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ThermoPro TP25

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Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 4 Color Coated Probes

  • Extended 500ft Bluetooth rangeBluetooth 5.0 technology lets you monitor your cooking up to 500 ft away, allowing you to tend to other matters while your meat cooks to perfection. Never have to excuse yourself from your guests! 
  • Customizable Preset TemperaturesPerfectly cook 9 types of meat to various levels of doneness using temperatures recommended by the USDA. Get the satisfaction of knowing your food will always be cooked to perfection!
  • Easy-to-Use, Multifunctional AppCook food to your preference with a smart app that caters to your needs. Program your own high/low temperature range and know when to add more fuel. Receive a notification upon exceeding the 500-foot transmission limit.
  • Cook Time Estimator & Pre-AlarmAdvanced algorithm estimates the remaining cooking time to help you plan your meal.  Pre-alarm informs you when the cooking temperature is 5°F/10°F/15°F away. Let this Bluetooth meat thermometer make all the difficult decisions for you!
  • Temperature Tracking GraphFollow the progress of your cooking through a real-time graph that documents measured temperatures over time and gain a better perspective on your cooking. 
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Simplify your cooking experience with Smart APP!

Thermopro TP25 grill thermometer equipped with Bluetooth technology and comes with 4 color-coded stainless-steel probes that can be used to read four types of food at the same time, making this device extremely convenient. With the STEP-DOWN probe tip design and backlit LCD display, receiving and reading an accurate temperature is simple even in the darkest conditions. Either place on your counter with the flip out stand or hanging on a kitchen hook. All smart design helps you Cook Like a Pro!

  • Remote Range: Up to 500 feet
  • Probe Length: 8.5″ food grade stainless probe
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius readings
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8°F (±1°C)
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C)
  • Uses: BBQ, Oven, Smoker, Grill, Meat, Food
  • Preset USDA approved temperatures: Poultry, Beef, Veal, Pork, Beef, Ham, Fish, Lamb, Turkey
  • Various doneness levels: Rare, Mediem Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done

Chef Guy Mitchell, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Executive Chef of Philadelphia Eagles, and Chef during special engagements for the President and Vice Presidents. Chef Guy Mitchell says that ThermoPro products are the best thermometers he’s ever used and would highly recommend to anyone looking to help elevate their dishes and Cook Like a Pro!

  • Package Includes:
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Digital Bluetooth thermometer
  • 2x Probe Clip
  • 4x Food Temperature probes
  • 4x Plastic Winder

Out of Range Alert

Never walk out of range without knowing! If the receiver is out of range of the transmitter, both the transmitter and your smartphone will begin to alarm. Your smartphone will also vibrate to ensure you’ll always be in range to continously monitor your cook.

Rechargeable Battery

Transmitter runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, powered by a commonly found USB Charging Cable (Included), so you can always conveniently charge via your PC, laptop, phone charger or power bank.

Rechargeable Battery

Transmitter runs off a rechargeable lithium battery, powered by a commonly found USB Charging Cable (Included), so you can always conveniently charge via your PC, laptop, phone charger or power bank.

Highly Accurate Probes

All 4 color coated probes feature a wide temperature range from 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C) with a highly accurate sensor enabling you to monitor any type of meat with confidence.

326 reviews for ThermoPro TP25

  1. M Pierce

    I wanted something that was very accurate for cooking brisket bc I didn’t wish to poke a instant thermometer into it all throughout the cook. This thermometer is easy to read, wireless, and accurate. The distance in which it works with the app is fantastic! I’ve purchased a Meater Block device and it is absolute trash compared to this device and less than half the price. The only negative is that the time remaining is not accurate but personally, I don’t care. I needed temp and stable connectivity using Bluetooth. 100% recommend!
    *You see two temps in the pic bc I had two pieces on the smoker but pulled it off when it was done.Brisket cooked with TP27

  2. John Davis

    can this be used with Alexa instead of through a phone?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, this device is not compatible with Alex in anyway and can only be synchronized to smartphones.

  3. Kevin Sorrentino

    Used this device for turkey on Thanksgiving. Worked great. I am using iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 7+, the app did not disconnect & worked reasonably well. I am attaching the white meat thermometer heating profile. My home is a split level & I was able to go up two floors & not lose signal.

  4. urdaddy

    This works awesome! I can watch tv and monitor temps on my phone while my smoker is running in the backyard. Love it!

  5. Mike Micklasavage Sr.

    First time used today and I’m very pleased with the operation. Patiently waited for the temperature alarm before removing from grill. Just need to check with a hand held thermometer to confirm accuracy. So far looks pretty good.

  6. Terry

    Can I also measure ambient temperature with the probes or just internal temps

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      The probes are designed to measure both ambient and internal food temperatures, so you can use these probes for either.

  7. Drew

    Awesome little temp gauge. I’ve used it on two cooks so far and its great for gauging Temps that your shooting for and will alarm you when your synced up via Bluetooth.

  8. Big Daddy

    Brisket came out perfect after using the ThermoPro. 1 probe in the brisket and 1 for pit temp. Should have got one years ago.TP25 brisket

  9. J

    Love the multiple probes I have only used 3 at a time of the 4 one for Ambient temp in the smoker,
    One in the brisket, and one in the Armadillo eggs I smoked on Easter of course.. all turned out great! Will never smoke with out this!brisket with TP25

  10. Ally

    Boosting my husbands smoker confidence with meals and perfectly cooked foods. It’s been a fun Christmas toy for him.
    Has nice Bluetooth distance on it to his phone as well.Cooked with TP25

  11. Biff

    How does one clean the Probes? Are the 4 Color coded concreters(where the cable connects to the probe) waterproof? Can I put the probs/cables in the dishwasher?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      For cleaning, we recommend just wiping the probes down with a damp cloth, possibly with soapy water.

      Large amounts of water or liquid will damage the probe, so they can not be put in a dishwasher.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

  12. Keisler

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this therm meter. It is simple, accurate, and easy to use. And if you like to geek out on the temp graphs, time to completion, and other great features then even better!COOKED WITH tp25

  13. mr hamjam

    No more multiple probes and multiple thermometers. This thing was accurate with my house temperature when I opened it, steaks were cooked perfectly. Color coded probes & plugs is a plus.
    The probes are long, so I’ll have to experiment with them a little more. I had a super busy day the first time trying it and didn’t get to actually play with it or try out the other features. I’ll do that tonight or this weekend. Didn’t even download the app or anything. I just used it as plug and play yesterday. as a stand alone in meat thermometer I’m impressed without the other functions.
    Can’t wait to try them all out. I heard it not only monitors meat temp, but the probes also monitor the grills temperature. I’ll report back if I remember after using all functions.TP25 close shot

  14. Mike R

    Got this when I got my smoker. Set up the iOS app and the alarms are awesome. Had an issue in the first year with the dreaded HHH display, but customer service took care of it quickly and replaced the unit. Couldn’t be happier, and cooking great meat!

  15. IM

    Can I use this in a traegger?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, this device can be used in a traegger.

  16. Kevin

    Will the TP25 for in the TP98 case? With modifications if needed?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the TP98 case is not designed for the TP25 and it will not fit properly.

      As of now, we do not have any cases specifically designed for the TP25.

  17. Jonah Bex

    Everything worked awesome. Would definitely recommend.

  18. Ziad

    I just bought this unit, but would like a storage case for it. Would the T98 storage unit physically fit this? I realize that case is not specifically designed for this. Are there plans for a case for this?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, the TP25 would physically fit within the TP98 case. The issue is the foam inside the case is shaped for other products.

      As of not we do not have any specific timelines or plans for a case for this model.

  19. Chris Plough

    I like to smoke, I like to know what’s happening on the smoker. If you are looking your not cooking. This way I can do both.

  20. LynnP (verified owner)

    Yes digital Bluetooth thermometer system does exactly what it says that it does, and it does it very well. We are delighted!

  21. Matthew Black

    I have used it twice since I got it as early Christmas gift smoked a turkey for Thanksgiving and a Prim Rib for Christmas dinner both turned out perfectly cooked. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Mike Decraene

    The Bluetooth range for my unit is approximately 100 feet. How do I extend it?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      This device should transmit data up to 500ft.

      If it is disconnecting before the 500ft mark, there may be an issue with the device or setup.

      Please contact our service team at for assistance with this issue.

  23. Gene

    Can I use this for cooking in the oven?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Yes, this device will work great with oven cooking.

  24. Jeff

    Is the thermometer waterproof?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, this device is not waterproof.

  25. Denise M

    Does a case come with this?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Unfortunately, our TP25 package does not include a case and as of now we do not have a case specifically designed for this model.

  26. Deborah Bragen

    I received the 4 probe with Bluetooth unit last year for Xmas, and use them all the time. I can measure turkey Brest, turkey thigh, stuffing and oven temp all at the same time. Turkeys turn our better when not overcooked. No guessing. Sear steaks, and finish in oven to perfect temp. Use with salmon, and with ribs. Can sit on the couch and monitor cooking temp. And I have gotten great support when I have needed to replace a probe.

  27. Jeff

    Does it have an ambient probe?

    • CSTEAM (store manager)


      Our TP25 device includes 4 probes, all of which can be programmed to record ambient temperatures.

  28. lwilliams001 (verified owner)

    So far I really like this unit so far i’ve use it about 10 times with good success i love how easy it was to pair with the app and the fact that its rechargeable makes it A+

  29. abbombero

    Anyone have any familiarity with the cook time estimator? Whenever I’ve had the probes inserted, I’ve never been able to get this function to activate. Customer service mentioned it depends it depends on the meat and how close it is to being fully done.If so, does anyone know which meats it works on or if there’s another trick to getting this feature to work more consistently? Using IOS.

  30. Watermelon Assassin

    Bought a thermopro last year when I first bought a pellet smoker grill. It had a transmitter and receiver and just two probes. This new thermopro is much better. It has four color coded probes. I no longer have to trace wires back to find out which probe is giving me which reading. It has a much better range and instead of a receiver you use your smartphone. My smoker is not in a direct line of sight with our house. It is around the corner of a detached garage and about 50 or 60 ft away from the house. I used to have to walk to the back of the house and hold the older thermopro receiver by the window and hope to get a signal. however this new unit which works with my smartphone lets me sit in the front room of the house and still get a signal. Worked great for a couple of fresh cut ribeyes in its test run. (Proof is in the photos if you like medium rare steak like me). Oh and I also like that it charges via USP and seems to have a good battery life. No batteries to worry about. Two thumbs up from me!!!meat

  31. Jeff

    This is a GREAT addition to my suite of smoker tools! Very accurate, the ability to track multiple meats to different temps, and get an alarm when it gets there creates perfectly smoked meat every time. And the ability to do it all right from my phone while working in my office at the other end of the house makes it so convenient to let some pork, brisket to chicken smoke away while I work. I love the convenience, quality, and helpfulness of this little tool.

  32. Cindy

    So far I love this thing for utilizing in our smoker. Recommend. Only wish the count down function worked better. Or maybe I still don’t understand how to set it up.

  33. Richard A. Yamin

    I love this product no longer to I have a fear of getting someones meat wrong. The only thing that I would add is a software update to the app that would let you trigger an alarm when the meat hits its half way point and need flipped. Other than that it is a wonderful product not sure why I waited so long to purchase one.

  34. bruce

    I really like this device and the fact that it is blue tooth to my phone😄 turkey done just right, ham and prime rib!!
    I gave it 4 stars only for these 2 points, so really it is 5 star. I would like to see the base unit capable of keeping the back light on. Thouch light pad once then twice to keep on until touched again to turn off and revert to timed on off timed when touched once again etc.
    The temp high and low setting is not functional when you have this senerio..
    Prime rib at 350 f..
    Set warning over temp at 355 f and low temp warning at 345 f
    When you try to slide either to those settings it meshes both settings together and is impossible to set close range. I gave with that said maybe thermo Pro will consider this. I have been a fan of TP for years and this is priced right and delivers..cheers😉

  35. urdaddy

    This works awesome! I can watch tv and monitor temps on my phone while my smoker is running in the backyard. Love it!T-bone cooked with Thermopro TP25

  36. Ethan Barbee

    I’ve used this twice and have had zero problems. I have a huge bbq pit and the multiple thermometer leads allows me to easily find the hot and cool spots. The blue tooth works great even though I have a cement house.

    I enthusiastically recommend this thermometer.

  37. Latin Spring

    My only complaint about this unit is the wires can be messy when using all 4 probes. Otherwise the unit is easy to use and accurate.

  38. Steve K.

    This thermometer works great. It is extremely accurate and connects easily to my iPhone. I have cooked a perfect Boston Butt and thick cut pork chop – no more guess work. Only negative is the 500’ range – that is over rated.

  39. Julia Morris

    Rated 5 stars until now. I follow all troubleshooting steps per the product manual, Android app, and website. Same with my Android phone. Yet Bluetooth will not sync. Worked the first two uses but not after that. Would like a fix here please. Other features are great as per my star ratings.

  40. Bama gal

    My husband loves it. Being able to watch the temp and get alerts on his phone made smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving a breeze. And this weekend we smoked ribs and filet mignon. So they were extremely handly.

  41. TonytheTiger

    Very easy to use.
    Works while I’m upstairs in the front of my house while the smoker is in the ground floor patio out back.

    Very easy to use including the app.

    Sometimes loses connection if phone is asleep for a while but reconnects immediately.

    Saves me so many trips up and down the stairs to make sure smoker temp is where is needs to be.

  42. dugsdesigns

    This is the first Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer that I’ve owned. I have other friends and family that use various brands but I saw this and based on features, price and positive reviews decided I’d give it a try. I wish I had bought one years ago…. it makes grilling and baking worry free. I used it for cooking our Thanksgiving turkey in the oven, and I swear it was the best turkey I’ve cooked in many years. I’ve used it for pork and chicken on the grill and works awesome. Easy to set up, the app is easy to use. I would recommend one to anyone that cooks.

  43. Jim Scott

    Very helpful for monitoring desired cooking/smoking temperature, but doesn’t always pair with my smartphone.

  44. W. Hixenbaugh

    I have only used this once since I bought it, but it worked great. So far. I would highly recommend this item.

  45. Dan P

    Works pretty well all around and I am happy with it. I do get slightly different readings from different probes (checked in glass of ice water to verify), so I have to kind of average it out. Will probably get an instant read one in the future to see which probes are the most accurate.

  46. Casey S.

    I’ve returned a few similar products because the Bluetooth couldn’t stay connected, making them useless.

    This device stays well connected, it’s easy to use, and you get a lot of probes. The app is quite nice.

    It doesn’t seem like two people can be connected to/use it at once, but that hasn’t been an issue for us. It works great, I’m going to get one for my father-in-law as well!

  47. Heather Castell

    Works great, the Bluetooth is awesome!

  48. Frederick Ferguson

    I have several similar products, (Taylor, Weber). This one has multiple probes and is easier to use.

  49. ALS

    Worked for a few times then stopped. I don’t trust it. Plus way too many English errors in the app and instructions.

  50. Justbig

    Everything is good other than range. From my cooker to the house makes this not a viable option. I’m about 75’ from the back door to the cooker. I have to leave my phone at the back door to be in range. Kinda defeats the purpose.

  51. Tim

    I like to smoke multiple pork butts at the same time and can now easily see the temp of each one. This is helpful to know because no charcoal grill I’ve ever used maintains even temperature across the grill surface. I can also lay one probe across the grill to monitor the surface temperature.

  52. Ken

    Great product I use it every day when cooking in my outside bar. Also I just wish I could drive to the store and it still wouldn’t work not just the 500 linear feet

  53. Timothy Cardillo

    The first unit I received I questioned the packaging and unit seemed like it had been handled or used. The company immediately replaced unit. First use was overnight smoke for venison summer sausage . The wifi was great using the low and high temperature alarm which allowed me to actually sleep through night. The internal temperature setting was spot on at 150% tested with 2 other instant read digital thermometers. I like so much I purchased ThermoPRO TP50 Hygrometer for my curing chamber and it’s solid accurate humidity and temperature instrument. Smoking -curing meats accurate temperatures are critical not just for quality product but most importantly ensure product is safe with accurate temperatures .

  54. Bubbe J

    I bought two for my children love the fact that it programs it’s self to your phone wether an apple or android automatically

  55. DaveB

    No more under or overdone chicken! Perfect and juicy.

  56. GLENN1954

    Says 500 foot range but actually about 30 to 35 feet is all I can get without the alarm going off, and all I was hoping for was maybe 60′ so now I see why the first one I got was used but just thought it was an accident.

  57. chris rosetti

    I like how easy this is to use. It has timed my roasts and my turkey perfectly. They are moist and tender and cooked to perfection. I can’t imagine cooking without this now

  58. M. Schwarz

    The application that is used is horrible. As soon as my phone locks the application crashes and does not reconnect to the device. I have done the research and there is no work around or any information on Thermopro fixing this.

  59. Shonda foster

    Very easy to use thermometer. The app is simple and easy to navigate. Very good product 👍👍

  60. BobP

    Great product, works as advertised. Only issue is that even when you stay in range, the app occasionally shuts down on my android samsung phone. Not a huge issue, you just open it back up and reconnects however all the historical graphing disappears and starts over so I can never get a graph of temp over the entire time of cooking. Other than that it’s quite accurate and having 4 probes is great.

  61. Impalafirst

    Absolutely the best temperature taking device I have used. I don’t cook steak, chicken or roast without it!

  62. Hannah Roman

    The Thermopro T25 is a nice device. It is easy to use. The readout and sensors appear to be well made. The device itself works well. Unfortunately, I bought this mostly for the ability to connect to my phone and record the temperature history while smoking. The app installed easily and connected to the device immediately, however, it crashed many times to the point it became useless. The functionality looked promising and the alarms could be very helpful.. Also, the graph of temperature was not very helpful. It would be real nice if the data could be downloaded. This would be 5 stars if the app did not crash.

  63. Charlie Morgan

    It’s a gift

  64. Kevin Sorrentino

    Used this device for turkey on Thanksgiving. Worked great. I am using iOS 14.2 on an iPhone 7 , the app did not disconnect & worked reasonably well. I am attaching the white meat thermometer heating profile. My home is a split level & I was able to go up two floors & not lose signal.Temp Chart as Kevin move

  65. Anonymous

    Very well though out. Connects well with my phone. The multiple probes allowed me to measure the air temperature in my smoker, and the different types of meat I was smoking. The packaging allowed for efficient storage.

  66. Woodworker Kev

    Was very pleased the first time I used it. The second time not so much. 2 out of the 4 temperature probes were acting up. The temp was jumping all over the place in a matter of seconds. Tried changing ports and still wasn’t the problem. If those issues were resolved it would be a great tool

  67. J.parkin

    I love this unit. I place one probe on the rack to measure ambient temperature and the other probes go into the meats I am smoking. I use an offset wood smoker for my BBQ and it’s nice I can monitor the temperature from inside my house. This past weekend I was in my attic working on some wiring and I could see the temperatures on the phone. I have a large thermometer on the outside of my grill and the temperatures matched all the time. Very happy I bought it!

  68. Tammy Lile

    My husband loves it

  69. Spagluvx

    I like this thermometer! I have had really good experience with the ThermoPro brand of products. I currently have TP20, TP19H, and TP03. I purchased the TP 25 for smoking summer sausage this winter and I really like the product. The 4 channels allow me to monitor 3 levels in the smoker and the ambient temperature. The app with the blue tooth works well (iPhone 8) with range that matches description. I also appreciate the fact that the temp probes are metal and seem of better quality that my TP20.

  70. mw

    I had this for one day and it is being returned. The only reason I bought this one was that it had remote monitoring via a bluetooth app for android. The app won’t run, just keeps crashing, so there is no point in keeping it, especially for $70

  71. lucekm

    TLDR; Solid Thermometer, would recommend. Detailed review below.


    Make sure you change your app permissions to allow the ThermoPro app to run in background, and make sure if you are in the habit of killing all of your apps you don’t kill the ThermoPro app while cooking.

    My Review:

    One cook so far, a turkey as you can see in my pictures, and it was for my future in laws, so this was a make or brake for me with this thermometer. So far I am very happy. Thermometer is accurate, 4 probes allowed me to monitor the front and back on my smoker, and the breast and thigh individually. Adding custom profiles is super easy and is something that I didnt see exclusively advertised, since I was traveling with this turkey I wanted to be able to monitor the cook, the smoker, and the temp range while wrapped in the cooler to make sure I stayed safe on temps while driving. I was able to do all of that without issue. The cord keepers are fantastic. If you are like me and would forget your thermometer outside after cooking because you passed out in a food coma, get the separate case, it makes you want to put it up.

    Negatives so far:

    The port for the black probe on my main unit seems to be a bit loose and was getting wild “temp swings” until I settled it in and quit moving it. Not a big issue, but I was slightly disappointed. My only other real complaint is that if you find a dead spot in your house, which I did in my recliner on the other side of the wall from the fridge, you lose your cook data when the app disconnects. I would love to see this changed in the app. Adding a feature like “This Cook” that stored your temp data until you manually clear it regardless of app disconnect would be awesome. The idea I see is not something that is stored all the time regardless of app connectivity but just storing while you are connected, its something that could be changed in the app without changing the hardware.

  72. Phillip Pankey

    Extremely difficult to keep connected to my new LG Velvet smartphone. Had all 4 thermometer probes in the oven in the same spot and consistently got different temperatures. Temperatures varied up to 10 degrees between probes.

  73. Gail

    So easy to use and appears to be accurate. Loved not having to keep checking with an instant-read thermometer. This thermometer lets you know when it reaches the recommended temperature. No more checking and re-checking. Makes cooking meat so easy!

  74. Jessica Wilking

    Works great! Easy to pair, distance is exactly as described. 4 probes offering 3 on meats plus an ambient temp for the smoker.

    Great buy

  75. Adam Pressman

    To be fair I’ve seen this in other such devices though with my experience of another Thermopro product that is perfect I was hoping for more. The device detects temperature of the outside environment as well as the food in which the probes are stuck. I don’t know if it comes down the wire or how but food internal temperature is often lower (as tested with the other calibrated Thermopro thermometer I have) than this device registers. I’d rather have it this way than the food overcooking. I wouldn’t use this for food that must be turned a lot or on a grill where flames can reach the wires but in an oven for, say, a roast, it will beep a little early but then you measure with another thermometer and you’ll be a better judge of how much longer the food needs to cook.

  76. ginny lee

    Like everything about it great idea

  77. K. B. Pair

    I tried everything to get the bluetooth to pair with my android phone and it never would. The real issue is I contacted support several times and other than an automated email response they never responded. Very disappointing.

  78. Tocco

    Very easy to use and accurate. Happy with my choice.

  79. Robert Z.

    It was very easy to begin use and having more than 2 probe capabilities is terrific. I just cooked 2 tenderloins and them meat probes matched exactly from start to finish

  80. IA Attorney

    Works great and is way to use. Bought to smoke a turkey. One gripe, it does not let you monitor the probes on your phone unless you are nearby or on the same WiFi. I left to run an errand and realized I could no longer check on the temps.

  81. Sue McSweeney

    It works great. My meat comes out perfect every time. So far I haven’t had the connection issues that others have had. I get quite a bit of range from mine & can be in my house with it outside & it works well. If I do lose connection(like going to the store) it alarms to let me know.

  82. Bruce Longmore

    Very happy with the Bluetooth range. Most of these devices don’t work well when I’m inside and the ThermoPro TP25 stays connected anywhere in my home or yard!TP25 in the works!

  83. JG

    The product itself works very well, however I believe I was sent a used or refurbished unit which was sold as new. The temperature monitor had several obvious signs of previous use.

  84. Robert Schultz

    Seems like a great product so far.

  85. CDS

    Product is good except loose Bluetooth connection when in the house only 75′ or so away

  86. Amz Cust

    I really this one. USB rechargeable and works great in my house where my old units range couldn’t reach. I docked a star because the plastic screen on the unit arrived all scratched up. They could have at least put a peelable plastic protection layer that comes with most electronics today.

  87. Andrew Paquette

    I got this meat thermometer set for my 2nd attempt at smoking. All in all it was a good buy, but not perfect. I am sure there are more accurate thermometers out there but for a novice like me a degree or two of inaccuracy doesn’t really matter and doesn’t just the huge cost difference.

    The app seems to work well but the let down for me was that there were a noticeable amount of disconnections. I understand bluetooth isn’t perfect but 20 times in a 4ish hour period is a little excessive. Also I think part of the problem is that the app cannot maintain connection to the thermometer without the app being open or active. If that’s the case I’m ok with it but wish it wouldn’t make so much noise each time.

  88. John Moses

    Great job

  89. Ashley

    Easy to use. Great so you don’t have to sit in the smoke checking the temp

  90. Happy Wine drinker

    Great for my smoker. Used to monitor three large briskets on my smoker. Each one was perfect.

  91. Nicholas G

    Update: App really destroys this thermometer. Thought by now they would have fixed it, but I honestly think it is now worse. Cooked a brisket overnight and had to keep setting alarms on my phone, because the app would close down on its own or in one instance the base unit just turned off for no reason and I would get no notifications. If I could send it back I would.

    The reviews on this thermometer are accurate. It does its job well with no issues. It is the app that you have to download along with it that fails the device. You have to keep it constantly open or else it disconnects all the time. I believe the app has 1.9 stars right now in the android store. If they can fix the app this thermometer would be amazing.

  92. Donna Searcy

    It was what I needed

  93. Shane Harnois

    Everything worked great! However the screen came in all scratched up and almost looked used.

  94. Veronica Faust

    We love this thermometer! Husband does a lot of grilling/smoking and always has this plugged in.

  95. Mike D.

    I like that I can sit in the house and monitor my smoker especially with winter coming. Sometimes I have to reconnect to the thermometer sometimes I don’t. If my phone is idle a long time I always have to reconnect. When I wake my phone it seems to reconnect within a reasonable amount of time. I only had it not reconnect once where I had to walk out to the unit and connect it again. My first use was 20 hours. The disconnection alarm is annoying especially if your having a lot of disconnect reconnect going on. The alarm is easy enough to shut off. The vibration part does not shut off on my phone with the vibrate alarm turned off in the software. Now I have all notifications turned off for the thermometer. I guess I have the latest software from Apple. Its about 150ft from where my smoker is to where I was inside the house. Walls, Doors, etc between. I don’t know what role that played with my disconnection issues. I used three temp probes. One for grill temp, two for the meat. The one for the grill temp you have to find the right spot to put it or it will read different from what the actual grill temp is. Seemed to read right when I placed it by the RTD sensor propped up between the grate rods. The meat probes I found read 10 degrees difference. The meat probes did not shock me because this usually was the norm on my old meat thermometer too. What did kind of raise a flag is closer to the end of the smoke the temp of the two probes would be much closer. This particular smoke did not happen that way. The two different probes stayed pretty much 10 degrees apart. To make this clear I had two pork butts and they weighed the same. My smoker is a Traeger which is another whole review. I am not happy with the way this pellet grill smokes and has cost me a ton of money to get it where it is now. It gets better with upgrades. Do not buy your upgrades from Traeger. I have never scrapped as meat meat as I have with a Traeger. Back to the thermometer will have to use this more to get a better handle on it. I’ve been smoking long enough that the disconnection thing doesn’t really bother me because I have never had this feature until now. I would like to have the alarm feature available and will try it when I get a chance, I will not rely on it at this point because I doubt it works after disconnection. The best feature, so far in my one time use. Is I don’t have to get out of bed on all night smokes. If my temp is right and I look out the window and see smoke I’m good.

  96. BenzLady

    I bought this as a gift for my step father. He’s not technologically gifted, but he has loved using this. He said the app was easy to install and understand.

  97. Steve McCune

    Its a cool product

  98. Shellie’s review

    Works well!

  99. bon

    Best one we ever bought. Top of the line product. Wish we found this long time ago, should anything happen to I will purchase again. Great gift to give someone.

  100. Eduardo

    Algunos problemas con la aplicación, se desconecta con alguna frecuencia, no es posible usar el movil cuando la aplicación está abierta

  101. James McGregor

    Easy to use right out of the box, I downloaded the app, connected via Bluetooth and was good to go.

  102. mark benson

    The thermometer is wrong about medium rare beef at 145. I had 132 The steak I cooked was more like medium just barely any redness to it the thermostat itself is about 3° off if you want a medium rare steak cook it till it is About 120°

  103. rs12345

    This was one of the best meat thermometer I have used. It was very easy to set up and use. I only used one stem in a roast so far but it worked great. The app was easy to set up on my phone and read. The alarm went off as soon as the meat hit the right temp. I tested the temp with instant read thermometer and it was right on. Worth every penny to get a great dinner.

  104. Shane R Fontaine

    Excellent product.

  105. John G.

    Very easy to set up

  106. David

    Fast delivery, Easy to use and affordable.


    My fella loves it!

  108. Tame walker

    Easy to use

  109. Bob R

    So far so good. Easy to read. Easy to set up. Hope it works well. Give it a shot soon.

  110. Wade G.

    Onky about 3 to 5 ° high,but after that it works good

  111. Robert Besaw

    First time used 10/24 on a pork shoulder. It did a good job with pretty accurate temp. Had no problems with using Bluetooth on phone. I believe this has been a good purchase.

  112. Heavy

    It’s ok. Just used it once. We’ll see

  113. michael clifford

    Easy to use and to set up. Very accurate. Good range.

  114. Dale

    Used twice and love it. When used with app can keep track anywhere in the house

  115. TS

    I love everything about this four probe thermometer except that it constantly loses connection with my phone which causes an overnight lots alarm to go off. It’s great for the smoker aside from the connection issues.

  116. Jay

    The app was glitchy. Browsing another app of turning off the screen it would disconnect from the unit. Getting the unit pair again is only 33% unless you unpair and repair. The unit is good, but app needs a lot of polishing. I returned it because smoking on a grill is an 14 hour job can’t spend most of the time trying to get the unit to pair up with my phone just so I can get a reading. The data logging is a cool feature, then again if you go to another app on your phone you lose connection and data, so it restarts logging not continue logging. So overall I can only give it 2 star.

  117. Joe Prochaska

    I saw a lot of comments about the app not being the best, but I took a dive and got one anyways.
    I was not disappointed! This thing is great, and the app was made much better as of recent. It still does require special permissions, but the app asks you to turn them on when you first start it. I have never had a disconnect or reset of the temp readings.
    I also find the range to be wonderful. My smoker is on my back porch and I had the app running while in my front yard and had no signal loss.
    I suggest anyone who is skeptical about the app to get this and see for yourself!

  118. Rich Jungbauer

    Very accurate and each probe read the same. So easy to use.

  119. Alex Michaels

    Temperature is off 5-8 degrees, sometimes one of the probes will lose connection to the phone app.

  120. LandSurfer01

    This would be 5 stars if the app for it would work right all the time. Sometimes it stays running in the background and I’ll get an alert, but most of the time, when I turn my phone’s screen off or use another app, then go back to this app, it’s as if I shut the app down and disconnected. Yes, I triple checked every phone setting that has to do with battery and apps running in the background to make sure my phone wasn’t shutting it down. I added the app to the exception list and the never sleep list and still it doesn’t work right and run in the background.

  121. Jill

    Easy to use, easy to link, reads accurate at 145 and 200 within 1 degree /- which im ok with, since it will be normal meat range. My problem is the 500F range where its out by 8F. I included the calibration paperwork with tolerances of /- 0.25 and the dry block is only out by 0.08F at max temperature of 707F. Not bad for the price. The meat range temps seem spot on and within a tight enough tolerance for myself.

  122. James M. Webber

    First time out I smoked two briskets and a big pork roast. Once the placement of the probes was done correctly, the temperature accuracy was excellent. I like it.

  123. Taryn Rowden

    The app for this device is terrible. The device itself is nice. Doesn’t work fully with the app being crappy.

  124. andrew grandjean

    This is a nice digital thermometer, especially for the price. It’s very well made and has enough weight that the probes don’t move it or knock it over. That’s very good considering it has 4 probes. Speaking of the robes, they are pretty heavy duty. It has a good Bluetooth range. I live on 3.5 acres and it has only dropped the signal one time. I can’t believe how fast it pairs. It’s been instant on my iPad and iPhone so far. I’d buy it again, definitely.

  125. Reece

    This system has worked out great. I was able to connect it to my phone and have not had any problems with it disconnecting. Thermopro has been the best Meat Thermometer I have ever used. I had a TP20 for 5 years and loved it. I passed it on to a friend and upgraded to the TP25. Love the readouts and predictions.

  126. CLAYMOR3D

    The thermometer works great as a basic thermometer but the supposed benefits of the application that comes with it are diminished by the app not running in the background. I was excited to use the temp trends and the estimated end times but the app was constantly restrating preventing any trends from accumulating. I would recommend if you simply want 4 temp probes you can check with your phone, if the app sounds promising don’t break your own heart.

  127. Eric Medlin

    I was very impressed with the accuracy of the temperature probes. I used two probes for cooking chicken breasts. After the breasts initially warmed up in the grill, the temperature probes remained within about 2 degrees. I pulled the chicken off the grill at 170 degrees. They were both perfectly cooked and moist (no red showing). The phone app worked without any problems. I was able to go from one side of my house to the other without loosing connection. The colored probes made it easy to see which probe was in which piece of meat.

  128. Jerry Ament

    Seems to work as advertised

  129. Casey Pilgrim

    This thermometer is really good. It is perfect for my grilling purposes. It was easy to set up and has good range despite some of the negative feedback saying it doesn’t. I also love having four separate temperature probes that are color coded. All in all I give this five stars.

  130. The Handyman

    Easy to setup & use the app. Good product design. Alerts works fine. What I dislike is the range to the phone – it’s definitely not 500ft. The app could get a refresh once soon. Beside of theses two points, it would be 5star

  131. Bluerunner

    I liked the concept and the ease of us but the temperature readings are not accurate.. when you smoke meat every weekends you’d want the reliable temperature reading to smoke meat right. . Screwed up several meats and wasted many hours of cooking time because of its inaccuracies. Not worth it.

  132. Mark L. Dodge

    This thermometer was a great investment. It’s super easy to use, easy to to read, and the app is very simple. Having four probes is convenient. I verified the accuracy with a calibrated meter I borrowed from work. It was spot on. You can’t this for the price. Wiring is heavy duty and the probes clean up nicely. Highly recommended.

  133. D. Roy

    Connected to my phone the first use, now no matter what I do it reset, it refuses to connect. Says connection refused every time now. So the BT part is not great.

  134. Mike Sr

    Great thermometer and its Bluetooth

  135. James H.

    Works pretty good but it says Bluetooth reach of 500’. Maybe just about half that

  136. TNT

    It won’t stay connected through one wall of my house. It’s constantly disconnecting from the app which sounds an alarm on my house. This defeats the purpose of purchasing it. I think I’ll have to try one of the radio frequency thermometers. They’re the only ones that seem to stay connected according to the reviews I’ve read. I enjoy the app it seems easy to use. They also sent me a used product with scratches all over the screen.

  137. T-Meister

    I purchased this because it kept a plot of temperatures. I wanted it mostly for a Traeger grill to monitor how well it maintained temperature and for meat internal temperature. For monitoring temperature it works pretty well, for plotting I think it failed pretty bad. It did not maintain the time scale with temperature. The temperature would plot correctly but the time scale would slowly and progressively fall behind, then periodically it would lose and regain connection and the time would catch up. It was pretty irritating. If they would fix this issue that I believe is in the app, I would gladly give it 5 stars. This device and app have great potential.

  138. Working Dad

    Very user friendly.

  139. Andrew

    Works really well, easy to use.

  140. Crag A.

    Works great and durable

  141. I don’t expect that much

    Big thermopro fan – have their instapen and a couple other sensors. This thing is total rubbish. Loses connection if your phone goes to sleep and, even if that doesn’t happen, will randomly stop reading temperature and just display “LLL”. Even though the app indicates otherwise, you cannot play an audible alarm if your phone is in silent mode…completely worthless if you’re trying to use it to, say, monitor an overnight cook.

    Have no choice but to use this absolute hunk of garbage to finish the cook I’m doing now, but it’s getting returned tomorrow. VERY disappointing.

  142. Courtney H

    I love this! We started doing more smoking on our pellet grill and it saves times from having to walk out to the grill all the time.
    The app was fairly easy to set up, but I was hoping the range would be better. When i read reviews it seemed like it would reach around our house well, but its so-so. I need to be no more than like 2 rooms away.
    I wish you could connect 2 phones to the device so both my husband and I could both see the temp, but you can only have one at a time attached.
    I would suggest this to anyone for the quality and price. Works great, I just wish it had better range.

  143. A Riggs

    Easy to set up. The amount of probes is nice. The distance for the Bluetooth is great as well. The temperature is accurate.

  144. Freddy Camacho

    I do not have problems with the bluetooth connection, I have a Galaxy s10 and connection is good all the time. My only complain is the app is really bad at keeping track of the temperature graph, almost every time that i move away from the app to use any other and return later the graph get restarted. Also, the estimate time left is most of the time blank. For me is a good tool but with a bad app.

  145. Greg

    Good: The hardware and unit itself seem to be ok. The availability of 4 simultaneous probes lets you monitor different parts of the meat, the oven temp, and/or different types of meats. I often smoke several types of meat at the same time so this looked like the way to go.

    App Good points: It has some great concepts – set the type of meat, done-ness; it monitors the temp and you can see nifty graphs of time vs. temp. You can set alarms so that it notifies you when that temp has been reached. This is all great stuff for smoking (meat temps go up … hold steady (sometimes for a long time) before finally going up to the done point.

    App Bad Points: It looks like a recent update may have finally fixed the issues I had. Previously it would not remember the history unless the app was always on. It looks like they have addressed that issue (as of 10/3/2020). For instance, it now needs background process permissions.

  146. Mark T

    I like the fact it is accurate and stays in contact with my phone. I had a meat stick I threw I the garbage that cost 3 or more times as much with the extender. The alarms are on the money and loud for this partially deaf old man to hear. I love this thing and the price is crazy amazing.

  147. logan waskiewicz

    Having 4 prongs was nice. However, I was less than 20 feet away and the bluetooth disconnects frequently.
    Not just once every few hours. Sometimes it was twice in a minute, sometimes it would be fine for 1 hour then it would disconnect. Luckily there is an alarm that will play if your phone disconnects, unfortunately you cant change that alarms ringtone – super annoying, as i have written this message it has disconnected 3 times.

    Sometimes the app itself will bug out, so I wont even get a notification if it disconnected, which happened on my overnight smoke, and i ended up throwing out my 20 pound brisket…

    Ive heard good things about the newer model with its own Receiver, so I dont have to use an app or my phone. Going to give that a try. Do not recommend this one,

  148. Adam

    Its easy to read and use. The range isn’t what they claim though. If I walk up to my front yard it disconnects. Still well within the range it advertised

  149. Ross A Scardina

    Easy to use and pretty accurate!

  150. Steve

    Every thing went well.

  151. WRK

    I picked up a new smoker and wanted to know the temp of individual cooking meats if I was to smoke them all at once. I thought of moving a probe around and realized that was not effective. I then came across this multi-sensor for temps. It was really a nice experience to use as I could track different meats and adjust the heat accordingly. The big plus was the device and it showing all 4 probe temps. Telling time to reach a certain temp was handy. But I really liked the APP that displayed all the information that the device did so I did not have to keep running to the smoker and check the temps. Oh, and an alarm feature was a plus.

  152. martin m slobodnik

    Very easy

  153. Sam

    I love this product, It has worked flawlessly and saves me time when smoking or grilling because you can see or set the alarm when your meat gets to your desired temperature. The app worked great on my iphone too, it will alert you also. It has preset temps or you can set up your own.

  154. AliAnne84

    The app would constantly disconnect from bluetooth if your screen went off or you opened another app. And then it wouldn’t reconnect unless you fully exited and reopened. That wouldn’t be a huge deal except it would lose all data as well so any timers or temperature history were gone. Also the alarm is so annoying. Like someone is having a heart attack alert. I’m returning the whole thing to try a different brand.

  155. CV

    Accurate temps that channge immediately. Four probes is a big plus.
    The app is terrible. Time estimate rarely turns on and is never accurate. Graphing only work periodically.

  156. Mark J. Finder

    Very nice and very easy to use.

  157. greg dingas

    Bought it for my son. He loves it and raves about how well his steaks come out.

  158. J. Hushon

    Does a good job. Easy connection to Bluetooth. Set up and uses fast. Been a nice addition to my smoker accessories!

  159. Jeffery Hultman

    I purchased this to use with my smoker and so far I have loved it. The app is a little glitchy but gets the job done. I can set my target and limits on the thermometer, it has settings for all difference types of meat and for the ambient temperature in the cooking chamber. If I reach one of those it alerts me. I’m still getting the hang of smoking meat and this thing has been a life saver

  160. Lilli

    Love having this grilling accessory. I usually use just two of the probes – one for ambient and one for the meat. Bluetooth connection and estimated finish times are great features. App is simple, but does what its supposed to.

  161. Drew

    Awesome little temp gauge. I’ve used it on two cooks so far and its great for gauging Temps that your shooting for and will alarm you when your synced up via Bluetooth.Grilling with TP25

  162. Adam L.

    Time to done is terrible but everything else is fantastic! Definitely buy one!

  163. Oleg

    I like this item

  164. John W Fletcher

    I liked it, it was exactly as expected

  165. Larry W. Mullen

    This is a great addition to my smoker, when I might do a brisket, ribs and a ham at the same time. I don’t have to keep going outside to check temps. Just check my phone. No surprises if the brisket stalls, or the pit flares up

  166. Slokom

    Does exactly what I needed it to do

  167. Frequent-shopper

    I bought this to replace an iGrill unit that was integrated with my Weber grill we just sold. The reviews for this item were excellent and I liked the fact it was rechargeable and it came with 4 probes. The wireless has a shorter range than the iGrill, but it is not a show stopper. (That is why it has 4 stars.) The temperature response is very quick and accurate. I like that he temperature is both on my phone and he display of he unit. The battery life seems really good as i have used it several times and the indicator still shows full battery. I also like the fact I can use this in a smoker. All in all, it lived up to the positive reviews I read. My chicken and lamb come out perfectly cooked. I would recommend and buy again.

  168. a

    The product itself has been awesome, but the app needs some work. There are a lot of frustrations with the app (it’s not user friendly, and if the phone goes into the lock screen you won’t get updates on the food temperature), but as I said, the product itself is great.

  169. Clyde

    A descent product overall… I do like that you can set it and walk away. Just like most of these thermometers it does not have the range that it claims, but at least it lets you know when out of range… my biggest problem with this product is the probes: that I have used for 3 smokes and have already had a probe go bad, that and most probes with thermometers normally have a rubber/plastic end so that you can take it out by hand; these get very hot and require a glove to remove…

  170. Alberto Rivera

    Very good for price

  171. crasshh

    Good unit especially the Bluetooth is very convenient.

  172. George M. Bruck Jr.

    Last update: they KNOW it doesnt work! They tell me an update to fix the bug is coming in next few weeks….lol. liars.
    Avoid this unit if you use Android. It wont work and they know it wont work. I have the correspondance to prove it. Might be best to avoid the company i dunno.

    This would not sync up to my phone. No its not user error. It is an otherwise nice looking unit and the app looks like its handy. It just needs to sync up.
    Ive asked for a replacement and we will see if it works…

    new unit arrived in under a week and synced up first try in literally about 10 seconds. I checked the probes theyre all accurate with each other.

  173. mona aberegg

    used it once so far. Was very handy seeing the internal meat temp and the smoker temp. The app seems to work nicely.

  174. GoBeavers

    After doing the research on different kinds of thermometer this seems to be the best fit for my patio BBQ as well as the oven. I like to be able to walk around and still keep a tap on what’s going on the grill. The Bluetooth range is quite good for a 2300 sqft. two story house. Thermometer temperature is good and the reading is accurate. Tried with my freezer too!

    – Accurate and responsive device.
    – Good Bluetooth range, easy to setup.
    – Allow custom range with alarm for upper and lower limits.
    – Custom range can be edited on the go.

    – The graph is lagging behind like 30 seconds. Wish they could do crosshair to check temp any point along the excursion.
    – Documentation has typos on 6VDC supply. USB voltage should be 5 VDC and clearly it says that in the device case.
    – Temp reading on the App could have shown all 4 readings in one on a quick view screen, instead you have to scroll down for other readings. Customization on color could be better for contrast or color blind issue.
    – After creating a profile, there is no fast dial for changing Temperature Input range, you have to use – keys which is a turn off.

    Overall this is a good device for its functionality and price. Except minor glitches I highly recommend it.

  175. Jim Billberry

    Surprisingly good quality

  176. congaboy77

    The main thing to keep in mind is that there’s no server that stores the temperature information. If your phone goes out of range, then the information stops flowing and being connected. On your temp graph it will look like a flat line and then a spike when you get back in range.

    Second is that if you close the app so it won’t run in the background you lose all data. When it starts back up it just picks up at that moment in time with no history.

    The app is basically a remote way to check temp, it’s not a historical trend.

    One of my temp probes was off a couple of degrees when compared to the others.

    I am impressed with the build quality of the probes. Battery life of the unit has been impressive so far. Bluetooth range is OK. I think I’m going to load the app onto a spare tablet that we have and leave that inside so I can have a full history and just keep the app running all the time.

    Impressed with the variety of alarms and ranges. One thing I don’t like about the app is that when an alert appears on your lock screen it doesn’t tell you which alarm is alarming, just that an alarm is alarming.

  177. Ruben D.


  178. K. P

    Easy to use. Model TP-25 had no problems with my Samsung S9 phone app. I haven’t used for hours [smoking meat] but for steaks, chicken and ribs on the grill, it’s perfect. There are no reference to the enclosed clips in the manual, so I went back to Amazon page to see that you could use the clips on your grill to hold the probes. Do use gloves or potholder to handle probes after they are on the grill, I forgot & went to grab the “handle grip” to pull out of meat, whoa/ouch. I won’t do that again. Love the choice of meats and level of doneness. I am happy with the purchase.

  179. Aleisha

    Easy set up accurate results . App struggles a bit . But a good product!

  180. terry

    Great for your smoker

  181. KendallMassie

    Easy to use and easy to read.

  182. lawrence benavides

    Bluetooth failed at 20 ft, it would loose connection

  183. David Burris

    I love this WiFi temp probe I use it all the time
    4 zone is nice and it has a timer that is also great to have…

  184. Brian H

    Love it, only problem I have is that every once in awhile you loose the connection, easy to reconeect, but looses past data in the graphs. If that worked like it should, I would have given it a 5 rating.

  185. Monte

    Makes grilling easier

  186. Todd

    The thermometer is get great but the ap is not good.
    The ap keeps crashing and you loose at the cooking data so you have know isra of when it going to ne done.
    Great product but ap is is questionable

  187. Timothy F Harris

    This is my 7th ThermoPro and it’s great. Accuracy is perfect and Bluetooth works well. I used it for the first time to smoke a pork shoulder for pulled pork. The Vision smoker did an excellent job for the 10 hour task and temperatures stayed where I wanted them. The other probes that I have are for instant temps on the gas grill or for checking the readings on another smoker at a Florida property. That smoker uses an Inkbird Bluetooth device which is not that accurate. Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn’t. The grill thermometers have been evolving and the ThermoPro Bluetooth is far better than the Inkbird. I haven’t needed to validate the temperatures and the color coded probes are very helpful as is the charting of temperatures especially on a long cook. A few of my old ThermoPro devices have just been put in a drawer as more advanced units become available. I’ll likely replace the Inkbird in FL with another ThermoPro Bluetooth. I don’t know what the deal is with the negative reviews. The unit has a one year warranty which can be extended to 3 years if you register. I’d question the validity of these reviews.

  188. tim

    The product works great. No issues with Bluetooth. I’m using an iPhone XS Max

  189. Kristin

    After my last review, I checked all calls in boiling water all read to 12 then I’ve had great success. I must have been miss using before good product in reliable

  190. Hanno

    I’m very disappointed. I read the early reviews about the app, but the later ones claimed that it was fixed. The app is shockingly bad. Basic things go wrong, like the graph for some reason falling behind in time, I’m guessing it lost data and just keeps adding to the end disregarding the time. At some point it fell around 20 minutes behind and decided it had enough and lost everything. Just gave up and started fresh. This is a basic thing, I use fitness apps regularly and over several hours of activity I’ve never had a total reset and I cannot remember ever experiencing a drop out on BTLE sensors.

    I wanted to try the time guesstimate feature, but honestly, why bother?

    I’m returning this because one of the probes keeps dropping out on the actual unit. But even if this is the cause for the dropout, the app behaving like this is inexcusable.

  191. Allen Jennings

    Very happy with this unit and would buy again. The bluetooth does disconnect unexpectedly every now and then but it reconnects itself in less than a few minutes. As far as my grill is away from where I’m at when this happens I’m surprised it does not happen more.

  192. quilter1

    Works as it should

  193. IPP

    Works very well. Was cautiously optimistic and it has exceeded my expectations

  194. Drew Frizlen

    Great thermometer with 4 probes

  195. Moo

    I do like the TP25. For around $50 it works pretty much as-advertised. The early App/Firmware problems seem to be ironed out, I have no issues with any of that. My biggest beef is the Bluetooth range. I can barely make it into my house from my grill (50’ away). The idea that ANY Bluetooth device would work 500’ away is laughable, but I was hoping for 100. My other minor complaint…the 4 probes all read a cpl degrees differently. It’s not a big deal…223 vs 225 doesn’t matter, but it is annoying.

  196. Patrick Pflaumer

    I was worried about some of the older reviews but it appears the bluetooth issue has been fixed.

  197. ken spencer

    It would not read right

  198. Corey H

    works great

  199. babydoc

    I have been grilling for well over a half-century, and I’m pretty good at it by now, but having different requests come out as desired was always an issue and took a huge amount of concentration and attention plus burner manipulation. The ThermoPro TP25 eliminates all that, and I am delighted. It can monitor up to 4 items, is precise and extremely easy to use – and also works with my iPhone when I leave the grill (VERY handy). All the bells and whistles are there and they let you know exactly where things are. One must recognize though that food continues to cook even after you take it off the grill, but you should know this already. YOU CAN’T UNDO OVERCOOKED, so stop a few degrees BEFORE you hit your “doneness” mark or adjust accordingly, which you can easily do. EN JOY. Well worth every penny.

  200. Brandon T. Dawson

    There is no way that a person could get 500’ away and this still work. This is the second Bluetooth thermostat I’ve tried. Same results both time. The thermostat continuously disconnects from my phone making it worthless. I’m trying a WiFi one now.

  201. E. L. Croyle

    Performance exactly as advertised. Sooo very glad My children bought this for my Fathers Day gift to me. I’m a very happy Dad.

  202. Brian

    Love it

  203. MikeS

    Great product. Use it on my bbq, especially when smoking pork butt and brisket. Use one probe in the meat, one just inside the bbq for the ambient air temp.

  204. Jackie

    As advised. Very useful app. Easy to use.

  205. Al Cacace

    Everything works great with great range, one of the probes does not work.

  206. Engprofpoet

    I loved the fact that the thermometer was so accurate that I realized that my skillet was not uniformly the same temperature. But nonetheless, it helped me sear three perfect–medium–filet mignons! And I mean perfect–152 degrees!!! Right on the money. I have had a bunch of thermometers but this is by far the best–and the easiest to use!!

    Great product!!

  207. FritzA

    Used on chicken and steaks so far. Multiple steaks at one time. I am very happy with the results.

  208. Richard E. Darling

    To begin with, I’m not a “pro”. I smoke meat occasionally for family and friends and I have sometimes under-cooked or over-cooked meats. I just finished smoking 17 pounds of pork shoulder, 12 chickens and 28 brats over two days for a neighbor’s daughter’s wedding. I was able to monitor the temperature in the smoker and the internal temperature of the meats from my phone inside the house. It let me better adjust the fire and control the temperature in a way that I couldn’t before I got the ThermoPro. Everything was perfectly done on time.

  209. Michael Timerson

    Nice product, grilled 4 chicken breast all different sizes. Was able to monitor each one so as not to over cook. They all were done to perfection.

  210. Y

    Easy app set up. Good range. Easy to read each of the 4 probe temperatures. Each probe can be set to alarm at specific temperature. Great produce.

  211. tim

    I have read some of the reviews of this product that stated that the Bluetooth would disconnect, and they would then need to re-activate the Bluetooth on the device to get it to reconnect. I have not experience that issue at all using 2 different iOS devices. It has a great range and is very intuitive to use. The app allows for you to have pre-selected temps by food item or allows you to customize your own.

  212. Jim

    Thermometer connected to my Android phone the day I got it, but when I tried to use it a day later it would not connect to my phone. Tried everything I could think of, including the boiler-plate suggestions customer service made, with no luck. Returned that unit and bought a different brand. So far it works as it should.

  213. Chad P.

    **edit October 2020**

    The app has been updated and I’ve changed my review to 4 stars. No more crashes when I rotate my phone, and it retains its graph history now. Thank you devs for the fixes!

    I’ll add to the pile of reviews citing the terrible Android app. But first, the hardware:

    The unit itself is actually great. Battery life is excellent, the display is easy to read (although the viewing angle is pretty narrow). Having 4 probes is great and allows flexibility to monitor multiple food items and/or a couple of different regions of the grill surface.

    I accidentally left it out after my previous cook and it got rained on for an afternoon. Fortunately it survived without any issues. I don’t think I’d take a bath with it or anything, but it appears to be water “resistant”.

    One problem with the probes is that they are so long that it is a bit of a challenge to arrange them on the grill surface so they don’t interfere with the lid closing. And the 2 brackets used to attach them between the grill grates aren’t designed properly, so the probes only fit loosely in the brackets and tend to slip out even under the weight of the cord.

    So now, the app:

    Yeah, the app is still hot garbage as of this writing (July 2020). I haven’t had bluetooth disconnect issues as mentioned in so many reviews, so that’s good. But on my phone (LG V35 ThinQ) the app crashes constantly. One trigger is to simply rotate my phone. Immediate crash as the display rotates. And it has found several other opportunities to crash without any provocation. When the app crashes, it loses all historical data so the handy graphs all reset, which pretty much renders them useless.

    The high and low temps are a great feature, but it is very fiddly to set them precisely. The internal temp can only be set to some presets for the various meat types (med rare, med, med well, etc). That’s good, except for things like pork shoulder where the target temp is much higher than any of the presets.

    The app has potential, and I can only hope that the developers are still working towards perfecting it. As it stands now, it’s too buggy to be relied upon. And since the app is a lot of the appeal of this model, I’ve gotta knock off stars for the poor performance of the app even though the thermometer itself is solid.

  214. Dylon

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I’m not chained to the grill/smoker any longer. Works great. I can wander a good 100′ from the grill and maintain a connection. Highly recommend.

  215. Frank

    This is a must have tool for the grill! With 4 probes, you can have 4 different items cooking at the same time and you can see the progress of each, allowing you to adjust the temperature as necessary so everything is done at the same time. Your well done and rare items can come off together, at the perfect temperatures! The Bluetooth connection to an app on your phone allows you leave the grill area and you can see the temps, rate of cooking, and it will notify you if you wander out of range as well as when the items are in 5 deg of being done. Excellent product – I should have hod one years ago! No fuss or risk of burns like a regular meat thermometer, just insert the probe and go – you remove it when you’re done cooking, and clean up is easy. This takes all the guess work out of grilling – perfect meat temps every time.

  216. Henry Capello

    This temperature unit is great at monitoring the temperature, and with four probes, it allows me to do monitor temperatures of various types of food at various locations in my smoker. However the App functionality really needs some attention. Specifically, every time the Bluetooth connection is lost, all the history of the data (previous temp/time) collected is lost.

    I also question the 495′ distance. Perhaps over open land with no obstacles, but I can routinely get about 250′, then I lose connectivity. It would also be nice if there were a desktop app to use as well.

  217. jessica

    I had some reservations about purchasing this, due to the comments about the android app disconnecting etc. But I have an iPad too, so i figured I could always use that if all else failed. But so far I have had zero problems with the android app diaconnecting. It’s worked perfectly for me. Maybe its a recent update, but the app prompts you to turn off the auto-sleep mode in the phone settings.
    If it doesn’t, you can manually change the settings. On a Samsung Galaxy:
    1.) Go to SETTINGS
    2.) Click search and type OPTIMIZE BATTERY USAGE.
    3.) Change the dropdown at the top to ALL
    5.) Scrool to find the ThermoPro BBQ app and turn off battery optimization.

    UPDATE: You also have to stop android from clearing cache for this app. Go to Device Maintenance -> Memory -> Apps to exclude from clearing. This will stop the app from restarting if you have other apps open.

  218. Frank Mascetti

    I cooked a Boston Butt on my Green Egg for 20 hours. This was my first time using my new ThermaPro and it was convenient and simple to use. Love it and glad I made this purchase after looking at many different products.

  219. Robert P. Lloyd Jr.

    Good multi-probe thermometer. If outside it has a good range. At my house, it has difficulty getting through the walls having to place my phone on the other side of the wall where I have the thermometer. The Android phone app is a little “particular” but works. I wish their app had an option to keep the phone screen on, at the cost of battery life, so I did not have to unlock the phone to check the probes. I love the estimated time before the food is done, that works great!

  220. Victoria N. Rodriguez

    Works great

  221. S. Scheib

    I’ve used this for 1 cook so far. Tested accuracy of all probes in boiling water prior.. spot on.. range of Bluetooth, tested as well. Within 5ft I got an alarm.. app works I disappointed, nope.. for the price, it’s good..

  222. Hrach A Shaghoian



    So far AWSOME buy!


    This product is great. Very easy to use.

  225. ACE

    This thermometer is great in terms of features. I bought it due to phone app integration and 4 probes, and the probes and physical unit seem to work great. I didn’t like the idea of strapping something to me to view something as simple as temp data when I’ve got a fully capable phone at all times. Whelp, I’ve used it for 3 half-day pork shoulder smokes and each one was the same. The app is EXTREMELY poorly implemented for my Andriod Samsung Note 9. I’m hopeful that it will be updated and fixed, as again the physical unit seems to work great, but I will not hold my breath.

    -The unit becomes disconnected constantly. I can remain seated 5 feet away, not using other bluetooth devices, line of site to the unit, and it will randomly disconnect. I saw that reported by other reviewers, and I wrote those complaints off thinking they hadn’t checked for background usage permissions and things of that nature. Nothing makes a difference, it just disconnects whenever it pleases.
    -The app crashes pretty often. One of the smokes, if I turned my phone landscape while the app was open it crashed. I haven’t gotten through any cook without a few crashes.
    -The app doesn’t actually LOG any of the temperature data. So when it crashes, or you become disconnected, kiss that data goodbye. I thought it would be fun to graph a bunch of smokes, record the ones we liked best with recipe/weight and look at statistics, see at what the cook looked like charted out on the best ones. Its impossible, I’m lucky to ever see more than 30 minutes of data, even when I don’t leave the grill area.
    -The alerts would be great, if the unit stayed connected. The first time I thought I’d cut my little yard, but I constantly got bombarded with disconnect alerts. A few times it looked like it was connected, even showing the bluetooth symbol on the unit, but the temps weren’t updating on the app.
    -You can’t even view all 4 temperatures without scrolling, you can see it in the pictures in this listing. Come on guys, how terrible is that UI design! Can you imagine if on the physical unit you had put 3 temps on the front of the physical unit and one on the back? My screen is 6.4″, surely I can view 4 temperatures. And if you try to view the graphed data, what little you managed to capture prior to the last disconnect, the chart flashes at you as it receives data.

    So again, this is a SOFTWARE problem. They have a poorly coded and designed application, for what is likely a well functioning device. My $10 no-name bluetooth headphones don’t disconnect. It can be fixed. If I could go back, I would have purchased something else, and I would not recommend this device to anyone else unless the app is fixed.

    I’m still surprised these devices are bluetooth instead of wifi. Put it on my network, along with all my other smart devices, and let me communicate from any device I choose to pull the app up on at that moment. Make the app cloud based with storage, make people pay subscription fees to keep more than X of data and access recipes or reviews on charcoal or discounts or whatever. I don’t care. Just make this thing functional so I don’t have to throw it away because I can’t rely on it.

  226. Watermelon Assassin

    Bought a thermopro last year when I first bought a pellet smoker grill. It had a transmitter and receiver and just two probes. This new thermopro is much better. It has four color coded probes. I no longer have to trace wires back to find out which probe is giving me which reading. It has a much better range and instead of a receiver you use your smartphone. My smoker is not in a direct line of sight with our house. It is around the corner of a detached garage and about 50 or 60 ft away from the house. I used to have to walk to the back of the house and hold the older thermopro receiver by the window and hope to get a signal. however this new unit which works with my smartphone lets me sit in the front room of the house and still get a signal. Worked great for a couple of fresh cut ribeyes in its test run. (Proof is in the photos if you like medium rare steak like me). Oh and I also like that it charges via USP and seems to have a good battery life. No batteries to worry about. Two thumbs up from me!!!

  227. PappyT

    This product is very easy to use and very accurate.

  228. Alex McMurtrie

    Overall the product is adequate. It claims to have range up to 500 feet. I continually lost connection throughout my 10 hour cook and my phone was less than 50 feet from the grill. The temperature reading on the thermopro was 7 degrees different than my Thermo pen . The app doesn’t function very well. When I set the time and temperature on the app it would just randomly stop. I had to continually reset my parameters. I have a clock on the wall so who needs a set hy app. The app also don’t allow you to input your own specific temperature. So…I think I’ll continue looking for a better product for my use.

  229. MikeD

    Works perfect for me. All of the negative reviews on this seemed to be centered around the bluetooth connection. As long as you allow the app to run in the background you should have no issue tracking temps on your phone for the duration of your cook. I left the range of the connection, came back, and everything synced right back up. Highly recommend.

  230. Louis S Perri


  231. Loco Elect

    The overall function of the ThermoPro TP25 is great.The unit is very accurate.Smoked a couple of pork butts on my offset and they turned out fantastic.The probes are easy to use and the thermometer is easy to read if you’re not using the Bluetooth function which is easy to set up.I would recommend this Bluetooth thermometer for its ease of use and and setup.

  232. Richard B. Lee

    Works great after you figure out how to turn it on and the Blue Tooth range is pretty good.

  233. lsu tiger

    Great range. I’m able to set this up in a closed cabinet and I’m able to connect to it from 100’ away

  234. Civilcaveman

    I usually only use two sensors as it gets jumbled in there with 4 sensors on my grill. I use more when cooking meats that take longer to cook so I do not need to keep opening the grill. The app works great and you can adjust the preset temps for the meats to desired temp. It is nice not having to guess the temp of the meat.

  235. Brian Clark

    I use the ThermoPro with my smoker

  236. Big Bear

    I’ve been using the “finger” touch for readiness, but with a new grill coming I thought let’s get this done right. We tested it with steaks and boy did they come out great. Our latest one, was Bubba Burgers, boy it was right in the money. I wish it came with case!

  237. Loren

    I have used this device twice, once for steaks and once for bone in chicken breast quarters. In both case the food turned out really great because the temp probes worked really well and kept me abreast of the meat temp.

  238. Frank

    I wish it had a magnetic back.

  239. Benny

    Right out of the box to the grill. Easy to set up and use. You can use it with or without the app.

  240. MyTakeOnThis

    Works as described!

  241. Aaron W.

    Well made. Metal color-coded probes. The app is great. Set target temps or ranges. Save custom temp profiles. It will log and estimate cooking time.

  242. Bill L.

    I have an iPhone 11 and the app closes when my phone closes(maybe it’s just me and operator error) but that and the distance make this 3 stars. It does not reach 500ft. When I go inside to my kitchen it disconnects, that’s maybe 25 ft. Maybe it works 500ft without any objects in the way, but that’s not a realistic use case in my opinion.

    Having four probes works great, especially for smoking on my Weber grill. The probes are pretty large and make it a bit awkward to navigate when flipping steaks on the grill.

  243. Dave S

    I ordered this since I have been grilling and smoking more. Once I opened the box I was so impressed. The product was packaged well, easy to set up and use. 10/10 I would recommend for anyone looking to step up their grilling game.

  244. Joel R.

    The product is well made and very accurate. The software definitely needs improvement. It’s got some bugs and flaws but I can work around them. I hope Thermopro puts in the effort to make this right then they will have a fantastic system. The bluetooth sometimes drops for no reason however when it works, the signal is strong. I doubt it will make the range that is claimed but i did get more than 100′ no problem.

  245. PBKB

    Easy to pair with iPhone, all four probes are accurate and consistent.

  246. Leslie

    Bought 3 for my “grillin and smokin” sons and SIL. Each commented how cool it is to stay visiting with family and friends yet being able to check on meat and fish remotely. Very convenient. Each had various meats on their own barbecue or smoker and results were perfect!

  247. William J McGrath

    I just started my first cook using this thermometer, and I love it! It’s so easy to use, has high and low temp alarms, the 4 probes let me see what the temp difference is from one end of the cook chamber to the other as well as the temp of my food. There are no batteries to replace and the initial charge only took just over an hour. I had no problems linking to my Android phone and it didn’t lose reception when I went in the house. So far it’s a great thermometer for the money.

  248. Scott

    First time user was easy to use and would recommend this to anyone looking.

  249. Richard Noble

    It is easy to read and seems to be accurate relative to time and temperature. The ability to be able grill more than one item and know the temperatures at the same time is excellent. Also the ability to check the internal temperature of the grill is an add useful function. Additionally the interface with my iPhone makes it helpful for keeping track of the progress while away from the grill taking care of other matters.

  250. Pam Manning

    Smoking meat on the grill

  251. clemente m santos

    Good gauge

  252. A-

    Great quality. Great battery life (thanks to the 18650).
    Easy to store. Probes seem to be very sturdy.

  253. Blackman

    Got this just in time for an unexpected stuffed roast run. It worked really well. Link to smart phone worked flawlessly, in fact too good. BE certain to close the app completely when finished using the device as turning on the device (by a playful child for example) sends the phone into alarm convulsions. But real easy to setup and use and was able to use all four probes to monitor different items as well as smoker temp. setting of the meat/temp/timers is super easy and customize-able if I want to add something that’s not there or a different temp/range.
    I was a bit concerned about the probe leads getting squeezed by the smoker/oven door but no probs at all. An issue I had was the device screen could do with a bit more contrast like BLACK characters against the orange back-lit screen but maybe it could be my eyesight; it’s LCD which i guess helps power saving. Oh the battery life so far is super amazing. I’ve done about 19 hours over 2 grill sessions with no dropping in battery strength from the initial setup charge. One other issue, well, noticeable thing is that after 8 hours in the smoker, you can’t really tell the difference in color between the black and blue probes (all black now), or the silver and gold probes (all brown now). They do cleanup easily with a good wipe with a soft soapy wet rag, just don’t dip the probes in water and no i didn’t do it by mistake nor want to find out the results. Apart from the probes going smoky color and the LCD contrast, no issues at all in the function so 5 stars it is..

  254. dindlebeck

    It wouldn’t reach from my grill to my living room. Which is only about 40 feet but there is a wall in the way. Everything else was great.

  255. D91101

    I love this Grill/Smoker thermometer from ThermPro. I use a 22” Weber kettle and often smoke a pork butt or Brisket, but may throw some wings or sausage on there too closer to the direct heat and with this product I can track the ambient smoker/grill temp, the pork butt or brisket in 2 spots, the sausage, and chicken all at the same time. I’ve also just used 1 or two temp probes at a time. Works with a really simple app on my smartphone. With no dense obstacles (house) I’ve tested the Bluetooth range out to 125’ — I will lose signal when going in the house or around the house. Used it for roasting in the oven too! Easy to clean, battery life had been impressive.

  256. Bruce Holler

    goes the job
    Will in buy this item again? Not of it does not break.

  257. Harold J. Kohl

    My Black temperature probe reads high, back to normal and high again. A second probe in the same meat validate the error. Switching probe imputs had the problem follow the black probe.
    How can I get a replacement probe?

  258. Tammy Sharp

    Pleased with it a great product

  259. Brian Ronish

    No batteries to deal with

  260. egreak

    I’ve now used the thermometer twice, once for ribs and once for chicken, with both measuring the food temp and ambient temp. One thing I have come to realize is that if you are planning on using for Ambient temp it is best to attach to dome as grill level temp gets much hotter and can push past the high temp limit. I wish that the cook settings provided more options than just beef/poultry/fish such as the ability to pick the doneness you’d prefer, especially for long slow cooks like a brisket or pork butt. Connectivity seems to be good as long as you don’t close the app or lose your GPS.

  261. Gp

    Works awesome! Buy it you won’t be disappointed!

  262. Booklover

    I REALLY want to give this 5 stars as it’s concept is amazing but the other reviewers are correct 😩. The app looses connection easily if you’re not right up on top of it. I wish the range was better, or at least as good as the last one and I wish more than one person can have the app open at once to watch the temps. But the 4 prongs and easy use of the app it’s self will have us keeping this. Hoping to one day have an upgrade on the app that fixes the connection issue!

  263. donald

    Love this product. The multi probe is a must have makes running a smoker so much easier i can monitor my cook temp as well as my food temp. I do recomend setting the unit on something other then your grill to protect it from heat

  264. Jonathan Padilla

    Great experience with this product. Screen is easy to read, color coding makes getting everyone’s cool times just right and the app is super easy to use. I’m able to go anywhere in my house with no loss of signal and getting temperature alarms on my Apple Watch is a bonus!

  265. Liza Kester

    I am using this in conjunction with my new TRAEGER smoker which did not come with bluetooth. These meat probes are easy to use and accurate. Makes it nice when I am smoking different types of meat to track them all.The distance for the blue-tooth drops off @ 50 feet but is easy to deal with.

  266. MayB

    Easy to use. Nice display.

  267. Darin B

    Great product and easy to use

  268. Kevin Wade

    It was very easy and accurate

  269. Erik Huffman

    This thing is pretty awesome. Easy to use and love all the options using the app. Everything I’ve could has been the perfect doneness and temperature.

  270. EjR

    The product is great it’s rechargeable cords to the probes long enough,a magnet would have been nice


    Work’s very good. Using pixel 3xl, the range is amazing. The app is good but, can be better. It disconnects when you are out of the app but as soon you opened it reconnect. For me it is ok I usually checked every 10 to 20 min. The alarms work fine. Sometimes changes the language to the language of my phone lol. I set it to be in English but some time changes alone.

    Update 2020/05/10
    The android app has been updated, not disconnects anymore in google pixel 3. Change to 5 stars

  272. Mark

    Standard Bluetooth range of 30 feet. Accurate and four probes come in handy. I have probes at the entry and exit of smoker for ambient temperature and use two probes in the meat. Helps keeping the temperature consistent for low and slow smoking.

  273. Jienni Ramos

    It’s amazing

  274. Mike hyatt

    Both wife and I like it!

  275. Michael J. Pope

    wish I would’ve read the reviews prior to purchase, thermopro has, or perhaps had a good reputation. the android version of the App is absolutely terrible. has cool features that dont work very well, and doesn’t stay connected.

  276. Thomas McDonald

    Love the probes, the accuracy is pretty close. I knocked the rating down as I ended up with one steak a little undercooked. Realistically 9 of the 10 I cooked with these were perfect.

  277. Mark Hallgren

    Works great! Read the instruction about using a glove when removing probe, IT IS HOT

  278. Cory West

    Fist time use. Grilled chicken leg quarters and the temp read 166 degrees and the chicken still wasn’t done.

  279. craig knapp

    Works good so far

  280. Nicholas Heinrich

    Works great! App was easy to download and use, gives accurate temps, and it seems to have good range.

    My one and only complaint is that it does not have a magnet on the back to stick it to things like the oven. It would be nice if the wire stand could be removed and have a magnet underneath.

  281. Mike

    Using the ThermoPro TP25 for the first time today, smoking a couple of whole chickens. The ThermoPro is working well!!

  282. Mason Cassidy

    This is the best. I can get temp on up to 4 meats at one time. Bluetooth works great from inside the house. Alarm will go off on my phone if temp is too high or low. Great price.

  283. Chad Winterrowd

    Bluetooth range must be line of sight because 30 ft away in house doesn’t work at all. Estimated time to finish doesn’t work at all. App is terrible. If screen on phone shuts off you lose your connection. I love the idea of the thermometer and all the bells and whistles it has. Just wish they all worked. I liked my tp20 but this one is very disappointing. Pretty much a waste of money. ***UPDATE***
    After thermopro put out an update my whole unit froze. They sent me a new one. The new one works much better. So far I am pleased with it. I upped my review to 4 stars.

  284. neran maisano

    Unit malfunctioned. Reported with a picture. New one shipped out quickly. Cannot complain.

  285. henry almaraz

    Great product!

  286. Arnold

    This thermometer worked right out of the box. It paired with my phone and everything worked.
    A week later I tried it and it wouldn’t pair with my phone. Talked to Marl in customer service, he tried troubleshooting it and ended up sending me a replacement thermometer.

  287. David P Jeffries

    Fantastic TP -25 has great range and is very accurate

  288. Ellen Virkkunen

    Finally a great BBQ/Smoking thermometer. I keep one or two probes in smoker and the other in brisket. Sturdy made, good quality. Recommended.

  289. Cubby

    Great functionality but range is not as great as advertised, lost connection about 100 meters away at my neighbors. Very happy with the performance.

  290. Grady Longton

    Before I had to peer through a sliding door to see the early morning temperature or look it up on the cell phone. Now I just touch the unit, it lights and I see the outside temp. even when it’s still dark.

  291. Debbra Sorrells

    I got this as a Christmas present from my Son and love it. This is a great thermometer and you can use it everywhere, the oven, the grill, the slow cooker. It’s easy to read with large numbers although the actual meat selection could be a bit larger. It took me only a couple of times using it to get it right. Next, want to try it with my iPhone.

  292. Wade Tichnell

    I actually have the TP-65s model. Accurate and easy to use. I know it’s accurate because I have expensive test equipment for my job and I’m impressed with the accuracy. Does what it says!

  293. Janett Fiscella

    Easy to use, like the back lite. Cable could be a little more flexible but other than that a great buy for the price.

  294. Frances Cavallo

    More features than my previous monitor, so I haven’t used them all, but worked great straight out of the box. So fae very pleased. Its a deal!

  295. Barbra Bohon

    Easy startup. Put in batteries and it work without any other input.

  296. Vern Kraus

    Worked great and was very accurate. Easy to use, just play with it a little, Used only once, yesterday on the smoker. Really like that you can carry the receiver and change stuff while you have it with you. Awesome. Pork Tenderloin turned out great due to the Thermopro TP-20.

  297. Carin Miessner

    Easy to use, I like the four probes use one for the inside temp and other on meat. So far have’t overcooked my food yet. good battery life. Didn’t try the Bluetooth yet.

  298. Cyrus Conlin

    Very flexible with four different prongs. Rechargeable battery, client side is a phone app which I like much better than another device.

  299. Carlota Eli

    Cook a variety of meats (game or thickness) with confidence

  300. Rodney Hart

    Two probes are not working after a few cookings. I don’t know if the problem is the probe, the connecting cable or the monitor. I have smoked a brisket, ribs and grilled chicken in the pit. There we no use instruction so I am assuming that closing the pit on the cables would not hurt them.

  301. R Davis

    I really like the set up and having 4 Probes makes it nice when you’re cooking several things. The app allows you to set up different types of meat. it’s easy to read and let’s you know when it’s done or if you lose connection.

    Having four probes can be a little cumbersome with all the wires. Storage is not the easiest set up. My Number one insert will not hold the connection and place it seems to be Out of shape. The other three have no issues so might just be a Defective part.

    It’s a good product and it works well. I feel it’s worth the purchase, if you like cooking multiple things at once

  302. Mark

    the device is 5 stars, the app is 3.
    They went too far to try and make the app idiot proof….would appreciate if they made the idiot selections secondary to programming the temperatures to what you are trying to accomplish. You can program the temps but its clearly not as straight forward as it should be.

  303. A. T. Cooper

    Cook a variety of meats (game or thickness) with confidence.

  304. Greg

    Very flexible with four different prongs. Rechargeable battery, client side is a phone app which I like much better than another device.

  305. Sebastian Borucki

    Easy to use, I like the four probes use one for the inside temp and other on meat. So far have’t overcooked my food yet. good battery life. Didn’t try the Bluetooth yet.

  306. Mike Micklasavage Sr.

    First time used today and I’m very pleased with the operation. Patiently waited for the temperature alarm before removing from grill. Just need to check with a hand held thermometer to confirm accuracy. So far looks pretty good.Grilling with TP25

  307. Chad Osterhoudt

    I like it so far the alarm will scare you half to death but temps seem accurate

  308. Moodyfoodietulsa

    This has several great features but a few stand out to me as follows:
    – Can run 4 probes at the same time
    -Bluetooth to your phone
    -Comes with probe holders for ease of storage

  309. Will

    Worked great the very first time I used it. Then ever since then it stopped connecting to my bluetooth. I have a galaxy s10 plus and it can find the thermopro, but the thermopro will not connect to this.. this is very inconvenient

  310. Gary Schooley

    I own 2 and will never be without one, fast and accurate.

  311. Melvin E. Parks

    Easy to read and simple to use

  312. jpb

    More features than my previous monitor, so I haven’t used them all, but worked great straight out of the box. So fae very pleased. Its a deal!

  313. Flyboy

    Easy startup. Put in batteries and it work without any other input.

  314. Raiderspy1

    Worked great and was very accurate. Easy to use, just play with it a little, Used only once, yesterday on the smoker. Really like that you can carry the receiver and change stuff while you have it with you. Awesome. Pork Tenderloin turned out great due to the Thermopro TP-20.

  315. George Forrer

    Easy to use, like the back lite. Cable could be a little more flexible but other than that a great buy for the price.

  316. Deborah Veres

    Great product , easy to use, I love it

  317. Sandra Williams

    I just tried my thermopro tp25 4 probe unit its pretty impressive works with a phone app which I was leary about at first but I really like it a lot I walked about 475-495ft into the woods on the property and it stayed connected and after it disconnected as soon as I got in range which was 5steps back towards the house it connected right back up I cook BBQ mainly so I’m cooking low Temps for extended periods of time and it’s nice to be able to constantly monitor everything no matter where on my property I may be the features are nice as well all kinds of preset finish Temps as well as custom temp settings with audible alarms on the display and your phone. It’s also very accurate I checked with my tp15 instant check to be sure and it was always spot on. It also shows a graph of your cook start to finish with temp and time it’s pretty cool I’m really liking it so far and lookin forward to putting it thru its paces on longer cooks

  318. M.Drake

    I actually have the TP-65s model. Accurate and easy to use. I know it’s accurate because I have expensive test equipment for my job and I’m impressed with the accuracy. Does what it says!

  319. Cody

    I agree with all the other people. The range is not that good. I can walk on the other side of my shop and it disconnects. So the whole range with Bluetooth is not going to work out for me. Good thing this thermometer is only to get my meat into the ball park on the temperatures. I really think I should have just bought a $10 thermometer. Since I really can’t go anywhere with it just disconnecting from my phone.

  320. Tennis4me

    Nice unit that measures both indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity.
    I find the unit to be satisfactory. Only complaint is that the outdoor temperature reading seems to be 2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than expected. I compared the reading on the ThermoPro Monitor against a more expensive, Oregon Scientific monitor. The ThermoPro Monitor always reads 2 or 3 degrees warmer than the Oregon Scientific monitor.

  321. Karl Rosenow

    I got this as a Christmas present from my Son and love it. This is a great thermometer and you can use it everywhere, the oven, the grill, the slow cooker. It’s easy to read with large numbers although the actual meat selection could be a bit larger. It took me only a couple of times using it to get it right. Next, want to try it with my iPhone.

  322. Norman P.

    Before I had to peer through a sliding door to see the early morning temperature or look it up on the cell phone. Now I just touch the unit, it lights and I see the outside temp. even when it’s still dark.

  323. “rjen”

    Set up very easy.

  324. Amanda

    Works great, excellent battery life. Only con is if you close app you loose graph tracking.

  325. Dgvc88

    It was used for smoking and grilling. Performed as expected.


    Seems to be very accurate. I like the quick read, digital display and lock feature.

  327. auntiepatch

    I broke down and bought one of these “just in case I needed one”. I stuck it in the thigh of my turkey, and watched it slowly rise to 165 degrees. My SIL kept saying over and over that it was the most tender turkey she had ever eaten. We all agreed with her. Now I’m very happy that I bought it “just in case”!

  328. rscearcy

    Every now and then, I might a couple of pork butts and maybe a tri tip in my smoker, sometimes along with a spatchcock chicken. Before, I was limited to temping only two pieces of meat, hoping that I could get to the smoker every now and then and use an instant read thermometer to check on the unmonitered meat. Now, with a 4 probe system, I can temp my chicken, a tri tip and two of the pork butts (larger and smaller) and not have to worry about how the untemped meats are doing. I’ve only used this a couple of times so far, but I already love it. I’m tempted to have bigger parties, so I can add more pieces of meat.

  329. James David

    Great temperature gauge, monitor three meats and grill temperate with over and under temp alerts for the grill. Works as stated, no issues at all.

  330. ALEX

    Trial #1: The screen wasnt working properly and not legable at all; Trial #2 T.B.D. Made it work using the APP.

    APP was smooth and easy to use

    Ambient temp worked good I’d say great but i didnt verify calibration or anything like that.

    Battery did well enough for my 13 hour cook even with the bad one ( 3 days strong and has full battery)

    – Range did get disconnected when I went upstairs. Might have been a hiccup but ill pay more attention to that on the next trial.

    – NO option to turn off the alarm on the device itself and keep the alarm on the phone “The APP” ON.
    (Explained: I’d prefer to have the alarm on my phone ” THE APP” which will be with me and not the device that will be outside with the pit.)

    * Preference:
    × Bigger screen
    × Alarm ON/OFF switch for the option to hear the APP and/or the device

    Changed from 3 of 5 stars to 4 of 5 stars: Felt like a couldnt justify a low 3 star review but I could support a 4 star average. Appreciate Amazon for the swift replacement but still a hassle having to return a defective device.

  331. John Fricke

    Overall, I like this product. Biggest issue I am having is that the probes are much too long to fit into my Ninja Foodi Grill.

  332. Arturo Cantu

    This product has the potential to be a 5 start product. the quality is great the thermometer it self is very accurate and the app updates its temperature less than a second after the thermometer registers a change. Sounds like a great product but, as soon as you lock your phone or change to a different app (even if you leave the thermopro app running in the background) the thermometer will disconnect from your phone thus not giving you any alerts or keeping track of what you are cooking. If the app would stay connected to the thermometer and keep track of the cook this would definitely be a 5 star product. Hopefully thermo pro can fix their app or i will have to return the product. I’m using a Iphone 11 by the way. I know other phone brands have been having issues.

    Works perfectly after app update. Definitely a 5star product

  333. DW

    I followed ThermoPro’s recipe for bacon wrapped pork tenderloin. The thermometer was fairly intuitive in how to use, and I didn’t look at the instructions until after I had one probe in the meat and the other on the oven shelf to test oven temperature. I have an instant read thermometer I have used previously, but It was wonderful to be able to see the current temperature in the meat, so that I didn’t over cook it “just to be sure.” The thermometer worked well, the leads to the probes were plenty long, and having the alarm go off when the desired temperature is reached was convenient.

  334. Richard D Visconti

    Used this for my cooking of various meats

  335. Rich W.

    I bought this to replace an older model. What a difference. It connected right away to the app on my phone. The older one took forever to set up and would lose its connection frequently. So far, this one has worked perfectly. You can cook 4 different cuts of meat at the same time and be notified on the phone when each one reaches the selected temperature. This is another great product from ThermoPro.

  336. CJD

    The thermometer itself and its probes seem well made. The interface with my smartphone is the problem. I tried multiple times to unsuccessfully pair the thermometer with my phone (galaxy S9 note) following the instructions provided. I called customer support. The initial technician stated “oh god a samsung phone”. It sounded like they had received a similar call prior to mine that day. While she was unable to help me she stated that her supervisor would be able to help me via email the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when the supervisor called me back about 30 minutes later. He advised me to turn on my phone’s GPS along with my bluetooth. By doing that, I was able to pair the thermometer with my phone. This, however, seems like an unnecessary step. I don’t think i have ever needed to turn on my GPS to pair with any other device prior to this. I figured that was a one time step, however this step needed to be repeated to reconnect to the phone once the thermometer was turned off. It also does not show up as a paired device on the list of paired devices. I feel as though connectivity problems such as this (presumably with android/samsung devices by the initial tech’s reaction) should have been ironed out prior to launching the product. My experience along with the others reflected in the review section makes me believe that this is not the case. After all, the draw of this expensive item is wireless connectivity and convenience. Perhaps things will be smoothed out with an update of the thermpro APP itself. As the hardware seems sound. Allow the APP to run in the background, update the ridiculous alarm system and make bluetooth connectivity more seamless. I did appreciate the attentive customer support and they get one of the stars I gave.

  337. S. Jordan

    The TP25 synced instantly and registered the temp in two thick steaks perfectly the first time I used it.

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TP25 Specification
Temperature Range 14˚F to 572˚F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
Tolerance ±1.8℉(±1.0℃)from 32 to 212℉(0 to 100℃) , otherwise ±1.5%
Sensor Type NTC
Transmission Range* 500ft(150M)
Wireless Technology Bluetooth 5.0
Display LCD, 2 Length x 1 13⁄16  Width inches(52.0L x 45.5W mm)
Wire Probe Total length: 49 inches (1250mm) Probe length: 8 inches (205mm)
Unit Size 3 15⁄16 Length x  3 Width x  2 1⁄16 Height inches (100.0L x 75.0W x 52.5H mm)
Power 3.7V(1 x 18650 Built-in lithium rechargeable battery)
* The stated transmission range is based on tests at an ambient temperature of 77°F or 25°C without any obstructions or electromagnetic interference. Your range can vary depending on the number of obstructions and electromagnetic in your environment.


Question: I lost my instructions. Is there a site to got for new instructions?
Answer: Yes, Here:

Question: Does this give an “instant” reading – like can you take a turkey out of the oven, insert the probe and immediately see the meat temperature?
Answer: Yes – I have done this with pork. Not exactly instantaneous because it “climbs” from room temperature to the cooked temperature, but certainly within 15 – 30 seconds.

Question: Can I use this for my grill?
Answer: Sure – the cable connecting the thermometer probe and the display box is about 2 feet long and it has a metal jacket.

Question: Is there a way to set the temp at what I want on the thermometer and will an alarm go off when hits the temp I set it at?
Answer: Yes and yes.

Question: Can I use this for deep fried turkey?
Answer: Yes.


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Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes No No
Calibration feature - - No No
High low temperature alarms Both Both Both Both
Mobile app Yes Yes No No
Preset temperature options Yes Yes Yes No
Probe quantity 4 2 2 4
Range 500ft 500ft 300ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Taste settings Yes Yes Yes No
Timer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof Not Waterproof
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