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ThermoPro TP19HW Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer, Food Candy Cooking Grill Kitchen Thermometer with Magnet and LED Display for Oil Deep Fry Smoker BBQ Thermometer

(194 customer reviews)

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  • Ultra fast & Accurate】Cooking thermometer features 4.3″ food grade stainless steel probe with a precise sensor that provides 3-4S response time with an accuracy of ±0.9°F(±0.5°C) and a wide temp range of -58°F – 572°F(-50°C- 300°C); 
  • IP65 waterproof & Calibration】Cleanup takes just seconds, as the water thermometer has an IP65 waterproof rating that means you can wash the liquid thermometer under running water with no concerns; 
  • Large backlit auto-rotating display】2.0” crystal clear, the backlit screen provides superb clarity for when reading the temperature in all light conditions; 180° reversible display will rotate automatically depending on the orientation of the grilling thermometer;
  • Motion sensing ON/OFF/WAKE/SLEEP & Lock function】Chef thermometer is always ready when you are, engineered with advanced motion sensing technology which powers on the probe thermometer when the probe is withdrawn, powers off when retracted, sleeps when set down for 90s and instantly wakes up when picked up;
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194 reviews for ThermoPro TP19HW Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer, Food Candy Cooking Grill Kitchen Thermometer with Magnet and LED Display for Oil Deep Fry Smoker BBQ Thermometer

  1. Adam

    Quick to read great for use even on the grill!

  2. Donna Swafford

    I liked it

  3. KDp


  4. michael

    Great little tool

  5. Russell Mackenzie

    Works well, easy to use and display is very bright. Accurate and simple to clean.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Good product

  7. Amazon Customer

    It worked as expected and I would recommend it. As far as accuracy is concerned I have nothing to compare it to but it worked well so I gave it a 5

  8. Juliana

    Easy to use and clean. Accurate so far.

  9. KEaston

    Love this thermometer. The measurement matches my other thermometers within a good tolerance. The magnet is useful for storage of the unit on my grill and/or refrigerator.

  10. Kathy M.

    This is the third one I have ordered (for family). Use this daily. Love it

  11. Mike Frake

    Great Digital Thermometer. Easy-to-useWould Recommend

  12. Jean Pavlovic

    I thought that my thermometer was a dud because it didn’t light up or function in any way. My husband looked at it, and found that you had sent a battery that didn’t work. When he changed to a new battery, it worked just fine. I had this same thermometer before and was very happy with it. Disappointing that you included a dead battery this time.

  13. Richard

    No more undercooking and having to take your steaks or hamburgers back to the grill. Check it and you are ready to eat a nicely cooked hot meal. My girlfriend is very impressed with my grill skills and it will make you look like real pro for your other half and friends coming over for a cookout.

  14. Firestarter

    i bought an expensive bluetooth enabled thermometer for grilling but it is too complicated for me.with this one i unfold the probe and stick it in the middle of the steak and i get a temperature reading.i can remember how to do that.i get to eat steak medium rare.

  15. Thomas P. Berta

    After using a cheap thermometer. I decided to put a little more money out there to get a thermometer that was recommended on Cook’s Kitchen. This is one of the smartest purchase I have done.

  16. Thomas P. Clark

    Quick and accurate

  17. Rprjr

    I saw this while visiting my sister and knew I needed to get this. It replaced one that I had that was still working but did not offer the ease of use that ThermoPro offers. Very happy with this purchase.

  18. CCSWebWeaver

    I purchased this product and used it for 18 months. Easy to use, easy to read, easy to clean.One day I was grilling some chicken… I checked the temp and it was a little low – not quite done. A couple minutes later I checked temp again, and the display on the thermometer is all ” – – – – “.I swapped the battery, no change.I started researching, found many reviewers had very similar experiences.Hoping for the best, I contacted the seller. After a quick exchange of emails where I was asked to provide an order number to verify purchase, the customer service rep quickly had a replacement in the mail.I received the replacement quickly and it works perfectly.Recap:The product is easy to use, easy to read, and easy to clean.My experience with customer service was stellar.The seller has some other products and I will not hesitate to purchase from them again.

  19. JBT.

    I finally got the chance to use the ThermoPro Digital thermometer. It worked quickly and was easy to clean. It has magnets on the side opposite the display. I have it on my refrigerator to keep it handy. It was also easy to clean. I also have another ThermoPro for cooking (two-probe). I like them both.

  20. Byron M.

    Fast results and easy to clean.

  21. S. Lopez

    My smoker has several probes for monitoring meat temps, but they are not instant but rather are meant to continuous monitor. I bought this so I could both cross check the smoker proves but also for smokes like thick ribs where you really need to check it in a couple of spots. This prove is very easy to use, very fast, almost instant, and I checked it with a lab calibrated probe and it was spot on at both freezing and boiling temps. I like the auto on and off when you open it, and there is enough of an indent on the probe body to open it even if you forgot to before putting on high temp BBQ gloves. 5 stars would buy again.

  22. Jeremy Heyboer

    easy to use and worth the money!!!

  23. ndp

    Great instant read thermometer. I recommend it for every kitchen. Completely takes the guesswork out of cooking meats.

  24. Kelvin Runner

    Quick temp reading, User friendly whether Right or Left handed, Which I am.

  25. WallDoctor

    Auto rotates for Left handed which is awesome but it doesn’t auto shutoff and will stay on for hours if you don’t close probe.

  26. Treeman2114

    This was shipped quickly and is to replace our old one that was not water resistant and got washed by my youngest daughter. It has worked great and is easy to find being orange. – so hopefully will be less likely to disappear in the kitchen drawers. Overall good price and has worked as described.

  27. David S.

    Love the product, this is my second one, the first lasted 2-3 months until the plastic on the arm broke. I used some plastic weld on it which worked for a while, but eventually bought a replacement. I stayed with the same brand because I liked the unit itself, and will try and remember to be careful not to bend the arm.


    temps on food

  29. sandy

    Like the large screen for reading and the way it shuts off when you close the prong

  30. Kindle Customer

    Easy to see digital meat thermometer is wonderful! Easy to use & see, meat done-ness chart plus a magnet so it won鈥檛 get misplaced in the grill area!!!!!

  31. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely love it! Quality product for the money

  32. James

    We’ve used a ThermoPro remote digital thermometer for years which has performed flawlessly. We use it for turkey, tenderloin and larger meals that take awhile to cook, but wanted something for quicker dinners on the cook top and grill. We purchased the ThermoPro instant version based on the reliability of our ThermoPro remote and it’s equally flawless. It’s accurate, shows the results in a couple of seconds, is ambidextrous, the readout flips to the direction it’s held, easy to clean, water resistant and like our ThermoPro remote thermometer, it’s very well made. Opening/closing the probe turns it on and off. Comes with an AAA battery and small screw driver to install. You won’t go wrong with this one!

  33. A. Bhatti

    This has done everything we have needed for cooking.No issues with temperatures provided and tested as expected. Response time to get a temp is 3 to 10 seconds. The size of the readout has been good and easy to view and the light provides easy reading in low light. The auto-flip of the display for left or right hand reading is excellent and much appreciated.Magnet can hold unit to metal on stove or grill with no sliding or dropping. Centigrade/Fahrenheit button is on bottom of unit and is easy to use to switch between when needed. Cleaning of the device has not been an issue although I still only use a damp towel with soap to clean it. Overall, I’ve been very impressed with the ThermoPro product line and have a couple of dual thermometer the grill models as well.One additional note: The lifetime support of the warranty has been excellent. We had a not uncommon issue of the display suddenly showing only dashes one day we took it out to use it. Attempts to reset by removing the battery for a while did not fix. The ThermoPro website had several support responses that provided links to request a replacement. I filled out the form, provided evidence of purchase (required), and provided a picture of the issue (required) and a follow up email came the next day. A full replacement arrived within a few days. Excellent support of the warranty means I will always purchase their products for any future needs.

  34. Sammy

    This is an excellent thermometer. I have a more bulky remote thermometer I had been using but this is just fast and accurate And a very welcome addition to my grilling tools

  35. Nota wearytraveller

    This is very easy to use & easy to read.

  36. Nana CHRIS

    Great product! Like the lock feature so I can remove and read out of the heat! No more over grilled meat and more often use for bread.

  37. derrick allen

    Works as expected

  38. David W. Smith

    Easy to read and the magnetic back makes it always easy to find when I need it. I would recommend it to the BBQ or baking enthusiast

  39. Bob Savino Jr.

    Having an instant read thermometer in the kitchen or cooking BBQ is a must. I know there are those wonderful Chef’s and Home Cooks who cook with feel but I ain’t one of them. This instant read thermometer let’s me know what state of doneness the food I am cooking is so I never have to worry about over or under cooked food.

  40. Chulitamiel

    Exactly what she wanted uses it almost everyday

  41. JMA


  42. Pat H.

    Very easy to use, just unfold the meat sensor and insert it into the food. In less than 4 seconds, can see the internal temperature. Huge improvement over the old metal manual meat thermometers.

  43. Edward S. Abad

    Accurate and easy to read

  44. Ella A. Herndon

    It was great when it worked. Bought this in April 2021. It stopped working in July 2022. Yes, I changed the battery and always made sure it was closed and off when done using. Then, poof. It decided to not work anymore. Don’t waste your money.

  45. Casa Man

    Used on pork lion. Worked very well.

  46. Sandra K. Gilbertson

    Easy to use, convenient meat chart right on the thermometer. Love it!

  47. Sajid Haider

    I wish I knew this before. Works perfectly. It is easy to clean and turn off automatically.

  48. Carolina

    Excellent thermometer, like that it folds and the numbers are large, and the reading super quick.

  49. Cathy Cochrane

    Works great

  50. Michael Scott

    Great For the money. Easy to use.

  51. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use and accurate !

  52. John Blake

    I loved my old tried-and-true meat thermometer, but it finally gave up the ghost. I bought this one to take its place and you can color me impressed! First of all, I didn’t realize how large it is, especially compared to my old one. It is easy to grip and easy to operate. I love that it turns on and off by just opening or closing it. The hold feature is great, so I don’t have to put my face over a hot fire to read the temp. It is also great that the reading rotates according to how you hold it, so it’s never upside down. It seems sturdy and I hope it will last a good long time. I like that you just use regular batteries, not watch batteries. It’s nice to be in the age of great thermometers!

  53. Brenda Lopez

    Works as intended

  54. Patrick

    easy, accurate and durable.

  55. peterhodo

    Not much to say here…reliable and easy to use. Just what I wanted.

  56. Jason

    Not only is this a great thermometer for grilling and cooking, the customer service is amazing. They stand behind the quality of the product 100 percent and if you ever have a problem they will take care of it. Highly recommend!

  57. EB Beaumont

    Love this thermometer! Perfect size, light up display, turns on when opened/off when closed, and the magnetic back is a really nice touch. Gives quick and accurate temp reads, and folds right up. Easy to carry in pocket if need be and easy to clean.

  58. Anthony

    Nice digital thermometer. Works every time. You do not have to insert very deep in order to measure the temp accurately. Have compared to another ThermoPro digital thermometer and my original tried and true standard meat thermometer. The magnet is handy as I just keep it attached to the grill when cooking.

  59. L. Mailloux

    I first bought this thermometer for its bright color and accuracy. It shuts off when the thermometer is folded into itself. It is magnetic, so I stuck it on the side of my oven for quick grab to use.I purchased a second to use on my outdoor BBQ. Love the magnetic feature, the light and instant digital read of temps on my food

  60. Richard Caton

    It is accurate and works as advertised.

  61. Michael E Woodruff

    The way it turns on and off when you open or close it. Easy to read.

  62. RSchnitzengruber

    I dropped my old one in water and killed it. Glad I did! Love this model. The numbers are large enough to read easily. It registers an accurate temperature very quickly. As you flip it around to check different areas of the grill or oven, the numbers flip with you so you are always reading right side up. The magnet is handy for storing it on the fridge so you don’t have to rummage through a drawer. Best feature is that is uses normal AAA batteries, not those foolish flat kind that are hard to find and more expensive. A well designed kitchen tool!

  63. Tommy

    This meat thermometer has changed my grilling. It’s quick and accurate. Love it.

  64. Brian

    I never used temp gauges for cooking but bought this initially for making beer. Realized I could cook meat better on the grill with an accurate temp (I tended to overcook). This has been great and it’s soooo much easier to reply on this to ensure something is cooked to a safe temp without overcooking.The gauge itself is awesome, the display is large and flips to be readable in either your left or right hand. It turns off automatically to save battery.Top notch!

  65. Doc

    The food thermometer works great. I use daily with air fryer. I use it daily.

  66. Amazon Customer

    used for checking poultry temp, works well. It is 2 degrees +/- low on boiling water and 1 degree +/-high on ice water

  67. Amazon Customer

    Never over cook your meats again! Very handy tool which has increased My smoking game. Great product.

  68. Alan Brown

    I bought one for myself and my daughter and we both love it. Easy to use and read and easy to clean up. I actually held it against my skin and got an accurate reading. Hope this helps.

  69. your signature

    I saw this item on QVC and at the time, I didn’t realize that I needed it. This meat thermometer is very easy to use and it shows the temperature almost immediately, unlike the one I was using.

  70. Karen King

    Easy to read. Accurate. Love the magnet on the back. I stick it to the fridge when not in use. While grilling outside, it sticks to the side of grill.

  71. Amazon Customer

    Love this instant read thermometer. I had an issue with my original unit after about 10 months and ThermoPro sent a new unit out to me within a week! Great customer service and great products overall.

  72. Thinking investor

    Bought it because they claim it is water proof. Need some time to see if that is true.

  73. Walter S. Early

    This is the fastest and most accurate Ive used as well as the most silid and well crafted. Great price too

  74. Erik L.

    Works great and half the price of the best

  75. Emilie

    it has a kinda long-ish not too short pokey stick, I told the kids it will cook them if they touch it, now they chase each other with it. prefer green screen over the blue, neutral gang colors and all that. Floats for limited time! Inside running microwave = terrible results not recommended

  76. L. Solop

    Have owned many meat thermometers and this is outstanding. Fast read, easy to clean and store and my companion when using air fryer. Love this tool.

  77. jayga

    Works great for my industrial cooking job.

  78. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for grilling, baking, and even checking temperature from air conditioning vent.Good purchase!

  79. alex ayala jr


  80. L. Walker

    Works like you would want it to. Magnetic back to hold it to the stove is helpful

  81. RTNADW

    Tells me grilled meat is at a safe temperature. No guessing

  82. Brandon M.

    Compares to my stepson’s head chef unit at a fraction of the price. I will wait to see if it holds up for as many years and uses.

  83. Earl Count

    It is great. Fast and efficient. Easy to use

  84. Matthew H.

    Love this thermometer. Very accurate and a stable reading is achieved quickly.My two favorite features are the flip display (shows temp right side up in whatever orientation you have the device) and the auto-off. If you leave the probe extended, the device shuts off after 90 seconds (I believe) and also turns off automatically when the probe is folded back away.Also like the magnets on the back.Highly recommend this.

  85. Al

    Everyone should have one of these in their house. It is part of a fantastic kitchen tool kit.

  86. duwayne moyle

    Easy to use and well built.

  87. ForeverYOUNG

    This thermo is fast and efficient. It’s easy to use – comes on when you pull it open. Stores compactly in my utensil drawer. Uses a AAA battery that you must use a tiny screwdriver to open – but they provide one so no worries if you don’t already have a tiny set. The screen is big and numbers are really easy to see in the dark or light. It’s the bomb. I would recommend it. I never hesitate to update my reviews should new info seem useful. I do not accept any discounts or deals that are not available to all shoppers. And my reviews are based purely on my personal experience with each item I review.

  88. semaphore

    Temperature zones for various meats are molded into the case. Use this and you will never have to guess by feel or time – accurately – ever again. But, probably subtract about 10 degrees from beef zone advice.

  89. A M.

    Waterproof, accurate and convenient to use

  90. Tammie J Paul

    Product works as advertised. I needed to call customer service and they were fantastic!

  91. Gentle Reader

    Temp on this can be checked against a known standard for accuracy. Stores folded so probe is protected and fits easily in drawer organizers.

  92. Chris

    Brain dead simple to use. I ran a test with another device and the Temps were identical. If you’re not doing a long cook and want something quick and simple by your cook top, this is the device.

  93. Jon

    This thermometer gets a lot of use at our home. Sturdy construction and the backlit display is very easy to read. Takes the guesswork out of cooking meats.

  94. Lucas

    This is a great product. Temp reading happen very quickly and appear to be spot on.

  95. BigWhiteDog

    It reads temperature quickly, has large display for easy reading. Well worth the cost.

  96. Stacey C

    Great tool. No more over or undercooked meat.

  97. quilter

    The Product is easy to use. It was very accurate when comparing ambient room temperature between the thermostat and the product. The temperature reading happens very fast when the probe is inserted into the food鈥ess than 3 seconds.

  98. Denise Visco

    Product is great

  99. John Gorman

    Great price and works great very happy.

  100. rmt400

    I use the ThermoPro TP19H Digital Meat Thermometer for pretty much everything. I test the temperature when I heat stuff in the microwave. I use it to cook my steaks and chicken on the barbecue. I always get the desired wellness. It is fast and easy to use. The battery lasts a long time too. I have owned one for 2-3 years and feel confident recommending it.

  101. Customer 377654298

    Only drawback is the joint where the probe meets the body of the unit. It is plastic and easy to break. I just had to buy a new one after breaking my other one. Still a great buy and great unit.

  102. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use for beef, pork and salmon.

  103. GenTrees

    Convenient and seemed quick.

  104. Hannah

    Despite the title of this product being almost 30 words (why?), they forgot the best part- this meat thermometer is magnetic! We stick it on the fridge so it doesn’t get lost like all the other ones we’ve owned and somehow misplaced. Solved a big issue for us!

  105. Vickie

    Easy to read

  106. Ann Simbron

    My son purchased and swears by it. Works great.

  107. John J.

    This is a replacement for one that go too close to the grill. Loved the original and this one is no different

  108. Customer

    The thermometer is very accurate and gives a very fast reading. It has replaced all my other meat thermometers.

  109. Delores Andersen

    No more guessing when cooking out. Tells temp instantly. Perfectly easy to use and clean.

  110. David Berry

    Easy to read and easy to use.

  111. Amazon Customer

    Works great love the magnet on the back I keep it on the refrigerator door

  112. Jane

    Ez to use

  113. diane brohm

    Love this meat thermometer! It gives accurate fast readings

  114. Busybee40

    So far haven’t found anything to complain about. Nice looking, easy to use and accurate

  115. Feyd

    I’ve been using this for a few months now and I’m very impressed. Great build quality and very easy to read.

  116. Timothy

    Very simple and easy to use. Love it

  117. Amanda Baggs

    Husband wanted a meat thermometer that was sharp and this dies the job. I like that it automatically turns on when you open the probe. Easy Fahrenheit to Celsius button. Also super cool that it’s magnetic! So it can sit on my fridge but more importantly stick to the grill while my husband is cooking & not lose it or drop it!

  118. McKenna Roland

    I love this thing. I still often use my remote probe to monitor temp, but this is great for temping meat in multiple locations around large cuts like brisket.

  119. L. Courtney

    Easy to use when making Swiss Buttercream, need those egg whites up to a certain temp but not too hot.

  120. Rosemary M. Keever


  121. Amazon Customer

    No longer have to ask / answer safety questions

  122. P. Waller

    We smoked a bunch of pork shoulders over Labor Day weekend. This Thermo provided instant read and accurate internal temps.

  123. M. K. Billington

    I have used many thermometers during my years of cooking and this one takes the prize. Extremely fast and accurate. It is a perfect gift for any and all cooks!

  124. cfit

    I really like the big display and backlighting. It is so much easier to read than my old one.

  125. Kevin Long

    Solid thermometer. Much sturdier and robust than other items listed on amazing at a similar price

  126. Amazon Customer

    The narrow tip means this settles on the meat temperature very quickly. Very easy to use. Highly recommended.

  127. ABR

    Love auto shutoff when you close it.

  128. K. Nicole Chiasson

    He uses it every time he grills and finds it accurate.

  129. Matthew Rich

    Works as intended with no complaints.

  130. Sileandal

    I love this thermometer. It is well designed and does a great job telling me when meat is done. So I was really bummed when all of a sudden it stopped working after a little over one year. Other reviews said to contact the company for a replacement, so I did. You will need the date of original purchase and the order number. My replacement thermometer arrived in two days. Great customer service. It is wonderful when a company stands behind their products!

  131. Mark A.

    I’ve wanted one of these for quite a while. I sure picked a good one! It’s very accurate and easy to use. I’ve always used one that you stick in the meat and leave it while it smokes, however videos on line suggested this type so you can check the tenderness and temp at the same time. This unit is perfect for that! Very easy to use, tells temp within seconds and I look like a pro when I pull it out and use it.

  132. WJCoons87

    Thermometer quit working after a couple months. Battery wasn’t the problem. I took care to use according to instructions. May have to try a different brand. In the meantime my old school thermometer still works, but it takes a little longer to register the temperature.

  133. J. Gitzlaff

    For the first 18 months, this seemed like a pretty great thermometer – easy to use, easy to clean, and sufficiently accurate for my needs. I used it frequently for roasting meats, baking loaves of bread, etc. But after 18 months, it went all “dashes” as many other reviewers have noted and completely stopped working. Changing batteries didn’t help, and no combination of buttons or attempts to reset it helped either.

  134. JMF

    Thermometer is easy to read, and insert in meat. used for stove top pot and worked well. Would recommend

  135. Dynamite

    This is a wonderful thermometer. The handle fits into the hand making it stable. The probe folds out. Easy read screen. Safe storage design. Reasonbly priced.

  136. Andrew

    After a couple of months it stopped working. Took it apart and of course the opening and closing action of the probe had caused the tiny copper wire inside to break after one too many uses. Piece of Junk.

  137. Ricky LaMaster


  138. Stu

    Biggest point is it has nearly as quick a readout, and is just as accurate. The next biggest thing is that for Lefties, the display flips so you don’t have to contort yourself to read it. Also the lighted display is great. Great gift.

  139. Johnny R

    Fast read used for grilling

  140. Sallie

    Great product

  141. Gary K.

    Haven’t tested yet- easy to read

  142. Hiking sport

    I use it to check baby milk temperature and also occasionally oven food. It’s easy to read

  143. vickie

    I use this product at work , I’m in food service

  144. teeitupal

    Second product purchased from this manufacturer. It is of excellent quality and preforms well. Better than the off brand chinese junk I threw away after three months.

  145. Matt H.

    For a meat probe it gets 4 stars. For durability, 1 star. I had my second one fall in less than a year (it was a warranty replacement). I make BBQ 5 days a week so it gets plenty of use. I also can’t afford to have a probe fail mid-shift. I will try to get another replacement as a back up, but will be spending my money on a better one.

  146. kirk patterson

    Awesome device. I have other meat thermometers but this unit is the fastest and most helpful with all it’s bells and whistles.

  147. Joe

    Worked as described.

  148. valente

    Very good quality for the price

  149. lisa c. mertz

    Love that it even comes with its own screwdriver to change batteries

  150. KnightTime

    I like the display and ease of use.

  151. James Sawyer

    Arrived as advertised and works well

  152. BVD

    Although I originally purchased this for use with my outside grille I have found it very useful in the kitchen.

  153. Wendy cash

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas his that he had for a long time quit working and I wanted to replace it my husband is extremely hard to buy for and hard to please He LOVES it. I was so happy he was happy. It has a light,magnet large display and is orange his favorite color.

  154. George A

    Item came as expected, nice box and batteries! Easy to use and meat temps on unit. Large LED is easy to read. Fast temp read and magnet holds very well to appliances that are metal coated.

    Cooked my lamb chops perfectly!

  155. Dave Rodgers

    Best steaks! Used it for 1st time on $120 beef tenderloin on grill and results were fabulous. It is now a trusted assistant in the kitchen or at the grill.

  156. Sam F

    Nice size and the display is easy to read. I’ve only used it a couple of times so we’ll see on the accuracy

  157. MeanRay

    After reading extensily on the subject, I chose this thetmometer – no regrets as it performs as advertised. Highly recommend !

  158. Steve McEntee

    Very accurate and quick to respond. Magnetic for storage on range hood makes this a great product.

  159. Ernest

    I went through two of these. They both had the same failure mode, displays all dashes. It seems well built and it’s easy to use, fast and accurate. Each lasted about 6 months of heavy use before failure. Customer service was great when they replaced the first one. It’s still under warranty, but I think I’m going to try something else. I gave it three stars because while it was working, it was great.

  160. Daniel Hull

    I love Therpro products. I have two TP-20s for my smoker, which work great after 3 years of regular use, so it was a no brainer when it came time to replace my kitchen thermometer

  161. Oliver

    Super easy to use, read and clean! I use for cooking on my outdoor grill and my oven indoors.

  162. Cindy

    Been working so far

  163. Neal Cissel

    Love how it turns off when you collapse the probe. Get reading fast.

  164. james hudson

    For bbq temp

  165. hoosier35

    Very fast reading and easy to use

  166. David Symons

    The thermometer is very accurate and give you a reading short period of time.

  167. Nicolle Hawkins

    There are two thin wires that connect the prob and one of the wires has already broke. I used it about 40 times and now its garbage. Worked great while it lasted but the quality is not there.

  168. Customer

    The features of this are great, but the wires that go to the temperature probe are very thin, and as they go through the hinge to open and close the probe, it didn’t take long for them to break. If it was a thicker wire, it’d likely be a perfect product.

  169. Justin sweetin

    Great Money well spent

  170. Scott

    Makes grilling and smoking meats a lot more precise and no frustration as you can rapidly check different areas and have the instrument adjust.

  171. Fat Friar

    I’ve been grilling for years and my wife is always asking if meat is done coming off the grill. This thermometer allows me to confidently say yes, every time. Very easy to use. Only wish I had purchased years ago.

  172. Sharon B

    We love this item and works really well. We use it for our grill/smoker but can also be used in the kitchen. It is accurate and easy to use. Happy with purchase!

  173. jonathan p.


  174. Vick N


  175. Sam B. Lust

    I like my Thermapro Plus TP-19H I bought a second one. It is very much like the $100 plus Thermapen MK4 which is pretty much the gold standard. Both registered the same temperature when held in heating water. Except the cheaper Thermapro shows tenths of a degree so you can easily see trending. The expensive one is touted as extremely fast reading, yet the cheaper Thermapro kept right up with it. The Thermapen s display does flip four ways while the Thermapro only goes 2. It’s fine. While I love my Thermapen, and it might have a few additional features, I’m REALLY happy with my Thermapro at an $80 saving!

  176. J Oda

    The thermometer has a back light that comes in handy at night barbeques. It comes on automatically when you pivot the probe down. The numbers are large and easy to read for those that are over 50 years of age. the accuracy was close only one degree off. The best way to check is to get a cup of ice water and put the thermometer in it, as long as you have both ice and water the temperature will be 32 degrees.

  177. Portia

    Super easy to read and very accurate. I can already tell the difference in how perfectly my meats are coming out.

  178. J

    Great thermometer!

  179. Nu South 803

    Should be 5⭐️ but the accuracy is off sometimes. Not a total deal breaker but it’s true.

  180. Donna

    It works great! And easy to use. Glad I purchased. Easy to read.

  181. Kelly Brady

    Accurate Quick

  182. Merrit A.

    absolutely recommend this thermometer. Works perfectly. my wife is happy now that she doesn’t get charred meat anymore. We’ve bought more one for camp, and another for our RV.

  183. James K.

    Should’ve bought a more expensive one- don’t think it is very accurate

  184. Trixie54

    Easy to use and I like the design. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in my drawer.

  185. Ant187


  186. Linda P.

    not sure it’s water proof. I put it in water, then later I opened up the battery compartment, and there was a little water in there. I will be wiping it clean for the future. Works good for getting the temp of hot oil. Will use for meat in the future. It reads instantanously.

  187. MRS P

    Seems to be very accurate and easy to use on all kinds of meats

  188. marlene richards

    It works great. I love that it folds like a jackknife making it easy to store.

  189. Conservative shopper

    You know how they say that “they don’t make things like they used to”…well, this is the best of all the meat thermometers I’ve owned. Accurate, easy to clean, easy to read and works every time. Highly recommended!!

  190. Public Profile Name

    A sure thing. I use all the time. Magnetic, I leave it on the fridge. I’m ordering now for my brother

  191. Joe k.

    Shuts off automatically that’s a plus..

  192. Amanda

    Easy to use,read , and clean. Excellent warranty and customer service

  193. chris miller

    This is a day one review, so no telling of longevity or true waterpoofing.

    I have an older Taylor digital I was using to temp aquarium water for water changes. It was accurate, but slow. Also, not the easiest to read display. Granted, this thermometer is over 10 years old.

    The new thermometer is easy to read, super-super fast, and has a nice design. I realized from the pics it would be a bit larger than my old thermometer, but it’s honestly very easy to wield for my uses. Also, it’s within a degree of my old Taylor, and even closer to my aquariums own dead accurate thermometer.

  194. Sue Burrison

    It works, but I don’t like that you have to clean it right away so you can close it and shut it off. If you set it down, it stays on.

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Q: I have the Model TP-19H today when I tried to use it the display shows – – . – – degrees. I put it into a ice bath to calibrate and the temperature still did not display. I replaced the battery and the temperature still in blank. Is a reset required of this thermometer or is it broken?
A: Sorry to hear about this, it sounds as if the unit might be faulty, please contact us by email/phone with your order information for a replacement.

Q: I cannot get the screw out to install the battery
A: Is the screw stripped? Have you tried various sized screw drivers?


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