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ThermoPro TP25W Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Color Coated Probes

(104 customer reviews)

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  • Extended 500ft Bluetooth range】Rechargeable Bluetooth thermometer adopts the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology that provides the strongest, reliable connection, allowing you to monitor the progress of your cook up to 500ft away if you move out of range of the device, you’ll see receive a phone notification to inform you to move back in range! 
  • 4 Color coated probes】(GPS must be enabled) Set your desired food temp and HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel oven safe thermometer is programmed with editable preset temperatures for 9 types of meat with their various doneness levels recommended by USDA to ensure your food is always cooked to perfection.
  • Simplistic, multi-functional APP】Phone app is packed full of unique, useful functions to enhance your cooking experience. Set your desired food temp & HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel! Oven safe thermometer is programmed with editable preset temperatures for 9 types of meat with their various doneness levels recommended by USDA to ensure your food is always cooked to perfection and to your preferred taste.
  • Advanced cook time estimator & Temp pre alarm】Grill thermometer uses an algorithm, to estimate how many minutes left for your cook to reach its target temperature, helping plan your meal; Kitchen remote thermometer has temp pre alarm, sending you a notification when temperature is 5/10/15 away from target temp, making you ready to pull the meat off at the perfect time. 
  • Temp track graph】Bluetooth meat thermometer records your probe temperature in real time, which charts your cooking process in an informational way.
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104 reviews for ThermoPro TP25W Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Color Coated Probes

  1. RayJay

    I love to smoke food. I have an electric, non digital, smoker. So a friend recommended I purchase a thermometer. This unit works terrific. It is also very accurate, as I have tested it against a digital portable thermometer. Love the bluetooth. Once in a while it will disconnect, but I reconnect it quickly. Love the app, as I made my own setting with my personal temps. This is a must, if you love to smoke large pieces of meet such as Pork Shoulder etc.

  2. F. M.

    Truly great product.Purchased a while ago but first used today. Totally happy with this thermometer! Very easy to set up. Very accurate readings of temperature. Reasonable range of connection to my cell phone. The connection was lost inside the house but keeping the phone near the patio door solved the problem. The alarm of temperature reading being out of the preset range is loud; can’t miss it. Really helpful for smoking!

  3. PaulG

    works well. Long probes take some practice to get accurately placed in the proper spot in the food.

  4. Dianne

    That it was a gift Feedback was all positive

  5. David

    Just need to be able to link to wireless internet so I can see it when I鈥檓 out of range. Otherwise perfect.

  6. Kip Gochenour

    Works great so far. I used it to cook a meatloaf and it was right on. It has an easily readable screen. The app worked great. I was able to set the temperature in the app for ground beef. There are a number of alarm sounds you can set. The probes and cables seem durable. The holders are great for keeping things tidy. Can鈥檛 wait to use with my smoker and grill.

  7. Gary Franklin

    Big shout out to ThermoPro for living up to their warranty and commitment.Had problem with one of their product.Contacted their Service department who are Very Responsive, and fully satisfied my issue.Great company and product.Very satisfied customer,Gary Franklin

  8. Xavier Noblat

    Don’t know what is causing this but it is frustrating to hear the alarm disconnect go off when I’m in my office a mere 47′ away. No obstructions either and I have a wonderful WiFi system in our home. If this issue was upgraded then I’d rate this item an 11. Right now it is a 7 due to this connection issue.

  9. Mgallegos311

    I would recommend, very nice thermometer! I had issues right out of the box. The device wouldn’t turn on unless I had a power supply plugged in. The issue never went away and would only stay on for 10 minutes at a time. I emailed customer service and they immediately sent a new one out. The new one works great. I would definitely recommend this company and thermometer. It works great and I can be inside on the other side of the house and still monitor a brisket or other food.

  10. Derek Francis

    Does what it says it does. I am able to cook meats to my desired temperature with ease. I love the fact that it gives you an estimated “done time” so that I can move around and take care of things with doing long cooks. Knowing that I have time, I can mingle more instead of running back and forth to the grill. I am able to entertain family and friends instead of constantly checking the meat! The mobile application makes tracking the temperature very easy without having to be near the pit!

  11. Austin McNamara

    I think mine might be defective….but in a good wayOne of their selling points is that the battery “could last up to 8 months when off”…Amazon says I purchased mine 7/16/20, I’ve easily used it for 150+ hours, I’ve never plugged it in, and the battery still shows full. If it ever decides to run out of angry pixies, I’ll update my review.There have been a few Bluetooth/app issues, but they have all been on the Android/Samsung side of things, not the app development side (my Pit Boss smoker app won’t connect via WiFi on my S21 Ultra but will on Bluetooth, my Note 20 Ultra doesn’t have that issue). For Android 11 users – go to where you can switch/close apps, tap the icon at the top of the ThermoPro app, and tap “keep open”. As long as I stay within BT range it works fine, sometimes if it disconnects I’ll have to restart the app for it to connect again, not the end of the world.Also, if you spray your meats when cooking, be mindful of where the probes are, I’ve gotten water in where the wire goes into the probe and it’ll lose its mind until you dry it off.Overall, esp for how inexpensive these are, I’m super happy with it

  12. Thunderdog

    I have another Thermo Pro with a Bluetooth monitor and I really like it, but I needed one with multiple probes to monitor ambient temperature and a number of items in my smoker. After reading numerous product reviews I found a couple that appeared to fit my needs. As this one was well rated and a good price, I decided to go with a company I knew. I鈥檓 very pleased with my decision. It works as advertised. It was easy to set up and connect to my phone. Just download the app and turn it on and it asks if you want to pair. The app is very intuitive and easy to customize. Good range. Very pleased.

  13. Diedra James

    This was a gift for my husband and he loves it. He uses it often and has no complaints.

  14. W. V. Morris

    The range on the app is not as good as advertised

  15. Kimberly Wilcox

    I just love that it has 4 seperate prongs you can use. It gives you a way better idea of how your meet is doing. The app is really easy to use.Only complaint is that sometimes you have to reset the bluetooth connection if you haven’t used it in a bit. But that is likely a bluetooth issue, more than with the device. I’ve never had it lose connection while operating, which is the important feature.

  16. Jay

    The thermometers seen to be pretty accurate. The display is easy to read. The app is great. Being able to set a temp or a temperature range for an alarm really helps when doing longer smokes. The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is the app and device will disconnect sometimes. There is an alarm setting to go off when it gets disconnected but that doesn’t work all the time. Overall I would recommend this to anyone just be sure to check and make sure the device is still connected periodically.

  17. Carolyn E

    Works great! Worth the money.

  18. Randy

    This is perfect for my smoker

  19. Kindle Customer

    We got this to help us with the grill but found that the value goes beyond the grill and into the oven. My wife bakes our bread – 2 loaves at a time. Although each loaf is the same composition, things like size, container, baking technique (pan pre-heated or not) all mean that the baking times could and do differ. Solution – 2 probes and monitor the temperature. And it works like a charm. And the app has a bunch of done temperature settings for meat. But you can add your own as well.On the grill, it’s excellent – in the oven, it’s icing on the cake.

  20. F. Keulen

    It is not user friendly by any means. The included instructions are a joke and you have to get on the internet to get any useful user information about it. Not straight forward to even set the temperatures for the meat being smoked. I do NOT recommend this product

  21. Bill Wiltsch

    I grill about 3x per week. I have gone through meat thermometers like crazy – they never lasted. Either outright breaking or the screen goes bad. None lasted more than 5 months, most usually less. I have had this one now for 1.5 years and still fantastic. Four zones – I usually only need 2, but being rechargeable, blue tooth, you name it – extremely useful and reliable.

  22. SB

    The front face of the device easily comes apart.

  23. Alexandria Peterson

    You get a lot out of this product from a great price point. Love the app features.

  24. Michael S. Hackney

    I had read good reviews so I gave this a try. Today I smoked 2-6lb whole chickens and a 3 lb pork tenderloin. Used hickory pellets (whole tube lasts approx 4.5 hrs). Seasoned with olive oil and 4 Rivers All Purpose rub. Pork loin had mustard for the binder and 4 Rivers All Purpose rub (Florida based company). The hickory pellets in the tube made the difference. 5.5-6 hrs later the chicken was super moist and had the perfect smokiness flavor which I had not been able to acquire from my Master-built Sportsman smoker previously. It did a fantastic job for the first time of use and I will sing its praises. I can鈥檛 say about its longevity but if it dies definitively be getting another. Happy smoking!!!

  25. GI Kung Fu Grip

    This changed the way I cook. Now I can relax with a beer and be alerted if I need to tend to the BBQ.

  26. Sylvia Crader

    The smoker

  27. Bob mac

    The blue rooth signal on this does nt do 500 ft as advertized maybe in line of sight. I walked in house though and less then 100 feet away and it cuts in and out otherwise it works well

  28. John V

    Ordered this to go with the new propane grill my wife got from her company as an anniversary gift.First this was well packaged and arrived in good condition, it was easy to get ready, took longer to download the app than it did to get this ready to use, we love the fact that you can set alarms for each probe and monitor the meat right on the phone, we can even keep an eye on temps while we’re in our house or elsewhere working or playing games, just don’t get too far away or the app will disconnect, it does have good range so you don’t have to stay real close.The app was easy to set up and connected easily, caution the alarm is loud, it will sure get your attention quickly.Cleanup is easy, just a simple wipe, perhaps a bit of scrubbing with a soapy dishcloth and a rinse, then dry.Caution the probes do get very hot when in use, best to use gloves even when using utensils to turn the meat because the probes can shift and bump a finger while moving the meat, that doesn’t feel good at all, even a slight bump can hurt.Overall, yes we would highly recommend this product to anyone that grills, if you do much at a time get two or more sets, you’ll be glad you did, and yes you can use this without the app on your phone.

  29. Jeff

    Great thermometer!

  30. Travis

    I like the brand, ease of use, and it’s overall, a sturdy product. The 1st probe is awesome, great readings, accurate. The #2 probe seems to be problematic. I’ve made two briskets and two boston butts (smoked). I used them both in the briskets and the second probe seemed to freeze up around 165F. Same when I cooked the two pork cuts. The #1 probe gave me great readings but the #2 seems a little off. That’s three different smoking sessions. I changed it’s placement to troubleshoot with no change. Not sure if its a in the programming. Also, I get a lot of random disconnections from my phone. Still gave it four stars because the number one probe works like it should and I enjoy using it. It’s possible I just have a bad probe. Other reviews don’t seem to support my issues so it seems as though it’s not a common problem.

  31. Joe W.

    This is easy to use. Love the alarms on it. Makes it easier to control your temp!Great for anyone that enjoys smoking or grilling!

  32. S. Tony

    Seems accurate and with 4 probes, you can cook different meats or different cooking times for different tastes, without staying on top of the grill.

  33. Ryan Dillman

    I should have bought this years ago. The app connectivity is great with the internal algorithm to estimate when your food will reach your selected target temperature with unmistakeable alarms buzzing on the device and your phone as the temperature nears the setpoint.

  34. Jana M. Ezell

    Great item for price

  35. Clay

    I’ve used this to pan sear steaks, grill burgers, and cook chicken in the oven after years of my life guessing when to take things off. Thought I could tell from look and feel when things were cooked to their best, but this thermometer proved me wrong. Makes a way bigger difference than I thought it would. With the bluetooth capability, I don’t have to stand there and babysit it either. No more guessing, just good eating.

  36. Jeremy

    I like it. The wires are a little stiff but are plenty long for grilling. It connects to the app easily. The temp seems to error on the high side. Meaning the meat is 2-5 degrees warmer than what it reads.

  37. SM


  38. John K.

    Had an issue. Vendor made it right.

  39. LandSurfer01

    This would be 5 stars if the app for it would work right all the time. Sometimes it stays running in the background and I’ll get an alert, but most of the time, when I turn my phone’s screen off or use another app, then go back to this app, it’s as if I shut the app down and disconnected. Yes, I triple checked every phone setting that has to do with battery and apps running in the background to make sure my phone wasn’t shutting it down. I added the app to the exception list and the never sleep list and still it doesn’t work right and run in the background.

  40. Peter W.

    Perfect for trips to the beach

  41. Greg

    Good: The hardware and unit itself seem to be ok. The availability of 4 simultaneous probes lets you monitor different parts of the meat, the oven temp, and/or different types of meats. I often smoke several types of meat at the same time so this looked like the way to go.App Good points: It has some great concepts – set the type of meat, done-ness; it monitors the temp and you can see nifty graphs of time vs. temp. You can set alarms so that it notifies you when that temp has been reached. This is all great stuff for smoking (meat temps go up … hold steady (sometimes for a long time) before finally going up to the done point.App Bad Points: It looks like a recent update may have finally fixed the issues I had. Previously it would not remember the history unless the app was always on. It looks like they have addressed that issue (as of 10/3/2020). For instance, it now needs background process permissions.

  42. Russell B. Poole

    Pros-it seems to be accurate. The temp probes are easy to store in the box. It seems to have a good blue tooth range.Cons-the probes are about 25% too long. No silicone insulators on probes.All in all, it seems to be a quality product

  43. michael

    This was easy to use. This was my first time using a smoker and this made it a seamless experience. Having the temps on my phone was super convenient.

  44. yk

    Thermometer does the job I expect it to do. The reason I took one star off is that 500 ft distance is a dream… I couldn’t get a reliable signal past 50-60 ft. I also think that BT claim is 30 meters (~100 ft) max.If the distance is not an issue, thermometer is nice and handy otherwise.

  45. gary boutot

    My only complaint is that the wifi to my phone only reaches about 20′. If they would improve on that it would be 5 stars all day

  46. Kimmy

    He had almost given up on cooking a great steak. No matter what he tried, it was never quite right, either over or under cooked. This was perfect for Father鈥檚 Day and the first steaks turned out perfectly!

  47. Robert Peters

    I hate trying to figure out when meat is fully cooked, I hate trying to remember what temperature it needs to be cooked to, and I hate when one piece is over cooked and the other(a) are raw! I REALLY hate forgetting to check the temperature and ruining dinner.This thing eliminates ALL of that!I can put a probe into each piece of meat, set the type of meat and “doneness” I want it cooked to, hang the thing from my grill handle and go inside without fear.The Bluetooth range seems to be pretty amazing, pairing to the phone is effortless (with my iPhone at least).I love that it has 4 probes, so each piece of always perfectly cooked. It even alerts when the temperature is near the target so I have plenty of time to get to the grill.I’ve used it on burgers, salmon, chicken cutlets, steaks, pork chops, and even a rack of ribs. Perfectly cooked every time.It also seems to be incredibly accurate when I compared it to 2 different instant-read analog thermometers.


    I don’t know why I cooked with a normal thermometer for so long!!! This thing is awesome. You can go on about your day and monitor your cook without constantly going to the grill.

  49. dot

    Liked the product very well. My husband uses it all the time. He has trouble walking. He had the older model of a rollator and it was a pain to fold up and load.

  50. Chris Potter

    I’ve always seen that ThermPro products were highly recommended by BBQers, so I thought I’d try it out. Especially since this comes with 4 probes and connects to my phone via Bluetooth. The first thing I did is test out all the probes in a glass of ice water. All 4 probes came up with 38-degrees. I compared that result against a simple pen thermometer I’ve used for years, and it came up with 35.6-degrees. It’s a bit off of the +- 1.5-degrees advertised, but not by much. I wish there was a way of manually calibrating the unit.Other than that, I also wish that it came with a carrying case that would fit everything. There are 8 pieces to this device, and it’d be nice to have a case to hold everything and make it easier to transport. My final con is that the units used to wind the cables are a bit bulky considering. But I’d rather have them than have to manually wind the cable.Even with these cons, I was able to connect the unit to my phone very quickly via Bluetooth, and I was able to figure out how to set everything on the app without much of a problem. I’m looking forward to using this for my next smoke.

  51. Chad P.

    **edit October 2020**The app has been updated and I’ve changed my review to 4 stars. No more crashes when I rotate my phone, and it retains its graph history now. Thank you devs for the fixes!I’ll add to the pile of reviews citing the terrible Android app. But first, the hardware:The unit itself is actually great. Battery life is excellent, the display is easy to read (although the viewing angle is pretty narrow). Having 4 probes is great and allows flexibility to monitor multiple food items and/or a couple of different regions of the grill surface.I accidentally left it out after my previous cook and it got rained on for an afternoon. Fortunately it survived without any issues. I don’t think I’d take a bath with it or anything, but it appears to be water “resistant”.One problem with the probes is that they are so long that it is a bit of a challenge to arrange them on the grill surface so they don’t interfere with the lid closing. And the 2 brackets used to attach them between the grill grates aren’t designed properly, so the probes only fit loosely in the brackets and tend to slip out even under the weight of the cord.So now, the app:Yeah, the app is still hot garbage as of this writing (July 2020). I haven’t had bluetooth disconnect issues as mentioned in so many reviews, so that’s good. But on my phone (LG V35 ThinQ) the app crashes constantly. One trigger is to simply rotate my phone. Immediate crash as the display rotates. And it has found several other opportunities to crash without any provocation. When the app crashes, it loses all historical data so the handy graphs all reset, which pretty much renders them useless.The high and low temps are a great feature, but it is very fiddly to set them precisely. The internal temp can only be set to some presets for the various meat types (med rare, med, med well, etc). That’s good, except for things like pork shoulder where the target temp is much higher than any of the presets.The app has potential, and I can only hope that the developers are still working towards perfecting it. As it stands now, it’s too buggy to be relied upon. And since the app is a lot of the appeal of this model, I’ve gotta knock off stars for the poor performance of the app even though the thermometer itself is solid.


    Accuracy seemed to be good but the Bluetooth range was less than half advertised for me. I even tried using two different phones. The app is almost good. The controls for temp alarms is good but no obvious why to shut the app down when you don’t want to use it anymore. Also all the permissions it needs to function.

  53. Ryan Gottschalk

    What can i say works like it should easy app installation and what i love most is the distant i can walk and it still reads on my phone

  54. JoshTheMadTitan

    regardless of charge, this product will randomly shut off. This causes the bar graph function that shows temp over time to reset. Turning it back on isn’t an issue, but I would not recommend this if you want to ignore your cook and wait for an alarm, 50% chance it will just shut off and you won’t get it.

  55. Daniel

    The thermometer is outstanding, I really love it. However, I have to deduct a star because of a specific app issue.The app has good UI and is easy to use but unless you have it in the foreground all the time, it’ll disconnect and lose all the saved data on your cook. It also doesn’t have a log where you can look at previous cooks. This would be handy if you primarily use it for slow smoking like I do.

  56. David

    convenient when I’m also cooking in the kitchen!

  57. Juli Mueller

    Works great and App seems to sync up well. See cons for your specific situation.Pros: easy set up, easy to understand, long battery life.Cons: In the picture you can see that on a Pit Boss smoker, I can only (barely and with some force) get 2 probes through. The piece that plugs into the base are too large. If they didn鈥檛 have all the extra plastic around the top, I would be able to fit more. If you don鈥檛 use the probe access hole and just go out the door, no problems. I also wish the app tracked the temp even if the app isn鈥檛 open, or when I get too far away and Bluetooth disconnects. This is slightly frustrating but not a deal breaker.I would give it 5/5 if the app worked better. The probe ends being too big is my problem (so not rating it based on that), but I had another system that designed them to fit all four through that tiny space without issue.

  58. Patrick L.

    Not even eight months of use and the screen is dead. Yes, it still works with my phone via bluetooth, but, for the money, the screen shouldn’t fail.

  59. Marcus

    Get this thermometer! Connected to Bluetooth in 5 seconds. Extremely accurate and very easy to use. Set alarms and warnings on your phone and walk away. Great quality and reliable thermometer

  60. Lynn – Sewhopeful22

    I bought this to remotely monitor various meats as I smoke them. Overall it works well, but the app and connectivity leave a bit to be desired.Pros:- Probes are long enough to easily reach the middle of any meat, aside from a whole pig.- Temperature seem accurate to within a few degrees compared to 2 instant read thermometers.- Alarms are easy to set.- Numbers on the device are easy to read.- It includes 4 small plastic pieces to wind the probe cords to keep them neat.- For the price, it’s hard to beat the accuracy and 4 probes.Cons:- The app and connectivity will wear down your phone battery in no time.- If connectivity is lost, even for a second, all history for that cook is also lost.- I know it’s bluetooth, but the range with my Samsung S9 was limited to about 20 feet line-of-sight.- I’ve not been able to find a case in which to store the device and probes, so I’m using the original box (not as cool).General- The device is fairly light, so can easily be moved by the plugged-in probe cables.- Would be nice to have a magnet on the back to attach to smoker / grill.

  61. Charles F. Luzader

    As advertised , wonderful item with WiFi to your phone , very handy if you want to grill and have a few drinks far from standing over the smoker/grill.

  62. ACE

    This thermometer is great in terms of features. I bought it due to phone app integration and 4 probes, and the probes and physical unit seem to work great. I didn’t like the idea of strapping something to me to view something as simple as temp data when I’ve got a fully capable phone at all times. Whelp, I’ve used it for 3 half-day pork shoulder smokes and each one was the same. The app is EXTREMELY poorly implemented for my Andriod Samsung Note 9. I’m hopeful that it will be updated and fixed, as again the physical unit seems to work great, but I will not hold my breath.-The unit becomes disconnected constantly. I can remain seated 5 feet away, not using other bluetooth devices, line of site to the unit, and it will randomly disconnect. I saw that reported by other reviewers, and I wrote those complaints off thinking they hadn’t checked for background usage permissions and things of that nature. Nothing makes a difference, it just disconnects whenever it pleases.-The app crashes pretty often. One of the smokes, if I turned my phone landscape while the app was open it crashed. I haven’t gotten through any cook without a few crashes.-The app doesn’t actually LOG any of the temperature data. So when it crashes, or you become disconnected, kiss that data goodbye. I thought it would be fun to graph a bunch of smokes, record the ones we liked best with recipe/weight and look at statistics, see at what the cook looked like charted out on the best ones. Its impossible, I’m lucky to ever see more than 30 minutes of data, even when I don’t leave the grill area.-The alerts would be great, if the unit stayed connected. The first time I thought I’d cut my little yard, but I constantly got bombarded with disconnect alerts. A few times it looked like it was connected, even showing the bluetooth symbol on the unit, but the temps weren’t updating on the app.-You can’t even view all 4 temperatures without scrolling, you can see it in the pictures in this listing. Come on guys, how terrible is that UI design! Can you imagine if on the physical unit you had put 3 temps on the front of the physical unit and one on the back? My screen is 6.4″, surely I can view 4 temperatures. And if you try to view the graphed data, what little you managed to capture prior to the last disconnect, the chart flashes at you as it receives data.So again, this is a SOFTWARE problem. They have a poorly coded and designed application, for what is likely a well functioning device. My $10 no-name bluetooth headphones don’t disconnect. It can be fixed. If I could go back, I would have purchased something else, and I would not recommend this device to anyone else unless the app is fixed.I’m still surprised these devices are bluetooth instead of wifi. Put it on my network, along with all my other smart devices, and let me communicate from any device I choose to pull the app up on at that moment. Make the app cloud based with storage, make people pay subscription fees to keep more than X of data and access recipes or reviews on charcoal or discounts or whatever. I don’t care. Just make this thing functional so I don’t have to throw it away because I can’t rely on it.

  63. Charles M. Cumber

    Works great from 200 ft away!

  64. lifeofajerk

    The probes are reliable and accurate. The range over Bluetooth is excellent. I will occasionally get random disconnects. I believe this to be more of a software issue than hardware. I say this because the app does not run as a service. Consequently the Android OS kills the app unless it’s running in the foreground with the screen on. As soon as the screen is off the app stops recording data from the probes and you will lose the alarm functionality. This product could be improved if the unit itself had memory to store the probe graphs so that if your phone disconnects the graphs from the unit fan be restored after a disconnect / after the app closes itself when Android OS is in sleep mode. Alternatively, the software needs to run as a service so that android doesn’t kill it off to free up resources.

  65. Melinda A. Toner

    My husband was hesitant about using this 鈥渢echnology鈥?and he now swears by it. He found it easy to learn how to use and it seems to be accurate and reliable.

  66. Amazon Customer

    This things does everything I need and then some! Best app and easiest app to use! Will not buy anything else but this!

  67. Robert

    I used all 4 probes on the pit and each 1 had a different read out and not 2 or 3 degrees they were 25 and 50 degrees off from each other.

  68. Michael Powers

    Fair easy to use and accurate Temps which is all that matters. Holds up well on grill and smoker

  69. wowwayman1

    I used it for a Christmas roast. It tested accurately to within a few degrees with an ice bath and boiling water. The main problem I’ll have is the probes are very large and will make them difficult to use in my smoker. Hopefully, they will make probes that can withstand high grilling/oven temps and be smaller in the future. The software works well. I did not push the range.

  70. Makoto Sullivan

    i like the multiple inputs and the display. I haven鈥檛 had a chance to check the accuracy or how long the battery lasts

  71. CN

    Just did a brisket with this; used 3 probes: 1 in the flat, 1 in the point, and one for ambient. I was able to set my own temperatures with alarms. It took me a minute to figure out that after setting a target temp, the thermometer will take some time to collect data on how fast the temp is changing, then provide an estimate on how long to reach the target temp. Very cool. Connecting to bluetooth was very simple and easy, and the app is intuitive. The only drawback I found is that when relying on the app for alarms (especially for overnight cooking) the main thermometer will make noise as well as your phone, which can be bothersome to neighbors.

  72. Mike D.

    I like that I can sit in the house and monitor my smoker especially with winter coming. Sometimes I have to reconnect to the thermometer sometimes I don’t. If my phone is idle a long time I always have to reconnect. When I wake my phone it seems to reconnect within a reasonable amount of time. I only had it not reconnect once where I had to walk out to the unit and connect it again. My first use was 20 hours. The disconnection alarm is annoying especially if your having a lot of disconnect reconnect going on. The alarm is easy enough to shut off. The vibration part does not shut off on my phone with the vibrate alarm turned off in the software. Now I have all notifications turned off for the thermometer. I guess I have the latest software from Apple. Its about 150ft from where my smoker is to where I was inside the house. Walls, Doors, etc between. I don’t know what role that played with my disconnection issues. I used three temp probes. One for grill temp, two for the meat. The one for the grill temp you have to find the right spot to put it or it will read different from what the actual grill temp is. Seemed to read right when I placed it by the RTD sensor propped up between the grate rods. The meat probes I found read 10 degrees difference. The meat probes did not shock me because this usually was the norm on my old meat thermometer too. What did kind of raise a flag is closer to the end of the smoke the temp of the two probes would be much closer. This particular smoke did not happen that way. The two different probes stayed pretty much 10 degrees apart. To make this clear I had two pork butts and they weighed the same. My smoker is a Traeger which is another whole review. I am not happy with the way this pellet grill smokes and has cost me a ton of money to get it where it is now. It gets better with upgrades. Do not buy your upgrades from Traeger. I have never scrapped as meat meat as I have with a Traeger. Back to the thermometer will have to use this more to get a better handle on it. I’ve been smoking long enough that the disconnection thing doesn’t really bother me because I have never had this feature until now. I would like to have the alarm feature available and will try it when I get a chance, I will not rely on it at this point because I doubt it works after disconnection. The best feature, so far in my one time use. Is I don’t have to get out of bed on all night smokes. If my temp is right and I look out the window and see smoke I’m good.

  73. Courtney H

    I love this! We started doing more smoking on our pellet grill and it saves times from having to walk out to the grill all the time.The app was fairly easy to set up, but I was hoping the range would be better. When i read reviews it seemed like it would reach around our house well, but its so-so. I need to be no more than like 2 rooms away.I wish you could connect 2 phones to the device so both my husband and I could both see the temp, but you can only have one at a time attached.I would suggest this to anyone for the quality and price. Works great, I just wish it had better range.

  74. Ed Smith

    Bluetooth constantly disconnects from phone even when standing right next to unit

  75. Jordan McMillan

    Really like this thermometer. Use it on everything. Only downside is it usually disconnects from my phone after a while

  76. EO

    I originally bought it for smoking so I could track different size/weight cuts, but after using it on the grill to cook different meats, I realized how useful this is for cooking to perfect temps.After 5 months it still works and having BT range means I don’t have to sit outside to monitor temps. For smoking, having the option of ambient temps is invaluable to prevent overheating and making the wood/fuel consumption more efficient.Loved it so much, bought more to gift for Xmas to friends and family cooks.

  77. Katastrophy

    Bought this for my dad for his birthday and he loves it! We checked the accuracy against another thermometer and it was the same! Being able to track on your phone is great and if my dad can do it any one can do it.

  78. Doug Hamand

    This is a must have for anyone that grills. All of the guess work is eliminated! Perfect temperature every time.

  79. SJ

    I liked this product very much overall, but will be returning it. It was not good for our needs. We cook chicken (breast or tenderloins), steak tips, and burgers most often. Unfortunately, the probes themselves are too thick and heavy to be supported by these types of cuts. I found that the probe worked “ok” for a chicken breast, if inserted lengthwise before cooking, but the issue then becomes when flipping the chicken, the probe and attached wire can point down toward the fire. The other issue is, that because the probes are straight, when having all four in use, it is really difficult to keep the wires away from each other, from going across other meat on the grill etc. I’ve seen many thermometers with a curved probe, which would serve two good purposes…the curve can easily be repositioned when flipping the meat to keep the cord away from the grill surface and it can also be used to keep the wires up higher to keep the wires from tangling with each other or keep it from resting across other pieces of meat.Overall, I really liked this product, the app was good, the temperature readings were accurate, but the probes are just too heavy and cumbersome for the types of meat that I cook most often. If shorter lighter probes of only a half inch or so were offered (so it could rest across the top of a steak tip and go straight down into the tip, be removed when the tip is flipped, then reinserted) or probes with a curve, it would be REALLY helpful

  80. Roy E. Bell, Jr.

    Very easy to set up and use!

  81. Larry Beck

    This was easy to setup and use. Easily was able to monitor my smoker while smoking a brisket, pork butt, and ribs. The app was very easy to use and set up to monitor ambient temp and temp of the meat I was cooking. Very happy with my purchase. I would recommend this to others.Wish you could export the temp/time graphs to excel or other data collection/graphing software.Wish you could show the data and interface on a web page.

  82. MATT J

    I had a whole hog smoking for 12 hours and this thermometer was able to take ambient temp and (3) locations in the pig easily and consistently throughout the process. Right out of the box the display had a good charge and super easy to use. The app is great with min max limits you can set with alarms, I get notifications on my Apple Watch as well. I won鈥檛 be buying anything but ThermoPro as long as they keep up this kind of product. 6 out of 5 stars and worth every penny!

  83. George

    This little sweet 4 probe unit works exactly as promised the temperature of each probe is identical or within one degree of the other probes the range is as promised the only caveat is if your grill is in the middle of the backyard and you have a whole bunch of metal to go through you’re going to get 300 ft not 500. I am very pleased that I purchased this and highly recommend it.

  84. Frank

    This is a must have tool for the grill! With 4 probes, you can have 4 different items cooking at the same time and you can see the progress of each, allowing you to adjust the temperature as necessary so everything is done at the same time. Your well done and rare items can come off together, at the perfect temperatures! The Bluetooth connection to an app on your phone allows you leave the grill area and you can see the temps, rate of cooking, and it will notify you if you wander out of range as well as when the items are in 5 deg of being done. Excellent product – I should have hod one years ago! No fuss or risk of burns like a regular meat thermometer, just insert the probe and go – you remove it when you’re done cooking, and clean up is easy. This takes all the guess work out of grilling – perfect meat temps every time.

  85. Tim S.

    I tested the unit and verified that it does read 212 when water boils. It has an ambient temp. setting so you can set an alarm for if the grill goes to high or low. I also used this setting to make sure my brisket temp. didn’t drop too low when resting in my makeshift cambro. The problems I have with this thermometer is the alarm. When using a probe in with the custom temp. setting it goes off six degrees early and when you hit the dismiss button it only silences it for about twenty seconds and it goes of again, every. time. If you want to know when the temp. hits 201F you have to set it to 207F. Also 500 foot bluetooth is a bit of a stretch. With the unit on my back patio at about the center of a brick house, when I go to the front corner (about thirty feet) it disconnects. Again hitting the dismiss button only silences it for about twenty seconds.

  86. Charles E Lewis

    Very accurate easy to use, great wi fi connect.

  87. Jason Garcia

    Paired easily with iPhoneAccurate and works about 40 yards away, maybe more but that is as far as my bedroom is from the grill.Others wrote of the signal dropping off when your phone goes to sleep or you exit the app. That is NOT the case. Please note those reviews were before most recent updates. It stays connected regardless of what I am doing with my phone.This is based on my apple 12. Not sure how it works with Android

  88. Barney

    Did exactly what I bought it for. The app is not perfect but really good and allows you to get instant readout as well as graph the temperature which was helpful in calibrating our oven. The 4 probes are nice to manage oven as well as food temp.

  89. joseph Kehl

    Great product worked better than expected

  90. William

    After two months the product no longer works. The third probe is stuck on HHH and the device no longer chargers

  91. Amazon Customer

    I bought this along with my smoker. Since the smoker is pretty basic, I use this along with the Bluetooth to monitor cooking.I like having multiple probes. It has a handy-dandy clip that allows you to clip in the grates and monitor the temp of the air in the grill itself. Seems much more responsive than the thermometer on the smoker.Used a dozen times now and I love it.

  92. Maegan Muir

    I love this thermo. I wish someone would make thermos with interchangeable sized probes-a shorter one for burgers and chops, etc, longer ones for bigger cuts of meat. Overall I love the functionality of this. The only this I wish is that I was WiFi or otherwise allow you to be able to see temps when you鈥檙e not home.For the price point, phenomenal buy. I smoke 2-3 times per week and this has been a great addition!

  93. J. Robison

    I’ve had this for the better part of 6 months, it was a gift from the misses for Father’s day. The battery on this is awesome. I don’t think I’ve had to recharge it once in all that time. That’s having used it approximately 75-100 hours.We live in Utah where we get all seasons and all types of weather. This thermometer has held up very well in snow, rain or high heat. The temperature readings seem pretty accurate, I would say within 1-2 degrees at most when compared with a single probe thermometer or when the probes are reading general climate temperature.My biggest complaint on these is the probes themselves get extremely hot on the handle part. I don’t even know what a good solution would be since the entire probe is aluminum, and has to be encased in high heat environments for long periods of time. The manufacturer did put a strong warning on the probes but it’s easy to forget when you’re trying to pull hot meat off the grill and you try to quickly pull those little fire pokers out of the way and end up with a mean blister. It took a few of those experiences but I eventually learned. I always use a hot pad to move the probes now and let them cool outside. Overall would recommend this to friends and family!

  94. T.C. Beatty

    Generally a good product. Readings seem accurate and two probes are helpful. Disappointing range for Bluetooth. Use it for smoking on outdoor grill and loses signal if I go into the house. It generally reconnects when I get close but the dropped signal is still annoying.

  95. jmbqcp

    So far I have used this several times. It works great, the range is good. It will only pass through one wall. Which is unfortunate. Or maybe I am at the range limit, ~150 feet away. The function of this is great. $ channels lets you monitor the grill temp and several pieces of meat.

  96. Michael T

    I use this in my smoker, thur out the entire cook and it give me 100% accuracy of true temperature control. Smoke prime rib to perfection. Set to 120掳 and as soon as it hits temp,turn off smoker and as soon as it hit 122掳 internal temp take out and rest for a 1/2 hr 45 minutes. The temp will rise to 125掳 in that time. Perfect…. I whisper….come get it

  97. Brian

    Works exactly as described. I absolutely loved it. I can honestly say I think that that is the best Boston butt that I have ever smoked cooked perfectly. I was able to do many other things around the house because of the Bluetooth technology.

  98. ALEX

    Trial #1: The screen wasnt working properly and not legable at all; Trial #2 T.B.D. Made it work using the APP.+ APP was smooth and easy to use+ Ambient temp worked good I’d say great but i didnt verify calibration or anything like that.+ Battery did well enough for my 13 hour cook even with the bad one ( 3 days strong and has full battery)- Range did get disconnected when I went upstairs. Might have been a hiccup but ill pay more attention to that on the next trial.- NO option to turn off the alarm on the device itself and keep the alarm on the phone “The APP” ON.(Explained: I’d prefer to have the alarm on my phone ” THE APP” which will be with me and not the device that will be outside with the pit.)* Preference:脳 Bigger screen脳 Alarm ON/OFF switch for the option to hear the APP and/or the deviceChanged from 3 of 5 stars to 4 of 5 stars: Felt like a couldnt justify a low 3 star review but I could support a 4 star average. Appreciate Amazon for the swift replacement but still a hassle having to return a defective device.

  99. Jerry W.

    This works as advertised and brought my BBQ and smoking results to a new level. It is great to be able to follow the temperature without running outside.

  100. Gabe

    I like that it has 4 probes. To use all 4 makes a mess of the wires but worth it. There is one in the family that prefers their steak medium while the normal ones like it med. rare. You’re able to have them all come out perfect with these probes. I plan to use it for smoking. There are quite a few profiles you can use for different food stuffs.

  101. P. Guillotte

    This is a must have tool. Connected easily. Very accurate. I love it. Live in country in deep East Texas so signal was great. My wife wants to use it with the new range. So I might be buying her own soon. Top Shelf thermometer and app. I could not be happier. 4 probes are a plus. Smoked 2 chickens and used a probe for smoker ambient temp. This unit ROCKS

  102. Marcus Lillie

    I love all the features has preprogrammed meat temp settings and you can add your own temps. Timers for every probe that you can use for multiple tasks they let you know thru your phone such a convenience now if the smoker I bought would work or I can find replacement parts for it that would be awesome!!!!!

  103. lucekm

    TLDR; Solid Thermometer, would recommend. Detailed review below.Tip:Make sure you change your app permissions to allow the ThermoPro app to run in background, and make sure if you are in the habit of killing all of your apps you don’t kill the ThermoPro app while cooking.My Review:One cook so far, a turkey as you can see in my pictures, and it was for my future in laws, so this was a make or brake for me with this thermometer. So far I am very happy. Thermometer is accurate, 4 probes allowed me to monitor the front and back on my smoker, and the breast and thigh individually. Adding custom profiles is super easy and is something that I didnt see exclusively advertised, since I was traveling with this turkey I wanted to be able to monitor the cook, the smoker, and the temp range while wrapped in the cooler to make sure I stayed safe on temps while driving. I was able to do all of that without issue. The cord keepers are fantastic. If you are like me and would forget your thermometer outside after cooking because you passed out in a food coma, get the separate case, it makes you want to put it up.Negatives so far:The port for the black probe on my main unit seems to be a bit loose and was getting wild “temp swings” until I settled it in and quit moving it. Not a big issue, but I was slightly disappointed. My only other real complaint is that if you find a dead spot in your house, which I did in my recliner on the other side of the wall from the fridge, you lose your cook data when the app disconnects. I would love to see this changed in the app. Adding a feature like “This Cook” that stored your temp data until you manually clear it regardless of app disconnect would be awesome. The idea I see is not something that is stored all the time regardless of app connectivity but just storing while you are connected, its something that could be changed in the app without changing the hardware.

  104. Ted Toad

    Over the years I have had various temperature probes with mixed results. This device is by far and away the best I have ever used. After having it for several months and doing everything from smoked ribs to turkey breasts I have been impressed with the accuracy and design of the app.Tonight, I was grilling pork tenderloin and turkey breasts using a couple of probes I was able to monitor the progress on my phone. The predicted times were very close and I was able to cook these very different meats to exactly their proper temps, 145 degrees for the pork, 165 for the turkey.Highly recommended.

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TP25 Specification
Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8℉(±1.0℃)from 32 to 212℉(0 to 100℃) , otherwise ±1.5%
Sensor Type NTC
Transmission Range* 500ft(150M)
Wireless Technology Bluetooth 5.0
Display LCD, 2 Length x 1 13⁄16  Width inches(52.0L x 45.5W mm)
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Unit Size 3 15⁄16 Length x  3 Width x  2 1⁄16 Height inches (100.0L x 75.0W x 52.5H mm)
Power 3.7V(1 x 18650 Built-in lithium rechargeable battery)
* The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.


Question: I lost my instructions. Is there a site to got for new instructions?
Answer: Yes, Here:

Question: Does this give an “instant” reading – like can you take a turkey out of the oven, insert the probe and immediately see the meat temperature?
Answer: Yes – I have done this with pork. Not exactly instantaneous because it “climbs” from room temperature to the cooked temperature, but certainly within 15 – 30 seconds.

Question: Can I use this for my grill?
Answer: Sure – the cable connecting the thermometer probe and the display box is about 2 feet long and it has a metal jacket.

Question: Is there a way to set the temp at what I want on the thermometer and will an alarm go off when hits the temp I set it at?
Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Can I use this for deep fried turkey?
Answer: Yes.


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Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes No No
Calibration feature - - No No
High low temperature alarms Both Both Both Both
Mobile app Yes Yes No No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes No
Probe quantity 4 2 2 4
Range 500ft 500ft 300ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes No
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof
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