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Temperature Gun: The Top 10 Reasons Your Home Needs It

ThermoPro TP30 Thermometer Gun left side

As new mortgage holders soon discover, a homeowner’s duty is never complete. Taking care of a house is a never-ending litany of constant upkeep. Like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole, fixing one problem will just reveal another. Luckily for you, the temperature gun is a practical tool that can help you complete your household tasks.

With its simple operation, a temperature gun is an easy way to find out the temperature of anything in your home. Also known as a thermometer gun or infrared (IR) thermometer gun, this device serves a wide range of applications. As you’ll see, it is an indispensable tool that no home can do without.


Here’s a rundown of the top 10 reasons why your home needs a temperature gun:

1. Preparing Food

Thermometer guns work by measuring the surface temperature of objects. This means that they aren’t very effective when cooking or grilling; to properly measure the internal temperature of food, you need an instant-read thermometer or a meat thermometer. However, a temperature gun is still very useful when preparing food in other ways.

This device can be very handy when proofing yeast in bread, or pitching yeast when making a homebrew beer. Additionally, it can help you when making yoghurt at home. Best of all, its simple operation requires nothing more than a quick point and click; this means no cleanup for this type of measuring device.

2. Handling Food

It’s always important to refrigerate leftovers before giving bacteria a chance to cause foodborne illnesses. And yet, putting hot food into a cold fridge is problematic. This is because it introduces a foreign element that can cause condensation to form. For best results, it’s wise to wait for your food to cool down first; to be sure of its temperature, make the smart choice by using a thermometer gun.

Another practical purpose of this product is for measuring the temperature of hot coffee or tea. Instead of burning the roof of your mouth, you can use a temperature gun to see if it has cooled down enough to drink. As before, a great advantage of this type of thermometer is its no-contact usage; in this way, you can measure without having to insert something that could cause contamination.

3. Checking Swimming Pools, Bathtubs & Baby Baths 

Non-contact Thermometer

As proof of its versatility, an infrared thermometer gun can measure the surfaces of both solids and liquids. This means that it can easily measure temperatures of contained water such as swimming pools, filled bathtubs, and baby baths. By using an IR gun, you can optimize water to just the right temperature that’s not too cold or too hot; never again will you have to roll up your sleeves to dunk your elbow.

Comfort is a highly subjective term, but when it involves children or babies, it’s something that you don’t want to take chances with. Don’t chance upon the right temperature by swishing your hand and judging by your sense of feel. Instead, use an IR gun to get precise results every time without fail.

4. Crafting

Heating things up in the home doesn’t have to be exclusively about food. If you’re interested in at-home crafting, a temperature gun can be very helpful when performing activities that require heat.

Use a temperature gun to quickly take temperatures when:

  • Making soap
  • Melting wax for candles
  • Check if your glue gun work has cooled down and is safe to touch
  • See if the boiled dyes you have prepared are ready to be handled.

When crafting at home, keep a temperature gun on hand for best results and to keep yourself safe.

5.Save Money on Heating/Cooling Bills

ThermoPro TP30 Digital Infrared Thermometer Gun

Many homeowners can cut down on their heating and cooling costs by properly insulating their homes. To ensure your home is free of leaks, use an IR thermometer gun to detect drafts in your walls and HVAC system.

This device is also great for determining if your home HVAC system is working properly. Industry professionals rely on IR guns to identify leaky ducts, isolate faulty insulation, and diagnose all kinds of problems with an HVAC system.

For proper use, it’s worth remembering that IR thermometer guns do not measure air temperature. Instead, scan the surface of a wall or air duct to determine if there are any anomalies that could reveal air drafts or holes. As well, keep in mind that IR guns do not work properly through glass; get proper measurements by directly scanning walls instead of doing it through a window.

6. Checking Appliances & Machines

Make sure your household electrical appliances and machines are working properly by using a temperature gun!

  • Take accurate measurements to see if your computer is overheating;
  • Verify the interior temperatures of your refrigerator or freezer; and
  • Check on the progress of your 3D printing projects.

Don’t just go by your gut instinct or sense of touch. Use accurate measurements to find out if the appliances in your home are working properly!

7. Fixing Your Car

If you’re a resourceful car owner that likes to make your own repairs, you owe it to yourself to get a thermometer gun to help when maintaining or fixing your car. Use it to troubleshoot engine overheating issues, or to help diagnose problems with:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Radiators
  • Engine timing
  • Belts and pulleys
  • Cooling systems
  • Catalytic converters
  • And more!

8. Checking Grill Temperature

infrared thermometers used in cooking small size
If you’re an avid griller who likes to barbecue, a thermometer gun can be very handy to see if your BBQ has reached the proper temperature. Simply aim the temperature gun at a barbecue grate or a cast-iron skillet that has been left in the barbecue as it heats up. As well, you should avoid aiming the device at the hot coals or the walls of the BBQ to prevent inaccurate readings. 
For best results, be sure to spray the skillet with cooking oil. This will help this surface area achieve optimal emissivity, which is a measurement of how efficient a surface is at emitting thermal radiation. 

9. Checking Pizza Stone Temperature

Interior oven temperatures are extremely important for pizza making; this specialty dish is unlike other types of baking and requires cooking at high temperatures for a short duration.

To help ensure your oven has the right conditions, use a pizza stone that helps provide the required heat intensity that can produce the ideal pizza crust and texture. And so, to check your oven temperature, use a thermometer gun and aim it on the pizza stone to determine the current temperature. 

10. Using as a Cat Toy

If you’re a cat owner, we’d be remiss to not mention that temperature guns make for handy cat toys that can keep your cat amused for hours. This purpose is definitely not what the temperature gun was designed to be used for, but then, which cat toys are like that anyway?


Thermometer Gun: Final Thoughts

Are you ready to start using a thermometer gun? Check out ThermoPro’s lineup of infrared thermometers that include the TP30 and TP450. Use ThermoPro products to optimize your household tasks and comfort, and Live Like a Pro!


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