneness levels.

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Lamb Internal Temperature

One of the joys of grilling, smoking or roasting meats is the different ways that you can prepare your meal. There are some meats that have a limited range of temperatures that they can be safely prepared and cooked at and there are others that can be prepared at many different temperatures for different taste and textures. Lamb is one of those meats.

The USDA has stated that there are 5 safe “doneness” levels for lamb internal temperature. Below is the list of these said levels, which are optimal for a roast lamb temperature and if you don’t wish to remember all these temperatures, try a ThermoPro Meat Thermometer.

Rare 140ºF/60ºC

To achieve a rare cook when preparing you lamb, you must cook it at the lowest, safe eating temperature. This lamb temperature will give you a very reddish and pink inside, and be quite bloody. The outside for a rare lamb will be seared and crisp while the inside will be juicy. Don’t be fearful of this lamb cooking temp, as lamb rare is actually quite delicious and worth a try!

Below is an image of what should lamb should look like when cooked to a Rare doneness level.

Rare Lamb Temperature

Medium Rare 145ºF/63ºC

The second lowest doneness level on the lamb scale is medium rare. Lamb medium rare will get you similar texture and taste to the rare level, but the meat will be a little more colored and fuller in the center. You can still expect some blood and juiciness cooking for a medium rare lamb.

Below is an image of what should lamb should look like when cooked to a Medium-Rare doneness level.

Medium Rare Lamb Temperature

Medium 160ºF/71ºC

The halfway point, the “I don’t know what kind of lamb I like, just cook me it” point. Great for guest who are not particular about the doneness of their lamb. This cook will get you the best of both worlds, half colored and cooked and half red and raw!

Medium Lamb Temperature

Medium Well Done 165ºF/74ºC

We are now getting into the hot zone. Medium well done cooks will look almost completely cooked, with a small amount of reddish pink meat in the very center of your meat.

Well Done 170ºF/77ºC

Well done is the final level of doneness when cooking lamb. This is the highest temperature you will be cooking your lamb for the most colored inside with little to no pink or red.

Well Done Lamb Temperature

When the smoke clears

After all is said and done, it is important to note that cooking is not an easy task to accomplish, and do not expect to get the perfect results the first time. Preparing a meal for yourself or guests should be fun and a learning experience. Constantly try different doneness levels, seasoning and condiments to broaden your knowledge. Every meat is different and every meat will need its own specific temperatures for the right cook, and that is why ThermoPro is here to help with our line of digital thermometers.

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