ThermoPro TP63BW

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Digital Thermometer Wireless Hygrometer

  • 【Accurate reading】Indoor/outdoor thermometer wireless provides accurate humidity and temperature readings for both inside and outside simultaneously, accuracy within ±1°F and ±2~3%RH
  • 【Cold-resistant & Waterproof】Weather thermometer with completely sealed remote sensor contains rechargeable lithium battery technology to monitor humidity and temperature as low as -31°F/-35°C, assuring transmission in rain or snow
  • 【200ft Remote range】Remote thermometer measures indoor outdoor temperature and humidity percentages from 200ft/60m away; Track environmental conditions in up to 4 locations with additional remote sensors
  • 【Informative】Touchable backlight screen displays current indoor outdoor temperature humidity includes trend arrows and max & min records for all time/24 hours, keeping you aware of the slightest changes in your living conditions.
  • 【UPC】810012960366


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Weight 1 g
Alexa capability


Backlight display


Barometric pressure




Calibration feature


Comfort indicator


High low records


Indoor outdoor

Indoor and Outdoor

Mobile app




Remote sensor


Temperature humidity alerts


Weather forecast


Wifi capability




Q: Hi, I synchronized the TP63A base and one remote unit. Should the antenna icon in the base unit continue to blink to indicate communication? Regards
A:This will turn off after 3 minutes once you pair the devices.

Q: My remote sensor apparently needs charging. The manual states the charger is not included but to just use an USB phone charger. My lightning connector for my iPhone and my cable do not work. What type of phone charger uses a round central pin type plug. I have not seen this type of plug in years. Where can I find one?
A: his should have come with a charging cable but not the wall adapter. It is the phone wall adapter that people commonly use.

Q: Does this device make data available on our LAN?
A: no, it does not.

Q: Is there a way to calibrate the remote thermometers? Iu2019m using these to measure temp and humidity inside my reptile enclosures but I suspect some of them might be off by a few degrees.
A: No, you cannot calibrate these. Please contact us directly by phone/email so we may look further into this for you.

Q:  I have what looks like a TP63A with a remote sensor. I lost my charger. I can’t find one to buy on your web. Can I buy a replacement charger? Jerry
A: The charging cables can be purchased separately, they are available on amazon sold by us. They are called TX4/TX5 charging cables.

Q: What is different between TP63A and TP63
A: TP63A does both indoor and outdoor humidity. The TP63 only does indoor humidity.

Q: Purchased from Amazon this week and main unit displays ‘-‘s for channel 1 remote sensor at random times (will display temp humidity for several hours, then displays the dashes). The remote sensor is outside, about 30 feet from main unit. Verified that both the main unit and remote sensor are set for channel 1. Any ideas on how to correct this or is the unit defective? I have tried moving the main unit closer (10 feet from remote sensor), but the dashes still appear. Love the unit, but need it to work. Can return to Amazon but thought I’d try your support group first. Amazon order #111-1392323-8668239. Thanks. Will
A: Please contact us directly by phone/email so we may resolve this with troubleshooting or a replacement if necessary.


Product Info

ThermoPro TP63A

ThermoPro TP62 Digital Wireless Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP62

ThermoPro TP65 Indoor Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor

ThermoPro TP65

ThermoPro TP68B

Price $26.99 $28.61 $26.99 $28.61 $27.99 $29.67 $42.99 $45.57
Availability Out of stock Out of stock Out of stock Out of stock
Alexa capability No No No No
Backlight display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Barometric pressure No No No Yes
Bluetooth No No No No
Calibration feature No No No No
Comfort indicator No No No Yes
High low records No Yes Yes Yes
Indoor outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor
Mobile app No No No No
Range 200ft 200ft 200ft 500ft
Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote sensor TX4 TX2 TX2 TX4B
Temperature humidity alerts No No No No
Weather forecast No No No Yes
Wifi capability No No No No
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