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ThermoPro TP27

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500FT Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer

  • Simple Use for Complex Cook4 color-coded probes simplify the process of monitoring different temperatures for meat as well as the ambient temperature of your smoker/oven/grill, making it easy to keep track of a full grill.
  • 500-Foot-Long Remote Range Next-generation RF wireless technology is guaranteed to reach anywhere in your home, featuring an extended range of up to 500 feet and a strong signal strength that can pass through obstacles and walls.
  • Standalone TransmitterIndependent base unit can be used without receiver and is ideal for fast-cooking meats like fish or steak. Get cooking right away, and set up the receiver later!
  • Optimal accuracy & Simple setupFood-grade stainless steel probes are accurate to ±1.8°F, ensure your meat is cooked to perfection. This device can be paired with any grill, and requires no synchronization.
  • Smart Temperature Alarm:Alarm mode vibrates and flashes on both the receiver and transmitter to inform you when your food is ready. Never overcook or undercook your food again!
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ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer Banner 1
ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer

ThermoPro TP27 Smoker Thermometer Gauge with 4 Color-coated Probes

ThermoPro meat thermometer TP27 features 4 color-coated probes which can monitor 4 different kinds of meat, or the smoker/grill/oven’s temperature simultaneously. Remote thermometer can monitor the meat temperature from a long distance of up to 500ft. Perfect for tracking temps in your backyard or kitchen. With the unique alarm function, feel free to mingle, do chores or watch TV without ever having to physically check on your food!


  • Remote Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Probe: 4 Color-coated stainless probes
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Backlight : Touchless backlight
  • Low battery indicator
  • Temperature Alarm
Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Receiver
  • 1 x Transmitter
  • 4 x Probes
  • 1 x Manual
  • 4 x 3A Batteries
  • 2 x Clips
ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer Banner

Once the temperature of the MEAT/BBQ reaches your set temperature, both the transmitter and receiver will sound an alarm with vibration, the LCD backlight will turn on, and the corresponding probe on the display will flash to inform you which meat is ready, never miss the perfect cook again!


High Accuracy & Heat Resistance

Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C). Meat thermometer wireless has upgraded 6.5″ Super Long food grade stainless steel probe with ±1.8°F/1°C accuracy in a range from 14°F to 572°F (-10°C to 300°C) to detect the core temp of meat.

Large LCD Display with Touch Backlight

Large LCD Display with Touch Backlight

The compact receiver features a Large LCD screen with touchable backlight button that shows the ALL current temperature readings. The backlight makes it superbly easy to view in all light conditions, even at night; Select between Celsius/Fahrenheit readings.


Convenient Placement Options

With a strong magnetic back, the meat probe thermometer can be attached to the the side of your grill/smoker or any other non-heated metal surface. You can also put your grill meat thermometer on a countertop with the tabletop stand and place it on a kitchen hook with the hanging hole.


86 reviews for ThermoPro TP27

  1. Wes Wood (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. I’m enjoying the convenience the device offers.

  2. Scott Breunig

    Bought this product to use in multiple places homemade smoker, pellet grill and black stone grill. Love the multiple things I can keep an eye on and still be 50 feet from my smoker and not a glitch with it being outside in the cold weather for several days while me in the warm house same with my other grills I will be recommending this to some friends whom I mentioned I purchased this product and they will be ordering one for themselveschicken with TP27

  3. Jack Keller

    Can this only be used in a smoker?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      This can be used in any oven, grill or smoker.

  4. Jose

    Can this be used to monitor fryer oil for funnel cakes?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      This could be used to monitor the temperature of the oil, but would have to set up in a way where the probe was not fully submerged.

      The probes are not waterproof and cannot be completely submerged in liquid.

  5. S poppiti (verified owner)

    Got one use it LOVE it can monitor smoker from reclinerTP27 with smoker

  6. Dave Shivas

    I have a thermopro TP20 unit that is around four years old and had performed flawlessly ’til now. The meat probes verify as working when bench tested with ice water and hot water. These same probes fail when installed in meat on the BBQ ( read temperatures in the 130’s when the meat is initially put on). I tried switching leads, new batteries, jiggling the lead wires, etc to no avail. Any thoughts?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      It does sound like your device may have developed a defect.

      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this matter.



    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, the accuracy of this device should last for quite a few years.

      Unfortunately, there is not way to recalibrate the device if accuracy issues develop.

      Luckily, we do offer free probe replacements if you begin to experience accuracy issues.

  8. Steph

    Is it possible to purchase a replacement receiver?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this inquiry.

  9. Ryan beatty

    When will there be a case specific for the tp27 ?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, we do not currently have a case specifically designed for the TP27.

      As of now we do not have any cases for this model in the works, but could possibly release one in the future.

  10. Darrell M

    Why isn’t there a case available for the TP27 thermometer?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, we do not currently have a case specifically designed for the TP27 as it is one of our newest units.

      Although we do not currently have a case for this model we could possibly release one in the future.

  11. Steve

    Can it be used for deep frying turkeys?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The probes themselves cannot be completely submerged in oil, as this will damage them.

      If you were able to set up the cook in a way where the probes were just inserted into the meat and not completely submerged in the oil, it would work.

  12. Mark Ballew

    I have two orders 81563 and 81571 and can’t seem to be able to get shipping info these are Christmas gifts any help would be appreciated

  13. Jay Podvin

    Can the TP27 probes be used in the oven aswell as BBQ? Also does the TP27 have different preset for different types of meet eg. Beef, pork and chicken?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The TP27 probes can be used in both the oven and BBQ, but unfortunately, the TP27 does not have the different meat presets.

  14. Michael Davis

    I enjoy my thermometer. I use it for smoking in a side smoker/grill. My only complaint is you can’t set the main station anywhere near the grill/smoker itself. The back stand/magnet plate melted on mine so I have to set it off the back of my smoker on the top rail of my porch to keep the heat off of it.


    Is there a case available?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any cases specifically designed for the TP27 device.

  16. layklover

    I bought this a couple years ago, because my grill does not have this capabilities . I have used the tp 27 at least 2-3 times a month all year round. (We live in Indiana) . They have help us well. I love the alarm function on these . Set it and go to bed . Alarm sound when it gets to the temp you need or your grill has went crazy and got to high of temp. Or to low. The remote even works in my pole barn through the metal siding and roof!!! I highly recommend this product if you want to do multiple pieces of meat and keep track of your grill temp all from the comfort of your lazyboy!TP27 with smoker at the barn

  17. Robert Johnson

    Love this thermometer, can put a couple probes in my steaks, and set the temp. Pretty fool proof.
    Can also use one to monitor the temperature of my grill.TP27

  18. D. Duffy

    I used only 1 time so far. Temps were exactly right on . I did 2 large tri tips on my Treager. The temp on one was 130 the other 128. I swapped places with them they both hit 131. I pulled them then seared them they were perfectly rare medium rare. Temp was right on. I’m happy. love the magnets on these as stuck the unit at T right to hopper and the one I carry is small. They are nice. I am using this week end again.TP27 in oven

  19. Ambury

    I have a BBQ business and cook on a very large smoker. It’s nice to be able to check multiple smoker location temps and also check multiple meat temps at the same time. This is by far the easiest thermometer to program I have ever used. Did an ice water temp check of all four probes at the same time and all read with in 1 degree. I also like that it uses radio frequency and not blue tooth to send signal. Has great range and has never dropped the signal once. I have used this set up many times now and has always worked great.TP27

  20. doug mertens

    Works like it should.TP27

  21. JD

    Wanted a remote thermometer for my BBQ game but also realized this thing is great for making broth. I had to drill out a pot clip so the prong would fit but it’s extremely helpful to set the hi/low warning to keep the simmer straight over a 8-36 hour window. I also bought the TP20 for comparison but quickly realized the additional features on this, including the magnet clip and hanging loop, were well worth the added cost for convenience in addition to the better probe and remote set up

  22. James Snow

    Worked GreatTP27

  23. TABco

    Very accurate. Prefer this to my old app based one because it stays connected better. The ones that send Bluetooth to my phone get disconnected all the time. I use this for my smoker, so I can see temps without having to go out to the shrike-shack. Should have bought one of theses 4 thermometers ago. Lesson learned.TP27 Brisket

  24. Uncle G

    Very basic tool. No tracking, Bluetooth, timers etc. If all you need is a waterproof thermometer with great range, remote sensor, four probes, adjustable hi/lo temp warnings than this is for you. The main unit spent several hours in the cold and rain and didn’t miss a beat. The only negative is that you must silence the main and remote alarms independently. Not a deal breaker for me.TP27

  25. ERPcon

    Seems to be working as expected. Really nice to have 4 probes and remote distance is good. However the probe ends are color coded to the unit plugs and the probe ends loose their color so you have to follow the wire to figure out which is which.

  26. QueenB

    I’ve been using products from this brand for about a year now and I’m never disappointed. What I particularly like about this thermometer is that it comes with multiple probes, which I can easily replace if one gets damaged.TP27

  27. Jesus E. Prado

    Very happy with purchase and would definitely recommend this item. Just be careful to not directly placing unit on hot surfaces. Magnet came unglued and bottom of unit melted slightly due to 230°-250° hot smoker surfaces. One probe kept giving error message display. Had to disconnect and reconnect several times before reading correctly. Seller communications were excellent from beginning to resolution of issue. Quick replies and updates with absolutely no round arounds. Quickly sent a replacement for damaged unit. Very satisfied with purchase.

  28. RobS

    This little guy helps keep the fancy toys (like the Meater Probe, or the KJ iKamand) in line by providing an extra temp reading to increase confidence. It’s got four probes with a unique design that I really like. The probes each come wrapped on a cord organizer. There is also a switch operated hanger for easy placement on a grill or smoker stand. I have had no issues getting readings all over my house (unlike those fancy toys) and it notifies me if something is awry by either beeping or vibrating which is great for overnight cooks.
    I don’t think one thermometer is enough when smoking, but this should be one of them.

  29. James

    These have never let me down. Easy to use, accurate and easy to clean. Like the colored prongs as it makes it easy to identify the different steaks/food you have on the grill that is getting close to being done. Like the case the prong wire wraps up in and the way the prong clamps in them. Easy storing.

  30. Ox

    Awesome and easy to use no need to hang around the bbq

  31. Joe

    It’s a well made product and I can not rave enough about the probes. Quality. Used it to map temp gradients in my smoker while using one probe in the meat. Bravo.

  32. David

    Had a tiny issue with mine and they just sent me a new one! I’m impressed!!

  33. D. Douglas

    No more burned stakes.

  34. Jerry Windisch

    Easy to use . Can do 4 different meats or put your probes in different locations

  35. FiFi’s Mom

    Great instrument for how do you want your steak, and good range. Helps you be the BBQ king with out guessing. Great for indoor and out door cooking. Please read the instructions before use.

  36. Jason

    Love the large display! Very easy to read your temps. I have tested the suposed 500ft range but it does work w/o issue all over my yard and house to the grill.

    Couple dislikes:
    -Too easy to push the power button and accidently turn it on
    -No silicon rubber stuff on the probe handles. These get HOT! Nearly every other probe I have has high temp silicon stuff so you can grab it and not burn yourself.

  37. Michael J. Tresca

    In my house, the barbecue is not anywhere near a door. To reach my grill I have to open the back door from the kitchen, run down the deck steps, hang a hard left, and then reverse the process to come back in. What this means is that once I’m outside grilling, I’m staying there. Not a problem until it rains (yes, I’ve grilled in inclement weather before). With this handy temperature, you can keep an eye on your grill with ease.

    I’ve been grilling for years so I have an intuitive sense of how long it takes to grill under normal conditions. But normal conditions can change, like when it’s hot or sunny or snowing out. That’s when this thermometer comes in handy. Makes a great gift for the griller in your life.

  38. Peachbulb

    I’m using this thermometer in the kitchen, for cooking perfect steaks, custards, breads, etc. Cooking until you hit the desired temperature takes away the guesswork and gives you reliable and consistent results every time.

    The probes seem very accurate. I hooked up all four probes at room temperature and they all read within 0.2 degF of each other. I then tested in my oven, comparing the results with an oven thermometer I have, and my oven’s thermostat. All were in agreement.

    The alarm feature is useful too. In meat mode, it will beep and flash when the temperature reaches the target value you’ve set, and in Hi/Lo mode, it will beep and flash if the temperature goes outside the range you’ve set.

    I don’t use the wireless monitor unit in my kitchen since I’m right there, but I could see it being great for grilling in the backyard. I tried it out in my kitchen and it seems to work well.

    A few things to be aware of:

    * This is not an “instant read” thermometer. If you stick it into a piece of meat, it will take 30-60 s for the temperature to come up to an accurate reading. You have to keep the probes in your meat while you’re cooking so that you can see the instant that they’re done.

    * The two clip holders for the temperature probes don’t stay in place on my oven shelves, so your mileage might vary. It looks like they are designed for grills only.

    * They way the probes were packed in the box left the metal sheathing on some of the cables kinked. I was able to straighten these out and the probes work fine, but I’m a bit concerned that, because the sheathing isn’t very flexible, the cables will pick up more and more bends and twists over time.

  39. Leonard Lehew

    This wireless thermometer package includes the transmitter, the receiver, four temperature probes, and a couple of metal clips that you can use when a probe is not stuck into something you are cooking. The transmitter and receiver each require two AAA batteries, and those are included as well. I prefer gadgets that use common battery types like this, because I always have some around the house.

    The parts appear to be of high quality. The four probes are fairly long, so large cuts of meat are no problem. The probes are color coded, so if you plug them into the corresponding connections on the transmitter it may help you remember what is what. You don’t have to do so, of course, and you can use one to all four probes depending on your needs.

    My unit worked out-of-the box. I installed the batteries in the transmitter and receiver, plugged in the probes, and both units began displaying probe temperatures. No “pairing” was necessary. The probes register temperatures the same or very close to what I see from a Thermapen instant read thermometer. No tools were required to install the batteries. The battery compartments in each piece are surrounded with a rubber seal, so this unit will probably withstand less than perfect weather conditions.

    Both units have magnets on the back, so you can stick them on a metal surface. The transmitter has a flip out stand. The receiver has a clip that will work on a belt or pocket, and the clip can be folded out to make a stand. This strikes me as very well-thought-out design.

    I don’t always use all four probes, but it is a big convenience when cooking several thick steaks to different temperatures. It is also great for cooking a large cut of meat — a whole hog, for example — where you want to monitor temperature in different parts.

    The probes can be stuck in what you are cooking, of course, or you can position them to measure the air temperature in a grill or oven. This is especially useful for cooking barbecue.

    The temperature alarms can be set individually for each probe. You can set each alarm to trigger when a specific temperature is reached, or you can set alarms to trigger when the measured temperature is outside a specified range. The latter is useful, for example, when you want to keep your cooker at a steady internal temperature for “low and slow” cooking.

    My only complaint that the package does not include a case for the transmitter, receiver, and probes. None of this stuff is very fragile, but careful storage will certainly extend its useful life. I made a partitioned wooden storage box. ThermoPro also makes a storage case (about $18), but it doesn’t look like it has space to store all four of the probes with this unit.

    Other than the lack of a case, I’m very satisfied with this unit.

  40. Shane O. Laake

    While some thermometers force you to use a predetermined allocation of food probes vs ambient sensors and others force you to buy specific probes for each, this setup is ready to go for whatever you need. Four probes in meat–sure! Two in meat and two ambient–sure! It all just works with no apps, no Bluetooth, no setup.

    For me I use all for probes for meat (I have a separate controller for my fans in my smoker), and the ample range and clear screen makes it a breeze for me to do whatever I’d like while having easy access to the information. ThermoPro makes great stuff, and this is no exception. While the price is a bit steep, and objectively I cannot separate this setup from some generics costing half as much, I trust this more than the rest. If nothing else, the probes all come in at very consistent temps when I place them into the same space with the same temp. Others can vary by 5-10 degrees between two probes and even more with a setup like this. For me, that peace of mind is worth it.

    Highly recommended

  41. Ray

    I had originally wanted to review this product for use on the outdoor grill, but I am not diehard enough to do it out in the snow. So, in order to review I roasted a couple cuts of meat in the oven. I used two probes in each cut of meat, thereby using the full capacity of the thermometer. I set up the remote by my chair and let the oven do its work. When the alarm went off on the remote I checked the meat and it looked done. To double check I used an instant read thermometer to verify the reading. It was almost spot on. And who know, maybe my instant read thermometer was off. I let the oven go on with the other cut of meat and had the same results as the first test. Come barbecue season, this is going to be a blessing.

    Everything appears to be well-constructed and I didn’t have any problem figuring out how to use the thermometer. There is a manual that comes with it that explains almost everything. The only problem I had was figuring out how to put the batteries into the remote unit. There was nothing in the manual that showed how and I couldn’t find anything online that explained it. I was reticent to force anything and break it, but eventually I figured it out. In case someone else needs help with this, I posted these pictures. On the top of the unit there is a “flap” that holds the battery unit closed. You have to pull this “flap” up with a fingernail. It doesn’t come easily, but once it is up the whole lid to the battery compartment lifts, and there you go! Close it in the reverse.

    For the ability to read four different temperatures remotely, it would be hard to beat this unit. Come summer, it is going to find a lot of use. And, or course, it is doing yeoman’s work in the kitchen now.

  42. Clark

    Ensure your guests or family members have the perfect cooked meats all with one thermometer. We’ve all had guests or family love steak cooked to their own desired doneness some rare while others like well done and everything in between. Even though you may prep your grill to cook at different heating zones sometimes things just don’t work out well. Over cooked or undercooked. This thermometer takes the guess work out and helps your grill master deliver perfectly cooked meats. Even large chunks of meat like prime rib can be monitored throughout the cut to get the center rare and the outsides well done. If you enjoy cooking but maybe have a tendency to get occupied with other things the wireless temp gauge keeps you in the know while you travel from the BBQ to the game on the TV. Wonderful buy! Giftable to all cooks and grillers or that person who’s generally had to buy for.

  43. D. Miller

    This thing is great. Love ThermoPro, had their older, 2 probe system for years and it helped cook many a meal. The probes on that one eventually went bad on me and ThermPro replaced them free of charge, sent me new ones with a simple phone call – very impressed.

    This 4 probe system will be sweet. It’ll be nice to have probes in different sides of the meat with doing 3 or 4 pork butts or two different briskets (one probe in each flat and point). The color coding system is a nice touch….with my 2-probe unit I’d always forget and have to trace the wire to the correct probe, this makes it SO much easier.

    The rest of the features are everything I’d expect in a high end meat thermometer. Addition of vibration alerts and the magnet on the back are good features. I don’t like the ones that connect to the phone – too much to worry about, don’t need to worry about WiFi or Bluetooth and I don’t need another app to monitor. The stand alone system is perfect I think it’s just more convenient. Maybe a WiFi one if you planned to the leave the house during a long cook but I’ve never had that issue. Very happy and highly suggested if you have a large smoker and tend to cook a lot of meat at once. If you’re doing single cuts on a small grill, you could probably save some money and grab their 2 probe unit, but this one is perfect for me.

  44. g kelly

    Does its job.

  45. Nick86

    setting a temperature for your probe can prove to be difficult, however when everything is set it works great. the remote unit works well, however if you want to carry it around in your pocket, it’s going to beep. The “thermo-pro” logo on the top of each unit is a touch button that turns the backlight on. This gets annoying when you’re moving around and it’s in your pocket.

  46. Da_chewster

    This is a great wireless thermometer! I like this better than my Inkbird because it isn’t bluetooth. So it has a significantly better range. It seems to be be really accurate and has a great temp range. The only issue I have is the adhesive for the magnet on the probe base was crap and the magnet came off. I’m still looking for a good fix to reattach it. That honestly is a minimal issue as it has a hole for a hook. So a screw is all I needed to hang it from my smoker house.

  47. scott

    Great product, easy to use and very accurate. Well done

  48. Slashlilystar

    This is a good sturdy thermometer great for grilling. The 4 temperature probes were great for cooking more different pieces of meat at once. The wireless monitor was great too for working in the kitchen while the meat was coming up to temperature on the grill. It’s an awesome tool. I can’t wait to smoke a few slabs of ribs with it!!

  49. Tyler K

    This thermometer has changed the way I cook. I have been so used to the standard meat thermometer that takes like 20 seconds to get to the actual temperature and break so frequently but this one is completely different. It reads the temp almost immediately and has a ton of really nice features. The cable is long enough so you can read it from inside a smoker or grill and the wireless hub let’s you read it from anywhere in the house. Great product!

  50. Alice W.

    Who knew thermometers could do so much? This is such an amazing device, and it works as described and for its basic feature, its definitely accurate and great for the grill. Whats even better is that the device is portable and you don’t need to be standing at the grill to check the temperature of your meat! Its got 4 color coded probes in case your’e making multiple meats, and you can check temperatures from 500 feet away (although, from a safety perspective, please stay closer to your bbq

  51. Nathan

    This BBQ thermometer set is very easy to set up and use. I’m able to monitor my smoker temperature at the same time as 3 other pieces of meat. Range works well and I have no loss of connection monitoring the smoker from inside my living room. Remember to keep track of your probe colors before you run this into your smoker since the meat side of the probes get covered in carbon and food drippings so the colors are pretty much hard to determine after a few uses.

  52. Tell It Like It Is

    If you are a Goldilocks, or if you grill or cook for a Goldilocks, you will find this invaluable. Goldilocks, of course, needed everything “just right.” This wireless thermometer comes with 4 probes, so you can monitor 4 items at once. You might want to read the accompanying instructions. Lots of good info and tips in there. Easy to use and very accurate.

  53. Brad B.

    I’ve had a couple of the cheaper thermometers in the past and let me be the first to say that you definitely get what you pay for. The build quality, the interface, the probes — everything on this unit is several steps above the cheaper alternatives. I’ve used this for meat and baked potatoes in my oven where I leave the probe in and I can leave the thermometer on the counter. This takes all the guess work out of what internal temperatures should be and leaves you with perfectly cooked food. If you are in the market for a meat thermometer, this is the one.

  54. jerseygirldownsouth

    I love this! When I am juggling all the aspects of entertaining a decent-sized group for dinner, and cooking 2+ types of meat, I always fear that I’m going to get sidetracked and overcook the meat. This takes the worry out of it… the fact that you can use multiple probes and track all to the app at the same time is fantastic.

    The thermometers were accurate – I used another thermometer to verify – and it was really easy to use this gadget.

    The only reason for 4 vs. 5 stars (wish I could give 4.5) is that the probes are straight and pretty long… so can be challenging depending on what you’re cooking your meat in…

  55. Hawaii

    The ThermoPro TP27 500-feet long range wireless meat thermometer is perfect for those times when you want to start the bbq, then monitor if from the kitchen while you continue with the meal prep. Having more that one probe is essential if you have meat with varying thicknesses, or have people with different ‘doneness” criteria. Both the transmitter and the receiver use 2 AAA batteries (included). The four probes (thermocouples) have metal shafts, and there’s no plastic insulated part to hold onto when removing from the meat. This is actually a good thing, because it means that you’ll never melt the plastic (which I did once, almost ruining my steaks), but it means you’ll need to use tongs or an oven mitt to remove the probes. Like our ThermoPro instant-read kitchen thermometer, this is a high-quality kitchen tool that the serious bbq’r won’t want to do without! Highly recommended!

  56. Wendi Barker

    We grill a lot, and we have two wall ovens which we use regularly. The ability to cook meat while not incinerating it is a huge plus.

    This thermometer has 4 probes, allowing you to monitor up to four pieces of meat. You can use just one alone, or as many as you need, up to the 4. The thermometer and probes are color coded so you can easily see which is doing what. Our grill has hot spots, so it is nice that these are individual probes as we can move the meat around to more evenly cook things, or take meat off earlier.

    The wireless receiver lets you watch the temperature while away from the grill. This is especially nice for things you are cooking for a long time. It is good for up to 500 feet. We have not tested the range, but around the house, it picks up the signal just fine from anywhere.

    These are easy to clean and both my husband and myself love using them!

  57. Cat Martin

    I don’t often grill and he is the grill master for the family. We had a very small group and were doing our best to practice social distancing and wearing masks while having steaks grilled by my nephew. I thought this would help as we all like our meat done differently. My sister loves her steak bloody while I prefer mine with just a touch of pink inside. My niece’s two boys like their steaks well done. So having a meat thermometer that can monitor four different internal temperatures made it easy for him to grab one of the steaks off for the bloody request, then mine for the pink and lastly the two well done. After using the thermometer, we all tested our steaks and they were exactly as we had requested. Knowing I’m not a big grill person (I may make myself a hamburger on the grill once every few weeks in the summer), my nephew asked if he could keep the thermometer – I know he will get a lot of use out of it, especially once we have moved past covid-19. This is great if you have folks like in my family who all like their steaks done differently than each other!

  58. TC

    I really like that ThermoPro offers a budget friendly wireless digital thermometers that are easy to use. I had purchased the TP08 model but the only issue with that is I can only temp 1 meat and use the other for the grill temp. This unit has 4 sensors so you can temp 3 meats and use 1 for the grill temp.

    Great for backyard BBQ and/or grilling. Different story for competition though. It doesn’t update quickly enough and those 3 – 5 second wait times while temps fluctuate could cost you the grand prize in a comp so no – you get what you pay for and I wouldn’t use these for competition Q.

    However, for backyard purposes — this thing is nice, rock solid, easy to use. The range has supposedly increased to 500ft over the TP08’s 300ft range…however, I don’t have a need to try testing this out as the connection never dropped but it also never dropped on the TP08.

    ThermoPro’s customer service has also been stellar in the past when a probe has died and I needed a replacement. I would recommend ThermoPro for the backyard BBQ/Grilling enthusiast!

  59. Jason D.

    I waited for Thanksgiving to do this review because I wanted to give it a thorough and proper test and the reward was worth the wait. I used the ThermoPro for our Thanksgiving oil-less fried turkey and it was cooked to perfection. The main device is super easy to read and the four temperature probe leads are plenty long enough. I ended up using two temp probes, one in each breast, and that worked out great for this particular cook. Depending on where you insert the probe, you can actually get as much as a 10degree difference so using two just provided some insurance that what I was seeing from the thermometer was an accurate representation of what was going on inside the turkey. I used two leads in one turkey but you could essentially have the four leads inserted in four different items all at the same time and monitor each item independently all on both the main device and the remote monitor. Speaking of the remote monitor, it made monitoring super easy so I didn’t have to babysit the cooker. I simply brought the remote monitor in the kitchen with us while we cooked other things and when the turkey hit my preset temp limit the alarm sounded. Doesn’t get any easier than that. Both the main device and smaller remote monitor have magnets on the back of them so stick anywhere you want. All in all, the ThermoPro TP27 worked out great for me, and I’ll definitely be using it from now on instead of the manual ones.

    If this review helped you at all, please do me a favor and click on the Helpful button below and if you have any questions, drop a comment and I’ll be more than happy to answer!!

  60. DWC

    This is a professional quality four probe meat thermometer. It is also expensive. More on that later.

    Use Case (Skip This For Thermometer Only Discussion)

    My primary use for this type of thermometer is for roasting eye of the rounds and briskets. I tested this thermometer on a 12 pound brisket and included the photographs. Some people wonder why you would need more than one probe for testing doneness of meat. My brisket is a perfect example. Since it was 21 inches long, I didn’t have a roasting pan big enough to hold it. Therefore, I cut it into two pieces: the flat muscle and the point muscle. I used two roasting pans and two probes. I am glad I separated the two because the point muscle, at 5 inches thick required much longer roasting time than the 2 inch flat muscle. The flat took 4 hours. The point took 7.75 hours to reach 203 degree F temperature. My oven was set to 275 degrees F.


    The thermometer components come nicely packaged in a colored retail box. The probes had silicone thimbles covering their sharp ends. The probe sensor wires were neatly wrapped around small plastic spools. Four AAA batteries were included that power both the transmitter and the receiver. A small booklet containing instructions was included. Attention to detail was evident in the packaging.

    Build Quality

    Both the transmitter and the receiver are covered in a protective rubber-like material that has a nice grippy feel to it. The numerals on the displays are large, contrasty and easy to read. A “touch bar” at the top of both devices turns on a bright backlight that stays illuminated for a few seconds. This isn’t needed in a normally illuminated room.

    The four probes are long and have knurled handles that makes them easy to grasp and insert into your meat. The probes are color coded both in their handles and their jack-plugs that are inserted into the transmitter. The transmitter has the corresponding color codes on it to make identification easy. This is nice feature for keeping track of which probe goes where. Again, nice attention to detail.


    The booklet of instructions that is included is clearly written. I didn’t have any trouble assembling and programming this thermometer.


    The transmitter communicates with the receiver presumably via radio frequency (RF). This gives much better range than common Bluetooth protocols because Bluetooth is typically limited to 33 feet at best. ThermaPro claims the range is 500 feet. I tested it by going downstairs to my office in our finished basement while the transmitter was in our kitchen. Both rooms were on different floors and at opposite ends of our house. It worked flawlessly.


    Each probe has its own separate alarm. The alarm can be set to sound, vibrate, both or none, much like a cell phone. Both pieces of my brisket sounded their respective alarms as they should. The probe display quadrant flashes which shows which probe has triggered the alarm. The receiver has a belt clip so you can easily carry it around while your meat is roasting. There are magnets on the back of the receiver so you can stick it to a ferrous surface like your refrigerator.


    ThermaPro rates this thermometer at +/- 1.8 degrees F. That is well within an acceptable range for accurate roasting. I brought both pieces of my brisket up to 203 degrees F and the meat was cooked perfectly.


    This thermometer is expensive relative to the competition. I tested a similar no-name thermometer that was half the price. It performed well, too.


    Making a choice between this thermometer and less expensive but similar thermometers is like deciding between a high end German car and an average Japanese car. Both will get you where you want to go. If you are a professional chef or you simply want a high-end thermometer, I would definitely recommend this ThermaPro. If you are a weekend or occasional roaster like I am, less expensive options will probably work just as well.

  61. James adams

    Awesome product. Meets all my needs

  62. Stan

    Unit works exactly as described. Easy to program and use.

  63. Bob

    save’s all the in and out’s love it

  64. Todd T.

    Highly recommended

  65. Mark A Stewart

    I have been looking for such a quality product for a long time. Very cool!!!

  66. edwardlauricella

    Works as advertised easy-to-use it seems accurate

  67. Brett Tawney

    Love this thing. Best meat probe I have used yet.

  68. Two Straws Products

    Nice accuracy.

  69. Michael Hernandez

    I use this every time I grill. The thermometer is super easy to use and easy to understand. They are pretty accurate too my steaks come out a good pink medium rare.

  70. Leroy williams

    It allows you to probe 4 different types of meats.

  71. G D C

    Works well

  72. Charles Scott

    love that this device allows me to keep working in my kitchen with out having to stand at the smoker to monitor temps and the fire box.

  73. Randall Gentry

    I like the probe set overall, but the battery lid of the main monitor always sticks to my grill when I remove the monitor. Mostly an annoyance, it stays together if I slide it off.

  74. SVcowboy

    The ability to remotely read the temp is a great feature. I can grill steaks in the winter outside and monitor the temp with out leaving my recliner.

  75. Army Dude

    So accurate and easy to operate

  76. Phil

    Works as advertised!

  77. Addison

    Top performance when smoking on my offset. Gives me piece of mind that my temperature is accurate

  78. Barbara E

    I got this for my husband for Christmas for his Traeger. He loves it. It was easy to program, has alerts and works great!

  79. Richard L. Williams

    Easy to use, very accurate

  80. Murray

    Easy to program and set up.

  81. Jeff


  82. Cope

    Excellent thermometer! Easy to read, and easy to set up for different meats using the four probes. Setting an alarm for internal meat temps is super handy.

  83. Okie

    I use this for monitoring smoker temp and meat temp. Works perfectly. Great Product!


    He loves this. He can keep track of all the food temps at the same time!!!!!

  85. WormZ

    Works great! Wish it had a case available that would fit this version

  86. Crystal Biffle

    This product is so easy-to-use, efficient, and accurate. My husband loves the portable display and that he can leave the wood burnung smoker to do other things. It is very durable as well! Would recommend to others!

  87. dan

    My ONLY gripe about the product is petty. I wish there was a little more bend protection where they wire meets the probe. Otherwise I love it. Strong magnets, easy to read, bright backlight, nice long probes, probe wires are steel braided and sturdy, loud alarm or vibrate is nice for remote device. Wire caddy for the probes is a thoughtful touch so you don’t have a bunch of loose wires in the kitchen drawer.

  88. Henry

    This product has been spot on for me once you get the alarms set property. I think that was just me not getting them set. The TP 18 has been a good product for me also.

  89. gino

    Talk about smoking 4 different meats at once lol rang varies but I had it read at 200′ away. Easy to use and a most if your trying to get into the smoking game and like to watch your temp. I have left it out in the rain a few times and nothing has happened lol pretty damn Durable!!

  90. Whit

    Leads for my built in RecTec thermometer broke several times and rarely were accurate. These probes are awesome. Very accurate, I have triple checked. Color coding is a nice touch.

  91. dan

    I have a couple of the thermoPro products. I have to say this model is so much better. Very fast to sync. There magnetic on both the transmitter and receiver. The older temp probes will work with the new transmitter. Having 4 probe inputs is very nice to have.

  92. Russell McNorton

    Great product. I had problems with the probes recording the appropriate temperatures and called the company. The was extremely helpful and made some adjustments. I like to run to prongs per large meat item and they would show a 15 to 20 degree difference. I finally realized a difference in the depths of the prongs by a 1/4 would throw them off. I now use my digital quick read and find the coldest part of the meat and place both prongs at that depts. They now stay within a degree or so.

  93. Jeff

    We replaced our 20 year old grill a few weeks ago. Since we got a Weber I was looking at the iGrill as a nice add-on. I think the iGrill looks like a fine product, I choose the this ThermoPro model for the following reasons
    – The iGrill comes with the ability to show propane tank level. I don’t need this since my grill is natural gas.
    – I also have a smoker and a charcoal grill. With the ThermoPro I can use it on all these.
    – ThermoPro comes with 4 probes already. Not sure I will ever use 4 but nice to have.
    – ThermoPro was a bit less expensive.

    The only knock I have so far is a wish 2 of the probes were a bit shorter in length. That way I could pick the best length for the cut of meat I am monitoring.

  94. Jack Conner

    Today is my first time using this ThermoPro model. I’ve used previous models in the past and really liked their quality. This one added a magnet to the rear to easily stick to steel surfaces and the 500ft range means I can be anywhere in my house without losing signal, the one thing that was the most annoying with my previous ThermoPro. I did deduct 1 star because the packaging had the appearance of being a returned product (box flap was torn off and missing). It did appear to have all the probes, batteries, and parts though. It was not marked as “refurbished” or anything, so time will tell if it was used and returned because of something faulty.

  95. Lonnie Uptegrow

    Ok, so in a nutshell this thing is fantastic. There is a learning curve but nothing to difficult to master. However coming from a TP-07 this thing is the one to go with. Now the learning curve…you have to go through several button presses to dial in the temps you want to set for each probe. Additionally, the lack of pre programmed temps is a disappointment but not enough to take a star away. Once you learn the sequence to program it you will find that it is as easy as riding a bike. I have done two smokes with this and on my second smoke I did not have to consult the instructions (a mans kryptonite). The probes were temping +/- 1.5 degrees. Which is acceptable to me. I think some changes that would take this over top would include…quick access to either probe so that you can easily program the temps you want. Adding preloaded temps and allowing you to adjust from there would make it even more user friendly. Adding the ability to disable the alarm from the receiver on both the receiver and transmitter would be great. During my smokes I could still hear the main units temp alarm going off even though I disabled the alarm on the receiver. And last but not least probably the only issue is any for this unit is having that touch area where you would naturally grab it. I can’t count on hands and feet how many times I grab it there and constantly turn the light on and off. I’m pretty sure this is going to run batteries down a lot sooner than they should be. I think just adding a light button would suffice or make an existing button dual function where it can turn the light on and off. Other than that this is a great unit, and having the four probes for a BBQ guy is game changing. If they could only make this unit with some improvements and water proof for those unexpected rainy days then it by far will be the wireless thermometer to get. As it is now this is a Good Buy and you will not be disappointed!

    All of my reviews are buy me and me only. I do not receive product to test no will I ever do so. I want people to get out of the reviews what they were actually meant for. I give praise for a product where it is due however I will show no mercy for a product that is no where near what it claims to be. Always be careful when products have high numbers of reviews and the vast majority are positive.

  96. Steve Miskovich

    Have smoked several items with the TP27. It is a great, accurate unit with amazing range. I have found the only thing that may be a negative for some is the straight probes. The probes work great in my bigger smoker, a grill/kettle style. But in our vertical smoker I found myself wanting an angled probe. Because of the racks and short front to back distancing of the Pit Boss Copperhead smoker, the straight probes were a problem, almost unusable. I thought ‘no problem’ I will use my bent probes from one of the other smokers. Found out the jacks are not the standard size that the smoker companies use for the built in controllers. Other then this one limitation an amazing product.

  97. jenine

    Not bad.. reads the temperature to the main unit much quicker than the weber igrill2.

    The probes read on point except for one of them. Still in a fair range IMO.

    Its my first RF system and im not sure if it is a result of RF and if all units using RF is like this but the 10s delay between the main unit and the remote screen irritates me.. it probably shouldn’t but it does. Its as if the remote screen only refreshes its readings every 10 seconds. By the time the temperature registers, the main unit’s reading has already changed.

    When in use with my offset smoker or komado it does not matter as temperatures don’t change if much every 10seconds.

    A good buy but im afraid at the price of the thermoworks Smoke this is only an option of its the max of your budget and you “need” more than 2 probes.

    Will definitely serve the purpose you buy it for. The programming of temps etc are easy enough and the build is solid.

    Probes seem quality and i like the length of the probes as i regularly do big roasts and briskets.

    Hopefully they launch a carry case for this soon, would hate to keep it in the box in came in.

    This will be used weekly. I will report back after some use over time.

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TP27 Specification

Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8˚F (±1.0˚C) from 14 to 212°F (-10 to 100°C),otherwise ±2%
Sensor Type NTC
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Refresh rate 4 seconds
Transmission Range* 500ft(150M)
Wireless Technology FSK 915Mhz for USA/Canada and 868Mhz for Europe
Receiver LCD, 2 1⁄16Length x  1 1⁄8 Width inches(52.0L x 29.5W mm)
Transmitter LCD, 2 1⁄2 Length x 2 7⁄16 Width inches(63.0L x 62.0W mm)
Backlight Y
Unit Size  
Receiver 3 1⁄8 Length x 3 1⁄8 Width x 1 1⁄2 Height inches (79.0L x 79.0W x 39.0H mm)
Transmitter  5 1⁄8 Length x  3 13⁄16 Width x 1 1⁄4 Height inches (130.0L x 97.0W x 31.0H mm)
Receiver 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
Transmitter 3.0V (2xAAA Batteries)
*The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.

Product Comparison

Product Info
ThermoPro TP27 Long Range Wireless Meat Smoker Thermometer

ThermoPro TP27

ThermoPro TP08S

ThermoPro TP25

ThermoPro TP20 Package

ThermoPro TP20

Price $79.99 $79.99 $39.99 $39.99 $59.99 $59.99 $56.99 $56.99
Availability In stock In stock In stock In stock
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth No No Yes No
Calibration feature No No - No
High low temperature alarms Both Both Both Both
Mobile app No No Yes No
Preset temperature options No No Yes Yes
Probe quantity 4 2 4 2
Range 500ft 300ft 500ft 300ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings No No Yes Yes
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof


Q: What’s the difference between the TP27 and TP28?
A: The TP27 is a 2 probe device and the TP28 is a 4 probe device.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: No, it is not.

Q: Does this have both low and high temperature alarms?
A: Yes, it does.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: 3 Years.

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